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Mission name: Night patrol
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Patrol Kumogakure
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: You've been assigned night patrol along with several other genin, chunin, and even a few special jounin, your job is to roam the you've been given along with your assigned squad, or even alone if you're assigned that way, and just make sure the village remains safe. As a D-rank mission your job is to report any serious threats before attempting to engage in them.
Mission details: It's pretty normal and safe, maybe the occasional weird thing to happen.
Request Link:

As dusk begins to set over the village, Narsakua is instructed to guard the boarder with some of the other shinobi. "Pfft this is a total nusence." He thinks to himself. Narsakua would rather be on the battlefield as his father did before him. "Why is it that I get stuck with such lame missions?!" He cried. "Hey! Watch your tone." Says one of the Special Jounin, "This is a serious job. Yes were not always facing a battle, but patrolling this village and protecting are own is of great importance." he continues.
"Yeah yeah! I got it." replies Narsakua.
The night is young and though it is a D-Rank mission, the shinobi was right, this was a potential paralis job. Only those willing to be on the front line, may be considered a warrior, at least thats how Narsakua saw it. He began at the northern most entrance and would begin to strut east bound. Because of his innate kekkei genkai, he was able to sense all living beings, at least near his periferal. With a lazy disposition he continued until he made it to the most eastern side of the village. A chunnin above him on a tall wall spoke "Nice evening ehe?". Narsakua glanced up and without even so much as a simple response, paused, and continued his walk around. "Wow this guy must not make friends all that easy." spoke the Chunnin to another Genin nearby. Narsakua paused in his stride and turned to face the two. Looking up at them he replied.
"Whats the point? My goal is to become the head of my clan and to do that I must take on these simple missions. All I need to do is defend my allies when they are too weak to defend themselves and move on with my life. I cant afford to become sucked into such simple things as friendship. I could use some strong shinobi, but no friends."
The Chunnin looked down at him and said,"Well at least you speak, was starting to get worried that you didn't even do that much."
Narsakua turned away to continue his walk. Making his way down to the southern side of the village he sensed a living presence out in the brush. Another genin was walking his direction coming from the opposite side of the village, "Hey! Whats up? These missions sure are boring right?" he spoke. Narsakua turned to him and held a finger to his lips to direct the genin to be quiet. "Huh? Whats wrong?" the genin said. "Be quiet, I sense something near us over towards are one o'clock" replied Narsakua. The two crouched low to the ground to try and listen in and scan the environment for any signs of intruders. "There!" cried Narsakua "Shock Bullets!" he cries. Sending a bolt of electrical energy soaring into the brush.
Striking the side of a tree, a small puff of smoke hazes off of the tree. A squirrel falls from the tree and scampers off into the distance. "Hey! Calm down man its just an animal see?" says the gennin. "Hmmm, I felt something with more electrical mass." replies Narsakua. "Well it cant be that intense of a signal or maybe your antenna is a little screwy." chuckles the genin. Narsakua stands and faces the young genin. A most serious glare pierces through the thick of the night, Narsakua faces the way he was heading and walks past the genin without replying. "Man that guy is way too serious." says the genin under his breath.
It is cold, a couple brisk winds chill Narsakua, but he tries to show no change on the surface. A couple special jounin along the wall saw the spectacle earlier and were curious as to the validity of Narsakuas claim of another enemy hiding in the brush. One of them is sent to investigate the site accompanied by a chunnin. As the search through the brush they come across the spot where Narsakua landed his jutsu. About 30meters out they find a log that could have been used for a substitution. However there were no other signs of intrusion. "Huh that's strange." says the chunnin."Yeah well it could very well be a coincidence. Besides I don't see or sense any other changes out here." replies the jounin. "Come lets get back to our posts, do not speak of this less it worry our superiors." he says.
The night continues on only for a few more hours as Narsakua makes his way towards the western side of the village. He decides hes had enough walking around the brush and decides to finish the last strech of patrol on the rim of the wall around the village. "Hey! Your suppose to be down there finishing your shift!" shouts a Chunnin. "Yeah well my feet are getting wet from the dew. I think I will finish my patrol up here. Thanks for your consideration." replies Narsakua unphased by the directive. He continues to walk forward around the edge of the wall ignoring the rest of the orders given. Morning dawns over the horizon as Narsakua finishes his patrol back at the Northern gate of the village.
"Well I'm done." says Narsakua to one of the guards as he walks past them back into the village.

Word Count=892
Chakra= 140/150


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