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Sukoshi awoke with the sun glaring in his eyes, getting up slowly he rubbed his eyes and stood up looking out onto Kirigakure skyline. He jumped down off the rooftops and started heading towards his favourite cafe. He looked around at all the busy villagers bustling around him busy in the morning rush. He courteously nodded and waved at some of the more friendlier villagers as the passed by and continued on route.

It was finally as the cafe came into site that he started to think about all the people he has meet so far since becoming a shinobi, it fired him up seeing them all get so much stronger because in his own mind it has seemed lately that he has just been cruising along at the same power not making any progress.

He reached the cafe and pulled up a seat at his regular table. The cafe was only just starting to open but being a regular here Sukoshi was known for waiting even hours before service started just to be the first through the doors of a morning. He laid back enjoying the slow warmth of the morning sun as it started to make it's way up past the horizon and into the sky.

He fiddled with one of his kunai spinning it around his index finger counting how many spins he could get before the kunai stopped. Getting bored and restless after waiting fifteen minutes he started to scout the surrounding area for other shinobi that may be up and about in the early morning. If he couldn't start his training yet maybe he could at least find someone that he might gain knowledge from over breakfast, Sukoshi was never shy about asking questions to further his shinobi skills.



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Takahiro had gotten a rather late start on the day so mentally he scolded himself, admittedly with little sincerity, for ‘selfishly’ helping himself to a few more moments of rest instead of being productive. He feared growing lazy with the sudden drop in oversight, from authority figures, since his acceptance into Kirigakure after an eventful and difficult journey there. It was another meaningful chapter no less because of it, this much he was sure of, but an odd feeling of fatigue still plagued him days after the experience. Newfound autonomy and guidance granted to him by Ayakashi herself in this case only proven to further this transient bout of languor.

Youth and impulsivity brandished the hearts and minds of many young people, to this rule Taka was no exception and in time, despite his wallowing, the dissonant roar would reach his ears and the vibrant, savory essence of the village market itself would entice him to come closer. In a moment, the allure of delectable unknown and bizarre, possible even satisfying, called him to him beckoning Takahiro to cast aside his worries in preparation for a more glorious pursuit: Finding Food. The teenager was amusingly stricken with aquiver, stomach lurching excitedly at the prospect of food by the time he graced the front door and made a swift beeline for the market place.

It was glorious chaos outside and Takahiro frolicked in it, weaving through what appeared to be masses of regular citizens and otherwise consumers vying to have at the ‘latest and greatest’ goods that many street and shop vendors, with seedy little eyes and even more sordid motives, pattered on about. Takahiro’s stomach saw to it that he wouldn’t fall into candidly wasting the salesmen’s time, with conversation that only satisfied his own obsessions. Like an animal relegated to baser instincts he prowled the market streets in search of the proper prey, the proper meal!

The guttural noises coming from his body, while inaudible and outdone by the market’s cacophony could be felt far more than heard by the Kimura. A lack of patient saw to it that he would enter the next establishment, a simple, quaint café, with haste although he did his best to appear civil and not uncouth. The place was empty save one individual near an area open to elements and bathed in an warm glow. The kunai he manipulated, out of what appeared to Takahiro as boredom, gleamed briefly at varying moments as the sun caught it. It was a curious sight to see for him as he loved figuring out strangers in the same way that some loved puzzles and riddles.

He thought to himself, ‘Perhaps I ought to see what sort of interesting story that guy has to share. Then again he might not be the friendly sort… who plays with weapons in a café after all? That’s it! A shinobi no doubt… perhaps I can learn something useful if not interesting after all.’ He waited patiently at the counter top to order and assumed the lack of employees present meant someone had gone to the back. It was obviously a slow start and Taka chose to endure his stomach pains rather than be bothersome.


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Upon waking it took Di a few minutes to adjust to the fact that he was breathing air. The lack of constant pressure pressing down from the ocean was unfamiliar, yet thrilling in a way nothing in his previous life had been. He was among the throng of humanity. Just another stranger in the great web that was man's civilization. Rising from his futon Di showered and then dressed. He had just donned his hat when the first pangs of hunger began to make themselves known. The problem Di decided was the meal portions here. Back home he could have simply have ordered his servants to bring him a great white shark broiled whole then garnished with lobster, clam and kelp and a bowl of shrimp. A dish of that calibrate would keep him going for several days. If Di was truly famished he could order a giant squid sauteed with clams....


The surface world had plenty of fine food on offer and heading out and getting some was a far better decision than to simply sit round and pine for old favorites. So in his formal attire the young detective headed out to break his fast. Kiri being the prosperous nation it was did not disappoint when it came to the colorful nature of it's locals. Workmen with their tools slung over their back brushed shoulders with merchants and sailors all bustling to commence their respective trades. Several poets and philosophers when dealing with the subject of civilization had compared cities to bodies or machines. Di could see the comparison was an apt one. The city functioned through the efforts of it's citizens acting like cogs or cells in order to keep the whole healthy.

Selecting a nice little cafe Di headed in through the open door. The place seemed quiet, which put it quite at odds with the city outside. In fact there was only two individuals present within the establishment. The first was a slight teenager dressed in a manner that wouldn't have been out of place in Di's family manor. Di would have placed him as the son of a conservative noble but the garments didn't seem to possesses quite the level of pomp or the quality of material required for this. The long hair also hinted at either a family of some prestige or a general apathy regarding appearance.

The other person present seemed to be far more of the streets. A furred coat with rings and hair cut short in a practical style. He would not have been out of place as either a mercenary or street thug depending on how legitimately he went about his business. The kuni however hinted at a ninja upbringing. Di didn't know a lot about ninjas, but he was beginning to cotton onto the fact that they were separated into bloodlines. Each 'family' had unique talents and dressed to different levels of formality depending on their station. One thing Di did not like was the way in which the young man was waving a kunai around. He had already been attacked recently by someone who was far too gung ho with their weapons and he didn't want a repeat performance.

"Excuse me but would you mind putting that away please? While I'm sure you have no ill intentions it might look bad to people coming into the cafe to see someone swinging around a knife."

Having addressed Sukoshi he turned to Takahiro.

"Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you know where the cafe's owners are? I was thinking about ordering myself some breakfast and the place seemed open."

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