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Mission: Weapon Testing [Private]

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1Mission: Weapon Testing [Private]  Empty Mission: Weapon Testing [Private] on Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:05 am



Much like every morning that had come since his arrival, Akashi had long been up before the current day’s sunrise. The Hibana had spent the hours before morning working on his skills with the blade, just like he did any other day. It had become a routine for the young Hibana to use the training grounds long before anyone else had been up in the Kajimura Manor. Even servants of the Manor, who were disciplined to wake up before the sunrise, were still slumbering in their warm beds. There was a certain peace that came with being the only person awake that he revelled in. The dead silence of the small hours allowed him to truly focus on the challenges he had set up against himself. The red swordsman stood at the center of the tiled concrete floor composing the square ring. In front of him was a small wooden platform with a tatami mat rolled to a cylindrical shape. The tatami mat was stood up vertically, holding the mats in place was short pike protruding from the platform. He held his sword pointed to the ground with two hands. One slow and deep breath was made, slowly he raised his sword above his head in a jodan no kamae stance bent to a forty five degree angle. He closed his eyes, focusing himself on the target. His eyes burst forth, opening. Time seemed to slow down as his arm moved his blade to cut the obstacle put before him. The first swing saw his blade enter the fabric with a diagonal cut, entering from the left side. The blade exited the tatami mat, but the swordsman did not falter. Gracefully, he repositioned his blade this time facing the opposite direction. The next cut entered just a few inches from the exit wound of his first cut. The next strike was aimed upwards, again in a diagonal cut. From right to left. The series of cuts would end with a cut identical to that of the first cut, only significantly lowered. Inazuma Giri. A second passed just as he finished. Like a house of cards, the tatami roll crumbled in one swift motion after staying completely still for a moment.

He slashed the air downwards, mimicking motion used to the shake off blood from his sword before hiding the blade in its scabbard. The sound of applause coming from behind filled his ears and returned him from the state of focus he had once previously held. He turned to face his admirer, and it was none other than the blonde servant, Riza. She was someone who had been serving their family for as long as he could remember, specifically she was a meant to be a caretaker for Akashi himself. She had assisted his mother in taking care of him back when he was but a child. Like him, Riza was a shinobi from the Hibana clan and had even been Akashi’s mentor when it came to lessons regarding the Hibana clan’s kekkei genkai. “Good morning. I see that you're up early once again, Akashi-sama.” She greeted. “Always.” He replied, moving to drink a bottle of fresh water placed on the nearby concrete stands. It was now morning. The sun, in all its glory and warmth, was now high up in the light blue sky. Hours passed by without him even noticing a second. Suddenly he was starving. Audibly, his stomach grumbled gaining the attention of Riza. “You should eat. I cooked breakfast long before you finished your training. Your food and a letter from the administration building are on the dining table. ” Once again she came through for him he nodded and thanked her before leaving for the dining room.

Placed atop the wooden frame of the dining table was a steaming bowl of his favorite meal, katsudon. He sat down and enjoyed the delicious meal, eating with one hand as he slowly opened the scroll beside the bowl. He read quickly and repeatedly to confirm the contents of the scroll and make sure he wasn't mistaken. He had been assigned a mission unlike any that had come before it. The administration building needed an expert of swords to determine and test the potency and authenticness of an ancient sword thought to be long lost. The sword was supposedly one of the three swords of legend, Ichimonji, a pure white blade wielded by one of the greatest swordsman to ever live. He was to meet up with the man selling the sword located in a mansion just a mile away from the village. If the blade was indeed proven authentic, then he would return the blade to the administration to be auctioned at the local museum of kenjutsu. It was rare for him to look forward to a mission that involved no combat, but this was the one and only exception. Rushing, he ate his breakfast much faster than he usually did without a care for manners. He could savor his favorite meal any other day, but the opportunity to see legendary sword?... No, even greater. The opportunity to wield a legendary sword? That was an opportunity which only came around once in a lifetime. Finishing his breakfast he took a hot bath, dressed appropriately, and left for his mission.

Bringing only the red blade, Ryogi and its scabbard, the young Hibana searched for the mansion marked on his map. With a compass, a map, and an hour of searching he was able to find it. The mansion stood over a hill outside the village. Samurai adorned in traditional armor stood outside its white walls. Slowly, he approached the compound stopping in front of the ten meter tall gate. “Who goes by? State your name!” Said one of the two samurai guarding the gates. He showed the mission scroll delivered to him, giving it to the samurai. “I am Akashi of the Hibana clan. I am a swordsman trained by the Daimyo’s Royal guards, and I have come tasked to test the legendary Ichimonji.” He said. The samurai, seemingly satisfied with his answer nodded and opened the gates. The opened gates revealed a large expansive mansion hidden by the thick white walls and solid gates. The compound bore some resemblance to the luxury that the Kajimura Manor held, but had none of its life. The mansion, albeit beautiful, was clearly a shell of its former self. It didn't even look like a house that one would actually choose to live in. Something was definitely odd.

Upon entering the estate he was greeted by a servant. “Lord Hibana, please follow me.” Lord? Did the servant know who he was? The man escorted him through the halls of the empty Manor. Lifeless was the perfect word to describe it. Each step he took following the man was followed by the eerie feeling that this was all a trap. He focused himself. His left hand crept closer to his hip, ready to draw the blade at any time were his growing suspicions to bare fruition. He was taken to a black door in the middle of a hallway of the first floor. The servant knocked and opened the door, gesturing for Akashi to enter. “This way, my lord.” He said. To the Hibana's delight there were no hidden assassins that attempted to kill him as he entered the room.

The door behind him shut close, and the only light that remained in the room was the gold hue of the flames that emitted from the fireplace. A swivel chair faced to the fireplace turned to his direction, revealing a middle aged man likely in his thirties. The man wore a full black attire, with a black suit and slicked back hair. “I've been expecting you, Akashi Hibana. Please do sit down.” He gestured to one of the two chairs placed in front of his large wooden desk. “Forgive my brashness, but am I supposed to know who you are?” He asked, walking cautiously to the seat offered by the peculiar man. The man chuckled as he poured himself a glass of whiskey in a glass. “By your tone, I guess my reputation isn't as renowned as your father's. Let me introduce myself then, I am Tokiomi the firstborn son and rightful heir to the Daimyo’s throne… or at least I should have been. It appears that Masaomi has convinced my father to renounce me of my inheritance and move decide the next Daimyo by votes.” Now the boy wondered, was this a trap? Was this revenge? His golden eyes wandered around the room, there was no one else hidden in the shadows. Or at least no one that he could tell. “A drink?” The man offered, moving his hand down a drawer to take an object unseen to the Hibana. Akashi stood from his seat, moving suddenly. With one motion he unseathe Ryogi and brought the edge of its blade to the neck of the man. “Slowly.” He commanded. “Take it out slowly.” The man nodded. “Calm down, Akashi.” Slowly his hand exited the dark drawer, and a clear glass cup revealed itself. “It's just a glass.” He assured. Akashi sheathed his blade and sat back down. “My apologies then.” He spoke, though it was clear by his tone that he believed himself just in his actions. “No, it is my fault. You have reason to be cautious. I am a political rival of your father, and by extention your family. But I have not come to harm you, despite all this secrecy in our meeting. Instead I sought this meeting out to make a friend, maybe even possibly an ally.” Before the man could speak further Akashi stopped him. “If you expect to turn me against my father, then you are a fool that has no place seated on the throne. Take me to the sword, I shall tests its authenticity and then be on my way.” The man sighed, but agreed to his wishes.

The red swordsman was taken to the backyard and given the legendary sword. He unsheathed the blade, leaving its scabbard to the servant that held it out for him. Tokiomi stood close, watching the Hibana. Akashi found himself in a familiar position. Once again, tatami mats were stood before him, although this time far more in quantity. Four targets were lined up beside each other, it was a difficult feat to cut through all of them with a single cut, but were the blade truly the Ichimonji of legend, then no tatami mat could stop him. He raised the white blade high above his head and focused on the targets. One strike. The recent events dissipated into nothingness. The air seemed to blow a light breeze in response to him. With a blink of an eye it was over, all that could be heard was the sounds of the mats falling to the mats one by one. It was a true shame that the sword was not in his possession. A mission was a mission. He sheathed the blade back in the scabbard held by the servant and turned to Tokiomi. "The blade passes my standards and expectations. I will be taking it and returning it to Konohagakure.” A former shell of his ambitions, the man simply nodded and motioned for the servant to give Akashi the sword.



Mission WC: 1906/750

+10% WC for jutsu training (Perfectionist SC)

D-rank jutsu 825/825


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