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Mission Details:

Mission name: Dissidents in the Ranks
Mission rank: C
Objective: Resolve the Issue
Location: Kirigakure no Sato
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description:
There has been cause for concern amongst Genin and Chuunin amongst the streets of Kiri, some believe them to be forming an almost socialist gang. Disperse them.
Mission details:
There have been a gang of Genin/ Chuunin running amok causing trouble around people who have traveled to Kiri, find them, and scare them so that they do not try this again. The movement seems to be growing under the threat of war and distrust, crush it. The number of them is up to the taker of the mission.

Can be threatened, fought, reasoned with, caught or arrested.

Name: Chuunin
Age: 15-19
General Appearance: Wears uniform kirigakure flack jacket which resists 1 rank of buki/ taijutsu, has 5 kunai and 10 shuriken, with dark hair and fair skin.
Personality: Harsh, and semi nazi like, though reasonable, he has a superiority complex.
Motivations: Kirigakure for kiri nin only, no trade, no visitation.
Fears: He's still just a kid, a kid with some power, but only a taste, he fears pain, and getting into big trouble.
C rank ninja with C rank Tai and Ninjutsu. He has C rank Fuuton and Suiton with all academy skills and C rank and lower skills from the Library.

Name: Genin
Age: 10-15
General Appearance: Kiri genin, dark hair dark eyes and fair skin wearing ninja robes and a kiri headband.
Personality: Some are pulled in by friends, others are just bullies.
Motivations: Most just want to be cool and are being lead on by other members.
Fears: Getting into big trouble, pain, death,
Each have either a set of 10 kunai, and D rank Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. Each with D rank Suiton and D rank and lower library Suiton jutsu and all academy Jutsu

'They don't **** around in Kiri.'

That was Kirei's first thought when the small folder was thrust into his hands. Before him, towering over the boy was the stern-faced instructor. Standing there in the administration building lobby, the icy Jounin's stare reminded him of his father's. Kirei was more than familiar with the feeling of being small; he had become accustomed to it even, not only was he shorter than average but the way in which authority figures in his life had tended to loom over him. Accustomed or not, the feeling sucked, and so Kirei snatched the papers free in a sudden motion to read them on his own. Beside the door, the stoic black shape of Yūji waited patiently for the boy to march over and then trotted out behind him as he left.

With a hasty exit, the Uchiha would enter the brisk early-evening, thumbing his way through the information sheets. As expected, the Mist put Kirei right to work; as much as he'd tried to avoid any of these sorts of missions, they'd tracked him down, and after a thorough talking-to by his assigned instructor, Kirei ended up awarded with this. Some trouble-making Chuunin appeared to be actively working against the village from within its walls; whatever dangerous ideology they spread, Kirigakure won't stand for it. The instructor had told him that while here he would be treated as a shinobi of the Mist and required to perform as such. Judging by the reputation of the village, Kirei felt justifiably nervous undertaking his first mission here. This unease was, as much as his laziness, the cause of his aversion to the work so far.

After going over the preliminary intelligence, Kirei stood still in the street for a while wondering what to do next. His mind crept back to his academy days in Konoha and their lessons. The mission dossier had mentioned another ninja would be accompanying him and even specified a selected rendezvous including a time. Other than some names and blurry photographs, a general location seemed to be most of the information available. With nearly thirty minutes until he would be meeting his senior partner, the Uchiha decided he would spend the time doing something useful for a change; even Kirei sometimes grew tired of being a worthless loser sometimes. Triple checking his map, the boy and his dog would exchange a nod with one another and each leap in separate directions from the street. As a Konoha dog Shinobi, scouting was one of the things in which Kirei honestly felt confident.

Watching the hurried shape of Yūji in the distance, the two would enclose on a small neighborhood comprised of a series of alleyways close to the peripheral eastern wall of the city. Staying low on the rooftop, Kirei perched himself high above the main thoroughfare that connected this area. From here he could spot four Genin, each with a red marking on the left side of their Hitai-ate, this late in the evening the troupe appeared to be somewhat relaxed. Kirei lept as he saw his furry partner poke a head around from the opposite end of the main road, but at ground level. This was his signal to rotate around the rooftops while Yūji would memorize the scents of those inside the houses as well. With silent footsteps, Kirei took his time to peer into each street as he came clockwise around the perimeter.

As he came around the final stretch of houses, Kirei would notice another signal from the canine; scratches on a building's side indicates the potential presence of a priority target. Taking every precaution, Kirei takes a moment to steady his hands and draw a kunai from his belt. Creeping to the edge of the rooftop, Kirei would check the street before dropping down to street level, peering into the windows of the house and seeing nothing. Immediately, the boy ducked and circled to the opposite side of the property; a peek into the back window spots the suspicious mark. Though the intel photographs are somewhat blurry, a tall man matching the description of the troublesome Chuunin is preparing to leave; on his headband, the same red marking as the loitering Genin. With a nod, Kirei ascended back to the heavens.

With preliminary scouting done, the duo reunited in a jog above the city streets. At a safe distance, Yūji let out three low barks indicating he'd found three additional Genin throughout the streets as well; this made eight potential threats. The Uchiha was beginning to think maybe a strategy of taking out the leader before getting overrun would work, but before his mind could get to work on the problem, he figured he should meet the other person he'd be spending the evening with. As far as he knew, he would be working with someone ranked higher than him in the village, so he figured he would be taking orders for the most part.

Approaching the nondescript vacant lot where he would meet his partner (boss?), Kirei saw nothing. Daylight became a lone trail of blue and gold in the shadow of oncoming silver. By all accounts, it would be a cloudless night in the Land of Water. Standing by himself in the middle of the lot, the always visible Kirei would still be sporting his Konoha uniform and headband, though tonight he would also be wearing a black poncho. Sitting idly to Kirei's left was Yūji; the hound awaited alert and proud, ears twitching and nose sniffing at the air for any sign of danger.


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Izumi figured that if she was going to life in Kirigakure, she should strive to do it right. The young woman needed some work to keep herself busy luckily, having registered as a full kunoichi within the village Izumi was expected to complete missions. She was also the runner up in the most recent Chunin Exams and as a result their high expectations for her. Izumi would review her dossier, extracting the details and committing them to memory. Whereas Sunagakure was largely a lawless hive of scum of villainy, Kirigakure was pretty much the opposite. Crime was heavily frowned upon in her new home, and the punishments were harsh. There were no jails in the Water Country instead the ninja are expected to act as judge, jury, and occasionally executioner. Izumi's task today involved some rabble rousing Chunin and Genin. Izumi had a low opinion of dissidents within a village. Izumi wanted to bring death to the betrayers. However, in this instance, removing their tongues would hopefully suffice. Should they still seem resistant to the ideas of the village, Izumi would have to move on from there. Izumi was to be paired with a Genin for this mission, it was strange being in charge of someone for Izumi. The young Karisuma had never taken a leadership role in an official capacity up to this point she wasn't sure how to approach it. There would be another human life in her hands during this mission a great responsibility that one cannot fully prepare for until they are thrust into the fire. Izumi took her time getting ready for this, her first mission as a Kirigakure kunoichi ensuring she was prepared both physically and mentally for what she would have to do. Regarding herself in the mirror, Izumi was surprised at how much she had changed since her time in the Village Hidden in the Sand. Before leaving, Izumi would slip on the flak jacket given to her as a gift for her promotion to the rank of Chunin, sure that she would be seeing some combat thanks to the nature of the mission. After all, no prisoners.

Izumi was given a bit of information about her partner, she knew he was Uchiha which placed him high on in her esteem although that was easily balanced by his origin being Konohagakure. Izumi had a feeling that he might be a bit inexperienced, else he would have been paired with another Genin. It was no matter to Izumi however, she was just happy to be doing Kunoichi work again it had been far too long since she had undertaken a mission. Izumi was set to arrive at the rendezvous point early and hoped that she would arrive before her partner. It would be clear to him who she was meant to be, between her headband tied around her left bicep and the flak jacket all the clues were there. To Izumi's surprise, the young man was already there. The young man was not what Izumi was expecting, he shared her mentor's last name and clan but he looked nothing akin to Syekren. His golden locks and black eyes were a stark contrast to Syekren's black hair and heterochromatic blue eyes. He was also shorter than Syekren by almost a foot however that is not too surprising given his age. The young man was Izumi's junior by six years, it was again strange to face the reality of having another life under your care. Izumi was used to being the life being cared for not the one in care of, rising in the ranks obviously would mean more responsibility. The boy was clothed head to toe in Konoha gear, a near affront to the young woman who regarded him. He had a ninja hound, something Konoha was famous for hopefully the dog was a help rather than a hindrance. Izumi had to remind herself to be polite before beginning her sentence unfortunately, her efforts were only partially succesful, "Well at least I don't have to wait on you, my name is Izumi Karisuma.  I want to be sure you understand, you are not in the Leaf, these people will know that if we're being dispatched after them we don't intend to take them as prisoners. You should be prepared to fight them to the death I assume you read the dossier we were given, do you have any ideas how we should approach them Kirei?"

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Standing here alone in the evening mist, Kirei almost felt like a real ninja. In Konoha, the years passed without him ever attempting a mission like this; in truth, the tasks he had done paled in comparison to even his father's training. But here he was in Kirigakure, twelve years old, waiting for a commanding shinobi to lead him on a dangerous excursion. He tried his best to stay entirely still, repeating in his head were words of self-encouragement, as well as lessons from the academy. Sensing his tension, Yūji pushed his body against the boy's leg to remind him of the real world and stop him spiraling into his own head.

When the dog's ear twitched, Kirei immediately picked up on his partner hearing something in the mist. In unison, the pair would turn towards their oncoming companion. She was not that much taller than Kirei himself, long red hair and dressed in unmistakable Kirigakure regalia. Whatever she was thinking, to Kirei, she looked calm and in control. All he knew about his partner was her rank, which meant she had at least some experience, more than him at least. Quickly he scanned her face looking for anything to take away, but he couldn't find much, just a sharp seriousness. He wondered whether she'd been tasked to make sure he didn't die; the thought lingered for a while as Kirei watched her, would he have to put his life in her hands? Would she, in turn, trust him with her life?

'Yes.' He thought to himself 'A shinobi is responsible for all the lives of their team.' He was snapped out of the thought by the woman's voice.

"Kirei," he replied in kind.

Right away, his companion said something that stopped him in his tracks. He'd been considering the train of thought only moments earlier, but the bluntness with which she'd thought to bring it up was something utterly unexpected. Not allowing himself to be embarrassed immediately on his first mission, the boy nodded calmly, not betraying his inner nerves. The mental training at the academy was supposed to prepare ninja for these aspects of the job and Kirei could only hope it would be useful. More than that, long lecture's at his father's training sessions, and brutal fisticuffs against the other students gave the boy ample exposure to the lucid rush of fighting. When she finished speaking, he knelt to place a hand on the head of his hound while he replied.

"I read it, yeah. Me and Yūji scouted the area before we came to meet you, actually. We marked," Kirei stopped to look at Yūji, who would nod at the boy "Eight members of their group, including their leader. Took the chance to get the lay of the land and we got their scents so we can track them if they've moved."

Kirei paused to consider whether he had any more critical details left to share but decided there were none for now. He gave Izumi a quick, firm nod and reviewed the last part of her question for a moment. Luckily for him, he had an idea how they might approach it, but he would wait on telling her until she could see what they'd be up against with her own eyes. "I'll show you where all the marks are if you want."

Of course, they'd be going there anyway so the question was a formality at best. Kirei would wait for politeness' sake then leap in the direction of the rooftops. The Uchiha hoped that Izumi wouldn't pick up on the fact he would be trying extra hard to be precise and deft, picking each foothold and leap well in advance to appear as much like a seasoned professional as he could. As he ran, he would reach into his poncho and produce a pair of Kirigakure Kunai with his left hand, a length of wire linking the two between the rings at their bases. Clutching the coupled knives tightly, the boy used the cold metal to steady himself while they ran. He would make sure to listen and reply in case Izumi had anything to say but said nothing of his own, far too absorbed in the thoughts of tonight's future.

As they made their approach, Kirei's eyes would narrow and then close for a second as his feet stopped, right hand shooting forward to steady himself on the edge of his old perch. When he opened his eyes, they would fill with that precious Uchiha crimson, lone tomoe orbiting the iris of each eye. The Dōjutsu wasn't particularly necessary, but with his eyes, Kirei somehow felt more at ease, more capable of suppressing those knots in his stomach. In a low voice, not that they were at much risk of being heard from up here, Kirei would offer his thoughts, also using the Kunai to indicate each house and area of interest. Beneath the lofty silver moon, bright silver streets would make for challenging stealth.

"Over there is where we found their leader, if he isn't there we'll easily be able to track him though. I don't know the procedures, but I thought if I could do something to lure out most of the Genin working with him to attack or pursue me, you'd easily be able to,"

Kirei paused. Was there a happy way to say kill?

"Deal with him."


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Izumi watched as the young golden haired boy knelt and pet his canine friend.  His reply came soon after "I read it, yeah. Me and Yūji scouted the area before we came to meet you, actually. We marked," Kirei stopped mid-sentence and the most peculiar thing happened, the boy’s dog nodded to him in response "Eight members of their group, including their leader. Took the chance to get the lay of the land and we got their scents so we can track them if they've moved." Izumi was admittedly surprised at his initiative, she might even daresay be proud of the young Uchiha, unfortunately he had the disability of being a Konoha ninja. Izumi really hated the leaf village, and its habit of letting dangerous killers loose on the world. It was a pair of Leaf ninja after all that had orchestrated the downfall of the Sand Village. The leaf village was also where her father had been from, the man who’d caused many of her trust issues with men in general. Izumi couldn’t help but start an unhealthy cascade of thought that generally only ended with more and more anger culminating in an eruption on whatever poor soul happened to be in her sight at the time. She had gotten better at controlling these impulses, having mostly diminished her tendency towards rage after the exams, she had been horrified at how she acted in the heat of the moment at first. She had an inclination towards violence she’d learned, not only was she relentless in her attacks she was quite good at controlling a battlefield in a manner that gave her an advantage, leading her enemies to their doom backing them into corners and traps using her endless attacks.  Izumi’s fighting style seemed wild and uncontrolled while in reality it was all a calculated and coordinated effort to get the enemy to make a mistake. Luckily for Kirei, he would break Izumi’s spiral into hatred with his voice she instead shot him an ambivalent glance as he offered to take Izumi to where he’d marked the targets.

Izumi had to admit she was getting more and more impressed with the lad, maybe it was just her natural inclination towards the Uchiha maybe it was his attention to detail and desire to prove himself to her. Regardless, his question appeared rhetorical as he set off on to the rooftops, while it was obvious and even a bit cute to watch the young man careful choose his steps and handholds ensuring that every move he made was as precise as could be. He wanted to impress her it seemed and Izumi had to summon every nerve and muscle in her face to prevent herself from flashing the smile at him that her mouth so desperately yearned to form. Izumi stoic and calm would leap silently and quickly from window sill and brick alike on her deft climb to the top easily making it there before the young man. There was a full moon, like on the night of her homes devastation as a result it would be difficult for them to sneak up on their quarry. The communist organizers needed to be dealt with swiftly and decisively, at the apex of his climb Kirei would find Izumi tapping her foot impatiently and made a gesture at him to lead the way. Izumi would roll her eyes at him as he set off again feigning annoyance at the poor young man in order to maintain an appearance of indifference. When they got the edge and he started pointing out where he had seen them Izumi would notice that young man had already awakened the Sharingan, perhaps he wasn’t the sheltered child she had thought. Syekren had told her that it took times of great stress and pain to awaken the clan’s hidden technique. What tragedy had this young man befallen to awaken such power at a young age? His words stopped the flight down the halls of memory, "Over there is where we found their leader, if he isn't there we'll easily be able to track him though. I don't know the procedures, but I thought if I could do something to lure out most of the Genin working with him to attack or pursue me, you'd easily be able to, deal with him.”
When Izumi looked closely in the direction Kirei she could see smoke rising from one of the alley ways, perhaps one of the men was having a cigarette. Izumi wanted to deal with the guards outside silently and take the guise of them to gain entry to the base. The alley where the smoke was rising conveniently enough was only a building away, Izumi would betray her plans to Kirei, ”We’re going to try to find two guards who are alone outside and eliminate them so we can transform into them. Follow me and don’t make a sound.” Izumi would set off immediately after the sentence left her lips, silently stalking the rooftops towards the alleyway where she suspected at least one guard to be. Sure enough there were two men there; the filthy anarchists were huddled near an outdoor fire that they had made to keep warm on the chilly night in the mist village. The ‘men’ it would seem were actually no more than boys, it was a shame that this was how things were done in this village but Izumi was not one to question orders in her new home. Izumi would drop down silently behind one of them a malicious smile on her face that would tell the one young man that could see her that she meant business. Izumi’s hidden dagger would pierce deep into the young man she shadowed. Truth be told they both probably would have surrendered given the chance but this was something more … sinister within Izumi. She had come to enjoy the bloodshed that came with combat, relished in it, she liked to watch her opponents fight die in their last moments. Izumi’s medical knowledge came in handy as her dagger sunk deeply into his heart from behind killing him in seconds, Izumi’s eyes would sparkle and shine, their beauty enhanced by her bloodline ability, but only for a moment, she didn’t want to accidentally affect Kirei with her paralyzing gaze. She wouldn’t tell Kirei that her opponent was paralyzed instead she would only say, “Deal with him Kirei.” Her voice was cold, borderline cruel. It was like she didn’t care about the young gang member’s life, an assumption that would be correct. Corruption and crime had been the downfall of her village long before its formal destruction. She approached her new duty as an upholder of justice of zeal and hoped that Kirei would match it. The young man that Kirei was tasked with taking down couldn’t be much older than Kirei himself. Truth be told if the young man had never killed before this would be difficult. It was an execution, it took a special kind of resolve to kill another in cold blood. It took a piece of your soul for every life snuffed out. Izumi had long passed the point of caring. Should Kirei hesitate, Izumi would finish him without question. No matter what Kirei did Izumi would transform into the first figure she had killed, a teen no older than 14 or 15 years of age.

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"Don't hesitate, Kirei. If this were a real mission, you would be dead."

Kirei shook his head to free the cobwebs of unwanted thought, liberating his mind from the clutches of his father's words. He watched Izumi's face as she reacted to his plan, filled with distance while she observed with her own eyes. He stopped talking, awaiting her response awkwardly, his Sharingan filling the pause by scanning across the nearby rooftops. He could easily spy the moving chakra in the buildings below, watch the clouds of blue light come and go from the marked hideouts which the pair observed. The Uchiha felt like a vicious assassin, cloaked in the darkness watching his prey until ready to strike. The feeling made him uneasy; he pictured himself many years from now perched on a rooftop somewhere in an unknown land. What kind of ninja would he be then? Would he even remember this first mission in the Mist?

Izumi spoke matter-of-factly, calm about the task ahead even as she coldly let the word eliminated slip from her lips. For the first time, Kirei felt he was paired with a real shinobi. From her attitude of utter calm to the way she moved across the rooftops, Kirei couldn't help but watch and take notes, Sharingan memorizing her steps and stance. Following suit, the young Uchiha would stay at Izumi's flank, gliding from footing to footing toward an alley close to the city walls. Kirei breathed in deep, steadying himself as they briefly peered over the edge of their perch, laying eyes on twin guardians who stood in the glow of a fire. Their targets were mere Genin, same as Kirei, but who had taken another path, been convinced of these ideas by a superior ninja and led astray. How easily Kirei himself could have been one such boy standing here awaiting unknowing punishment for his crimes.

Without wasting more than a second, Izumi descended upon the first boy, barely being seen before raising her arm to press against the target's chest. If it weren't for the visual prowess of Kirei's Sharingan, he might not have noticed how she killed the boy, immediately piercing his heart with a mechanism drawn from beneath her wrist. Without wasting time, Kirei moved, his eyes would notice the flare of chakra from his partner's eyes, but for the moment he would neither be affected or allow it to enter his thoughts. Instead, the boy's mind occupied itself with thoughts of his task; whether Izumi had thought about it or not, Kirei had only once before been so close to death. As he landed, Izumi spoke, and Kirei reacted immediately, determined not to show weakness in front of his partner, which also meant he didn't even notice the boy was unable to respond. Shifting his weight forward, the Uchiha launched a blow for the boy's jaw, and he went down fast and hard, crying all the way.

Sharingan spinning into action, Kirei processed what his next move would be. He already knew that slaying the poor genin wasn't an option for him, so he did what came naturally and would attempt to knock the boy out cold. When he rose his fist high, his brain finally caught up with the situation; he'd attacked so quickly that the other boy was just now sliding from Izumi's blade. In a second of clarity, Kirei's mind worked at astounding speed. His partner had been entirely transparent; these targets were being eliminated for their crimes; if he failed to do what must be done, then she would merely do it. Such an act of cowardice would be unacceptable but also leave him no less responsible for the death. It wouldn't be the first, but it would be his first time in the name of a village. Sharply inhaling, Kirei thought a silent prayer and slipped a kunai from beneath his wrist. As they always did, his father's words returned to his thoughts, this time, Kirei would absent-mindedly say them aloud, barely audible under his breath.

"Bring it down hard, and then pull to severe the subclavian artery..."

'...unless.' he thought to himself.

While preparing chakra for his own transformation technique, intending to follow Izumi's orders, the boy's tomoe would spin, and in an instant, his hand would come down, the transformation would take place in tandem, twin puffs of smoke obscuring his actions. Tucking away the kunai's blade and striking the boy unconscious with the handle, causing his head to gush with blood. Simultaneously with his own transformation into that of the boy, he would perform a copied transformation on the form of the victim who lay out cold, placing an accurate wound on the neck. Advantageously, the method he knew for the assassination was one where most of the bleeding would typically flood into the chest, making the moderate amount of blood more believable. As Kirei stood, he would perform a hand seal, and the ground beneath both bodies would shift, forming small trenches and swallowing them to be hidden; though the one still living would be afforded a long tunnel surfacing on the opposite side of nearby houses.

Kirei would nod at the unfamiliar face of his companion and push at the door of the house. Within the structure, the pair would be met with the extent of this dangerous ideology; stolen weapons and village supplies in piles across otherwise bare rooms, Kirigakure flags vandalized with red symbols, and genin laying around with bottles of stolen alcohol. The stench of cigarette smoke and ignorance made Kirei recoil and he looked toward Izumi for her orders, if indeed she had any.



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Izumi was pleased to see Kirei strike out towards the genin’s neck with a blade of his own. A cloud of smoke indicative of the transformation technique accompanied the strike, Kirei following Izumi’s orders and assuming the form of the genin whom he had appeared to have slain. Unbeknownst to Izumi, Kirei had merely knocked the boy out his lighter heart and younger frame of mind not allowing him to take the life of another so needlessly. Izumi saw the genin as targets and nothing more, her cold detachment allowing her to be ruthless in the execution of their mission. Izumi left no room for mercy when she was on an assignment, after all she something (someone) to go home for when the mission was over. Hesitation assumed risk, and Izumi was unwilling to do so she had been exposed to the reality of her lifestyle quite clearly. The knowledge that death could come in an instant kept her mind clear and focus on the task at hand. Kirei would form an additional hand seal and create trenches in the earth, providing a good way to hide the bodies from view so that a wandering communist patrol couldn’t find them. Kirei led the way indoors, following orders to the tee as they entered the wretched den of socialists. There were stolen weapons from the armory as well as other ninja tools and equipment. Provisions, cots, explosives, radios, anything an aspiring rebellion could want had been stolen and placed within this lair. The stench of stale cigarettes and booze caused the building to reek of bad choices and delinquency. Kirei looked to Izumi clearly hoping for orders from the older companion. Izumi looked about the room, assessing the threats the building held and carefully scoping out her prey. The fools didn’t even pause to see who walked in, evidently they were used to people walking in and out of the building randomly.

Their squalor was as evident as the disdain showed for their village. The vandalized Kirigakure standards and defaced headbands were evidence enough of this fact. There were 3 more younger looking people in the room however Izumi paid them little mind, she’d be able to make quick work of them should they stand up to her. Perhaps the young lady could instead make such a brutal attack on the leader that she could demoralize the foes before the fight even started. No matter, the drunken children would be no match for the pair. Izumi was growing fond of the young man in her custody, his short stature and gung ho adherence to her orders was growing on her. Perhaps he wasn’t a piece of dirt for the simple fact of his birthplace. Izumi would whisper orders towards Kirei, her plan finally formulated: “I’m going to try to kill the leader decisively in hopes of shattering their morale. Be ready to have my back, when I go for him the signal will be obvious.” The leader finally took note of Izumi, shouting towards her with an annoyed voice clearly thinking it was whoever she was pretending to be. The dark haired young man was older than Izumi but not by much, his imperious voice was grating “Sansou, what are you doing inside. I told your dumbass to watch out for the ANBU. The village is probably on to us by now. They’ll kill us all if they find us. So get your ass outside and watch out for them!” Izumi would smile contemptuously back at the man as she focused on her left palm. Just before the sound of birds chirping would rise in the air Izumi would call back out to the room at large, “He’s not entirely correct. My kill orders are only for him, the rest of you are free to leave.” By now, it would sound like there was a thousand birds chirping, and Izumi’s left arm was coated in deadly raiton.
Their “fearless” leader would let out a girlish shriek as Izumi transformed back into herself and crossed the length of the long hallway she stood in in an instant. The young man who thought himself a glorious leader for life was hardly prepared for the assassination, but to his credit made an attempt to defend himself. The young man remembered his state funded academy training and threw up a wind technique with a smug grin. He assumed the wind would beat out the lightning like it was supposed to however to his surprise it wouldn’t even slow Izumi down, the lightning coating her cutting straight threw the puny air based attack and plunging her hand into his throat and up. Izumi’s hand easily cut through his flesh towards her target, her fingers wrapping around the man’s tongue before she yanked her hand back out pulling it out of his sorry head. Izumi hoped her savage display would be enough to intimidate the rest of the would be usurpers but decided a few words would drive the point home, her voice was louder than the hideous gurgling noise the man made as he collapsed to the ground life quickly fading from his eyes, “Would anyone else like to lose their tongue?”

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Her mission easily completed, the red head walked out of the building. The other genin cowering in fear as she did.

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