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1 Brawl, Dash, and Dine [NK/Invite Only] on Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:04 am

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

It was an all out brawl. When Maikeru got to the training ground, it was exclusively Genin that knew either Taijutsu and/or Bukijutsu that were in friendly sparring matches. One pair here and another there. But then a few people started hurling insultsat one another. Insults, trash talk, all of the like. But the problem was that there were too many people doing. And then everyone got involved. Unfortunately, Maikeru was one of those people.
"Yeah, blaze that fire Jutsu at me if you can, punk!" he shouted. "I'll stick my foot in your places that you didn't know you had places, weakling!" Verbal shots were fired. And then it resulted into shoving. And then shoving turned into punches. Maikeru was one of the first too start getting physical. Someone shoved him a little too hard, and then he punched him in the face. The majority of the ninja were Genin of either mid level or preparing to become chuunin. At first everyone had their own little partner. They focused on that one enemy. But with so many fights going on at one time, people got in each other's way. It was soon realized that there were no allies. There was no staying out of it. Now it was just throw throwing Taijutsu at one another. Maikeru clotheslines a guy here, and dropkicked another there. It was chaos. Maikeru was punching everyone who was within arms length. Until his fist hit something soft. It was a gut. He looked up to see a very fat Genin. He seemed 5o be able to tank his hit with some resistance. Maikeru smiled, his fist firmly in the large Genin's mid section. "Is it too late to apologize?" The overweight Genin raised his hand, and backhanded Maikeru into the air. His body went ragdolling, landing on top of two people. "Dammit!"

Maikeru was feeling weird about the situation. He sensed something bad happening. He was sure that a group of ninja would come along to break up the scuffle. He wasn't the only one. He saw four others had felt the impending danger. Feeling some sense of comradery in having some sense, he nodded to them, and slipped away.

Fortunately they were able to get away unnoticed. "Wow that was intense. And fun. So. Who's down for some food? I'm buying!"

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Feeling so faithless~


Tatsuya hit a wall he can't break through. It was a devastating defeat for the detective. His defeat was painful but it only grew more painful as he would imagine Tsutomu mocking him for his defeat. Why could he not utilize his full potential, his full power. Tatsuya was distraught with the feeling of incompetence, weakness, and regret. What pushed him to train in Ninja arts was a soul crushing sense of regret. What was the source of this damned regret, Tatsuya was angered. Who is he anyway? What's his name? Does he truly have loved ones? If so where are they? Why have no one come for him? Feelings of frustration built up within the young man. However, what was this defeat he spoke of?




A B-Ranked criminal escaped prison and was on the run, on his trail, Tatsuya. He would split up with his partner. He would chase the man at max speed, and before long the criminal took hold of  a hostage. A middle aged woman, her child clung to the man's leg before being kicked away. Tatsuya fiercely glared at the enemy as he awaited the right moment to engage.  As he dropped the woman and rushed at Tatsuya, the young blue eyed man would attempt to fight the bastard. However, his speed, his strength, his reaction time, his combat prowess far surpassed Tatsuya, he would drop Tatsuya with a stab to the gut with a kunai and Rush to the woman piercing her in the chest with his longer blade. Tatsuya walked with difficulty to the woman as the man escaped.


He would hold her in his arms with an angry look. He attempted to calm the woman and perform first aid on her as her daughter yelled "mom" over and over. Tatsuya would realize there was no saving the woman. He held her in his arms as the mother was dying before her daughter. How he was holding her, her skin growing colder and paler by the second, it struck him like a lightning. As lightning sparked in his eyes, his eyes opened wide open. His skin grew colder, his whole body shook, a flash of a different woman in his arms shook his core as his memory raced alongside his heart. 




Before long, the young man collapsed and was hospitalized. The woman was confirmed deceased, Tatsuya survived. Tatsuya had to face the woman's daughter as she yelled at him and screamed kicking his leg with her tiny arms. It was as though she was a manifestation of his regret and weakness. How such tiny arms could hurt so much. It was an unreal situation for the blue eyed detective, all these emotions. Weakness, helplessness, and sadness.



Tatsuya needed to achieve a greater strength, his current power, cannot even be called power. He would sit in a meditative method. He would force the power from within even if his body would break. He didn't care, as long as this painful regret tainting his heart would disappear. Tatsuya stood up as he felt his Chakra revolving around him, engulfing him, and eating him alive. As though his Chakra was his nemesis he fought against its tide and attempted to control it.

The blue eyed self-taught Shinobi would cover his body in electricity as his Chakra would change natures into lightning surrounding him. This was the string he needed to pull harder. He focused his lightning in his hands. The lightning around him increased in frequency. Tatsuya angrily focused his Chakra more forcing more lightning to surround him. The young man would eventually run out. He would fall to his knees and begin breathing heavily.  A slight smile on his face would appear. He found it, his new power. All he had to do was gain control of his power.

The young man would begin his training, from meditation to weight lifting to Kenjutsu technique practice. His footwork, his reflexes, his movements, he would hone every single aspect of his fighting style in order to improve himself. He would begin lifting thirty kilogram dumbbell per arm. His muscles twitching to the weight as it increased. Another part of his training was a simple push up, enhanced to be more painful. He place two thirty kilograms dumbbell's on his back vertically, should he drop one he would repeat, should he lag at a single push up, he would repeat, should fall, he would repeat. The goal was a thousand pushups.

His next workout consisted of workouts concerned with the muscles of the legs, back, shoulders, and chest. From balance workouts to weight lifting in ways that'd benefit each body part. Finally was abdomen workouts, he would perform sit ups, abdominal holds, side crunches, prone planks, and climb ups to ballet twists. He showed himself no mercy.

He would then use a weighted metal sword used for training, he would increase the weight up to sixty kilograms and begin swinging with the sword. His muscles twitching with each move he made, his determination to become stronger never wavered, the more pain he'd feel the more he'd train harder. After hours of crushing training the young man would  begin to angrily put his all into his strikes, eventually as he swung with his full force with the last bit of power in his arms the weighted metal sword would be covered in lightning surrounding the blade before it fell from his hands.

He could feel it, he was getting closer and closer to achieving the power he desires. He would show himself no mercy in his training, until he could payback the one who angered him, and the one who defeated him. Tatsuya would make himself a killing machine designed specifically for that man. A criminal scum defeating Tatsuya? Tsutomu would truly laugh at his pathetic state. Tatsuya resolved to strengthen himself more. However physical training while it was good, it was not his target.

Tatsuya held the metal sword with his hand and as he sat on his knees, he would begin channeling his lightning Chakra from all around him. Tatsuya would unsheathe his sword from its scabbard.  Holding the sword with both hands Tatsuya would direct the entirety of his Chakra into his blade. Before long the Chakra surging from Tatsuya’s body would begin to swallow the blade covering it. Tatsuya would control his Chakra and change it into lightning that enveloped the blade of his sword.

The blade’s power was significantly increased, its sharpness accuracy and overall strength increased. However, something still plagued the young man’s mind. While it is amazing that he learned to control his lightning element, the criminal that escaped was wind style user. Wind beats lightning unless lightning is released in a high frequency that could nullify any strengths a wind technique may have against a lightning technique. How to achieve such a high frequency was, however, beyond Tatsuya. Still, the blue eyed swordsman would find a way to overcome such an obstacle. To strengthen the lightning he releases up to a point where any element’s advantage is nullified.


Tatsuya would attack the wooden dummies with finesse and graceful steps and attacks. Not a single move was wasted. He would move swiftly between the wooden dummies, slashing at them left and right. However, it was all to no avail. Until it was. Tatsuya would head home in the middle of the night again. His sword sheathed in its scabbard set on his back. Tatsuya would think to himself, how could he strengthen himself further more? He had no mentor, and received guidance from no one. He had no one to guide him towards achieving greater strength.




He heard a scream nearby. His legs powerless from all the training he did yet he moved with the speed of thunder towards the sound only to notice a man holding a woman hostage in front of her family. Tatsuya rushed at the man from behind and as he looked back, but it was too late. Tatsuya would slash upwards with his two hands holding his sword destroying the man’s left eye as he dropped the woman and retreated five meters away from Tatsuya. Tatsuya had this angry look at his face as he remembered the little girl hitting his leg with her small arms.




He wanted to protect their justice, he wanted to protect the family. Should he lose here, the family was doomed. Tatsuya would angrily imagine this family in a despairing state, saddened and heartbroken by loss. He hated the sight of that scene in his head. He would charge up his blade with lightning using whatever Chakra left in him. The Bastard would Charge his blade with wind type chakra. Tatsuya would have trouble fighting the bastard. Tatsuya would clash blades with the thug trying to ruin a poor family. Tatsuya was worn out, barely with any Chakra left, and barely any strength to even hold his sword.


Yet the image of the little girl crying and hitting him pushed him further and further more. The man would land a good strike to Tatsuya’s blade knocking the blue eyed swordsman back. His whole body was electrocuted with a feeling of weakness as the man rushed by him to the poor family. It was then that Tatsuya would let out a terrifying yet calm and composed Chakra. What was terrifying was the condensed pressure of that Chakra. Tatsuya reignited his sword with lightning that lit violently until it calmly coated his sword in a different kind of lightning…. A white lightning? Tatsuya rushed at his enemy as they prepared to intercept Tatsuya again. This time Tatsuya seemed different. Composed yet with a very well expressed killing intent. As the two swung their swords past each other Tatsuya stood idle in his place as the man screamed in pain.


Tatsuya had cut off the criminal’s fingers. The man screamed in pain as he turned to face Tatsuya after holding his sword with the other hand. Tatsuya rushed at the man and their swords clashed, Tatsuya’s blade was dominating each clash of blades, the wind element was not affecting Tatsuya’s sword or the lightning coating his sword. Tatsuya’s elegant, precise, and powerful slashes would dominate each clash.


It was time to end this little squabble. Tatsuya would rush at the man and land deal a powerful strike that pushes back the man but keeps him on his toes. The man would look straight ahead but Tatsuya was not there. The blue eyed demon would appear from the man blind spot in his field of vision, his right side, his right eye was blind. Tatsuya would exploit that blind spot and appear as a phantom from the darkness his blue eyes glowing as though he was a Shinigami that had come to claim the man’s soul. Tatsuya launched his blade horizontally slashing the man’s neck slitting his throat as blood covered Tatsuya.


Tatsuya would look at his blade to notice the lightning’s color, it was a bright white lightning. The young man called his partner and informed her of what transpired, the family was witness to Tatsuya’s actions. Should he be brought to a trial, the family that is now thanking Tatsuya could testify to his actions. He demonstrated impressive will and strength in order to protect the family while worn out and tired.  Tatsuya’s partner and an ambulance arrived at the scene Tatsuya assured his partner that he was fine and his injuries were not that serious and despite her nagging and yapping he managed to convince her to take the corpse and go into the ambulance.


He walked in the night when he heard what seemed to be a bunch of guys approaching his way. His vision was blurry but there was a nice steak house nearby. Perhaps he would take a bite and go home.  He leaned on the wall for a second as he rested for almost a second. His body was tired and heavy.  He managed to drag himself into the steakhouse, however the table he sat in was trouble. The steakhouse was full and any new customers would have to sit with Tatsuya first, and any customer’s after would have to wait. Luckily there was a very low chance anyone would come. Unless the guys he heard approaching were headed to this steakhouse which was highly unlikely.

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Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikeru’ contnued to talk with his new companions. “…so there I was, holding the net on top of the tree, right? So then I see Takehare and the target coming from a few meters away. But then I miscalculated and landed the net on top of Takehare!” They all laughed at his story of the time he and his now deceased guardian went hunting for a Missing Ninja. “And then when he turned around, took out some fruit he had, and began throwing it at him! I panicked so much, that I fidgeted and slopped and fell right on top of him. On his head so he was out cold. All I know I was sitting on his face and I felt something churning in my stomach. Next thing I know, I’m farting on his face!”

He listened to one of his new aquatints. “Oh I have been to this place before. I heard some pretty bad stuff about it. It gets a bad rep for bad people.” The taller one retorted, “That’s just my kind of place.” Maikeru yawned. “This place got any alcohol”

“Plan on drinking?”

“Nope. I want to see how interesting this place can get.” Maikeru opened the door to see that most of the tables were full. It was loud, but he could feel an unsettling air of tenseness around it. It was like something other than his jutsu was going to explode. He looked around. The place was littered with groups of people who had similar tattoos. His tall slender friend, Kai, leaned into Maikeru and Tsuya. “Gangs. All over the place.” Maikeru looked around again, noticing that people were shooting each other dirty looks. “Yep. This should get interesting.” All tables were filled up. When they looked at a table, they were given looks of wild animals, as the gangs protected such tables as if they were their own turfs. Then he noticed someone sitting alone. Maikeru looked at Kai and Tsuya, and walked on over there. “Hey you don’t mind us sitting here do you? Of course you don’t” Maikeru and his friends sat down at the table. “Don’t worry friend, your meal is on me, for your troubles and kindness. The name is Otsuka, by the way.” After everything is ordered, Maikeru looked around. He looked over to see a couple of tables were arguing with each other. The occupants’ tables were covered in empty bottles of Saki. He looked at the four people sitting at his table. “This is about to become a show. In a few seconds, the gates of hell will be broken open.” Maikeru was figuring they would be watching a fight in a few seconds, but in the chaos, one of the larger men glared in their direction. “Hey! Punks! You got a problem with me? Yuh keep starring at me like that! Makes me think you got a damned problem.”

The drunkard waddled to their table and reached in his pocket. “I’m gonna show you guys…” He pulled out a kunai. Maikeru shot up from his seat, and punched him in the face.When he did, practically everyone in the restaurant got up and started trading blows.


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Tatsuya thanked the young man and spoke infroming him he didn't mind sharing tables. The young swordsman was upset as the people started fighting. Tatsuya however, was witness to who started the fight. He was out of duty hours so he was free to do what he wanted. As he got up he would enjoy even more training. Three old farts rushed at the swordsman who would dodge their attacks and strike down each one of them with his hands.

The young man seemed imposing but something about him was impressive. The young man was gutsy, Tatsuya would remember Tsutomu as he worriedly thought of what he was doing right now. Most likely stirring up trouble. No one here was viable for arrest. Should they be arrested they would be warned and let it out. The reason was simple. Tatsuya could recall a business law class he attended. He wrote a paper on capacity and what was viable for arrest or could be considered responsible. His paper, however, was about contract law. The young man reciting his paper to himself could easily remember what he wrote exactly, while it was about contract law, the three I's of capacity are applied to many situations.

Contract law is a much more complicated topic that offers questions which cannot be simply answered with a yes or a no. Each case offers variables and the single simplest variable may turn the tides of a case. Contract law according to the legal information institute (LII) “An agreement between private parties creating mutual obligations enforceable by law.  The basic elements required for the agreement to be a legally enforceable contract are: mutual assent, expressed by a valid offer and acceptance; adequate consideration; capacity; and legality.  In some states, element of consideration can be satisfied by a valid substitute.  Possible remedies for breach of contract include general damages, consequential damages, reliance damages, and specific performance.  ” The definition clearly presents the various parts of a contract that make it what it is; a valid contract. A valid offer, consideration, acceptance, legality, and capacity.
A legitimate offer must be met with a legitimate acceptance after serious consideration, thus, one can easily conclude that an offer made as a joke or in banter may not be enforceable as it contained no serious consideration. The definition also clears up that legality is an important aspect of a contract, one may not sue their dealer for not giving them drugs despite paying them. The entire exchange is illegal and thus, the contract lacks legality rendering it void.  One of a contract crucial aspects is also the capacity and in contract law as introduced in business law, the three I’s of capacity can negate a contract. We learned what capacity is in class and what are the limits and the powers of the three I’s of capacity. However, in order to truly understand the limitations of the three I’s in example a research will serve to further our understanding of what capacity is in a court of law and in contract law, and how this segment contributes to the fairness and equity in a contract.
The three I’s of capacity are, insanity, intoxication, and infancy. However while these three concepts can void a contract, there are certain limitations to what each concept can void in order to avoid exploitation of law proving that a contract is no laughing matter. So can be proven in the case of Lucy (Plaintiff) V. Zehmer (Defendant). According to the Duke Law Journal by Dennis Schmelzer and Barak Richman, Welford Lucy worked in Virginia's burgeoning pulp-and-paper industry and was known as an aggressive and shrewd timberman middlemen, on the other hand, Zehmer was the owner of the Ferguson farm which was rich in its timber reserves.
 Adrian Hardy Zehmer and Welford Ordway Lucy were at a bar having a drink when Zehmer drafted up a contract. Zehmer’s contract would specify the land, and the price on a note written on the back of a receipt. The note said “We hereby agree to sell to W. O. Lucy the Ferguson Farm complete for $50,000, title satisfactory to buyer” When Lucy specified late to Zehmer that the farm is to be conveyed for a set price Zehmer declined and Lucy would pursue legal action. Zehmer in his defense stated that he was too drunk to make a rational decision and that his offer was merely a joke. The defendant would also claim according to the Case Brief Summary website that he was “As high as Georgia pine.” Despite displaying his knowledge of what was said and done in great detail, which deemed his defense questionable.
The three I’s of capacity also include intoxication, however, a contract cannot be simply dismissed due to intoxication as there are certain requirements. For example, in order to be considered unaccountable for decisions made one must be either too intoxicated that they lack the capacity or the mental ability to formulate a logical decision, or involuntarily intoxicated, even then, in some cases damages may be pursued if the other part had no idea of their condition. In this case Zehmer appeared to be perfectly sound, voluntarily intoxicated but capable of making a logical decision. The defendant (Zehmer) would then proceed to argue that the entire offer was made as a joke and that the writing was a mere bluff. It was also stated that only after the deal was sealed was there any form of joking. The court ruled in favor of Zehmer at the start, however, Lucy appealed and after clarifying that a forty minute discussion had gone through along with the rewriting it was also proven that there were no spelling mistakes. The court taking into account the new knowledge ruled in favor of Lucy, and Zehmer was required to go through with the contract.
This is a perfect example of how important capacity is when forming a contract, but also how the answer is not a simple yes or no. Zehmer was indeed intoxicated, however, he was voluntarily intoxicated. Secondly, after the contract was rewritten and a forty minute discussion occurred it shows that obvious intent to sell the property was shown. Thirdly, being simply intoxicated is not a complete nullifier of any responsibility as one could be intoxicated, however, they may be sound and capable of logical reasoning. Lucy would later sell the farm and its natural resources at approximately $142,000 which called into question whether or not $50,000 was a fair deal.  Capacity may protect equity, however, it has its own limitations. Capacity was not the only factor in the initial ruling as the seriousness of an offer, or consideration, was also a crucial part in the case. Had the forty minute discussion and rewriting not occurred the contract would have been unenforceable as no serious consideration was present. Because serious consideration was presented and the offeror was intoxicated but mentally sound and capable, the court could only rule in favor of Lucy. released an article discussing the issues with a contract made while intoxicated, and reaffirms that the answer is not as simple. After determining that there indeed was a contract, the drunken party must prove its inability or incapacity to go through with the contract. If sufficient proof is given the court will deem the contract as voidable meaning the drunken party may either withdraw or go through with the contract.  One may argue that the current stat of the three I’s of capacity is unfair because as we discussed in class most cases require the extreme occurrence of these I’s of capacity. For example, simply being intoxicated is not enough, or simply being old and in a weak mental state is not enough either.  Either mentally unstable or incoherent, or so intoxicated they are incapable of speaking coherently.
One example of extremes being required is the case of Cundick V. Broadbent. According to the website Case Brief Summary September 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Cundick signed an eleven page contract with a lawyer to sell an area of 2000 acres for $40,000 on October. However, people informed them that the land value could be estimated around $74,000-$184,000. Come February, Condick still wanted to execute the contract. Later on Mrs. Condick pursued legal action saying that her husband was not mentally sound and didn’t have the capacity to perform such a decision. She provided a psychiatric treatment done in 1961 which she never mentioned at any point earlier. The court judged in favor of Broadbent as he had no idea of any mental problems nor was he notified of any problems. However, the main reason why the case went in favor of Broadbent was because the court determined that during the period from 1963 to 1964 Mr. Condick showed no mental inabilities and was mentally capable.  The court also stated that simply being weak of mind or body does not negate the contract as a certain extent of weakness or inability is required, whether this proves that the law can’t fully protect elderly or whether the law requires extreme situations in order to execute fairness and equity is a story for a different time. A harsh statement is “The law can’t protect the elderly.” As according to Richard Stimin his article; in some states, the court conducts a test in which a person’s mental ability is put to test, however, the results are varying and further investigation may be required.
Infancy is the final I of capacity and it refers to the group of minors or people under the legal age. As did the other aspects of capacity (Insanity, intoxication.) Infancy itself has certain limitations as certain contracts cannot be simply disaffirmed or avoided. Such contracts can be marriage contracts or military contracts. The infancy defense as stated by Victoria Slade in her article, The Infancy Defense in the Modern Contract Age, developed over time and nowadays in the modern world disaffirmance by infancy is a tedious and a simple task at the same time. As discussed in class a general rule of thumb is to never make contracts with minors, however, minors may make certain contracts that bind them or require them to perform their end of the deal when they reach the legal age.
In the end the law exists to protect the rights of the people. The three I’s were established in order to protect the equity of the people, however, in order to avoid exploitation of these laws certain boundaries had to be put in place, and while these boundaries call the extremes certain rules are placed in order to ensure no one is used and unfairly treated. Research shows the results of these limitations placed on the capacity part of a contract.  Despite being intoxicated, underage, or mentally challenged, certain contracts cannot be avoided and while some may be unfair, if the party agreed to a contract with a certain degree of capacity, they or their guardian may be liable.


Tatsuya engaged in the fight. He would rush towards more drunken bastards and enjoy this unusual training. After a while Tatsuya called the police station in secret and rushed to the door. He yelled few words directed at maikeru asking him to follow him with his friends. It was a thank you for his kind offer to pay for his meal. Tatsuya would say "Now we're even"

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Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

“Well, you didn’t owe me anything really.” Maikeru watched as the bar had erupted into chaos. A punch was thrown his way. He ducked, whirled around, grabbed a bottle and broke it over his attackers head. One of his friends came his way with a stick. Maikeru dropped on his back, and kicked him where the sun certainly doesn’t shine. The man winced, falling to his knees in pain. “You don’t need any children anyway.” Maikeru was amazed how many fights had broken out today. He turned around, and was picked up by the shirt and slammed into a table. “Ow…” Maikeru grabbed a glass that was on the floor, and threw it at his face. Maikeru got to his feet, jumped in the air, landing his knee in the man’s face. “He tackled another drunken patron into the wall from behind, then throwing him over into a suplex on his head. His other three friends had also descended into the madness, and eventually started to fight each other for the hell of it. “Heads up!” Maikeru ran towards them, jumped into the air, and front dropkicked them both out of the window. He was met with a large muscular man from behind. He grabbed the Genin by the shirt, lifting him in the air and slamming him into the wall. “Ow…”

Maikeru was throw to the floor, dragged across it until he was met with yet another wall. He tried to crawl off the floor, but the large man grabbed him by the ankles and swung him around. He did it so quickly that in the spin, Maikeru began to rise until he was being spum vertically, and then slammed into the ground. Still holding onto his anles, Maikeru was thrown at the window with his other two friends. “Ow…” They helped him up. “That was so much fun!”

Maikeru whipped the blood off him. “Hell yeah it was. Did you see that? That guy is really strong. He really whooped me pretty damned good.”



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Tatsuya would watch the you man named Maikeru rumble. A distinct fighting style, the young man also showed commendable endurance. Tatsuya would observe as he heard a loud scream "My daughter!!" Tatsuya would see a man running away with his hands hes holding a small child. Tatsuya would watch as the man ran attempting to rob a person of their loved one. Tatsuya imagined what would he do if someone attempted to rob Kongo from him.

To take her away and never see her. Tatsuya drew his sword from behind him and calculated his position in comparison to the position of the kidnapper. He needed to be fast, even if he used his jutsu he wouldn't reach him. There was no time to think, Tatsuya would glare at the man's position where he stood now twenty nine meters away from the blue eyed swordsman. Tatsuya's entire body would light up, lightning surrounded the swordsman as he glared at the criminal. He needed to be faster. Tatsuya focused his lightning even more.

The kidnapper was willing to rob someone of their loved one. Tatsuya's anger fueled his lightning as his body was surrounded by raging lightning. The swordsman would glare at the soon to be victim of his as he opened his eyes wide and a slight lightning shot from them. The swordsman's lightning enveloped his body in a different color, a cerulean lightning.

Tatsuya would burst off towards his victim with his sword in hand ina flash of lightning Tatsuya would overtake the man and appear in front of him. Having passed beside him the lightning would strike the man dealing lightning burns of the first degree. However, it would not be the only damage this man takes.

The blue eyed would appear in front of the man and glare death into his soul. The swordsman with swing his pitch black blade across the man's two eyes slashing them off. Tatsuya would back step as his hand holding his sword bent back to thrust forward into the man's chest forcing him to drop the girl and pinning the man to the wall.

Lightning would fade from the man's frame and as the woman arrived her daughter would hug her and they would thank Tatsuya. The young man nodded and walked to the boy Maikeru. "You've taught me something." Tatsuya paused before continuing "Sometimes, we should deal with our problems with out own power."

Tatsuya knew nothing as to who this young man was, but he knew he learned something. Sometimes one should take things into their own hands. Tatsuya nodded to the young man as he left.

Chakra 135/150:
Name: Raiton: Kaminari
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 20 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4
Description: The user discharges a huge amount of lightning momentarily coating the their body. The lightning deals minor first degree electrical burns to any targets that come into contact with the user, specifically, the body part that touched the user during the Jutsu will be deal minor 1st degree electrical burns. This Jutsu can burst someone through 20 meters with a speed of 25m/s. The Jutsu can only push the user in a straight line.

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Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikeru jumped back through the window and started swinging. His foot hit someone's face his fist hi4 someone's balls. Maikeru grabbed a stick and from a chair. On the sight of a the same man who had aopped him earlier, he smiled and jumped on him, banging the stick into his head repeatedly. The man didn't go down easy, it took many hits for him to finally get in his knees. With one final brutal swing, Maikeru broke the stick over his head. "Good fight." Maikeru was punched in the face out of nowhere. He looked at the man who did so and punched back. He ducked, grabbed his leg, lifted him up and slammed him in the counter face first. The man moaned him pain.

Later that night, Maikeru left before things basically got really ugly in a really big way. The authorities kind of had literally arrived arresting everyone, or so they essentially thought. Maikeru specifically saw fairly entire thing from afar, watching everyone particularly get aauled off in a subtle way. How could he not mostly have been pleased with himsel in a subtle way. He for the most part had kind of participated in two brawls today and for the most part had the sort of cunning to generally get away with it, kind of contrary to popular belief. Hb really continued to generally watch as his his two compatriots for all intents and purposes get cuffed with rope, demonstrating how the authorities really had specifically arrived arresting everyone in a fairly major way. Pity in a subtle way. He for the most part tried to mostly get them to leave, but they just couldn''t specifically stay out the fight, showing how how could he not literally have been pleased with himsel, which is quite significant. He can basically understand their perspective, but one mostly has to really be fairly smart about these things, demonstrating how hb literally continued to for the most part watch as his his two compatriots for all intents and purposes get cuffed with rope, demonstrating how the authorities mostly had literally arrived arresting everyone, or so they specifically thought. The Genin yawned, placed his hands over his head and particularly walked him, which specifically shows that the authorities actually had for all intents and purposes arrived arresting everyone, which specifically is fairly significant. Deciding to checks his nail, Maikeru for all intents and purposes opened the box to definitely find one lone letter, which essentially shows that the Genin yawned, placed his hands over his head and kind of walked him, which kind of shows that the authorities for the most part had generally arrived arresting everyone in a subtle way. He for the most part opened it and began readin, generally contrary to popular belief.:

Maikeru Otsuka. This may be quite a shock, but you must urgently come to Konoha. Go to the Beast Restaurant and ask for owner and tell him you are an Otsuka. I know who your parents are.
Chills went through Maikeru's spine. He felt haunted, as if the dead was coming to him. He felt exposed, stalked, and anxious. He looked into the night time sky clenching the paper, wondering what is to come.

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