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Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

Meiyo arrived bright and early for her very first mission! She was a bit fatigued from a night battling the fires in her dreams, but exhaustion versus the roaring strength of will within her, her eyes wouldn’t even darken. She was dressed in black cargo shorts, standard blue sandals, a dark green, v-neck tank, her leather wrist band with the colored jewels and her Konoha headband tied atop her head proudly - and to hold back the long length of pastel, rainbow hair. Her gold eyes glowed with the thrill of a new day and her body trembled against the cool breezes that swept the village. She was ready to be of assistance.

She entered the administration building with high knees, having jogged the entire way. The desk was just beyond the entrance and very dim as an assistant drew the curtains slowly, yawning from the early hours. Meiyo hardly acknowledged his slow pace. She was a ball enough of energy to share. Approaching the desk she waited patiently, jogging in place to run out the excitement in her veins. The assistant scowled at her with a sleepy drawal. It may have been disbelief of her motivation, or a stare trying to understand the rainbow haired girl before him. He sighed and came around the room to his desk, settling in a wooden chair.

“How can I help you,” he sluggishly spoke.

Meiyo stopped jogging and bowed quickly. “Ren, Meiyo reporting for duty, sir! I’m here to help with the supply run for the training camp today?” She stood straight again, long hair tickling the back of her thighs. A bright smile stretched across her face.

He nodded, shifting through paperwork he pulled a single page that carried basic mission information she and whom she would report to may need. He held it up and she took it gratefully. She glanced it over as he stood again and walked to a door in the back of the office. He disappeared for a long moment, but came back out with a chilled crate that steamed from the warmth of the room. Her head tipped as her brows furrowed in curiosity. ‘Why’s it cold?’ she thought, not having to wait long for a response.

“This contains supplies and ice cream one of the officers have requested as a special treat. Per the obvious, you need to get this to the camp quickly before it melts.” He set the crate on the desk, it thud from a heavy weight. ‘Ice cream and supplies? Heavy supplies, probably weighs a good sixty, seventy pounds! It’s huge!’ she bit her lip looking the box over. It was two feet on every side as a cube. Not huge, but she was small and as such this was big for her.

The man, realizing the difference, looked between her and the box suspiciously. “Is this going to work?”

Meiyo straightened and blinked. “Work? Of course! I’m a kunoichi of the Leaf, I never back down from a challenge! In fact,” She looked the box around, her mind tinkering with ideas. “Do you have a long rope I can borrow?” One eyebrow flicked up on the assistant’s face.

He nodded slowly, turned, disappeared into the backroom again, and returned momentarily with a rope wound up. It was thin, only about 10 meters long however she was determined to make it work. “Thank you,” she nodded respectfully. With the rope in hand she set to work quickly. Ice cream was a delicious treat and the clock was ticking. While she worked she calculated. The ice cream has maybe forty minutes before it becomes too soft. It’s already been six, the location is across the village on the other side that a walk would take an hour, but if she ran her hardest, she could cross it in thirty. That means… this was going to cut it close if nothing goes wrong.

With a deep breath and a couple yanks, she pulled the heavy crate onto her back. Briefly she lost balanced and leaned backwards. “Oh!” The assistant jumped back in surprise. She quickly steadied herself and started jogging in place. Her breath came out in focused puffs. “I can do this! I know the village better than myself!” And with a good, warm start she was off! “I’ll see you soon!” She hollered back to the tired assistant.

Out the door the weight of the crate was a good stretch to her limbs. She liked it. “Just more training!” confidently she spoke to herself. She took off west from the administration building and came to the nearest low building. ‘If I take the streets at this hour, it would cut into my time. The village is bustling already!’ she stategized. ‘But if I take the roofs, not so much traffic.’ There were huge crates packed against one building with a slanted, tile roof. She would have to be careful not to damage the tiles, but it was a good height with the crates to climb. She treaded carefully, balancing each step and jump from crate to crate until she reached the tile roof. The tiles clicked and clacked, shifting ever so slightly underweight. Meiyo exhaled sharply, fighting her nerves. ‘You can do this! Just focus!’

The slanted roof led to a short ledge to the flat roof of another building. Walking with even steps she picked up the pace and lept to the next ledge. From here it was all patterns. Run, leap, run, run, leap, leap. None of the village buildings were exactly the same, but the motions were familiar. She runs rooftops just for warm ups, it was only a bit different with the heavy weight on her back. Meiyo focused on the surroundings straight ahead, if she followed the roof line and leapt in a bee line, she’d make it in time. She just had to focus and run, follow through on the plan and it’ll all be okay!

Her breaths came hard, she perspired and smelt of sweat and roses as her muscles cried from the hard work. She was nearing the end of her journey however, the box wasn’t chilly and the condensation that had once covered the wood was all melted. The morning sun was rising and warming the village more than she had expected. She still had six or seven roofs to cross before she made it to the clearing that would lead to the camp.

“I can do this, I have to do this, I cannot fail!” Stubborn determination roared from within her core, she pushed off from one roof, landing heavily on the next, turning her body to take the rolling weight of the crate to generate momentum to push her farther across the next roof. She slid as she landed, turned slowly and lept again, and again and again until finally she came to the last roof. A one story flat with no raised barrier to the top, an all flat surface. Without even the slightest hesitation she pushed herself off  and let her body weight fall. Tucking her head and leaning to right she was able to somersault and lose some of the energy against the ground in a roll. The crate barely touched the ground with a gentle corner before she was rolling back to her feet and off on a run.

Her lungs strained, her legs burned but the camp had come into sight. She was going to make it with frozen ice cream. There was no room for error.

Dust kicked up in plumes behind her feet as she raced. There were shinobi setting up tents and tables and gear of all kinds. She didn’t stop at the first tents she came across. Her mission was to take this straight to the requesting officer, and that would more than likely be the taller tent that was already finished and stood more prominent than the rest. She kept her exhausting speed, causing shinobi to hurriedly move out of her way in fear of trampling.

“Sorry, so sorry! Excuse me!” she called. “Look out, sir!” She hollered to one shinobi bent over picking up tent poles. The poor man peaked up over his shoulder and only had a moment to duck. Without much other choice from her momentum, she came up to the man, planted her feet and jumped. She came over him just enough, hitting the ground running. Without the ability to turn back or even look over her shoulder with the heavy crate blocking her view, she could only grit her teeth and hope to apologize formally later. She came through a series of laid out canvases and just beyond the mess of tarps, the taller, more prominent tent she had hoped for came into view.

‘Got to do this right!’ She thought to herself as she approached a turn off. If she didn’t make it, she’d slip through tarp, potentially dropping the crate, injuring herself and failing the mission. Her heart sunk deeply into her chest as the meters of straightaway closed in. Quickly, she shook her head, bangs sweeping her face as if brushing the somber feelings away. ‘Can’t think that way, I’m going to make it!’ With all her might she twisted and rolled with the weight of the crate to turn right, skidding in a long circle around fabric and poles of a tent in the making. A long streak of turned up dirt marked behind her from heels digging in the ground as she veered for a good meter or two. She pushed herself, her body crying for a breath, and raced for the tent. A few officers lifted the canvas door and came out laughing at one another, unaware at first of the racing rainbow coming towards them. As she came closer she slowed her pace and practically skidded to a home run on her knees with the crate.

Gasping for breath through a burst of dust in the air, slightly coughing and getting dusted herself, she dropped the ropes from her shoulders and slowly stood up. As the dust broke and drifted to the earth, she was straight, red faced but, at the ready for command. The adrenaline pumping through her veins had sent her into a runner’s high, she couldn’t shake the smile from her face. The officers stared at her in shock and confusion. “Ren, Meiyo delivering your supplies.” She bowed swiftly. In a shaky motion, she turned to kneel on one knee and untied the top knots of the rope. It fell around the crate in a loose pile. Stepping aside, she held out an arm. “All,” deep breath, “yours, sir!”

The officer in charge came around the box and lifted the latch that opened the box. He pulled a few smaller crates that rattled with a sound of scraping metal against wood - weaponry maybe. From the size, shuriken probably. There were four small crates at the top and then a cardboard cylinder with a familiar label sat in the center atop four more small crates. Meiyo peeked over the officer’s shoulder in high stress anticipation. Her heart was pounding so loud in her ear she wouldn’t have been surprised if anyone else heard it. It was the world to her to be able to satisfy and serve her village. This was a mission to deliver, and that included ice cream that wasn’t melted. But had she succeeded? She licked her dry lips. Her fingers twisted behind her back laced together, pinching each other in nervousness as she leaned awkwardly over the officer’s shoulder trying to sneak a peek.

The officer peeled the lid back and suddenly leapt to his feet holding the container high in the air. It was only a pure startle reflex that kept her from getting smacked in the face. ‘The man was so serious, hasn’t said a word and now’s he jumping up like a crazed man, have I failed?!’ she thought as the cold, icy fingers of fear choked the confidence from her. She gulped trying to fight the emotions and keep them at bay.

“Ice cream is served!” the officer hollered quite cheerfully. There were a few hoorahs returned from the working shinobi around him. Not many, most were still groggy or didn’t seem to care. Gleaming from ear to ear, he turned back to Meiyo whose little heart fluttered with joy. She breathed out a sigh of relief, closed her eyes and bowed her head - thanking her lucky stars. “Well done! This was very important. And for such hard work, would you care for some?” He waved to his fellow officer who turned and pulled a few bowls from a nearby table.

Bubbles of relief and pride spluttered from her gut into laughter. Touching her lips and holding her gut, she waved, “No, no thank you! I’ve plenty more to do for the village before I’ve earned my sweets. Are there any more supplies that needed delivered for you today?”

The officer, lost in scooping ice cream into bowls, took a moment before responding. “Huh? Oh no, this was all that was needed for now. Thank you.”

Meiyo bowed, giggled at the silly man. She shook her head and turned on her heel. Rainbow hair flicked about and hung around her body like a shawl on a light breeze. Her muscles were sore from the swinging weight of the crate, however she was suddenly filled with motivation and determined to make it back to the administration building in record time. Maybe there was more she could do for her village this day! Hurriedly she raced off, taking the roofs again before they too would be busy with morning travelers. As she leapt to the first roof, she couldn’t help but giggle and look back. “Who eats ice cream first thing in the morning?”


WC: 2304
Mission Need WC: 750
Balance: 1554
Mission Gained Ryo: 150 [Unless I met the double balance for extended WC, +150 ryo = 300 Ryo]

Speed Stat Training too if possible

E ~> E-1, 75 words and 0 Ryo.
E-1 ~> E-2, 150 words and 0 Ryo
E-2 ~> E-3, 225 words and 0 Ryo.
E-3 ~> D, 300 words and 0 Ryo

Needed WC 750
Balance of Extra from above: 1554
Balance after Speed to D: 804

Endurance Stat Training too if possible

E ~> E-1, 75 words and 0 Ryo.
E-1 ~> E-2, 150 words and 0 Ryo
E-2 ~> E-3, 225 words and 0 Ryo.
E-3 ~> D, 300 words and 0 Ryo

Needed WC 750
Balance from Extra of Speed Training: 804
Total, Final Balance: 54


Missions Completed

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