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The sun shone its bright light as the morning hours began to tick. Tatsuya's favorite time of the day. He would get up and sit at the edge of the bed. He would then get up and go to the bathroom in his luxury apartment. It wasn't easy to secure this apartment but not an impossible task for Tatsuya. For the first time in a while he didn't want to go train, but simply enjoy a book or two. He looked at the mirror and went for a hot shower. The young man was quite careful about cleanliness as it was important to him, a daily shower was an important routine in his life. He would carefully wash his body, scars he never remembers were very visible. With the tips of his fingers he traced those scars, they were pulsing as though a fresh wound whenever he felt them, but they never resonated with him beyond that. The scars he had never brought about any memory he had lost yet still he could feel them pulsing. He would get out of the bath, dry his body with a tower, wrap it around his waist and leave the bathroom. He picked up his undershirt, vest, belt, and pants. After wearing his clothes he would exit his apartment, lock the door and leave with his umbrella in hand.
He would open his umbrella as rain washed the city. Tatsuya would pace his steps to his favorite place. He didn’t forget his two books either, so for Tatsuya today would be an enjoyable day. He eventually reached his favorite place, and it was a simple coffee shop in the middle of the city. A place that has become dear to him despite a lingering feeling of estrangement when he looks at the faces of everyone around him. He felt like a stranger in a place he did not belong. He wanted to find that place which he could feel as though he truly belongs. He entered the coffee shop, but before he began reading his books he had other things waiting for him. Files he needs to go over and a dozen of documents that needed sorting.
He ordered his favorite cup of coffee using the Guatemalan SHB. SHB stands for strictly hard bean, and it is a category or grade given to coffee grown at high altitudes of four thousand and five hundred feet above sea level. Due to growth in such an environment, the coffee has a citrus-like acidity coupled with a fruity, chocolate flavor. As a hot cup of coffee was delivered to his table the young man would take a sip as he enjoyed his coffee’s sent filling up his nose. He would begin working on the files and documents he was given and take sips every now and then.
Time would pass and the young man had finished all of the paperwork he had, sorted out all the documents, and revised all papers, by then the young man would enjoy a second cup as it was delivered to his table. He would begin his reading not listening to the world around him nor worrying about it. He always felt lost and a stranger to everyone and everything around him, but when he dived into the tales within his books, he was liberated.

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As Tsutomu took a deep and invigorating breath, the morning air brushed over his face, like a gentle caress by Mother Nature herself. The window he had just unlatched and pushed open gave way to the chirping of birds, which itself was a lovely melody. On the floor at his feet, three women stirred softly from slumber, loosely wrapped in blankets. The hotel in which he had spent the night was among the most advanced buildings Iwagakure had to offer. It was several stories high, looking out over the squabble of the Iwagakure’s early morning commute. Tsutomu had been involved in a rather lengthy night of sexual and drug induced misdoings. As he looked away from the window, he smiled at the chaotic cluster of broken dishes, bottles of beer, leftover food, and clothes strewn across the entirety of the hotel he had certainly not paid for. It was trashed. Wonderfully, delightfully, aesthetically annihilated.

He stepped lightly over the nude figures to make his way out of the den and into the bathroom, where he would find no need to dress down, as he was already completely nude as well. The flash burn of the steaming shower was satisfying, and helped to loosen up and shake the hungover feeling in his blood. There was a certain level of undeniable serenity in the chaotic aftermath of the prior night. That chaotic serenity was the essence of the man himself. Nakajima, Tsutomu. There was only one thing left to polish off in order to make it all perfect. With his body cleansed and his shower complete, the envoy of chaos would grab his towel swiftly from the rack and begin drying himself.

The next destination was to obtain what was undoubtedly the single most delicious beverage known to humankind. Would he have a standard brew? Or something more exotic? Matcha. That was the one. He took no time to dress completely before leaving the room. His boxers on, and his shirt unbuttoned, he hopped and skipped down the halls, pulling his pants up as he went, and by the time he reached the bottom floor, he had completely fixed his attire and held the demeanor of a rather strapping gentleman. Slacks, a black suit, and dress shoes.

As he worked his way down the streets, he gasped in shock and awe, exaggerating the entire response. The cafe he normally went to was closed. A tragedy comparable to nothing. He would continue a frantic walk glancing back and forth across the way to find anywhere that could serve him a steaming hot cup of delicious, verdant matcha. As he came upon a quaint little shop, he thrust open the door with intense vigor and walked in with an aggressive “pep” in his step. The shop smelled of sin. Coffee.

He reached across the counter and grasped the startled  barista by the shirt, pulling him close.

I need tea. None of this nauseating sin bean juice. I’d like a cup of matcha.

WC: 500

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He was completely absorbed into a world of fantasy living life in the shoe of a different protagonist, experiencing emotions or attempting to understand them in order to someday truly feel them. However, it was always intriguing. Stories had different kinds of main characters. Usually a main character is virtuous and upstanding, a psychopath searching for clarity, a toughened veteran, a murderous punishing warrior, or even an angelic one that seeks to protect everyone. Tatsuya could relate to none of them yet they all intrigued him. He was completely absorbed in a book he was reading, The Black Goat's Egg.

However, soon enough, a noisy customer would come in and ruin his peaceful enjoyment of a well written book. The man was wearing slacks, a black suit, and dress. A rather troublesome looking man, it was not his clothes that gave away a troublesome nature, but the way he carried himself. Tatsuya took another sip from his cup of coffee, and to his attention the man rudely begins to act as though he owns the place.

I need tea. None of this nauseating sin bean juice. I’d like a cup of matcha.

The words he uttered were of complete nonsense, coffee is a a sin bean juice? How disgustingly eloquent of him to put it like that, or so were the thoughts that crossed Tatsuya's head. Tatsuya could completely understand people's love for tea, however, no tea was superior to any type of coffee. So was Tatsuya's opinion. However, Tatsuya's and the man's opinions on beverages were irrelevant in comparison to the scene this man is causing.

"Infliction of unlawful personal violence. Infliction of burns, bullet wounds, cuts, or bruises can be defined as battery, however, injury is not necessary as battery is concerned with the right to have one's body left alone by others. Battery is both a tort and a crime. In case it was defined as a Tort, the defendant is liable for any damages he or she caused the plaintiff. In case battery was a crime the criminal is to either pay a fine set by the court or spend prison time, generally it is both."

Tatsuya would then pause for a second only to speak again "I advise you to remove your hands as you are breaking the law, and the man before you can sue you. Cooperation is in your best interest. If you continue your problematic behavior, we will have a problem." Tatsuya would stand up glaring at the man a sharp gaze. Tatsuya had a duty as a job consultant, it was not that he cared about the law or the Barista, he simply had a duty. He would act as that duty would have him act. Regardless of how the man carries himself he was no common citizen, however, neither was Tatsuya. He awaited the man's response as he stood firmly in his place.

His book was closed before him on the table and  beside it was his cup of coffee. The man seemed to be the exact opposite of Tatsuya. The young blue eyed, sharp gazed, six feet tall man would not back down. What drove Tatsuya was a sense of duty, or for now that was what motivated his actions.

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Could there have been a person among the laid-back café goers who would stand up to the forward, aggressive hankering for matcha tea? Tsutomu had begun to loosen his grip by the time he heard the voice from behind him. Reciting the laws of the land to him as if he, Tsutomu, was not aware and intentionally shattering them in any possible instant. A gleam in his eye sparked as he oriented his head to the side and looked back at the voice that had washed over him. The idol of lawfulness. He was tall and his eyes were a very unique shade of blue. His angular face matched with the sharp gaze he was directing at the tea-fiend.

An uncomfortable silence washed over the shop as the barista, oddly enough, actually rushed over to pour some boiling water over a matcha teabag. And placed the neat little cup and saucer on the counter before him. He began to lightly cackle, evolving slowly into a generous and full-hearted laugh. Grabbing the little bar stool at his side, Tsutomu gracefully pulled it beneath himself and sat down at the table the lawman was seated at, his tea saucer and cup gently held between his thumb and index finger.

What does the law do for you personally, dark, tall, and handsome? Did you see the barista accepted my request and...” he turned around and slapped down a ludicrous amount of ryo on the counter in front of the person he had grappled. “He is not suffering, the law wasn’t necessary because allowing the situation to escalate beyond this point by bringing the law into the matter would have made a big stupid mess.

He would gaze with a super intense glare in his eyes, and an impeccable smile. He scanned over the man, capturing the very minute details of his expression throughout the entire dialogue. He hoped to see confusion, uncertainty. Any hint of a feeling that wasn’t confidence. “What EXACTLY would a PROBLEM entail, in reference to your earlier warning?

Tsutomu would continue smiling and adding a few spoonfuls of sugar to his cup then moving to take a deep drink of his tea. The hot, green liquid sending nothing but powerful signals of happiness throughout his body. The taste on his tongue was superb and he showed that as he raised the arm which didn’t hold his cup into the air explosively.

Oh! My name is Tsutomu, by the way.

WC: 416
TWC: 916

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As the man sat at the same table Tatsuya and began speaking. The Natake would listen attentively. The law, what does it do for the young consultant.  It delivers a paycheck that is all it does for Tatsuya. Does it protect Tatsuya? Is it a fair method of delivering justice? No. The man was more than meets the eye. Tatsuya had figured that out, and despite his wild behavior Tatsuya was not surprised to find the man intelligent. The lightning wielding blue eyed young man knew the man before him wild as he may be, was still not someone to be underestimated and so could be proven through his tone and method of speaking.

"My duty as a consultant for the police department is to aid in investigations and apprehend criminals." Said the man as he sat down. He would take a sip from his coffee and turn to his book picking it up. The man sitting with him spoke a few more words asking Tatsuya what problem could have occurred if he didn't let go of the man. Tatsuya was not one to beat the bush around, he spoke clearly and without faltering for a slight second "I would have had to restrain you and haul you in."

Tatsuya's words were straightforward and direct. However, one could sense the man was devoid of emotion. While one was wild the other was completely uptight, the two were polar opposites yet slightly similar. Tatsuya would  hear the man introduce himself as Tsutomu. The man was attractive enough to lead a playful life style and certainly had a personality wild befitting such a lifestyle, not only that but the amount he paid was a hefty one, clearing his financial status out of the way and explaining it well enough.

Tatsuya was not a rude person, nor was he someone who would ignore an introduction. As the man said his name Tatsuya replied instantly saying "Iziell." Saying no more no less. That was the name he went by around here, giving his real name would be a task impossible to complete for the amnesiac refugee.

"Matcha tea?" Bright emerald finely ground green tea leaves scientifically known as Camellia Sinensis. In order to enhance the Chlorophyl and Amino acids the plant is kept safe from direct sunlight exposure leading to a slower process of photosynthesis and a slower growth. Various vitamins and health benefits. Certainly unlikely of a man such as Tsutomu, but never the less, Tatsuya knew nothing of who he is. "Quite the taste you have. I wonder if our oncoming guests will appreciate it."
Tatsu could sense them, five men, standing outside preparing to rob the place dry.

Spoke Tatsuya knowledgeable as he always was, which should not come to surprise since he drowns himself in either training or his books. The oncoming guests would arrive knocking the door down. they held kunai and there were five of them, one stood behind four and appeared to be commanding them. Tatsuya being who he is would immediately think of an appropriate strategy to take down the group of bandits attempting to hoard this place or so they cleared their intentions by their boss's words "Alright ye stinkin' maggots empty yer pockets!"

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Restrain me, huh? That’s a little bit kinky of you to say, isn’t it?” Tsutomu would jest with a chuckle. The name the blue eyed lawman offered up was extremely pleasant and rolled from the tongue like silk. Iziell. Tsutomu would keep his mouth shut about his quiet admiration of that wonderful title. It would benefit the man in the next few moments. A familiar face from one of the low and dirty drug dens would come across the window front of the coffee shop. He had a company of four men with him. He couldn’t quite recall the miscreant’s name or title. It was a common practice of Tsutomu to occasionally refer to a person as the wrong name to ensure that they didn’t feel the relationship was too personal anyway.

It would have required an idiot’s perception not to realize they were planning a robbery, but of a coffee joint? Were they stupid or... The doors bursted open and the men rushed in, the familiar face barking orders. One of the grunts made an apocalyptic level error. It was as though the man’s single digit criminal IQ had randomly generated the launch codes to the most powerful nuclear warhead. If nuclear warheads existed in shinobi society. He smacked Tsutomu’s cup of matcha from his hand and it fell to the floor with a crash. The sharp dressed genin watched, his eyes widening and the blood vessels within each pulsing outward with extreme vigor, as his cup lay broken upon the ground.

FRRRRANK, you fùcking insufferable waste of skin!” Tsutomu addressed the man that way without thinking, charging his hands with bakuton and bursting it directly onto the face of the man who had swatted the tea. This launched both the man and Tsutomu ten meters in the opposite direction, causing the thug to collide with his accomplices, and Tsutomu to land with finesse atop a table at the very back of the shop. He was still quite pissed despite the cool landing he made a mental note of. There was a particular technique Tsutomu was looking to give a shot in an I closed area, and this looked like a perfect opportunity. He would stand atop the table and plot his next move carefully in the few seconds to come, giving his unlikely ally an opportunity to show off his own skills.

WC: 403
TWC: 1319

Chakra: 135/150:

Name: Breeze Burst | 微吹き *Bifuki*
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: 1 meter
Specialty: Nin-taijutsu
Duration: Maintainable (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: Duration + 3 posts
Description: By charging the palms of the hands or feet with bakuton chakra, the user of this simple movement technique is capable of releasing a directed blast outward from the limb, shaping the explosion so that it propels him in the opposite direction up 20 meters at a speed of 20 m/s. Directly impacting a target with this technique will cause only minor bruising, and send both the target and the user in opposite directions 10 meters each, at a speed of 20 m/s. The user may use two charges of this technique per post. Utilizing a single additional charge beyond the allotted 2 per post costs 5 additional chakra to the maintenance cost. As an aside, this technique is also capable of knocking aside non-chakra based projectiles with ease.

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He used some sort of technique that could be attributed to Bakuton, was everything about this man wild? Even his element is. He would knock the man away after breaking his cup of tea. Which enraged Tsutomu. It was a rather interesting showcase of the wild man's skill. Tsutomu would knock the man towards his allies rattling them, a rather interesting display of skill and coordination. However, it was Tatsuya's turn to show off, except he didn't. He spoke with authority directing his words at the group of thugs "Drop your weapons and surrender. The less resistance, the better you have a chance at a more lenient trial." The men laughed at Tatsuya yet he didn't budge not even flinching for a single second. Instead he stood firmly in front of the group.
In the end, his warning fell on deaf ears. Two idiots attacked him with knives, and those two idiots would suffer for it. One man rushed at Tatsuya with his blade in front of him a 5 inch long knife. The other did the same, however, he was holding a sword, the sword's edge was dull. Just eyeing the blade Tatsuya concluded it could cut an inch deep in one slice. The young man would tilt his body as thought he wanted to let the man pass through, however, he would grab the wrist of the hand holding the knife before him tilting became a full rotation in which he used his elbow to strike the man's head and bring his arm around the man's neck holding him in a headlock lifting him off the ground and dropping the man for his face to meet Tatsuya's knee, knocking one out.
The second one rushing at Tatsuya with his sword would be useful, or rather, his sword would be useful. As the man intercepted Tatsuya, the young police consultant would grab a dish and throw it at the idiot who broke the dish with his blade leaving him open in that instant. While the man was wide open Tatsuya didn’t take his chance and the reason was simple; he wanted to test something. The man would fix his posture and prepared a downward slash, if Tatsuya moved while the man held the sword above his head, the man can simply rearrange the direction of his strike. However, after the man launches his sword downward there’s no changing that direction, and Tatsuya did just that. As the man began his downward strike The blue eyed moved in and to the side. As the downward sword strike was completed and the sword was at the holder’s waist level Tatsuya continued with his on-step moving in his arm entering the man’s range as he reached for the handle the man was holding with both hands while Tatsuya stood at the side.
Tatsuya would reach to the back of the blade holding it with his other hand using the gap between his thumb and index finger. He grabbed tight hold of it and as the sword’s blade went below the man’s waist Tatsuya would push the blade with his hand holding the back of the sword; he would push the blade downwards while holding the handle tightly. The man’s grip eventually slipped and Tatsuya as he took the blade immediately slashed the man’s right side from his gut to his shoulder an inch deep slice as he expected. After stealing the blade and cutting the man Tatsuya retreated a step back. All he did with his legs was step in and step out. He had been training his footwork and methods to dismantle an armed opponent, it paid off.
Tatsuya would scare the man into fumbling and falling. The man crawled backwards scared but the door was shut and their boss wanted cash, he wasn’t leaving without it. Tatsuya spun the sword a single spin as he fixed his grip before walking backwards to the side of his new ‘acquaintance’. He spoke no words but simply nodded at the man in order to confirm his intentions as if they weren’t clear, regardless of how skilled or how intelligent or handsome he was, Tatsuya did not like him. However, the situation calls for unlikely allies. Two polar opposites versus one digit IQ thugs, the battle begins.

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Tsutomu would watch in awkward awe as Iziell attempted to face down the numbskulls with the power of diplomacy. Words. It was at that time that the mischievous shinobi realized just how different he was from the orderly officer. In a wonderful display of physical prowess, Iziell utilized nimble footwork to disarm and dispatch two armed attackers. It was an expert display of what had to be rigorous combat training. He was able to end the confrontation with almost no bloodshed, save for the reversal strike with a secured, dull blade.

Now that he had gained his footing and Iziell stood at his side, Tsutomu ruled that it was now time to unleash devastation on the foes and the entire storefront. I wish you all the best of luck. You have bothered me for the last time.” He molded chakra into his palm, forming a charged bomb, around the size of a basketball that he would throw as hard as he could forward. The ball would split into fifteen smaller projectiles before finally shifting again into 45 tiny bouncing explosive marbles which would be impossible to evade in such a tight space.

His eyes were wide with excitement as he witnessed the unfolding scene. A bouncing marble hit the first of the crowded up men and with a thunderous blast, launched him in a way that he ragdolled across the building, setting off several other grenades. The explosions were loud and devastating, shattering windows and annihilating a large amount of the structure in the front of the shop. While the explosions themselves were non-lethal, the concussive force of being slammed against walls and the ceiling over and over again was not unlikely to prove fatal to the untrained street rats. It was necessary to pull the table down in front of himself to avoid the shrapnel of dislodged wood and glass from harming Tsutomu.

WC: 315
TWC: 1634

Chakra: 120/150:

Name: Scatter-Bounce Grenade Shower | ばら〜とーん榴弾 *Bara-ton Ryūdan*
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: 25 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post; Projectiles linger for 5 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: A straightforward basketball-sized projectile for the first 2 meters that splits up into 15 different projectiles which resemble the size of apples after it stops for a single second. After another 3 meters, the division happens again, except by 3, leaving 45 incessantly bouncing marble-sized projectiles across the battlefield. These projectiles will continually bounce around 1 meter off the ground and 1 meter in an unpredictable direction until they come into contact with anything besides the ground, at which point they will explode. These projectiles maintain a constant speed of 15 meters per second while still airborne.

Each stage of this jutsu has a different damage value. The single projectile is capable of a blast which covers a 4 meter radius, fracturing the bones of anyone whom is in contact with the blast as well as sending them sprawling 10 meters in the direction opposite the blast at a rate of 15 meters per second. The directionality of said blast is shaped in a way to not harm the user, contouring his form. After the split into 15 projectiles, each projectile is only capable of dealing moderate bruising to the opponent, but retaining the concussive force to send the opponent flying 10 meters in the direction of the release of force from the explosion. Once the projectiles have become 45 individual marbles, they are capable of dealing minor bruising to an opponent but still maintaining the ability to launch an opponent 10 meters away from the blast.

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Tatsuya was eager to see another powerful display, and what Tsutomu did was both amazing in terms of strength and raw power, however, it was hellishly unenjoyable for the cafe owner. Tatsuya took cover behind the table as well as Tsutomu released forty-five explosives that scattered ina  tiny area leaving no escape for the enemy. The sounds of explosions filled the area. Tatsuya would leave cover and look around the shop was demolished. The thugs that came to rob were completely knocked out on the floor.

Normally, Tatsuya would have resolved a problem such as that without getting messy, however, that was not what bothered Tatsuya. Whatever technique he used it was of low rank, thankfully. Tatsuya was not shortsighted in terms of predicting potential. This power tsutomu holds, while destructive and messy, would be a true handful to deal with. Had this been a high rank fight. Tatsuya would imagine the god-like power that could be brought about should this wildcard young man called Tsutomu aim to become stronger.

The realization of the possibility they are or could become stronger than him would leave his eyes slightly more open as he felt an emotion induced by someone else. What this emotion was? He didn't know, but if he had to describe it. "It was as though someone was squeezing my heart. I felt excited yet bitter, Angry yet motivated..." Or so Tatsuya thought. It was strange for the young man. He never felt emotions, he never felt anger before, yet this time he did. He never felt excitement, yet this time he did. Perhaps keeping an eye on Tsutomu is something he should be doing.

Snapping back to reality he looked at Tsutomu with a simple slight sly smile. In that quick moment he reached out his handcuffs to cuff the two of them together. While Tsutomu did stop the thugs, he also messed up and damaged the shop. "You did an impressive job stopping the criminals, however, you destroyed the shop as well." Little did Tatsuya know that binding them together would only bring more trouble. If Tsutomu would be cuffed to Tatsuya, a whole day of trouble would have been waiting for them, handcuffs were no necessity, these two together could attract a year long worth of trouble in a day. Even if Tsutomu would not be cuffed, them being together would bring the enough trouble for the day as though they become a trouble magnet.

The young blue eyed would tie the criminal with a nearby rope he foundTatsuya would call the police as he stepped out of the shop to ensure the apprehension of the criminals. Naturally he also meant Tsutomu, however impressing he was to Tatsuya he was still an annoying show off, or so he thought.

Tatsuya would remember yesterday's operation and it was no simple operation.

Glasses glowing with the color of wine, chandeliers fancily lighting the humongous castle that breeds the greed of man, and births more cash than the pocket could hold. A great fun, for not all ages, but definitely the daring. However, the sharp blue-eyed young man was not here for a road trip in easy-money-land. Tatsuya would pace his steps into the large halls containing hundreds of tables as the sound of chips rattling, dice rolling, and cards shuffling filled the young man's ears as he made his way to one of the tables wearing an ear-piece he hid under his hair he listened and kept in communication with his partner in this sting operation. 

"Are you sure this is going to work Izi? This seem really... impossible.. Hey Iziell, can you hear me?" Yes, that name that did not belong to him, but for convenience it was a name he had to grow accustomed to as he remembered barely anything useful regarding his past. He replied to his partner in a sly manner not addressing her only but mainly the people at the table. These people would prove to be his tools for this operation. The people at the table were no innocent people, Akihiko Shimada, owner of a bank and a suspect in a Ponzi scheme, a scheme where return is generated for older investors through new ones instead of legitimate business activities. Ranmaru Miyabi, a middle aged man that managed to avoid trial despite being the ringleader of an underground sex slavery ring. They kidnap women and girls that are underage and sell them to even bigger perverts. Two sides one perverted with money and the other perverted with women, is basically what the trades could be described as. The third one was an interesting one the boss of both of the two criminals, Yui Ichihara, she is the boss of the two and she runs her own drug cartel. All three of which hide behind the front of being simply the partners, owners of the Casino. However, Tatsuya is about to crash their party.

Tatsuya sat down and signed up for a game of blackjack, and he wasn't simply lying when he said he would distract the entire casino. Blackjack is a game that is based on dependent events, the past dictates the future or the probability of what is next to come. Tatsuya's strategy wasn't all that impressing, a simple popular yet banned method, card counting. Tatsuya would use a card counting strategy in order to make it big, make it suspicious, and be dragged to the queen's office, Yui Miyabi's office. Naturally, the game began, and naturally, Tatsuya began calculating the possibilities and counting cards. By the third round many circled the table. At that point he made sure to lose two rounds in a row, and then regain with three wins right after. The fourth round came and it was time to pipe down on the victories. On the other hand his partner snuck into the offices within the casino with her other colleagues, searching the place for evidence. Tatsuya would await their signal before enabling making him self suspicious for now he would converse with the people at the table.

Tatsuya eventually was called out for counting cards and the female boss was attracted to Tatsuya, he was capable of seducing her successfully. He would seduce her more and eventually got busy with her. As he was done he simply smiled and as headed for the door she playfully spoke "Don't come to my Casino again handsome boy." she puffed out smoke from the cigarette she's smoking and as he left he he looked back smiling. She would soon realize he stole the key from her as they were 'getting busy'.

She alarmed the guards but Tatsuya delivered the key to his partners in the operation and a safe containing all papers regarding their operations was obtained, heck, the files they had were so incriminating a single paper was capable of landing each one of them twenty five  years in prison. The three would be cuffed and as cars surrounded the Casino and their bodyguards would all be detained, the lady boss would bite her lip at Tatsuya, as she spoke her bit "You've outsmarted me this time, but darling I'll burn you to the ground." Tatsuya replied to her with no emotion and a gaze looking down on her as though he was a king on a throne. Tatsuya never thought of himself as so, however, the glare he gave her shot the presence of such authority in her face which angered her and led to her yelling at him as she was put in the police car. Ownership was transferred to a different lady that goes by the name Sakuya Tachibana.  A wealthy lady and the owner of a small bar, after pulling some strings of her own, she was capable of claiming ownership. Tatsuya was aware of the woman's foul play, however, the two have a past and the casino was in good hands. Her ownership would also benefit Tatsuya which is why he stayed quiet about her pulling some strings.

It was an easy mission, his partner would scold him for sleeping with the suspect, however, Tatsuya would calmly explain that it was simply to distract her, and that she should not make anything out of it as he was simply doing his job to haul the criminals in. Results were achieved, No damages were received, and no risks were involved. To Tatsuya, a calculated risk, is no risk at all.
Tatsuya's day after yesterday's big operation was supposed to be an off day yet all he got was more work.

Exit Thread.
To be continued in a next thread
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