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Mission name: Find a lost shoe
Mission rank: D
Objective: Someone was moronic enough to lose their shoe. You are tasked to find it.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Its rather simple, just find the shoe.
Mission details: So long as you bring them something, you'll get paid. The owner is rather scatterbrained and isn't even completely sure of what the shoe looks like, so you can easily just bring whatever you find that is in decent condition.

Third floor, Room 5, She nodded to herself, standing before a tall apartment door marked ‘R5’. The day was just beginning. Birds were chirping happily, the village was a bustle as usual, and there were no war cries to attend to. Well other than finding a shoe a for a villager in need. The small, fairy kunoichi stood with her shoulders back and headband shined proudly on top of her head of long rainbow hair. Raising a small fist she tapped three times upon the door and then stepped back to allow a respectable distance. Behind the door, there were random thuds and roughing about sounds, as well as that of a screeching cat. Confusion settled upon the girl, as well as that of concern. Her brow furrowed as her lips twisted left. There were no windows here as the apartment doors were too close together, so she wasn’t able to see in as to what the main commotion was. However, she wouldn’t have to wait long for an explanation.

The door creaked open to the length of a security chain. An older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a long gray beard peered through the crack with one eye. The eye was a bit grotesque. Graying over and with a pink growth that, from her lack of medical experience, her best guess was blindness or untreated cataracts. She swallowed and popped a professional smile on her face. With a short bow, she offered her services. “Good morning, sir. I am the Genin, Ren, Meiyo. I’ve been told you are in search of a lost shoe and I’ve come to offer my assistance.”

“Huh?” the man croaked. His head tossed between sides through the crack to bare a hair- no an ear covered with hair and a long chin covered in liver spots. The long stretches of wrinkly skin under his chin flopped about and made awful slapping sounds. “I can’t hear you, what you say?”

“I’m the Genin, Ren, Meiyo and I’m here to hel-” she started again.

“Oh? What? One second.” suddenly the door slammed shut. She heard the clank of the chain and the door pulled open again to reveal the rest of the elderly man. He wore a white shirt and blue pajama pants with a long robe in need of a desperate ironing. He wore one sandal on his left foot and his right stood bare. “What do you want?”

Meiyo held back a condoling laugh. “I’m here to help find your shoe, sir?” She offered. The elderly man squinted at her. Then, possibly approving of her request, he nodded and shuffled slowly to the side with an arm outstretched guiding her to the rest of his home.

“Yes, yes, I just can’t find it. And shoes are expensive these days, I can’t afford to purchase another one.” He huffed. Meiyo looked at him in surprise. And yet you’re paying a mission fee, that of three shoes? With an inward shrug, she entered and looked about the place.

There was a small bent out of shape sofa covered in old blankets and a very fluffy and not so happy looking gray cat. The one that screeched, poor thing. There was also a coffee table she believed but there was mostly a stack of easy ramen bowls and soda cans scattered and stacked so high about the room that she was surprised he found a way around it all. Plants along the window to the back wall were dead and there was an awful smell of rot and mold in the air that burned the hairs in her nose. It looked like there was a small kitchen to the left and a door to the right that either led to a bathroom or a bedroom. The whole place was quite a wreck. No wonder he’d lost his shoe.

“Does the missing shoe match the one you’re wearing?” she asked, swallowing against the urge to gag.

The old man nodded as he turned and headed for the couch, thankfully allowing the room to air with the front door open. “Yes, yes, exactly. And I just can’t find it, I’ve looked everywhere.” Meiyo nodded. But she wasn’t sure where to even start looking. She was afraid if she even bumped a single stack the whole place would fall in.

“Where was the last place you had seen it?” She inquired.

Slowly he settled into a seat on the couch, nearly sitting on the cat. The poor thing rushed out of the way towards the kitchen. “Oh, I don’t quite remember.” he hummed. “Somewhere here I’m sure, or maybe somewhere out there.” He raised a hand and pointed out the door. Meiyo followed it. Disbelief settled on her face. Anywhere in the whole village?! She thought.

“Well, the best bet is to start here. Are you having trouble keeping the place clean? You know why don’t I go ahead and get this mess settled and maybe it’ll turn up.” Meiyo hummed, but as she looked up, the elderly man had cocked his head back on the couch and was snoring quite loudly. “Oh, well, I guess I’ll take that as a yes.”

She found the kitchen and surprisingly enough she found an unopened box of trash bags under the sink. Gloves as well. Slipping the gloves on she opened a bag and set to work. Bag by bag she cleaned the place of the trash that had been piled. Along the way, she found dishes and clothing. With hot water from the sink, she soaked the dishes and chopsticks. And in the bedroom, she found a completely empty hamper. With a roll of her eyes, she picked up the through the entirety of the small apartment. She managed to run through a roll of twenty trash bags, two loads of dishes, fill the hamper, sweep the floor, and tidy the bathroom all before an hour’s time and still had yet to find a single second shoe.

With a hand on her hip and determination burning in her chest, she glanced around the living room. “Now a shoe has to be here somewhere.” She peeked about the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and still, couldn’t see anything in plain sight. She checked the set of dresser drawers. Nothing. She checked behind the hamper, under the kitchen cupboards, under the couch and coffee table. No shoe to be found. “Well, I’ll be...Oh dear.” She looked up at the door still hung open. “Where in the world of this whole village am I going to find a shoe like his?” She sighed with a burning sensation of frustration. She loved helping her fellow man, but now she was rethinking this mission twice over. This elderly man didn’t need just a shoe. He needed help. For if it’s lost in the village, he had walked home with one shoe on. “Good grief.” she slumped and leaned against a wall.

Then suddenly, a meowing and pawing of the cat caught her attention. She turned and peered around the wall into the kitchen. The cat was clawing at the fridge. “Do you need something?” She asked. Walking to it she scooped the fluffy cat up. It reached a paw towards the fridge. “Are you hungry?” The cat continued to stretch desperately. Meiyo opened the fridge only to drop the cat in complete and utter disbelief.

There. Sitting on a tray was none other than the other shoe.

The cat landed on its feet and pawed at a can of cat food in a bowl on a shelf. Meiyo shook her head and slowly handed the bowl to the cat on the floor. Happily, it ate. “This man needs help,” she stated in a state of shock.

Meiyo returned to the man with the shoe in hand. She wiggled his shoulder until he snorted and awoke. “What? Huh? Who is it?” he huffed, licking his teeth.

Meiyo presented the shoe. “As requested.” She smiled.

The man rubbed his bearded chin and squinted at the shoe for a painstakingly long moment. Meiyo thought he had possibly fallen asleep with his eyes open - a creepy shiver running down her spine at the thought of that. “That’s not mine.” Meiyo blinked.

“It’s not?” She looked down at his other foot. “They’re a match, are they not?” the man squinted again for another long period. Meiyo didn’t wait. “Okay, well, here’s your shoe. If you need help with keeping your apartment up, just ask for me. Have a great day!” She settled the shoe on the floor next to his foot and quickly walked back toward the door waving. Out the door with it shut behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her mission complete, she turned towards the way of the Administration building, only to realize she had a few bags of trash to run to the dumpster first. With a giggle, she scooped a few in each hand and leaped from the railing towards the ground below. “A good deed is never done.”

[Exit Thread]

WC: 1515
Mission Required WC: 750
Difference: 1515 - 750 = 765
Ryo: 150 plus bonus 150 = 300 Ryo


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