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1 Night Patrol (D rank Mission, NK, Private) on Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:40 am

Ryo Knetegawa

Ryo Knetegawa

Special Jounin
Ryo was now a chuunin of Kumogakure; he was very grateful that the Raikage allowed him to keep his rank from Sunagakure. This was the greatest benefit that he could’ve hoped for, and now he was going to do his first mission for the village. This was a mission that would help him cement his place in the village, but he was slightly nervous about this fact. He was not sure that he would get along in the village hidden in the clouds, but he would try his best. His family was still a part of Kumogakure, and the Knetegawa reputation was on the line. He was assigned to Night Patrol, he was going out with genin, a few other chuunin, and he was to report to a very small number of special Jounin. Deciding that he was best suited to go it alone he walked along the streets of Kumogakure without anyone around who would help him in such a manner. This was his best plan, so he decided that he should do it alone in order to make sure that he could stand up on his own two feet in order to bring honor to his clan.

Deciding that it was best if he went with stealth instead of being painfully obvious in his presence or painting himself with a nice big target on his back he changed his coat. Tonight, he was wearing the Knetegawa Duster, it was a deep black color with the deep purple blood drop of the Knetegawa clan symbol on the back. The black would allow him to blend in easier with the night, and that meant that he would be able to far easier close in on any troublemakers that he came across. Thinking further about his choice he didn’t decide to walk with one of his puppets as he usually did, but instead, he decided that he would walk alone without any of his children with him.

He walked along the streets of Kumogakure in his assigned area of town and watched the village. The village was very peaceful, and this made Ryo both happy and sad at the same time. He was glad that the village of Kumogakure was able to be so peaceful, and what seemed to him very carefree. However, he was also very sad because his own village was now gone, and it would never have a chance to be peaceful again, nor be much of anything ever again. Truly, it was terrible, and it pulled at his heartstrings.

A loud banging stopped him cold in his tracks and he turned to glare at the direction of the noise. He saw that there was a large dog that looked a bit scruffy which had knocked over a garbage bin. It was now rooting around eating the trash until Ryo stepped towards it “Beat it!” he snarled at the mongrel and it gave a yelp before running away its tail between its legs. He moved over to the bin and collected the garbage putting it back in the bin before he stood the bin up and closed the lid once more moving off to keep inspecting the village. He wasn’t sure he should waste that kind of time on something as minor as a dog digging in the trash, but he happened upon it, so he decided that he should do something.

Walking along at night gave him a good chance to get to really know the lay of the land. Walking around a village during the light of day was one thing, but it was far more important that one knew their way around their own home by night as well. Things changed in the light of the moon looking very different than they did in the light of the sun. He walked for another few minutes before he decided that he would investigate another sound that was made. This time when he turned a corner he saw kids, these kids were likely of the academy and were no real threat to him or anyone. With a sigh, he approached them turning on the most terrifying look that he had, which was not so hard with his tattoos and his piercing blue eyes “Hey you kids, you should be at home. You need to get indoors and stop causing problems. If you don’t get home and if you aren’t safe indoors, then something terrible could happen to you.” He said with the best air of a deadly tone that he could muster. The youths all looked at him with wide eyes and being that they were likely no better than academy students they weren’t in a situation for a real fight. They quickly dropped what they were doing and rushed away from him as fast as they were able to. He only watched them go shaking his head slightly in disappointment. He was sure that they had much better things to do with their time, and he was sure that they well knew they weren’t supposed to be outside this late at night, but instead they were out getting into trouble or at least looking for trouble. If he was in his own village which had, unfortunately, some very bad crime within its borders, then they would’ve found some trouble.

Of course, if this had been his village then there wouldn’t have been much of a need to warn them about the dangers of being out so late at night when they knew very well they could not defend themselves from unsavory characters. With a sigh, he decided that enough time had passed and in truth, a lot of time had passed a couple of hours if the moon was any judge. He arrived at the Special Jounin that was the one he had been told to report to. He gave the Jounin a respectful bow “The mission is finished sir. All is clear in my section. Nothing of great note to report, but there were some children who were running about tonight. Still, I sent them home with no issues and no damage to either party.”

The Jounin nodded his head smiling “Very well done Knetegawa. That should be just fine for the night.” She said as she handed him the payment that he was due “You should probably get home as well. I am sure that you have work that must be done tomorrow. We do not want you tired for any other missions you might have.”

With a bow Ryo took his money and headed back towards his clan’s home. This was a very good mission to get his feet wet, and while nothing great happened then he could certainly say that he had done his mission. Now, he had to take on another mission, and he had to take care of it sooner rather than later. If for no other reason than because he needed to remind the world that his clan was still powerful.

Mission: 750/750
Extra Ryo: 100 (WC: 400/400)
WC remaining: 22

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