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Hello all, and to all I have been in constant contact with Roleplaying...

I know I have been extraordinarily active lately, but that because my job had me working minimal hours. I just got word that they will be increasing my hours probably starting in the beginning of next week, so I wont be posting as consistently starting then.

With that said, I'm not leaving, but my activity may be sporadic. With that said, if I have to post within 24 hrs, I will make a lot of effort to do so considering that I like this hobby of mine.

So if you want a constant role play partner for these next couple days, you know who to PM or discord ! (i'm trying to take advantage of my free time now)


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RIP work

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Nova Makato


Rip work.


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Make that money Tenjin

5 Re: Activity on Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:39 am

Akito Miku


free time, what is that?

i need to find some free time, my role plays are falling behind too


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Masu Raiu


Awww that sucks tbh, but real life always comes first have 'fun' with your work and making money.


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Chigetsu Hōzuki


Whelp. Work sucks.


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Go get dat money


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Raiu Mizuki


It's a 48 hours post deadline. Obviously, we will be counting every second so we can insta exit due to inactivity :3 [/sarcasm]

Enjoy adulting, Tenjin.


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RIP work

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