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Ninjutsu, something that all frontline ninja need to have in order to be a true force for their village. Taking a day without at least training something once, is something that Tenjin had always been doing. Although he certainly needs more work in regards to his taijutsu fighting, he was also good at controlling his elemental natures of earth and fire, so he must become more skilled in chakra control to utilize more advanced techniques. He figured that though mastery of the elements is needed, if need be he had to focus on ninjutsu to do powerful jutsu to augment his abilities as a ninja, including augmenting his abilities as a taijutsu fighter. All of these things enticed him about learning more about ninjutsu and when he reached Kumogakure to witness the chunin exams, he felt that it was time to become more proficient in it considering all of the other genin with unmatched power in the specialty. But there was only one problem, like he stated before although he was very good at Ninjutsu if he was given the opportunity to do it in battle, his training hasnt been worked up to a point where more powerful jutsus are able to be applicable to ones arsenal of attacks. Yes it was important to train, and it was a plus that he enjoyed it, but he was going to be in pain mentally throughout the entire process. It was going to take work and practice but Tenjin realized that in order to survive in this new world where everybody was using long range, deadly, and relatively basic ninjutsu attacks, it could mean trouble for Tenjin if he did not know some of it himself. Tenjin knew that being an ANBU would mean that in order for him to survive on these deadly missions he would have to have more power over his specialization, as he would not be able to just walk into an enemies village and start attacking with just punches and kicks if he wanted to. He would have to have mastery over that aspect of being a ninja, ninjutsu could be subtle but deadly, could mean the difference of life and death in a battle, and would also mean that he could do many more functions as a ninja that he could not do before such training, like using the long range aspect of ninjutsu to beat shinobi from afar if need be. Although this would be extremely important and a great reason why he should use ninjutsu in battle, from his research of the Sencho clan and his talk with some of the teachers of the unique elemetal release, of the clan he decided that there was an even more important reason why he should learn ninjutsu, to create more potent particle release techniques.

As Tenjin was walking down to the Kumogakure no sato training grounds to learn more of this ninjutsu he thought to himself of those reasons why he needed to better his abilities. Through some of this training and talks with other ninja in and around Iwagakure and Kumogakure due to the exams, Tenjin realized that he was going to explore the range and the abilities of high ranking ninjutsu if he lived long enough for him to become somebody of that level and power. This would mean that he would become a more efficient ANBU operative, which is somebody who was like but not as powerful as the kages as Tenjin would be able to fight alongside the Tsuchikage during battle. Tenjin reached the training grounds and placed his belongings down before starting to meditate. As he meditated on some of these techniques and abilities Tenjin thought that they would make him a powerful taijutsu fighter as he will merge ninjutsu to create some nintaijutsu attacks. By doing this, he can very well be known as somebody of great power among the people of the village hidden stone village. He knew that he has a natural affinity for working with ninjutsu to gain more power and potency, but that would mean that he would have to have work extremely hard for it to be apparent to others. Ninjutsu would allow him to do great abilities that he would not have been able to do if he did not have the ability to command and control his chakra. This would mean that he could possibly create large constructs utilizing ninjutsu with ease and power, and they would then be able to aid him in battle. He thought of the possibility of what he can do with those abilities, meaning that he would use his abilities to gain energy from his chakra network. Who knows maybe it would be fun to get those abilities but it could mean a lot of work. That is good, Tenjin thought.

Deep in his meditation and with inspiration in hand he finally got down to the Kumogakure no sato training grounds, and decided that he was going to practice a few basic techniques of ninjutsu, trying to find a way to make himself look more like a soldier for his village. This of course means that he would have basic and even amazing grasp over many of the academy jutsu. Later, he would be ready to move on to other techniques that were much more advanced than the basics. He tried the academy jutsus a few times and it took a while for him to finally finish all of them about five times, this does not mean that he could not do the techniques the first time right but that he was working hard to continue his training to become more efficient. It would mean more work if he did that but Tenjin did not care at that point. But after a few hours of just doing the technique, something hit him that he did not think of before. It made him mad at himself but it at least got him back on track, as he was training he had some deep thought trying to get himself more driven to train.

Tenjin, remembered the legendary Naruto, the Savior of the ninja world, and all the other people that fought in the 4th great ninja war. In the span of their life as a ninja, they all were mostly ninjutsu specialists and have attained at least one element, sometimes two, and in the case of only the Tsuchikage Onoki, three, to make the fourth element of dust release. What would the ancestors of the particle release say if they all came to Tenjin right now and watched him ‘train,’ learning the abilities of the three primary elements, earth, fire, and wind, they would first laugh at him for thinking that he would have the jinton abilities without putting in 100 percent effort on the matter of training. Overall, it would mean that he would be discrasing the people that he looks up to the most. Not his peers or his sensei Sayuri, but himself and his particle release ansestors which have became legends in their own right. Tenjin wants to be like them. Right now though, he is a worse shinobi than anybody who entered the chunin exams, be it his lack of ninjutsu proficiency, or his lack of jutsus in his arsenal. Nevertheless, right now his motivation is all he’s got. Tenjin knew the consequences of not training, since he could die in a fight if he refuses to learn these basic jinton abilities. To think that everybody that has learned the jinton release as of late has become Tsuchikage, Tenjin couold not gain such power by just going out there to train and doing it all half ass. No that is not the case at all, Tenjin wanted to gain unmatch power, which is something that could mean him winning the battle against a missing ninja, right now instead of getting particle release, Tenjin just needed to keep working on his ninjutsu capabilities.

If he doesnt learn to utilize the technique to its total efficiecy, this would mean that he would most likely lose the battle and he would die as a result. What if Tenjin were to go against a powerful clan, the hyuga or the Uchiha for instant, ‘do you think that they are going to give you slack?’ the young shinobi thought, when you want to fight for your life, its apparent that the body knows how to unlock special abilities. At this point Tenjin stopped what he was doing and just sat down for a little bit, looking back on all of his experiences and realizing what he was thinking to himself. He knew that he was mad at himself and thought that it would be enough for the thoughts to go away, he was going to train as hard as he could now for as long as he needed to.

‘You call yourself a Sencho scholar?’ Tenjin thought, ‘one that uses the fire, earth, and wind elements of ninjutsu to take down all and destroy any that come inside of the 3 dimensional attack. Earth, represents the solid will Tenjin possesses, the wind represents justice and fire represents passion. ‘Right now do you think that you have the passion to learn dust release? No you do not. You are not worthy of any of that yet, of any ability of the kenkai tota, of knowing the secrets of the Sencho clan that you pride yourself now in studying. The Sencho scholars did Tenjin a huge favor by finding a way to open the book of particle release, allowing him to find more of a purpose, since before that, Tenjin was a little known less than average shinobi with no direct path in life. But what would happen if he found out that he did not have passion and the desire to train his ninjutsu? This would make Tenjin weak and even pathetic, so he cannot allow this to be a viable future. Now Tenjin was really mad at himself. He does not want to let the Sencho scholars and his the past particle release users down, which would mean that he would let everything that he holds dear down. He can’t let his favorite jinton user, Mu, down. He cant let Onoki down. But the only problem was he was not done thinking about his ninjutsu capabilities.

Tenjin then continued his meditation while focusing his chakra control within his chakra network. ‘Do you really think that a person who tries to learn the particle release the lazy way, could accomplish it? you know that answer full well. You were weak than and you are weak now, you are not a jounin, you are just a simple genin that began studying dust release because he was not strong enough to yet compete. You will go and you will become the best ninjutsu specialist in Iwagakure and you will do it with One hundred percent efficiency.’ With this new found desire to become the best Tenjin realized that he could become a great ninja if he just put his mind to it. After his long pep talk with himself Tenjin gained some inspiration and transformed completely into a more driven, and even sinical shinobi. But now the thoughts were coming back into him again.

‘You think that is going to be enough to save yourself in times of trouble, in times of panic? Do you think that is going to save the Tsuchikage or the village when they will most need you? no it is not enough, and you know it. You will just get in the way of other shinobis greatness.’

Tenjin opened his eyes and stopped his metitation because that thought pushed Tenjin over the edge and he decided that he was going to release his anger on the trees in the training ground. It was four trees, and they were all right next to each other and he figured that with just one taijutsu attack with chakra infused auro, he could probably bring them all down. With all of his physical force and all of his might he would charge towards the great trees at point blank range with a combination of all of his chakra force and power. He almost made his fist over charge with charka and then he swung at the trees. His fist went through all four trees, and landed on a rock which Tenjin missed seeing, almost shattering the rock as well. As he saw the damage that he had done he had split the middle of all four trees and now they were all falling down. Now he would concentrate his chakra to his hands once more, as they would glow with the anger and frustration of his ability. He was going to control the way that they charka moved through his hands and completely destroy the trees. He hit the trees with all of his might with his hands, the chakra going through the trees. The trees would shatter with chakra as they all hit the ground when Tenjin moved out of the way of all the falling trees. He then, out of his anger concentrated chakra to his fingertips to write one word on all four of the trees. That word was “Worthy,” engraving it into the trees. Panting for breath he looked at the damage he did and thought to himself. ‘Never do that again, never make yourself not worthy of anybody, if you do, you will kill yourself with hard work and training.’ Tenjin then told himself to calm down, he had scarred his hands badly, but knew that he had gained control over ninjutsu to some extent, and more over, he has got closer to learning and perfecting the dust release element. Tenjin, tired walked over to where he had a water bottle and began to drink, before again continuing his rigorous training.

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Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo sighed as he made his way through Kumogakure. Today he wore a rather typical get up for him, black ninja pants, and his usual T shirt with long-sleeved undershirt. Over that was his Knetegawa Lab Coat marking him as one of the Knetegawa of Kumogakure, but it was something that he really wasn’t used to wearing yet. He missed the Knetegawa Coat that was the typical dress for his clan inside Sunagakue, but he well knew that Suna was no more. Unlike most days Ryo also had a destination in mind today as well as a mission. He was heading towards the training grounds. He was far too lax in how he was now that he was out of Sunagakure. However, now that he was in Kumogakure he was sadly behind. He had to get back into shape and he was going to do whatever he had to do in order to remedy this situation. His first thought was to spend time training up his ninjutsu. His Kugutsu was already highly skilled and trained up to a great degree. So now he only needed to focus on his ninjutsu getting to that same level. He headed on down to the Kumogakure training grounds and he decided that this would be the focus of his training. There was another thing that he was grateful for, even if it was only in a morbid sense. Kumogakure had a lot more water than Sunagakure so it wasn’t nearly as hard for him to perform the various Suiton Ninjutsu that was his primary specialty, thankfully his back up being Raiton he was able to counter some of the loss, but it was still a loss that would not be so heavy here in his new home. He realized that his family had an advantage over him especially when it came to his younger siblings the twins. They were both Doton specialists, his sister Reina was a master of Katon, and his mother’s Fuuton was nothing to be snuffed at. He was the odd ball with Suiton, even his father had primarily used Raiton during his life.

Ryo was determined to practice his Ninjutsu, but more specifically his Suiton techniques now that he could take advantage of the far more abundant water of his surroundings. He had a few more jutsu he wanted to learn, and that he would need to learn. Even so, there was no reason he couldn’t master the jutsu that were so dear to him. He had one particular jutsu in mind. He would have to see how it worked, and he would also have to find out how it worked in partner with a few other jutsu. He arrived at the training grounds which were fairly large all things considered, and he found a place where he could work on his jutsu in peace. He first summoned up Kuro his eldest son and smiled as he attached his strings to the puppet. Holding one hand up to his mouth in the way that he was used to; he sprayed a huge amount of water from his mouth onto the ground in front of him and his puppet. The Jutsu was normally used to fight Katon, but Ryo’s mind was that should the water not be evaporated or absorbed by sand and dirt too fast then he would be able to use it for his own purposes. These would include the jutsu that he was about to perform. He leapt forward putting his feet in the water hoping that it was enough, and luckily for him, he really didn’t need all that much, so he was able to perform the jutsu easily enough. Slowly the water flowed up to the chakra strings that connected to Kuro making him move with the incredibly life like movements that were the signature markings of a Knetegawa puppet. The water reinforced not only the chakra strings, but it also sank into the cracks and crevices that were part of a puppet. He smirked and twitched his left pinky to watch as the water surged towards Kuro’s muzzle in order to lash out in a violent whip that cracked slightly with the speed. Ryo again repeated this motion, but this time the whip came from Kuro’s midsection, then from his tail, and finally from his back. Only then did Ryo allow this jutsu to only make the chakra strings much stronger. This was one of his signature creations that was known as ‘Meandering River edge’. He was wondering how much stress the strings could withstand, he knew that a powerful Katon jutsu would put an end to the water, and likely his strings, but he also knew that short of powerful jutsu infused weaponry or techniques it wasn’t likely anyone would be able to break the chakra strings. As he moved his arms and fingers allowing Kuro to move around the training grounds and get used to watching him move with such life like mimicry as he was normally able to do. Ryo had almost forgotten just how life like his own puppets could be, and if it wasn’t for the fact that his arms and fingers were all moving then he would’ve forgotten entirely that the black as night wolf was not actually alive, but instead was merely a remarkable simulacrum of life.

He was about to recall Kuro to his scroll when he heard the sound of smashing and crashing. He looked around his eyes quickly picking out the movement of the four different trees falling down on the training grounds. Now that he looked over in that direction he thought he saw someone close to them, and this made him raise his brow in interest. He knew that the Chuunin exams were going on here in Kumogakure, which was a huge honor all things considered, but he had never actually seen anyone training for them. He himself was already a chuunin so he didn’t need to take the exams, he was also trying to adjust to his new life and the loss of all he had formerly had so he wouldn’t have entered even if he could’ve. Looking down to Kuro he asked, “Shall we get a closer look?” He made Kuro nod his head with a flick of one finger. He decided to do just as he said, and he made his way closer to the scene that had unfolded. He soon discovered that there was indeed someone responsible for the damage, and not just the damage to some trees that were now marked with the word ‘worthy’, but also a rock that was nearly shattered into pieces. As it stood it had chunks missing, and a huge series of cracks running along it.

Having seen the damage that was done Ryo now turned his attention to the one who had wrought such destruction to these simple trees. He was not surprised to see that this person was not from the village Kumogakure as there were plenty of visitors for the chuunin exams. The headband, once he did get a look at it, was that of Iwagakure. He gave a smile and slowly approached the other kid moving his hands behind his back. In so doing he was hiding the fact that he was moving his fingers which were connected to the chakra strings that were controlling the black wolf at his side. They moved together and unless this person was very, very familiar with either puppets or wolves he would likely not even notice that Kuro was not a real wolf. The chakra threads might be visible, but the lavender purple color and the fact that they were hidden mostly by his coat and only were sighted on the ground near his feet made it a very hard proposition. As he approached he called out “Hello there stranger, I can see you are training very intensely. I am sorry if I am bothering you, but I heard the noise and saw the trees fall down so I couldn’t help but come to investigate. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Ryo Knetegawa, and this is my son Kuro. What brings an Iwagakure shinobi to Kumogakure? Are you competing in the Chuunin exams or is someone you know competing?” the questions and the tone he was using were both light hearted, and just friendly conversation. He didn’t want to seem rude, and he didn’t want to scare off the other Shinobi, but he did want to know the answers to his questions merely to sate his curiosity and to make sure the village was safe. He stopped nearly 5 meters away from the other youth in order to wait for his answer, but he made Kuro walk in front of him separating the pair with his body despite how close it was to Ryo himself.

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It was still morning in the village of Kumogakure no sato, and the clouds danced about in the sky like a ballot, wind blowing in the training grounds, sprinkling the dust everywhere. The wisps of the cold mountain air seeped around the training grounds and snaked along the roads, bringing a cold breeze with them where ever they decided to go. The alarm clock in Tenjins mentality began to buzz with intent when he heard someone speak to him, it felt like a small hammer striking against the hollow metal bells positioned diagonally on each side of an alarm clock. The bellowing of the alarm was intruding the Tenjins training, disturbing him from his pleasant training session. Tenjin decided to take a rest, and laid down on the floor. Tenjin remained lying down on his back on the training ground when after, he began to speak. With one arm rolled over his eyes to block out any sunlight that had managed to find it's way through the cloudy Kumogakure skies. 'If I ignore it, it'll just stop' was the philosophy Tenjin followed on regards to the light. Of course, it had never really worked out well for him, since the light still crept up in the cracks of his arms.

“So Ryo is your name huh. Nice meeting you, I’m actually not competing, and seeing the potential of those shinobi that were, made me want to intensely train as you witnessed. My name is Tenjin.”

Remaining in the same position for a few minutes, quietly wishing for himself to become stronger so that he doesnt have to train anu longer. Noting that his quiet prayer was getting him no where, he let out a groan. His arm shifted off his face and from his eyes, resting gently at the side of his body. His eye lids begin to slowly open, moving at the pace of a snail. His eyes flutter open slowly, blinking multiple times so they could adjust to the light once again. Pushing his eyelids as far apart as they could go, he drags one hand lazily along the bridge of his nose; itching the fatigue from the corners of his eyes. Dropping his hand back down at his side, he gazes upwards at the vloudy skies of Kumogakure no sato. It wasn't much, but this is the only village other than Iwagakure that the young shinobi has ever visited, and it was good enough for Tenjin to appreciate the experience. A smile formed on his lips as he remembered that the exams are over, and the group of Iwagakure shinobi will be soon returning home. He only just became a Genin after all, at the tender age of 10, so Tenjin does still get home sick He felt more powerful at home, it was probably due to the fact that he was trying to rank up higher in his village. He was one rank closer to ANBU! A determined grin formed on his smile, his hand slowly reaching down to the ground. Getting a light grip on it with his forefinger and thumb, he plucks himself up.
Tenjin wanted to take some more time off to lay down underneath the trees, He felt like he needed a breather from all of the training he’d undergone lately. He obviously felt pride in what he had done so far, his training was paying off and he was becoming a stronger shinobi. But he couldn’t quite seem to get rid of the feeling that he was limiting himself. He was obviously strong in ninjutsu but he wasn’t content with his elemental capabilities. He felt he needed to branch out, learn something new. He was going to use today to decide how he would advance his training, and branch out of his comfort zone.
Tenjin then began to make friendly conversation. “How about you? What brings you here? Contesting or not?“ Tenjin was sincerely interested in the young shinobis back storybut it would look almost rude to see that Tenjin began to meditate before the shinobi began to respond. While meditating, Tenjin was working on focuing on his chakta points, specifically the third eye chakra point. While thoroughly engaged in his meditation, Tenjin began to remeber a dream sequence that is memorable because he believed it was the universe requesing something from him, more specifically, the wind dream which guided Tenjin im the direction of potentially learning the third elemet for his particle release. Tenjin doesnt believe he would have pursued the wind element if it wasnt for this reknown fighting style with the dust release. In his dream, Tenjin heard a fainting cheer and when he noticed a man clap his hands and produce a powerful gust of wind, Tenjin was amazed. The gust knocked over the training dummy and the wind still blew against the ninja even though he was some distance away. “Sweet.” Tenjin said while fixing his hair and continuing to watch the ninja from a safe distance. The ninja being watched threw a kunai toward the dummy and clapped his hands, the wind forced the kunai to go faster. As the weapon hit the dummy it went through the dummy and went into the ground. While watching Tenjin felt the need to clap his hands, but the same effect wasn’t produced. ‘Maybe I need to add some wind,’ maybe I should find my own space though. I don’t want to bother this guy. Walking around the shinobi, so that he wouldn’t bother his concentration Tenjin made it to the highest peek in Iwagakure mountain range, which was strange because only high ranking shinobis tend to make it up there, and Tenjin made it in no time, all be it in his dreams, and set his bag down.
              Gathering his chakra together the same way he would had done for a wind bullet, Tenjin clapped his hands together producing a gust that barely kicked some sand off the ground. It needs a little more, clap I think maybe some more chakra too. Gathering the chakra between his palms the ninja focused and steadied his mind. Let the wind flow through you and then compress it and with a clap release all of the energy within. Spreading his arms wide the ninja readied his hands and energy, swiftly he brought the palms together creating a large boom and a jet of air in front of him. The sand on the ground formed a line where the wind blew past it. The wind like a soundwave seemed to grow wider as it sped away then finally dissipated about twenty meters out. Tenjin walked around the area the wind had hit to study the effects and how it could be used in combat. I wonder if I could use it to send stuff back along with sending things away faster. Shrugging the genin walked away and let the wind smooth over the area as he moved onto making another airwave.
              Focusing once more creating wind between his palms he spread his arms far and brought them together sending out another airwave that raced across the field. Watching it from start to finish he watched how far it went, how high and how wide. This one seemed to go wider than the previous one. “Maybe it is all in the clap.” He began clapping without the use of chakra it was hard enough that his hands were red after a few slaps. Tenjin had noticed that the wider his hands when he clapped the lower the soundwave spread when he finally heard the sound, some were louder than others. He hypothesized that louder claps would produce a specific directional effect while a wider lower one would produce an airwave that spread in all directions. Gathering the wind energy he clapped his hands slowly and produced a gust of wind that blew away the sand surrounding the ninja it didn’t spread out as far as the wind that went in a single direction, but it seemed it would be effective enough against anything thrown from any angle. Maybe he should test whether or not it would work like he thought later, after all even if it didn’t work all that would happen is he’d have to go to the hospital to get a kunai removed from his foot. Well whatever when it comes to new jutsu sometimes the benefits are worth the risk.
              Walking over to the equipment shed in the training field Tenjin grabbed two dummies and returned them to his rock and placed them standing into the sand. With a hand clap he sent an air blast charging towards the motionless straw equipment. As the force of the wind hit the object the dummy was uprooted and sent rolling along the ground for about ten meters. Looking at the other one Tenjin clapped his hands and sent an air assault in its direction which also flung the dummy it spiraled rolling around in the sand. After seeing this effect of the jutsu, Tenjin reset the dummies and went for another attempt at trying to move them maybe with more force via his chakra he could send them flying instead of rolling. With greater concentration Tenjin began to add his own chakra to the base of the attack after a moment he felt he had built about double the energy necessary to cast the jutsu. With a clap he sent the wave rushing forward. The energy overtook the dummy in seconds swallowing it the tempest and kept the object moving forward until the dummy was still moving even after the wind had stopped propelling it. With a nod to the other dummy Tenjin did the same thing as he had done to the other, watching this time as the mannequin twisted and turned through the air, until its inevitable fall to the ground where it would skid for about a foot and then stop entirely.
              The ninja didn’t pick up the dummies this time instead he drew a kunai and tossed it into the air only to catch it by the haft on the way back down. He tossed the blade up once more and clapped in its direction sending a wave of wind chakra to counter the trajectory of the blade and send it back up into the sky. After a few moments the object returned to the ground and landed a couple of feet away from where the ninja was standing. He picked up the dagger and tossed it once more directly up only clapping when it came back towards him. Tenjin tried to follow where the object was in the air, mostly because he didn’t want to get hit by a returning kunai. A soft sound hitting the ground was enough to turn the ninja around and that is where he found his weapon. Grabbing the object he placed the kunai back into his weapons pouch and pulled out five of his shuriken and tossed them up. With a quick clap to the sky he send an airwave which missed one of the shuriken, luckily the ninja was fast enough to catch it then move as the other four rained back down. I really need to re-evaluate how I make my decisions. Tenjin grabbed one of the dummies and placed it next to himself, the dummy used Tenjin as a stand to stay up. The plan for the dummy was to throw the shuriken and make the omni-directional gale palm, then as all hell rained down Tenjin would use the dummy like a shield. Throwing the shuriken into the air while attempting to scatter them, Tenjin clapped his hands leaving a pocket of space that was needed to make the air go in all directions. As he clapped the air spread deflecting the shuriken and blowing away the dummy. Tenjin only looked as dummy fell over and rolled away from him, out of pure reflex the ninja clapped again at least this way he wouldn’t get hit. It was very likely that he would lose a shuriken, but luckily he saw five flashes of steel that landed in all different directions.
              The ninja walked over to each shuriken and placed it back into his bag, luckily he had managed to get all five and didn’t need to spend any money on new ones. Tenjin made his way over to the dummy kicking it lightly he oved it to a position he could throw a kunai threw it with no trouble. He stood the dummy up and dragged the other over to the area and stood it up next to this one. Drawing a kunai Tenjin threw the kunai at the dummy and clapped his hands forcing the wind to follow behind the weapon until the momentum of the air overtook the dagger and launched it further and faster until the kunai ripped through the dummy landing in the sand on the opposite side of it. Drawing two more kunai Tenjin drew them and threw them toward the dummies clapping his palms together he sent both daggers racing towards the other dummy and watched as both pierced through the straw and landed in the dirt once more. Tenjin had two kunai remaining to throw he held them and felt the blades over once, some of them were used to cut other dummies and looked a little dull. I will have to sharpen these later for sure. Wait I can sharpen them with wind chakra Tenjin thought. All I have to do is remember the cyclone training that could be able to force the kunai through the rock. With a brief pause the ninja started to form his chakra into spinning cyclones that ran along the edge of the blade, after a bit of grinding the blade had sharpened and he was ready to sharpen the next one. Continuing with the sharpening the ninja made sure both were capable of working, by throwing them into the dummies. They both landed inside of the straw and upon inspection the cuts that the kunai did make seemed clean. Tenjin grabbed all of his kunai whether they were in the sand or in the dummies. He returned to where he was near the rock and walked a couple of feet forward. The next thing to do on the road to getting the jutsu down was throwing the objects while attempting to knock over the dummies at the same time.
              Whipping a kunai forward Tenjin clapped his hands together once more this time though instead of the kunai going completely through it stopped inside as the dummy rolled and uplifted from the sand the sight was spectacular. If a kunai were to stop inside of an enemy instead of going through them it would cause significant distress and pain, the dagger being left inside the body is sure to be more devastating. Grabbing two kunai from his pouch he threw them toward the other dummy and clapped his hands together the weapons streamed forward cutting the air as they moved and producing an audible hiss with a quick sound the daggers were inside the rolling dummy. Tenjin walked towards both dummies, the kunai had shredded the areas where they had struck and pulling them out was a simple matter of just shaking the dummy. Picking up the dummies and weapons Tenjin walked back to his rock as he had decided it was time for a break. It was still pretty early in the day and the ninja felt like he had gotten the hang of this particular jutsu. Sitting down kunai in hand he began cleaning underneath of his fingernails.
Sitting in the shade of the rock Tenjin looked around trying to figure out what he should do next. The sun was still up high and there was nothing really to do at home, maybe it was time to do something different with his training. There were all these times Tenjin had gone to the gym to practice punches and kicks, but he had never paid enough attention to the taijutsu aspect of his ninja training. Maybe it was finally time to start. Though looking over to the dummies the ninja knew he would have to go grab some more, the human shaped objects had the straw beat out of them. Tenjin resolved to wait a couple of minutes maybe drink some water and then he would attempt to continue his training. Using taijutsu this time instead of doing the same ninjutsu techniques he had been attempting. With a huff Tenjin stood up and grabbed the dummies dragging them towards the equipment shed, there was a pile where destroyed dummies were stacked and Tenjin tossed his into it. Maybe they recycled the things or fed them to horses or camels, but it didn’t really matter. Grabbing another dummy from the shed Tenjin returned to his rock.
Setting the dummy up for part two of training Tenjin backhanded the dummy, causing a stinging pain up the ninja’s arm. Ahh, why did that hurt so badly? I should hit it harder. Once more the ninja struck the dummy using the back of his hand. The dummy barely moved as if the strength of the hand wasn’t even powerful enough to effect it. The sting in his hand was much stronger now and Tenjin held his palm with his other hand whilst dropping to his knees. “Oh, good whatever… Why does this hurt so frickin much? After a minute the pain subsided and he was ready to go once more. With a flurry of blows towards the training dummy each hurting his hand each more than the last Tenjin managed to hurt his hand once more. It throbbed the red stinging pain pulsating up the ninja’s hand, into his arm and into his brain and then back through all over again. Maybe there is a way to make the technique not hurt. Get my head off of the pain entirely. It was definitely worth a try to learn a bit of taijutsu for the upcoming jounin exams. Standing up Tenjin thought of someone who might attempt to steal his organs he slapped the dummy continuously yelling. “No! No! Nooooooo!” He could feel the pain of each strike, but it seemed to not matter as he continued to shout the word and slap, what appeared in Tenjin’s mind to be an average height adult wearing a red shirt, with green gloves and green tights. Why the ninja had imagined this man over any other was without a doubt odd, but the ninja didn’t think much of it. Ending the flow of constant bitch slaps Tenjin was left panting and sweating. Grabbing some water he guzzled what was left and grabbed his spare, as usual there was nothing to make you dehydrated like training in a desert. Quickly after the small break Tenjin went back to physically assaulting the dummy that had an R on its imaginary shirt. Why do I feel like I’m hitting this thing because it said something stupid? He backhanded the dummy once more and saw that the speed of his slap had increased slightly, though the power behind the strike still didn’t seem to effect the mannequin. Continuing with slap training was simple just prepare your back hand and send it forward, then wince and deal with the pain by not crying. Continuing the slapping Tenjin was feeling ready to move onto another move, there was this cool kick thing someone had shown him before. The kick involved a feint followed by an actual kick it looked complicated. Kicking was a later goal though right now the focus was epic bitch slapping and even though it still hurt it was kind of fun. With a few more slaps and some pain later Tenjin made a seal for his medical jutsu and relieved some of the pain from his hands.
              When Tenjin had seen attacks the swing opponents up into the sky done it was obvious that it could be a set-up to use a couple of other moves. It was very much like the training for any fire jutsu which was the first step Tenjin had taken in learning the great particler release techniques. The fires caused by that jutsu were magnificent and hopefully after this kick was learned and mastered it would create something just as wonderful. Running toward the dummy the ninja reached out with his left leg and then attempted to whip the other around as the ninja he had seen had. As expected with someone who was not trained in much taijutsu Tenjin fell on his butt knocking over the dummy on his way down. There was a whole lot to learn before Tenjin was even ready to try kicking like that again.
              Practicing a kick was simple enough just extend your leg out and bring it back in. That was the easy part of the jutsu doing the feint flippy thing was the hard part. Every time the ninja tried he would wind up tripping, stumbling and falling over. I shall defeat you straw dummy, as soon as I can do this without falling. Attempting the feint again the genin swiftly followed through with his other foot, this time the foot passed his leg without hitting it and the attack seemed successful. It was the first successful kick of the day, hopefully he could get this part down before Tenjin took his afternoon lunch break in the village. The ninja attempted the attack again and it seemed pretty hit or miss with the attack. Sometimes Tenjin would succeed and other times he would stumble or fall over, there was improvement in that it did not happen every time, but it still wasn’t perfect. The genin was determined though to not leave the training until this part of the kick was perfected. I can definitely do this, I’ve done it a couple of times and the kick will definitely useful in the next possible exams that he will be joining. Gritting his teeth and wiping away some sweat Tenjin attempted the kick once more and with the added determination he was able to successfully perform the kick three times in a row, but that wasn’t enough it had to be ten. With a little more push the ninja had gotten to eight consecutive kicks before the ninja stumbled while doing one. Which meant the ninja had to start from the beginning of the feint to the actual kick doing one or two quickly was easy enough, but the more in rapid succession he did the harder it became and after Tenjin had done his seventh kick he was tired. Pausing briefly the genin caught his breath and did the last couple of kicks and sat done on the ground and waited for the sun to move a couple of more inches in the sky so that he could go to lunch.
              Leaving the dummies where they are, because he would be back in a bit the ninja made his exit of the training grounds and headed into the village. Walking past the gates it was plain to see the confusion on the ninja’s face, he looked deep in thought and it seemed important. In reality though Tenjin was only thinking about what he wanted for lunch there were so many options, a BBQ place, fast food, other food shop he had visited a couple of weeks ago. The options were vast, but a single ninja could not eat all of that food. Turning down the alley where the barbeque restaurant was Tenjin noticed they had gotten some new signs that lit up. “Nice.” Tenjin walked in and took a seat at one of the booths. There were plenty of people gathered all talking loudly, there was a group celebrating some event and yet Tenjin sat alone. The ninja ordered a drink along with a rack of ribs. When the barbeque sauce covered pork arrived at the table the ninja picked up the entire thing and went to town on them. By the time he had finished eating all that was left of the ribs were the bones and sauce which covered the ninja’s hands and face. He went to the rest room to wash up, before paying his bill and leaving the place and heading back to do his training once more.
              Swiftly heading back to the dummies and rock the ninja made no stops he was ready to finish his training on the leaf hurricane. Sliding to a stop near the rock the ninja charged the dummy full force and raised his leg attempting to feint the dummy after that the ninja swung his other leg around and hit the training dummy low, Tenjin jumped as the attack landed. Apparently all the ninja needed to succeed was a long break and some food maybe he should take breaks more often they increased the efficiency in which the genin worked and as the saying goes there is pudding in proof and pudding s good. Tenjin attempted his kick against the dummy once more and it was another success, it was really doing wonders for the ninja’s self-esteem that each time he attempted the whirlwind he didn’t end up face first in the sand. Instead of running at the dummy a third time instead Tenjin just attempted the kick from where he was after kicking the thing a second time the kick landed as expected when fighting a non-moving target. Does the first kick have to be a feint or can it hit and still be able to follow with the second kick? With one more high kick the ninja made sure the first one landed before swinging the other leg around and aiming low. The impact of one kick didn’t seem to be enough to knock the dummy over, but with two the thing fell down with ease. As he had not grabbed two dummies from the shack Tenjin had to pick this one up before attempting to kick once more. After a couple more kicks and tumbles the dummy started to look as ragged as the other ones had, but he would have to make do with this one. There were other people in the training grounds and they would likely need to borrow some dummies too. Tenjin wasn’t the type of ninja to only worry about himself, he was considerate of odd things like that. Last he had checked there were only a few dummies left, so when the ninja was finished with this one it was going to be in so many pieces it couldn’t be carried. Tenjin would certainly turn what remained to ash though and let the wind take it to where ever. With one final attempt at the leaf whirlwind the dummy fell over, but remained mostly intact the strings and wired still held the straw dummy together.
              After the last successful use of the whirlwind Tenjin took a seat on the ground it hadn’t been long since he had eaten lunch and the food needed to settle. Especially after all of that exercise that the ninja had just done. At least now it looked like the sun was preparing to set, it was no longer in the center of the sky and that was always a good sign for the ninja. While in town Tenjin had filled his water bottles and with the sun lowering he would not need to continue drinking water like he had, he could slow down a bit and relax his body. The boy sunk his shoulders  into the warm sand and felt as the sensation crept along his muscles and reduced the tightness inside of them. It was then, that Tenjin woke up. After nolstalgia took the best of him, Tenjin was done reminising about his dream. Tenjin opened his eyes from his deep meditation and found a new appreciation for the element that he was yet to train.
Tenjin was suprised to see the young Kumogkure shinobi still there. If felt as if Tenjin was in a deep meditation for hours, but in reality time could have just been working differently inside of his head relative to the outside. Tenjin knew that he doesnt have any wind elemental energy within him, but he was sure that he was destined to learn the style considering how vivid the dream was. The fact that Tenjin already has an idea as to how much to train his wind release when attained is a testament to the Sencho school of learning as well since it was that academic experience that guided Tenjin toward figuring out what he wanted to do with his shinobi career. “I apologize for my meditation, I hope you understand that it needed to be done considering the harmony that it brings to ones body and mind. Please, feel free to train as I will continue to do so as well. Maybe afterwards, we can merge our training session so that we can both work together to gain more power and strength.” Tenjin dusted himself and went to get a drink of water. ‘Meditation does take a lot out of you’ and its because of this reason exactly that Tenjin felt more than exausted after his supposed ‘rest.’ The young shinobi wanted to know more about the kumogakure ninja that came up to Tenjin, but he was too caught up in his training to ever get into deep discussion with just about anybody. It was because of this that Tenjin then said, “I know this may be odd for me to suggest, but maybe after the training we can get to know each other properly. But for now, because the exams are over, I do want to get a lot of training completed to surprise my family an friends in Iwagakure in regards to my new found abilities.” This was of course in reference to Tenjin training more rigorously inside of Kumogakure than he has ever in Iwagakure. Although this is justified since he has already spent more time as a genin inside of Kumogakure than he has inside of his own village, simply because after he was promoted, the exams began and Tenjin was brought to this village to experience the variety of powerful genin that each village had to offer. Tenjin was impressed with the new generation, but he was more so interested in surpassing everyone he saw in these exams.

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Ryo Knetegawa


Ryo watched raising his brow as he saw that this other shinobi didn’t seem to be doing all that much. In fact, it was like he almost didn’t care anything about what Ryo was saying, nor that he had any interest at all in Ryo himself. There really was not much that Ryo could do about that, and so he only sighed shaking his head waiting for the other to acknowledge his presence. He had plenty of this kind of thing before. Now that he was forced to recall it was much like what his sister Reina, and his grandmother Sesia were in the habit of doing it. They would constantly ignore him, or at least seem to ignore him until he would get frustrated. Then they would scold him in the worst way. This exercise was used to teach him patience, there was nothing more valuable to a puppeteer than the ability to be patient, to be calm, and to keep one’s composure. While making puppets one had to be calm, patient, and steady in mind and body, if they weren’t then it was likely the puppet wouldn’t come out strong, it would have flaws that would make it a terrible puppet or would cause it to fail the instant that it went out and met with real combat. So, he had learned the lesson, as irritating as he found it, as hateful as he found the technique that was used to teach him the lesson and more. He hated being patient in the everyday flow of life. However, when it came to the things that mattered like puppet making, or battles, and several other things then Ryo had the patience of a mountain watching the flow of countless egos passing by day by day.

Today he was going to use that patience to the best of his ability. Yet, when the shinobi spoke and gave such a very poor reception, not to mention didn’t even bother looking at him Ryo’s eyes filled with fire and anger. He growled in a nearly subvocal way clenching his fists behind his back “That’s a fine how do you do. You don’t look at the person you are talking to, you don’t give your clan name either. You are a guest in the village and yet you behave so rudely.” He said with some heat before he pulled the scroll that Kuro was usually house in and sealed him back inside of it. He pulled out a pencil and his grudge scroll so he could put a new entry inside of it. Tenjin was now in the list of people that Ryo had a grudge against, and it was for a rude introduction. When he was finished with the entry he rolled the scroll up again and put the pencil away before he cleared his throat. “Well, I suppose you’re not from this village and don’t really understand some things. So, how about we try that again. I’m Ryo Knetegawa, and you are Tenjin…?” he left a space open so that Tenjin could supply his clan name which was asking no more of him than Ryo himself had already given.

Ryo watched as the other shinobi seemed to be gathering himself for a real discussion, or for something that would be fairly close to a real discussion, and he was happy to have a real discussion. Yawning silently to himself he nodded his approval waiting patiently to see what the other would do, or what he would say. Despite Ryo’s hot temper, it was always a fun thing for him to meet new people, and some part of him had to admit that he would be willing to forgive Tenjin what he considered his earlier rudeness if only the other could give him a good conversation or be interesting to some degree or another. When Tenjin asked his questions, Ryo smiled slightly and sat down in front of him. He nodded his head as he opened his mouth to answer, he saw that Tenjin was slipping off into a meditation of some kind. With a frown, Ryo shook his head but decided that he would continue to speak “Very well, I am here because much like you I was inspired by all the shinobi. My ninjutsu is a little lacking compared to my other skills, so I came here to work on them. I also came here to see how much easier it would be for me to use my Suiton now. I am already a chuunin, so I can’t compete in the exams. Besides I wouldn’t want to, I have a friend who is competing, and I wouldn’t want to hamper his chances.” He sighed and shook his head again seeing the boy was really meditating. This was another mark of rudeness, however; his mother had taught him that it was just as rude for him to interrupt someone while they were meditating. He simply decided that he would also wait for his turn and let nothing more be done about it.

While Tenjin was meditating Ryo took out one of his scrolls and his pencil again. Unrolling the scroll most of the way he began to work on his sketches and the plans for his first daughter. Her name would be Midori, she would be his first daughter and she would be a defensive and supportive puppet. Her namesake was a medical shinobi and was not a fully combat oriented person. This meant that she wouldn’t be fully combat oriented either. He worked on sketching how he would employee her armor, how it would look when it was deployed merely as a shield. It would rise up and unfold out to be a square, a large 9x9 square foot shield, no. He frowned as he erased that number, it would make Midori far too heavy, also he wasn’t all that big a person either, so he didn’t need all that much space. No, instead he would make it 5x5 square foot shield. He quickly did the calculations to change feet into meters and wrote it in just nicely. This would be her armor alone, and he wrote in the diagrams of the mechanisms that would allow him to force the armor to stand erect but stay connected to one side of her while at the same time unfolding to give him the protection. With this in mind, he decided that he would create a reinforced pair of square panels on both of her sides these pieces would be made of metal, so they could act as the pillar of support, but if they went then the armor wouldn’t be able to unfold like he wanted. The armor itself would fold and mold around the rest of Midori’s body. She would be his shield, his most durable puppet, and his most flexible one. He would be able to use her with any of his other children, and to great effect, he was sure of that.

He started to sketch her other weapon, her chakra shield. This would be her great defense against jutsu. He was sure that it would be highly effective, but he didn’t know how he wanted it to be deployed. Sure, there were some obvious things, but he didn’t want to be obvious with it, at least not at first. The most important thing in any ninja’s arsenal was the element of surprise. He chewed his pencil for several long moments as he thought about where he would put the shield, and where it would have the most benefit to him and his allies he was fighting with. A sudden thought struck him, and he smiled, that would be perfect. He quickly made the sketches that he wanted. He would make Midori’s tail similar to Shiro’s, it would be a tail that could adjust in length growing from a typical meter long tail to a five-meter-long tail. Along this tail would be little flaps, and when the tail curled into a circle the flaps would open and they would connect to each other forming into the chakra shield that Ryo wanted. Granted the shield would be weaker along the actual tail of his puppet, and there would be no shield opposite those flaps. True he could move the tail in whatever direction he would want so he could move the chakra shield around It would be a large weakness that he couldn’t overcome, but it would only be one weakness, and he could always force the armor to flip up to block his back in some way or protect him from an attack that he didn’t see. This brought another idea to his mind and smiled widely he would make it, so the armor could deploy from four points on Midori’s body. The base of her neck, and just above the tail as well. These would only be sections of armor 2 panels wide, and three panels tall, but if he was on top of Ashi crouched down behind her chakra shield, then it was likely that would be all he would need. With this new idea, he made a couple more sketches and he adjusted a few other ones. He also adjusted the dimensions that he would need for Midori, so he could indeed stand comfortably in the place that he wanted to be in. Now that he was finished with Midori he decided that he would make her twin, so he would be able to use them in a paired set as was his want considering he rarely used one puppet by itself.

With a few quick movements, he wrapped up the scroll he would later use to Seal Midori smiling at its green color. The label was still clean and without a mark, he quickly scrolled Midori on the label in pencil and he would go over it later with yellow ink or paint he hadn’t decided yet. Midori would be placed on the same side as Shiro right under his scroll, so he reached over to the scroll that was on the opposite side in the exact place as well. He unrolled this one on his lap as well much like he had done for Midori’s scroll. This would be his newest son, Ki’iro, and he would be the twin brother to Midori. However, he would have to be all the offensive things that Midori wasn’t. For that to work, he had to come up with someone really special. He had heard of people in the past being able to store up lightning and then release it. He could also recall a few other techniques that were mostly channeling chakra or a jutsu through a puppet. The first instinct that came to mind was to create a cannon or a gun of some kind that he could hide throughout his puppet to where the barrel ended up in Ki’Iro’s mouth so when he opened his mouth he could fire it. Unlike the high-pressure water cannon, or a flamethrower he decided that this cannon would shoot a bolt of lightning, or perhaps like a flamethrower, it would fire a small cloud of lightning in a small arch in front of Ki’Iro.

Ki’Iro was going to be a lightning attacking puppet. This meant that he would actually have to invent a whole new weapon if he could do it. He started to do several different sketches on the design that he wanted to do for the cannon. If he was able to do that then he would be ready to complete his newest son. The only real problem was that he wasn’t sure what he would be able to do, and what he wouldn’t be able to do. Still, with his family all of their skills, and the various other tools of the trade he was sure that he could figure out how to do it. It is highly likely that he would have to charge the weapon with his own chakra, possibly even fire off a jutsu or two so he could power it up. It was highly likely he could even make it so that being struck with electricity would allow his son to recharge the weapon. He began to sketch the idea of what this would look like and how he could get it done. If he wanted to use external stimuli to recharge the weapon then he would have to use the ears and the tail as conductors. The cannon would be able to fire a certain number of charges because he would charge it up with his own chakra every day. The charge would be able to remain held, and unless fired it could be sealed away with Ki’iro as well.

The secondary weapon would be something else entirely. He had found lately that most of his matches ended up with him trying to slam his puppets into his opponents. This would indeed be a normally perfect Taijutsu style blow, but his puppets just didn’t weigh enough to be a decisive blow, or really any kind of serious blow. He had to change this, and to that end, he decided that he would create a secondary weapon. Ki’Iro would be made of both wood and metal, in so doing he would be able to conduct electricity and on the metal parts of his body would be special conductors, these conductors would be connected to the lightning cannon, and if he was able to divert power from the cannon then he would be able to coat most of Ki’Iro’s body in a shroud of Lightning elemental chakra. It would zap anyone who touched those parts of Ki’Iro and he would make sure that it would be in enough places so that slamming the puppet would indeed cause it to electrocute someone. These were the two basic ways that Ki’Iro would attack, and in so doing he would be able to cause many kinds of fantastic injuries. He slowly began to sketch out a few more rough designs, but he wouldn’t be sure that he would use them until much later. For now, though he was sure that these designs would come in handy, to say the least. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he looked over what was his going to be one of his most advanced children to date and he couldn’t help but smile licking his lips in his temptation “My two new children shall be very powerful, and hopefully shall be able to create quite the problem for any enemies that I have.” Now he decided that he would check over the sketches and designs that he had made wondering just what he could make happen. All his puppets needed to be highly powerful, to say the least.

By the time that he finished this he looked up to notice that Tenjin’s eyes were open, and he was watching him. With a few quick movements, the scroll was rolled up away and his pencil was hidden once more in his coat. He looked to Tenjin with a raised brow and a slightly expectant look on his face “Well, I hope whatever you were meditating over was well worth it. After all, I do not want to think that I wasted your time, nor that you wasted mine. Although I couldn’t really justify saying you wasted any of my time considering that I now have the plans for both my daughter’s and my newest son’s births finalized. So, did you have a good meditation? I am not sure about what you were so enthralled with that you had to meditate right when we were talking, but even so it is good to meet you.”

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