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Mission name: Mailman
Mission rank: D
Objective: Deliver some letters.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: There are three letters that need delivered to three different people across the village; Lee, Yen, and Kei. The letters are in sealed envelopes with the name and address on each one easily readable on the front.
Mission details: Deliver the letters in any order you wish. If you open the letters you will fail the mission; and they will know they've been opened.
Nobira eyes lit up with excitement. It was his first mission even if it was just delivering some mail it was something special to him. He looked at the first letter out of the 3 and he saw it was going to Lee and his address he drops down on his knees and picks up Murasaki and places his on his head then starts to dash towards the address mentioned, he was determined to get this mission finished as fast as possible!
he had made it to Lee's house and knocked on the door and had gotten the letter out of his pocket as the man before mentioned had opened the door to him "Hello there sir! I have a letter for you today!" he would have before, would've not said it so energetically but today was a good day. He handed the letter to him and a "Thanks!" in return he then looked at the next letter in the little bunch and saw the next person, Kei and there address.
he jumped to a rooftop to get a bigger scope of things in konoha since he didn't actually know where this address was he started jumping from roof to roof finding out where this person's apartment was he looked around and found the apartment building the "Konoha Obasan Apartments" matched up exactly with the name on the letter he had zoomed downwards to the entrance and had opened up the double doors to the building he went up to the front desk and had asked "Do you know where uh...Ms.Kei is?" "Sorry no she left the building at about 10:00 am saying she was going to visit a relative of hers sorry about that" the receptionist said "its okay thanks anyway though" Nobira replied with a little grin as he had walked out, all he could relywwwwwwwwwwww on now was the slight chance that she was outside and well the rooftops was the best of seeing her if that was the case he jumped on top of one and had started his search he went around town looking for Kei after doing it for a while he had realized he could ask people around town if they had seen her not one had seen her then he had an idea "well shes pretty old so I can only assume that maybe the relative that the receptionist talked about is dead and the only places I know with dead people are the memorial stone and the Cemetery I'll look at the cemetery first theres no garuntee that the person who died was even a ninja he started dashing from roof to roof towards the outskirts of Konoha he spoted tons of old people there but they were either male or married and the envelope had said she was widowed and never married again so he only had one choice the memorial stone was the last place to look, he was honestly surprised he didn't see her before when he looked around the same area of the memorial stone but it was whatever. The second he had arrived he'd saw her and immediately dashed towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder then said: "Are you the one known as Kei Senju?" the old lady looked around and said, "why yes what do you need from me?" "Phew well, then I have a letter for you!" he said as he gave her letter the old lady had smiled and said thank you in return Nobira dashed back up to the rooftops relived that the search was over but he still had one last piece of mail to deliver he was hoping it wouldn't take as long as the other one he looked down at the last letter it was going to a person named yen that was going to herself... well other than that it included no address Meaning that he would have to talk around yet again to just about everybody in the village he got ready to ask around again till Murasaki started barking from the top of his head "what is it, Muraski?" Muraski had suggested that Nobira Should let him sniff it so he can get the scent and track yen down "of course! here" he said as he handed it to the loyal dog the dog sniffed and started running off in a direction "W-wait up!" Nobira said as he ran behind Murasaki following him through every twist and turn till they made it to a little shop right in the middle of two buildings he walked up to the shop and said between breaths "are you yen Haruno 'cause if so I got a letter for you" "I'm surprised you were able to find me even with no address" she said as she accepted the letter Nobira had motioned toward her "well you can't really doubt me I'm way too smart for that" he said with smile yen just sighed at the boys confidence. with the final letter delivered Nobira had finally finished the mission he was tasked it was dark so it was a perfect way to spend the day before it got too dark he headed back to turn in the mission he had just freshly completed

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