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Clan Name: Gaki
Location: Iwagakure
Specialization: Senjutsu
Elements: None

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Clan History: What is your clan's history?

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Kekkei Genkai Name: The Curse of the Hungering Ghost
Kekkei Genkai Description:  
The Gaki prey off of the beings that reside in the Impure Land, and are viewed by many to be the natural enemies of civilized folk. The clan's ability allows them to utilize a perverted form of senjutsu to siphon chakra out of an incoming jutsu that they can sacrifice in exchange for losing their ability to absorb chakra from the world around them.  The practitioners of senjutsu among these cursed people can even feed off of the chakra of the living.

The members of this clan are able to smell the chakra of people or creatures within 5 meters of themselves. Because of their ability to intake a bit of someone's chakra, the members of this clan are able to analyze said chakra and teach the owner of that chakra more efficiently. Ninja being taught Specializations, Sub-Specializations, or Elements by a Gaki receive a 25% discount.

Gaki are not compatible with natural energy and must use a ritual in order to begin absorbing nature chakra. This ritual involves absorbing another’s c
Curse of the Hungry Ghost

  • A common philosophy found among the Gaki is that "There is no ground to be gained without at least a little effort." The members afflicted with this curse start their careers as ninja with very little skill in the manipulation of chakra. These ninja begin with no elements, and they only start with Senjutsu as their primary spec, which begins at S-Rank as normal. They can still learn there other specs at the appropriate ranks for double the ryo.

  • Gaki are experts at shutting down other's techniques with their Hiden, so much so that they aren't as adept at traditional techniques. Gaki-nin do not begin with the academy techniques, and they can only learn them if they have the appropriate specializations. Additionally Gaki-nin can only use jutsu of their own rank as opposed to also being able to use jutsu of one rank higher.

  • Gaki have been cursed by the world around them, and must be careful about the environments they interact with the Sun, rain, and even the life around them is cruel to their physiology. The Gaki are weak to certain kinds of environments. While in certain countries Gaki-nin find that those countries cornerstone elements are risky to sacrifice as these elements are beloved there. The damage done to the Gaki by these side effects is considered to be an offensive jutsu of

    • While in Hi no Kuni the post after absorbing a fire or wood release jutsu one of the Gaki-nin's limbs [The limb with the Impure Altar] becomes engrossed in combustible spores that erupt in searing flame that deals burns as if they were caused by a jutsu of one rank lower than absorbed jutsu.
    • When in Mi

  • The Gaki's senjutsu

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