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Mission Details:

Mission name: Field trip to the Pool
Mission rank: D
Objective: A class of Academy students are going to the pool for a field trip - ensure that no pranks or accidents occur while they are there.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: It's swim day for the academy; and the teachers are requesting extra help as the weather is extremely nice and the kids are rowdier than normal.
Mission details: Nothing too difficult; just make sure that they do their laps and done damage any of the equipment at the facility.

Meiyo was bouncing with joy as she walked through the village towards the pool. Today she was going to help with a mission, and as it’s easy to tell, Meiyo is thrilled for any opportunity to serve. The goal was to help the teachers of the Academy ensure the safety and behaviors of students while they swam. Pretty straight forward, she thought. Having grown up in an orphanage, she’d had a lot of experience working with children. Though, she’d be lying if she said she was completely carefree. Meiyo had suffered great loss, four years back, that scarred her terribly. But for the sake of the village, and herself, she had to suck it up today. No tears, no nightmares, just a bright and shiny, happy go-lucky genin on a mission. Bright and shiny, bright and shiny! she chanted to herself.

The sun was already high in the sky as noon arrived and the heat was on high. Sweat dripped from her forehead, causing her long, pastel rainbow hair to stick to her neck and shoulders. Meiyo wore mid thigh, forest green shorts and a ruby red, sleeveless tube top paired with the standard blue sandals. Her Leaf Village headband kept her long hair out of her face. She was pleased to have prepared ahead and dressed appropriately. It was still early in the spring, but this heat wave was passing through without relent. It was definitely a great day to take the students swimming.

Rounding the corner, she found that the teachers and students were just arriving. There were maybe sixty or seventy students and two teachers altogether. The poor Senseis, definitely outnumbered. Swallowing the darkness on the edge of her conscience, she put on her best smile and lightly jogged to meet them at the door of the pool building. She bowed respectfully from the waist, her long, colorful hair falling over like a waterfall. “Ren, Meiyo. Reporting for duty!” She stated. The teachers looked her over and nodded.

“Right on time,” the female teacher replied. She gestured to the children. “We’ve more than we had expected. The children have already been informed, they’re to complete eleven laps in the pool and then we’ll have free swim.”

Meiyo nodded once. “Right.” The teacher turned back to her students and raised a hand for attention.

“Boys to the left, girls to the right,” She directed. Immediately the kids cheered and the roar of their feet filled the street as loud as a herd of bulls. Meiyo barely had time to step back to avoid being trampled.

“In an orderly fashion!” hollered the male instructor. But his efforts were in vain. With a sigh and a pinch to the bridge of his nose, he and the other instructor followed the children in. Meiyo followed suit.

‘Kids at the pool, can’t be so hard, right?’ she thought to herself uneasily.

She met the other instructors in the pool room while the children changed. The pool was very long and wide. Plenty of room for maybe a hundred people or more which was just the right amount the kids would need. Piled on the side were long pool ropes with plastic buoys. Some were red, others were blue.

As she leaned over to grab one, Meiyo quickly picked up the other end. It wasn’t hard what she intended to do. Between the three of them, they were able to set up ten lap spaces with the ropes. Just as the male instructor was tying off the last buoy, a group of students had rushed in overly excited, bumping him. He barely caught himself using supernatural jutsu.

“Slow down, no running around the pool.” Meiyo immediately chastised. With her hands on her hips and furrowed brows, she gave the kids a hard look. “We’re here to have fun, but play it safe.” The male instructor sighed deeply and came out of the pool.

“Go line up at the other end,” he spoke. The children, shocked and embarrassed for tossing their sensei, walked quickly away. “Tsk. They get more and more less attentive every year.” Meiyo smiled and shrugged, not sure what more to say.

“I’ll go help get the students lined up.” she stated and walked over to the herd of students piling in. She met them at the door, counting them by tens, she allowed them to pass group by group to line up behind each swimming lane. The other instructors stood on either side of the pool, the female instructor with a whistle started the laps. The first set of students jumped in and started taking their laps. Meiyo stood by, there wasn’t much that she could see done other than to make sure kids didn’t drown. For the first few sets of kids, everything was fine. But then the last couple of rows still waiting were beginning to get restless.

A handful of students started rough housing. They pushed each other back and forth, laughing and spitting jokes. Outside of class this would be acceptable behavior. But the more they shoved aimlessly, the more they started to affect other students. Meiyo begun to approach them just as one boy fell against his line and like a domino effect, they all fell over knocking a small girl into the water. She shrieked in surprise and barely missed landing on the student that was swimming laps in their lane. Meiyo’s left eyebrow perked as her lips pursed to the right. Hands on her hips she marched up to the group. Many of them saw her and quieted down. One boy in particular, the one that pushed, didn’t as his back was to her. He was clutching his sides, rolling in laughter.

“Hey,” Meiyo firmly stated. The boy stopped laughing and turned to look at her. He was younger, maybe eight years old, but tall for his age. He was only inches shorter than her leaving her at a slight disadvantage in terms of height intimidation. This didn’t even phase her. Most people were taller than her. What counted most was smarts and skill. The boy was young still, and had much to learn like everyone else. And in this instant, he was just acting his age. Annoyance bubbled under her skin and a vein pulsed in her head despite this. He was an Academy student, and in her opinion, should always strive to act like shinobi he wanted to become. “Is this the shinobi way? Acting out and shoving comrades?” She asked directly, staring him down with eyes of gold and ice.

He reached behind his head with a long arm, “Ah, we was just playing around? Passing the time you know?” Getting antsy she understood. With a deep breath, she let go of her frustrations  and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Quickly, go help the girl out of the pool,” He huffed, but did as he was told. The girl was red in the face angry and refused to speak to him, though did accept his help. While Meiyo was distracted, behind her the rowdy group had taken the pool equipment hanging on the walls and were playing swords and throwing life preserver rings at each other. Meiyo blinked in surprise. Didn’t she just get after one boy already?

“Oy, you four, put those back and get back in line!” She hollered as she quickly moved to them.

“Aw,” They whined, “You’re no fun!”

She double blinked and her mouth fell agape. “No fun? You have a task to complete, isn’t that fun enough?” To her, laps and training were the best thing in the world to her. Second only to breathing itself. It always came as a small shock shinobi and those to be would think otherwise.

“Nah! No!” The students fussed.

“Put those back, quickly.” She hummed. “If you can’t sit still in line,” holding up a tight fist, she continued enthusiastically. “We can compete to see how many pushups one can do before their turn!” She turned and waved the earlier boy over. “Come one, find your place in line, we’re going to compete with pushups!”  The children hesitated still holding the pool items. Meiyo let herself fall into position, hands on the wet cement and toes down. She tucked her core, bent her elbows and prepared herself to begin. Excitement tickled her from nose to toes. “Ready? Begin!” Up and down she went, counting off her reps. The children jumped, shaking their heads rapidly before running about putting the pool equipment back.

“No! Not pushups!” Meiyo hesitated through a rep and looked up at them, tilting her head.

She smiled mischievously, “Okay, well if you can’t stay in line-” Faster than she could finish, they were back in line. She chuckled and stood up. Wiping her hands on her shorts, she looked about the students with a big grin. “Anyone else feeling antsy?” Students who peaked at her suddenly whipped their heads forward and straightened stiffly. “Huh? No, takers? Well,” she shrugged and stepped back to lean on a wall. “If you change your mind, I’ll be over here.” She waved at a small boy whom returned only a frightened stare of disbelief. He shot his head back forward almost instantly.

The rest of the pool time continued smoothly. Not one student seemed interested in reps with her but they all had fun and exhausted themselves swimming about in the water.

When it was time to leave the teachers approached her. “Good call back there,” the male teacher commented. The female nodded in her direction as they herded the tired lines of students back towards the school.

“If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to call on me!” She stated, bowing as they left. They waved at her as they rounded the corner. “Well,” She spoke to herself, putting her hands on her hips and her chest out. “No point wasting the day.” With that, she jogged with high knees back towards the administrative building to report in.


WC Required: 750
TWC 1664
WC Balance: 914

Mission Ryo: 150 + 150 Bonus WC Ryo for a total of 300 Ryo


Missions Completed

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