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It was a beautiful night with the moon shining in the sky like a goddess sitting on her throne and her subjects, the stars, standing loyally at her side. The wind whistled through the trees surrounding Konoha and the animals scurried to the ground or flew high into the sky as a man in white rushed through the trees. Lights blared in his direction, but forever missing and the man’s face stretched into a crescent moon grin. And with an echoing laugh the man disappeared with a puff as he disguised himself as one of his pursuers, his boon in his pocket. Luckily, as the man always is, these pursuers did not know each other enough to realize that one has been switched as the thief.

A disappointed sigh that barely made a sound, but every pursuer knew, disappeared into the swirling wind. The men started to walk back to Konoha as they saw no reason to unnecessarily expel anymore energy. It was a long trek home and right before they entered the thief drifted off to enter Konoha on his own. He jumped over the wall and landed in a white suit with a white cape trailing up and flapped in the wind as it rested on his back. The thief stood and strolled behind a building to an aging man.

The aging man jumped and ran over to the thief, “Kaito-bocchama! I’m so sorry~! When you left the perimeter I didn’t know what to do!” The aging man fell to his knees before his Bocchama, Kaito Kuroba. Kaito’s face turned from cocky to worry as he pulled the aging man up. “Jii-chan! Stop that already, you really shouldn’t be doing that in your age!” Jii-chan let his ‘master’ pull him up still sullen.

“But, but I promised your father I would keep you safe!” Kaito sighed as he and Jii-chan walked to the aging man's bar. Toichi Kuroba was the greatest magician on earth. Kaito distinctly remembers the way his father spoke, the way he laughed, how he’d react. Like he never left, like he never died because those men purposely messed with his father’s preparations for a trick and the trick blew up, causing his death.

Kaito clutched his mouth in silent anger and motionlessly shook the thoughts away. Kaito took notice of Jii’s bar up ahead and quickly changed into a simple black kimono that accentuated his slim waist, broad shoulders, and smoothed out his otherwise powerful looking legs. Jii waited at the mouth of the alleyway and followed next to Kaito into the light and through the doors of the bar. The bar was of average size with a bar table to the right with varying drinks behind, and groups of tables and chairs sat in front of the bar. And to the left two pool tables with the pool sticks on the wall.

The lights above bounced off of Kaito’s chocolate brown birds-nest of hair and reflected in his sky blue eyes. Jii went behind the bar table and Kaito sat on a stool in front.

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Black cloth danced in the cold wind of the night, and a single pale hand lifting it from flowing erratically on top of the stone steps. Kaito ducked down from the bitter sting of the fleeting warmth of the bar. His left arm crossed over toward the opening of the alleyway pulling his back down, curving his spine. Kaito peeked through his milky dark-brown hair that seemingly both absorbed light and reflected it; and with that brief moment of natures gusting breath he walked toward the streets. His sandals clacked against the flat two by two foot stone pieces that lined the alleyway in two’s next to each other, a telling piece that tells that this is not just an alleyway to the streets behind buildings, but a legitimate path many walk upon as shown by the marrying cracks and darkened spots.

Soon he was striding home, smiling with his eyes lowered in a peaceful expression as he took in the sounds of the night, a rustle, a whistle, a howl. There was no noise from Kaito, but once he saw his home upon the tilted hill, standing at a flat level, the crunch of rocks under unforgiving hardwood grew increasingly louder. The house in question was a three story cream-colored home with a six foot extended middle topped with a tilted up flat roof for the middle and over the two shorter sides, lean-to roofs that connected seamlessly to the middle roof. On the left, facing the house, a stone balcony with wooden fence hanging over the door extended from the second floor and a thin stone wall stretched out from the house, blocking the wooden-fenced balcony parallel to the wall of the middle, it started from the steps of the house and almost reached the leaned roof. On the wall of the wooden-fenced balcony was a thin door covered in wooden blinds and another stone balcony stretched from the wooden-fenced balcony to the rest of the middle street-faced wall with sliding-glass doors, the stone balcony intercepted a small one-story room with the length that slightly passed halfway the length of the stone balcony and the height a quarter way into the stone balcony.

The small building had a dark-wooden door next to the rest of the house, facing left, and the rest of the wall was glass with stone beams with a thicker beam as the corner. The wall facing the street had fir trees growing against it as they covered three small windows. And rounding that corner was a sliding-glass door just the the left of the small building, connected to the extended middle. The third floor had nothing to truly note of except for two three-by-three foot wooden lined windows above the sliding-glass doors with structure beams on either side and in the middle that started from three feet under the window and up three feet above the windows as it barely reached the end of the roof. On the right side, facing the house, of the building was similar in size to the other side, but reflected, with a sliding-glass door instead of a door, a stone balcony with a wooden-lined door and no wooden fence, and other such windows.

Back to the main house, stone steps leaded to a dark-wooden double door that served as the entrance to the house. The door is situated in an indent formed between the slate wall and the wall with the stone balcony. A long stone path stretched from the steps to the road path with a wooden saloon-like door over it and two stone poles on either side where a short stone wall stretched around the house. Kaito glided along the stone path to his door, barely giving a passing glance to the grass and the many flowers that varied in shape, color, and meaning. He then held his hands over the door as he made varying symbols swiftly and a faint click noise was heard as the door was unlocked.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he pushed the door open, the home was desolate and dark, devoid of the bright warm family atmosphere it once had. In his mind he saw glowing figures of his parents and a younger him as they pranced around the room, dodging the brown coffee table, twisting around the front of the TV and it’s short light brown hardwood drawer with books, passing the sliding glass-doors, and falling onto a plush beige couch. Kaito kept his head down as he slipped off his sandals, leaning on the white plaster wall to his right that created a small hallway from the door and separated the kitchen on the other side into its own little space. He pushed another door at the end of the small doorway hallway, passing the door that connected to the small building within the hallway, and drudged his way over the oak-wood floor, passing yet another door next to potted plant in a blue vase that was next to the TV, to the stairs that started to the left of the plush green chair. The wooden stairs were covered in plush red and barely gave a creak, as Kaito pulled himself as he walked by the brown decorated rail, a silent tale to the house sturdy and kept nature.

The upper part of the home had a long hallway the stretched from the stairs covered in a simple red carpet, slightly unlike the stairs. Two simple sakura wooden doors paired on white walls to the left, the farther one being a closet and the closer one his mother’s room. Another pair sakura wood doors dotted the walls to the right with a bathroom being behind the stairs and a guest room just slightly before it, then his room at the end. Finally Kaito’s room at the end of the hallway, at first his room is seemingly the largest, but is in fact the same size as the other bedrooms. The bedroom was an eight by twelve foot room with a window on the wall to the left, standing in the doorway facing into the room, of the door.

A six foot bed lay'd next to the wall to the left under the window and a kotatsu next to it with a beige-green carpet lined in brown. Next to the head of the bed was a four shelf bookshelf at six feet and next to that was a oak desk with a blue laptop, a stack of four books and a green folder behind the laptop, next to the stack of books and folder was a tiny blue file box, and next to the box a small brown bookshelf. Next to the dex was a medium brown box with a small grey box on top. There was a small walkway behind the desk that leads to the sliding-glass door that leads to the stone balcony. Kaito passed the four open-sided shelf of various pictures and boxes, sitting on the comfy brown spin chair and faced his father’s large six foot picture, which was actually a revolving door, that was next to the open-sided shelf.

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