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D-Rank missions were typically boring. They consisted of what were typical very mundane instances of manual labor and odd jobs. Missions to find a wealthy woman's lost cat were not that uncommon. Volunteering as an assistant at the academy wasn't either. Chigetsu had expected work of a bit more dignified caliber after finally finishing his training in the academy, but what he got instead were this strange assortment of inconsequential missions. None of them felt like they actually had any real significance. He was sure that helping find those lost cats really made that woman happy, but was that really the job of a ninja? He had expected missions that felt a bit more important. Missions that felt more like they were for ninjas. There were no complaints from Chigetsu though. He needed to take these missions just for their meager payment so he could afford rent. D-Rank missions didn't pay very well, but with his excessively cheap lifestyle he would only have to do a few each week to get by. His belly was full and he had a warm bed to sleep in, so could Chigetsu really complain?  

Things were different now though. This mission had a very different aura about it. It was still just a D-Rank mission. It wasn't as if the pay was significantly better than usual either. The entire thing was ranked the same with a "Find a Missing Cat" mission, so how important could it be? The fact that Chigetsu was currently camping out in a bush in the dead middle of the night might point towards an answer to that question. With the moonlight being his only illumination, the white-haired boy would glare down towards the mission directive scrolls he had been entrusted with. His composure was completely different from what he would have on any other D-Rank mission. There was a much heavier sense of tension. The text of the scroll would barely be visible to him with his limited amount of light. He would look up, moving in the bush as silently as he could to not cause any unnecessary noise. A quick scan around determined that nobody seemed to have noticed him. With his concealed status confirmed, Chigetsu would turn back to the scroll.  

D-Rank Mission: "Convert a Troubled Ninja"

  • Satoha, Kiya has been discovered to have active plans to desert Kirigakre no Sato. The details and fully extent of these plans are currently unknown. Satoha, Kiya's desires to abandon the village were discovered after reports from his sister, Satoha, Hanako. She had described Satoha, Kiya's motivations for wanting to desert being their lack of morale and doubt in their own abilities. Satoha, Kiya status as a recent academy graduate and new genin would result in very little threat to Kirigakure no Sato from their desertion; their low rank and status as a clanless individual would result in very little loss or vulnerability as a result of their absence. The precedent that would be set by young ninja being able to freely desert would bring shame to Kirigakure no Sato.  

    Without using excessive force or threat of bodily harm, convince Satoha, Kiya to remain within Kirigakure no Sato. After the reaffirmation of their loyalty, they will put under Class-E probation in case of future incidents.

The contents of the scroll would read over one last time. Chigetsu had nearly memorized them at this point. It was obvious just from reading the mission statement of how important this mission was. Compared to teaching at the academy or collecting raw resources, this had a feeling of having actual significance. This was important. He was making a big difference in somebody's life and maybe doing something that had a good deal of importance to the village of Kirigakure itself. Looking back up from his position in the bush he would see his target. Kiya Satosha. The male would be awkwardly staring out into the ocean. If there was a method in which they were looking to abandon the village it would probably be something like this. The external walls would be too difficult to sneak through to leave. Swimming a short distance around them would be the only option for somebody looking to get out.

With Kiya silent under the moonlight, Chigetsu would steel his nerves. He would slowly stand up from his position from the bushes, and then he would approach.

[751 WC] [TBC]


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Kiya stared longingly out into the open ocean. It was a calm night. While the moon was full the ocean had a strange serenity to it. What was visible through the mist seemed placid. Almost as if it were sleepy. Even if it shouldn't have been, it would be the perfect day to escape. His nerves were beginning to get the better of him. The cool sea breeze was blowing against him, but all he could feel was the cold sweat dripping down the back of his neck. The feeling of the metal weapons in his belt pouch suddenly became very apparent, along with the sensation of his own breathing.  

A slight noise from behind him would set a thousand alarms off inside his head. With speed that Kiya didn't even know he was capable of he spun around on his heels. The origin of the noise, a rustling bush, only caused his anxiety to triple. That compounded on itself as person revealed themselves to be the source of that rustling. A pale-faced boy with white hair would rise from the bushes, creating the source of the noise that had startled Kiya. Fear flared up within Kiya's chest as his vision focused in on the male, only to shift into surprise once the boy's bright red eyes became visible.

Kiya looked exactly as Chigetsu remembered. The image of the boy matched with the description that had been given on the scroll. The description was completely unnecessary though. Chigetsu's memory was fairly good. With how recently he had just graduated from the academy, there was no way he would forget one of his classmates so soon. Judging from the look that had crawled up onto Kiya's face, it seemed as though he recognized Chigetsu as well. The two boys would just stare at each other after Chigetsu rose from the bushes, a temporary moment of silence occurring between the both of them.

"Chigetsu?" Kiya would struggle for words, only managing to sputter out the other boy's name. An awkward smile and slight wave would come back from the boy. "Kiya? It's been a long time since the academy." Chigetsu's gaze would reach past Kiya for a moment, turning to look out towards the sea. As his focus was turned to the waters he would walk forward, very slowly approaching the other. Although Kiya would tense up at Chigetsu's sudden movements the male would not flee from his positioning. Kiya would simply move aside as Chigetsu passed by him. Both of his hands would be placed against the railing that separated their platform and the open sea. Down perhaps two meters the tide would bash into the bottom of the concrete platform that was supporting them.  

"Isn't the ocean beautiful?" Chigetsu would offer, turning back to smile more earnestly towards Kiya. The anxiety from earlier had melted away from him. There was something so incredibly pleasant about the gentle movements of the ocean and its salty sea breeze. "Did you come out to see the ocean too, Kiya?" Chigetsu would offer that as an excuse for the both of them. Planting that justification within Kiya's head would hopefully make him a little bit less nervous, and not suspect Chigetsu's true intentions. Seeming to slowly accept what Chigetsu had offered him, Kiya would slowly nod his head. There was still a level of anxiousness within Kiya's movements. His movements were slow and jerky, and his eyes wide open. "Sometimes I come out here just so I can see the way the ocean moves. It's always relaxing and nice whenever I've had a bad day." It was all true. "I was surprised to see you here though... It's been a long time since the academy, hasn't it?" Chigetsu would let out a strange chuckle. "… Since we met here on this night after all this time it must be fate or something, right? We should catch up with each other... There are some twenty-four hour cafes that we could go... I know a nice one that's not too far from here."

Chigetsu would stare into Kiya's eyes. Both of the boys were nervous and afraid. Chigetu's façade was careful and delicately maintained. It was unnatural behavior. Suppressing his own anxiety was so much easier when he could put on a mask along those lines for the purpose of a mission. It was almost funny, but not in the sort of way that made people laugh.  

Kiya would nod. Even though Chigetsu knew that Kiya wasn't able to read his thoughts, he wanted to imagine that the nod was in agreement with how Chigetsu felt about anxiety as well.

[WC 802/1553]
[Mission Complete]
[Using 600 WC to spend on extra mission reward]


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