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"Is this what you want?"

"Of course."

Today, it rained in the Land of Fire. From inside the house, it sounded like innumerable drums of war battering the wooden compound. The two Uchiha sat facing one another either side of the spacious meeting room. To their left, the folded wall to the meditation gardens swung, rattling violently in the wind. Nodding slowly, the dark-haired father withdrew a notebook from beneath a long white sleeve. Kirei swallowed hard, watching his father's figure through the lens of his golden fringe.

"I will arrange for your cousin to take you." Yara began with a stern teacher's cadence. "She will deliver you the academy orientation in Kirigakure."

In response, Kirei nodded. It seemed like a fair compromise; at least he wouldn't be under the thumb of the compound for much longer. He doubted any cousin would pay much attention if he did decide to slip off; orientation was always a drag anyway. As if on cue, his father's hands clapping together put an end to any thoughts of procrastination ('how does he always know what I'm thinking?'). From behind Yara, a number of slender shapes coiled into the room; long, fluid motions of gathering shadow then pairs of eyes two-by-two opening in the gloom. A shuffle of cackling silhouettes, and then the first few emerged forward. Yara's hounds; nine trained dogs kept by the retired shinobi, only several of which could even fit into this room.

"What's going on then, eh, Yara~?" Tatsuyo, the fox, giggles, scurrying from the floor to the top of his master's head. "It's too rainy for a walk, eh~?"

"And you will take Yūji; it will be a good experience for both of you. I want you to take this seriously, Kirei. Once you arrive in the Mist, you represent yourself but also your country and your family. We've been around in circles so many times about this, Kirei; you have to take pride in what you do. You will have a year in Water Country before you need to report back to the Leaf, that's the document I've signed."

As he finished, a large black dog would saunter from the shadows. Yūji, the mutt, youngest of the Nine glared at Kirei, harpooning the boy with dark eyes. Yara placed a hand on his knee, letting out a low growl and coming to a stand. Turning away, he would approach the far door and continue while sliding it open;

"I hope you will come back a man I can be proud to call my son."


Kirei awoke to the lazy rocking of the horse-drawn transport and muffled bustle of activity outside. He raised a hand to his head and wiped away the film of faux sand that lingered in his eyelashes before hauling himself upright to look out the window. Around them, masses of comers and goers ran tread through the Kirigakure city border. For their transport, it wasn't a chore getting into the city, delivering registered goods from Konoha, several merchants guarded by a senior Leaf Shinobi and a Genin with Ninja Exchange papers. All that remained was an inspection of their vehicles and the merchants' goods.

When Kirei opened the door, he immediately knew he'd miss the weather back home. The chilly afternoon air in Water Country was refreshing but after only a little while, somewhat uncomfortable. Behind the boy, Yūji would trot through his feet, weaving around the boy's stride as he looked out over the city gates. Kirei found himself at once enthralled and afraid at the prospect of this being his new home for a year. Around him, the new architecture stretched out as far as he could see and when he breathed deep, the scent of fresh salt and seafoam filled his nose. A far cry from Konoha, that much was clear.

With her back turned, finalizing her mission with the merchants, Kirei's cousin wasn't at all aware he'd wandered off. With the black hound at his side, the young Uchiha already found himself aimlessly wandering the streets; making himself at home, in a way.

"Where are you going, Kirei?" Yūji spat quickly "The orientation is important."

"I'm just gonna wander around for a while, yeah? Get my bearings, maybe grab a snack, catch a show, we'll make it back in time."

With reluctant dismissal, the mongrel let out a long sigh; resigned to his master's order to watch over Kirei. So they strolled on deeper into the city center, past the towering outer walls and outermost houses into the heart of The Mist, a seething cauldron of hidden powers. An hour into their divergence, Kirei brought his arm across his midsection as the growling pangs of an empty stomach refocused his mind on a new singular goal: brunch. Picking up the pace, the vagrant and his dog would duck their heads into every street and alley searching for any apparent restaurants. As Kirei's anticipatory smile faded down yet another road without so much as a cafe, he heard Yūji's sharp bark.

In a flash, Kirei was off; whirring around the streets to follow the signal with his stomach leading the way. As he pushed through another corner, the crowd gave way into the mouth of a marketplace. Occupying a city square; the market sprung up and down as often as there were wares to sell, exotic oils and spices give it a distinct aroma. Instantly entranced, the boy lept forward and placed a hand on the back of his ashy-furred companion.

Though he hadn't given it any thought, he was still dressed the same as when he'd left Konoha. His uniform and hitai-ate would make him immediately identifiable as a Leaf Ninja. He knew enough that Kiri and Konoha were allies and that the Exchange Program was fairly typical, but he momentarily considered whether he'd receive a warm welcome from the locals. He stepped into the market thoroughfare and hopped from stall to stall, indecisive about which foreign street food to try first. In the meantime, a panting Yūji would sit in the middle of the lane watching on with weary distance.


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Nova had been a resident of Lord Osada's manor for several days now, and though she had packed to be prepared for a multi-day journey her supplies were low. Deciding that she was missing a few creature comforts as well, she made plans to travel back to the village of Kiri and peruse the markets. It had taken her a day and half to reach the island from the city, but now that she knew the location it would be a faster journey. Kurogokegamu would especially speed up the travel time, able to cross any rough terrain with ease. Waking before sunrise, Nova bathed and dressed in the dark. Her ensemble was simple, an emerald green silk kimono over black leggings and tank top, Kiri headband tied around the kneecap of her wooden left leg. The evening before she had done some touch up work and cleaning on Kurogokegamu and its varnished shell reflected any light that hit it. Prepared for the journey she set out, her stomach empty and mouth watering for some of the fresh market food that she knew would be awaiting her in the streets of Kiri.

The path to Kiri was a simple one, even with the heavy mist that constantly obscured ones view. The mist imparted a haunted feeling upon the forests and lakes that has at first unsettled Nova, though now she felt more at home in the mists. Despite enjoying the cold and camp weather, she longed for the heat  and sand from her home village of Suna. It was a longing that Nova had to often brush away, she knew that she could not return there safely for likely a long time. Kurgokegamu marched through the forest, the metal legs thumping against the debris and plant life that was damp with dew on the ground. Nova's fingers plucked away at the puppet's threads absently, she was so practiced at it that it required no special focus on her part. Being a resident of Kiri for a short while she doubted any in the village would recognize her, save any shinobi she met while competing in the Chuunin Exams in Kumo. Perhaps because of this she felt a pang of regret that she would have to take Kurogokegamu with her throughout the entire city, especially after the somewhat ill reception she had due to the island that she now called home's residents. Shaking her head of the though again, she resolved to not let anyone else's perception of her effect her. She, Nova Makato, was to train with Lord Osada and the fear and discrimination of citizens of Kiri should hold no power over her.

Her mind had wandered during her travels and the time between her departure from the island and arrival at the gates of Kiri passed quickly. A number of convoys and travelers passing through the gate, including a caravan of merchants that seemed to be arriving to set up at the market itself. Kurogokegamu took up the space of a horse on the streets, so Nova decided to follow the caravan as the crowds and pedestrians split to allow it through. It was slow moving, and now that she was back inside the city the smell of street food wafted towards her on the wind. Twisting with hunger, Nova heard her stomach growl its desire for the fresh hot food that she had been lacking in the mansion. She had been sustaining herself on preserved meats and some cheeses, and dried fruits. All great for traveling and lasting on the trails, but not nearly as satisfying something freshly prepared. The caravan reached the edge of the marketplace and veered off the path, leaving Nova and Kurogokegamu in stream of marketgoers rushing past them. Scurrying off to a less occupied edge, Nova dismounted the puppet. One hand trailed behind her slightly as she guided the puppet along right behind her.

Nova stomach rumbled again, reminding her that her first stop ought to be one to feed herself. A variety of scents assaulted her nose, causing trouble deciding which booth to stop at. The smell of fried dough wafted from an alleyway in the market, beckoning Nova towards it. As Nova began cutting through the crowd of people, she noticed a fairly large dog sitting along the edge of the street focused on a young shinobi with messy blonde hair staring at the variety of food stall that lined this road. Nova smiled and figured they were probably struggling as she was to decide on a meal. She would have to walk past him anyway to get to whatever the source of the smell she was following, and slowed as she began to pass him. Spotting a Konoha headband rather than a Kiri one, it sparked Nova's interest and explained the somewhat lost face his expression bore. Though she was not incredibly familiar with the different clans of Konoha, his eyes identified him as one of the more notable clans from the village; A Hyuga.

Without giving herself a chance to rethink a spontaneous decision, Nova reached her free hand out to tap on the boy shoulder lightly, “Would you care to grab a bite to eat? It took me a while to decide but I think I was going to head to the booth around that corner there. It smells just too amazing to pass up, though I'm not quite sure what it is.”. As the words came out of her mouth she felt a little silly and expected the leaf village ninja to turn down the unsolicited offer, though she would not mind the company of those other than the mansions residents and hoped that they would accompany her. Should he accept or decline however, Nova would continue around the corner at a leisurely pace to find the source of the rich aroma a small booth frying up Takoyaki. Though many would grab their food and walk about the market, there was a line of seats along the counter for those who would dine there. Nova would grab a seat and order her food, impatient to taste the food that had drawn her here.

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Salivating, Kirei would watch the hiss-sizzle of meat against massive heated stone slabs. The strings of freshly butchered beef gave off a rich scent that the Uchiha inhaled deeply, standing slowly from his crouched inspection along with the rising, intoxicating odor. To the right, a woman spun thick pancakes across a twirling basin, filling the delicious bowls with ingredients picked by each person lined up to order. His eyes swung back to the left where a husband and wife duo dipped battered morsels into deep bowls of bubbling oil. All these choices were giving the boy a sensory overload; no matter where he looked he was trapped by deliciousness. If this was the real strength of the Hidden Mist, then Kirei wasn't sure whether any amount of training would make him strong enough.

Distant, cloudy eyes oversaw Kirei from afar. Yūji had long given up on making the orientation but was intent on making sure Kirei didn't wind up lost or worse in a new city. His instructions were to allow the boy room to grow, Kirei's father hoped this would end up a valuable lesson. The hound's nose twitched, ears jerking as Yūji spotted an individual approaching Kirei from behind. Green dress, taller than the Uchiha, Hitai-ate iconography signifying her as a student of the Hidden Mist Village. Most curiously, however, was the puppet chattering away behind her; remarkable craftsmanship caught the dog's eye right away, and he cocked his head in turn. As the woman's arm reached out for the boy's shoulder, Yūji would take a single step before catching himself; internally reminding himself to keep distance.

Startled by the unnoticed contact, Kirei let out a quick yelp before stifling the cry and turning to face whoever sought his attention. Immediately he would clear his throat in an attempt to preserve what remained of his young masculinity and grin at the girl as she talked. He was relieved right away; somebody friendly to talk to and hopefully introduce him to more friends was just what he needed to make the time here even more worthwhile.

"I'd love to! Everything here looks so good I have no idea what to eat first." as he responded he'd bounce forward a few steps, trying to catch the scent she spoke of and then smiling wide when the sweet aroma met his nostrils, undoubtedly this was it.

"Oh, yeaaah~ smells great. My name's Kirei, fresh off the boat with the Ninja Exchange Program." He said laughing and tugging on his Konoha headband.

More than just food, the market was fascinating for the sheer number of goods from all corners of the world. With many of the busiest ports, it stood to reason that Water Country was a mecca of commerce and culture. As the pair navigated towards the alluring sweetness, the ever vigilant Yūji made sure to watch the market with suspicion, taking each person passing the duo into scrutiny. A nexus of trade meant that Kirigakure was also typically more dangerous than the streets of Konoha, and Yūji had no faith in Kirei to watch his own back.

"Mmmmmmm, oh boy~" Kirei cooed, approaching the food stall, almost entirely forgetting about either of his companions "Okay, I'll have two number ones, a number four, a six, two eights, a sixteen, and a large watermelon tea."

"Good choice!" Kirei said, to nobody in particular while moving alongside the girl to take his seat. With his drink already served, Kirei took a large sip followed by a refreshed sigh. Whether she'd asked him about it by this point or not, the young Uchiha's extroverted personality would win out and break any silence.

"I always heard The Mist has the strongest Shinobi. I mean, the Leaf is sharp, but the stories about this place are something else. Are you from here? Have you seen the Mist ANBU? Oh! Have you met any of the Seven Swordsmen?" Kirei paused as several of the first (of many) plates arrived at the table, his excitement apparent; characteristic of the young boy he is "Oh, by the way, that's Yūji over there. He's a grump."

On signal, the black canine approached the two, watching Nova closely but not speaking, eyes darting between her and the various treats lining the table. Yūji's stomach also felt somewhat empty, but unlike Kirei, he was averse to betraying his pride and instead remained still, casually sniffing the air and listening for anything untoward.

"I've gotta go sign up for squads at the administration building tomorrow. I dunno about here but in Konoha signing up for a team is such a drag. With all the strong ninja in this village, it won't be hard to find some training though, huh?"

With the rest of Kirei's unreasonable order arriving along with whatever Nova had ordered, there was plenty of time for the boy to reply to anything she'd asked or for her to answer him. After a while, Kirei would occasionally begin to toss fried treats towards Yūji, who was more than happy to gobble up the offerings.


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Nova was pleased that the boy would accompany her for a meal. Though he seemed started at the unexpected tap on his shoulder, when he saw a friendly face he smiled back and agreed without a second thought. As they sat to order, Nova steered Kurogokegamu to the corner where she let the puppet sink to the floor as she cut off the chakra flow that controlled it. Okay, I'll have two number ones, a number four, a six, two eights, a sixteen, and a large watermelon tea, Nova's eyes widened slightly at the boys massive order, and she laughed lightheartedly at the thought of him trying to consume it all. Ordering just one of the specials off the menu for herself, as well as a large sweet hibiscus tea, she turned to her lunch companion and pondered what to say and how to start a conversation with them.

"I always heard The Mist has the strongest Shinobi. I mean, the Leaf is sharp, but the stories about this place are something else. Are you from here? Have you seen the Mist ANBU? Oh! Have you met any of the Seven Swordsmen?", the boy had solved the problem for her and spoke first, much to her relief. “I actually just moved here pretty recently myself... then left again already” Nova said lightheartedly before pausing for a second, “I am actually from Suna myself, I moved here after the Chuunin Exams. Though I recently found myself in a position to train under one of the seven swordsmen.” At saying this Nova smiled brightly, this was the first person she had talked besides the mansions other residents and the first person that this bit of information would be surprising news for. “I haven't seen any of the Mist ANBU yet, but Lord Osada is the one of the seven swordsmen I met and he.. he is so strong. I've never seen anyone like him. I hope to be trained by him, I live in his mansion currently. I'm only back in the village itself for the day to restock supplied then I head back this evening.”, Nova wondered what the boy would say. Her claims did sound a little fantastic and unreal to one who had not seen the events themselves, she would admit.

Nova did not have a chance to say anything else before plates of food started filling up the table in front of them, her single dish, and a few of the several that were to come for the boy filled up the small space. As the food kept coming the boy spoke again,"Oh, by the way, that's Yūji over there. He's a grump." as if on command, the canine in question slowly approached the table they were sitting at. Nova would reach out absentmindedly to let the dog sniff her hand if he were so inclined, and if it was well received would scratch between his ears gently. "I've gotta go sign up for squads at the administration building tomorrow. I dunno about here but in Konoha signing up for a team is such a drag. With all the strong ninja in this village, it won't be hard to find some training though, huh?", the boy commented. “I've thought about joining a squad but I wasn't sure about it. I know I should eventually but I want to learn what I can from Lord Osada first, I'd hate to be the weak one in a squad ya know? Kiri definitely seems to be strong.... much stronger than Suna was for sure. Hopefully that lasts. I've heard the Mizukage is incredibly powerful too. By the way, I forgot to ask; what is your name? Mines Nova, and my puppet over in the corner is Kurogokegamu.”, As Nova finished speaking the last of the plates would be set before them and Nova would start digging into her portion. Takoyaki was something she had never tried before, and the ball of fried dough with grilled bits of octopus in it at fist was a little disconcerting but as she bit into the first one and it melted in her mouth she was sold on it. “Wow, this is really amazing, would you like to try one?”, Nova would offer one to the boy, though she realized he had ordered plenty of his own. Taking another one from her plate, she would offer it to Yūji who sat patiently besides their table.

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Kirei could hardly contain himself as blurry hands stuffed his face full of food. Much to the disappointment of his companion, the Uchiha showed little restraint in acting polite or professional. Inexperienced as he was with the boy, Yūji had already figured out that Kirei wasn't the sort of person who would behave differently to alter another's perception of him. The boy still had a naive honestly yet to be worn away against the grindstone of his inevitable future endeavors. Instead of weighing Kirei down with his nihilism, Yūji focused himself on the fond attention of the Water Shinobi, enjoying the simplicity of it.

Hearing that she'd come from Suna gave Kirei reason for brief pause. The tragedy had been long news in the Leaf Village, who was still sending aid to extract refugees from the area. More than that, she'd been to the Chuunin exams; a fact which made Kirei insanely jealous. The boy hadn't yet finished his graduation before the Exams began and he suspected by the time they rolled around again he might not be eligible. Kirei was already excited that the first person he met had been so impressive, but Nova's next statement caused the boy to do a literal spit take to the left of the table: she was the student of one of the Seven Swordsmen. Gathering himself, Kirei muttered 'wow' under his breath; the pupil of a Swordsman residing permanently with her master, receiving specialized training, a concept alone which made Kirei bubble with ambition.

"That's... Impressive."

While Kirei ate, he'd continue listening and nodding along. He'd heard somewhere about puppeteers from Suna, not much but enough to remember their propensity for exquisite craftsmanship. Kirigakure was turning out to be more of a melting pot than the boy imagined it could be; already the first person he'd met was a refugee from the Lost City adopted to train beneath one of the Water's finest. The same notion that made him jealous also made him hopeful that he'd find his own legacy to carve here, but not for the Leaf. Nova's sentiment about squads hit home for Kirei; he had his concerns of his own that he'd be weaker than the local Shinobi, he dragged his performance up to qualify for the program, but Kirei still feared he was an average performer at best.

"My dad used to tell me about puppet-masters from the Sand, about their strength. He looks strong," Kirei said, leaning forward to inspect the puppet's chassis "I can understand why somebody like a Swordsman would want to train you. If the sand's puppets really are as strong as I've heard."

While Kirei replied, Yūji would happily accept each morsel passed to him by either of the two ninjas, hurriedly chomping down the snacks and licking his lips contentedly. Periodically, the dog looked at the face of his young companion, and through the smiles and laughter of his conversation, Yūji noticed breaks in the happy-go-lucky facade. Only by virtue of watching the boy grow up was he able to distinguish these uncharacteristic subtleties in Kirei's face. As the boy happily accepted Nova's offering, he would laugh and bite into the food then swallow hard and lean back in his chair with the empty dishes in front of him. With the monumental task of consuming his order handily put behind him, Kirei was free to focus on the thoughts burning their way increasingly to the front of his conscious.

"Uchiha, Kirei." He said in reply, looking down at his feet in thought for a minute "I want to meet Lord Osada. Please, take me to his mansion."

The boy wasted no time making his intentions known; he had come to this village for one reason alone, to get stronger and learn from the most powerful shinobi. He had not wandered into the city and been set upon by the student of a Swordsman by mere chance. He didn't seek to usurp anybody's position but could not pass up an opportunity to make an impact on village leadership and spread the word of his journey for strength. Standing from the table, Kirei would continue.

"I came here so that when I return to my home, I'll have the power to defend it." mostly true "If I can learn something from an audience with your master, I would owe you a ton for getting my foot in the door. If there's anything I can do to prove I'm worthy of meeting him, I'll do whatever it takes~"

"Kirei! Enough. Act like a respectable shinobi." Yūji's baritone would pipe up to Nova's side, speaking for the first time in her presence, scalding and firm, unamused by Kirei's nonsense. The boy stopped and glanced toward the hound who was still glaring bullets.

"Yeah uhm, you're right." He would turn back towards Nova and continue "Sorry, I get ahead of myself sometimes. I haven't even checked into where I'm staying yet." Trying to downplay his awkwardness with continued friendliness, Kirei would laugh and say "You know what I really need? Some new gear. I bet your puppet is loaded with all sorts of secret traps and wires and things, right? You reckon this market sells anything like that?"

With a mischievous smile, Kirei placed his palm on the table and leaned down. The black mutt to the side of the table had since made himself comfortable, laying down on the ground with a weary stare towards the young Uchiha. Kirei hoped that Nova would be happy to show him if she knew but either way his plan was set, if she chose to show him more of the market he would follow and converse otherwise he would set off to find some of the Mist's most deadly ninja supplies.

"In Konoha, they don't let us play with the fun stuff, heheh~."

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At the inquiry to take someone else to Lord Odasa's mansion Nova froze for a moment and recalled the not-so-warm welcome that she had received. A look of indecision crossed her face as she debated her response, as she dipped her fingers into the remaining sauce from her meal and licked it off. “I'll be honest.... I'm not sure how willing he will be to take on another student... I will however lead you there should you desire. Though I cannot promise that he will accept you... not can I ensure your safety. Upon my arrival there I was faced with quite the trial from him, and I am sure that that is not an uncommon thing to be done to for those he takes as his student.” Nova's face took a serious expression on much unlike the carefree mood she had been in for the duration of her meal. She recalled the battle she had fought against Lord Osada's prisoner that had been nearly the death of her, though Lord Osada himself had prevented her death.

She watched Kirei's face for a reaction, be it one of fear or excitement. Should he express any trepidation on the matter she would recind her offer, the mansion was not one for the weak of heart or mind, though over-excitment would not be a good trait either. Nova watched his face very carefully as well as listening closely to the tone with which he would speak, as well as glancing at the canine who had shown it's unusual grasp of human speech. The dog seemed to have a caretaker roll for this boy, though Nova was unsure of the dynamic of their relationship or how it had come to be. Nova would wave over the server and paid for the pair's meal as well as ordering a bowl of green tea ice cream to eat before resuming the point of her journey into the village. Should the boy accept she would allow him to accompany her back to the mansion, though what would happen after passing the islands gate was not to be in her hands as she would warn. If not she would ask if he would like to accompany her through the village's market as she had to stop at nearly every type of vendor. As she finished the bowl of ice cream she would stack the dishes neatly in the center of their table and head off, hopefully with a new friend in tow.


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