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So you are either bored or in need of something to jog the muse into gear. You have already read/watched all of Naruto and want something else to read/watch/play. Well you are in luck. This thread is designed to be a repository of media that has draws upon Japanese or Eastern folklore and culture in a similar manner to Naruto. It may or may not contain ninjas but it will almost certainly be derived from the same myths and legends and have at least some degree of relevance when looking for new ideas.

Without further ado


Blade of the Immortal: A samurai story set in the Tokugawa shogunate. The main character has been infected with strange worms that make him immortal. Viewing this as a curse he now wants to get rid of these parasites but must first kill 1000 evildoers before he can regain his mortality.

Okko: Set in an alternate universe version of Japan this story revolves around a young monk who has recently come to follow a mysterious ronin by the name of Okko. This traveling samurai hunts down Yokai and demons with the help of a band of misfits often leaving a high body count behind. Features giant puppets that are driven around like mechs and used in warfare.


Basilisk: A bloody tale of warfare between the Koga and Iga ninja clans. A darker and more low fantasy version of Naruto complete with crazy bloodline abilities and killer eyes. A sequel appears to be airing atm though I can't attest to it's quality having not seen it myself.

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: An interesting take on Japanese folklore and magic  complete with supernatural monstrosities galore. Goes quite deep into some obscure parts of Japanese history, politics and myth but spins them in a way that is quite unique. The sequel OVAs  to this have possibly the darkest ending of any anime I have ever seen so don't go into this looking for a feel good time.

Tokyo Ravens: All about Onmyodo mages and their familiars. Heavy focus on magical bloodlines and the creatures that they can summon. Set in the modern era but it has plenty of fantastic elements that would fit right in with Saga.

Mononoke: Not the studio Ghibli movie of a similar name (though the Ghibli movie is great and you should watch that too if you haven't already) but rather an anime about a mysterious exorcist named medicine seller. The less you know about this series going into it the better but trust me it delivers in spades.

Requiem from the Darkness: About an author who is traveling Japan in order to collect 100 ghost stories in order to complete a book. He ends up having repeated encounters with a trio of beings who deal with supernatural occurrences and mete out terrible punishment on sinners.

Doomed Megalopolis : A series of OVAs about a half Oni warlock who is trying to summon the spirit of the infamous samurai Taira no Masakado in a bid to destroy Tokyo. Much like Tokyo Ravens it pulls a lot of ancient occult elements into a modern day setting.

Video Games:

Muramasa the Demon Blade: Fantastic hybrid of rpg and beat em up with gorgeous art and a kickass story involving ninjas , samurai,yokai, kami and oni aplenty. The vita version is better as it contains 4 extra episodes featuring new characters.

Nioh : Follows the journey of a man from Elizabethan Europe as he travels across Japan in order to hunt down a sorcerer who stole something precious from him. Becomes best friends with Hanzo Hatori and ends up fighting a 9 tailed kitsune over the fate of Japan.

Blood Will Tell : Probably the most obscure thing on this list this game involves a samurai with a robotic body out to hunt a legion of demons. Old and quite rare it is totally a hidden gem if you like battle puppets and oni.

Raidou Kuzunoha vs the soulless army & Raidou Kuzunoka vs King Abbadon : A pair of action rpgs for the ps2 which also got released on psn for other systems. Japanese myth galore with everything from Amaterasu to Yamata no Orochi thrown into the mix.

If anyone else would like to post their own recommendations I would be quite interested to read them


Inspiration and recommendations thread. Rwtmw0

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