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The sun was high in the sky cascading over the village of Iwagakure and the weather was hot but not too the point one would feel discomfort in it's embrace, most people would resort to taking a break near a body of water to refresh their bodies and minds but not Kongo. She had only just made it back to Iwagakure the night before but she wanted to waste no time to getting back to her daily training, if she wanted to be a good medical ninja she would work hard even if other's wouldn't just like she vowed when she had moved to the village.

Kongo could be seen walking through the street's of Iwagakure, she would notice out of the corner of her eye the strange looks the civilians would give her due to the sand guard strapped to her back that contained the material she needed to cast her jutsu, although on this day it would prove just to be a simple prop to her that defined that she was indeed a ninja from Sungakure in which she displayed no shame of once being apart of.

It took her nearly a hour of walking towards the north side of the village before reaching her destination, she would now stand in front of a large university positioned right over a center of a large lake that was accessible by a bridge atop a small mountain. From the rumors she heard it was a place where civilians and ninja can go to heighten their learning even further then what a ninja academy could teach them, she would then make her way into the building lightly walking over it's bridge as she was not sure how stable it was based off of it's appearance, after passing the bridge she was now at the entrance of the building and she would gently push the door aside so she could enter it's confine's.

Her sight would now set upon a opening desk where a man lyed behind it sitting on a chair, she would then begin to walk closer but before she could do anything the man spoke with a tone that felt like he was forced to say it, "Hello! Welcome to Iwagakure's Diamond Height's University, how can i help you?" Kongo would then give a simple smile for a attempt to make the man's job less unbearable for him before answering, "Hello there~ I would like to take the intermediate medical ninjutsu class please." the man's smile would fade which was a bad sign. "Im sorry but that class is currently filled up for another two weeks, your have to come back again after that or i can sign you up for another class if you like" Kongo was crushed, she had walked all the way just for this class and now she was told it wasn't available, she would generate a heavy sigh before speaking with a slight frown on her face. "No thank you, i think i'll just be on my way now. Thank you for your time." before walking out within only a minute of her arrival.

She would walk across the bridge once more while thinking to herself what she was going to do now, she had really been counting on that class to help train her medical ninjutsu and now it was a bust. walking off the bridge she would point her head up towards the sky and groan heavily in a very agitated way in which anyone close enough to hear it would now she was in distress and not happy about it.



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Clock Ticking

Tatsuya would run into the dark alley following the man running from him. He would climb the metal fence continuing his chase. Tatsuya would follow the man wherever he tried to escape. Before long the young man blue eyed detective would catch up a civilian behind the suspect. Tatsuya, would take caution in his next move as he could endanger the civilian who turned out to be a pink-haired beautiful young lady. Tatsuya would look at the suspect in the eyes and approach him slowly. Tatsuya would ask him to put his weapon down but to no avail. The criminal threw the knife in front of Tatsuya  warning him not to get any closer as the lady approached closer letting out groan expressing dissatisfaction. Tatsuya awaited the man for his next move as he pulled out a second knife.

Tatsuya knew what the man was thinking, however, the female was approaching with a gourd on her back, a symbol of a once fallen nation, The sand village. The female was a ninja and could probably hold her own. However, it was Tatsuya's job to deal with criminals, not hers. He had to find a way to deal with this criminal quickly, he was a nimble Ninja as well, faster than Tatsuya, but not smarter. Tatsuya picked up the knife and threw it at the suspect and naturally he dodged it and rushed at Tatsuya with both knives as he grabbed the thrown knife after dodging it, by then Tatsuya was also rushing at him.

The two would combat it out for a quick minute until the woman was in close proximity and the man was being choked by Tatsuya till he fainted. Tatsuya handcuffed the man and his job was over. However, there was a slight problem. The man stabbed Tatsuya in the chest an inch deep, luckily Tatsuya was capable of avoiding any vitals, however, if he didn't, he would be in the hospital. Tatsuya coldly removed the blade as if he felt no pain. He felt pain, however, he felt no need to express it.

Tatsuya's head was spinning, it was a poisonous strike. Tatsuya wasn't sure what the poison could do but something of far more importance pulled him together. That gourd she was wearing, slight flashes of memories he barely saw for less than a quarter of a second flashed by. She was a key to unlocking his memories. He wanted to know more of who he is. He approached the female and spoke to her few words, but of course he would seem like someone trying to hit on her, he hoped she would not think so to be the case. He spoke "Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but I noticed you were upset and thought I could lend a hand." His voice was as stern as always yet this time with a slight hint of kindness. He reached out his hand for a handshake as he kept a very slight smile. It was his sad attempt at a smile, but it was hard to give a sincere smile. If he was tricking her as he did the drug lady boss that owned a casino then a  fake smile was nothing easier.

What was the relationship between his memories and her gourd he had no idea, but he was genuinely curious to find out. She may know him as his successful operation and hauling in a crime syndicate responsible for the biggest sex slavery deal, drug cartel, and scam landed him in the first pages of the newspaper, something he greatly disliked. Tatsuya was capable of contacting the firm responsible to pull any distribution of the newspaper and was capable of  convincing the owner of the publishing firm to republish the paper and crediting his partner, however, it was too late. Tatsuya tried to blackmail the firm owner with his affair. Allegedly.... May have done that....

However, due to that exchange with the bureau chief, it's safe to say.... He owes Tatsuya... A favor.

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Kongo was just about to turn home to go to sleep for the rest of the night to get rid of her bad mood but as she walked she would see a sight of a criminal rushing by which was pursued by a male shinobi following closely behind, he looked a bit older and was also taller in height. Interested by the sight in front of her she continued to watch as the criminal throw a knife at the older shinobi only for him to pick it up and throw it back but with more precise aim, but it would seem the criminal had another one and was quite nimble as he caught the one thrown back at him mid-air and now rushed towards him but the shinobi was also rushing into him heading for a clash of strength between the two.

The sight would make her little uneasy as she watched the knife somewhat impale the shinobi's skin but it had seemed to be to light of a wound as the shinobi was able to quickly get a hold of the man and strangle him until he fainted, the whole ordeal was quite impressive as she herself doubt she was strong enough to handle such a wound done to her. But something was wrong, she couldn't quite tell but it seemed the shinobi would now notice her and walked over to her with a look in his eye she couldn't explain,"Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but I noticed you were upset and thought I could lend a hand." Kongo actually froze up a bit due to realizing she didn't have her usual mask on covering a portion of her face, she then snapped back to reality after a few moments of award silence before saying "Hello im Sabaku Kongo..!" She then cupped her face in her hands in embarrassment as out of her whole vocabulary of words to say she was only able o say her name once her panic finished, but as she moved her hands she could see the wound where the knife was more vividly and she noticed that it was a odd color that looked purplish. She tried to recall what that meant and after a few seconds it hit her hard, it was the color of poison being mixed with human blood and she deduced it was the knife he had been stabbed with.

"Not good!!" She would immediately jump the shinobi moving as agile as a cat and ripped his shirt open in utter boldness, she then looked at the wound and saw it was getting infected and he wouldn't have long before it became even deeper. Kongo quickly reached into her shinobi pouch and took out a kunai and horizontally slashed off a portion of his skin removing the immediate skin that the poisoned tip had ripped into that would cause the boy further pain and abit of bleeding, but then Kongo would swiftly move her other hand over the same wound as a glow of chakra enveloped into it as the boy should now feel alot more comfort now that she removed the infected wound and at the same time beginning to heal him from any ailments it might have infected him with. Now that his life wasn't in immediate danger she snapped back into reality once again turning as red as a tomato in front of him due to her shyness coming back in full swing.


Total WC:1,225

Chakra: 140/150

Jutsu Used:

Name: Hovering Hands (ホバリング手 ~ Hobaringu-te)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Contact
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Up to 4 posts (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The user envelopes their hands in medicinal chakra, and holds it an inch or two over a wound. It will regenerate one sq. inch of skin per post, and heal cuts up to 3/4 inches deep, minor bruises, and first degree burns within this area. Muscle tissue and second degree burns will take 2 posts to heal instead of one, and this technique can only be used for up to 4 posts.


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She was incredibly cute and shy. However, as she noticed the wound on Tatsuya, it was almost as though someone flipped her switch. As though it was in her nature to do what she did. She was... Kind. She freaked out as though a cat before jumping Tatsuya and immediately stripping him from his shirt as she dug her Kunai in a  horizontal manner removed a portion of his skin. Tatsuya was one strong willed fighter he held in any reaction tot he pain not even budging. It was a simple cold silence as she was dedicated truly to tend to his wound.

The girl was cute that part was true, however, it was something else that was truly beautiful about her. She saw someone injured, a stranger, and rushed herself immediately to help them. It was as though a natural reaction, she suddenly became a trained medic, precise and well trained in the art of medical Ninjutsu. Tatsuya wondered what the girl had gone through to develop such a side. She would rush to those in need.

Almost like.....

A flash of a red haired woman appeared again, his hand reached out to that woman in his memories. He snapped back to reality, and found himself moving his hand towards the Kongo-san's cheek. He pulled his hand away as he realized and at the same time she was done healing him. He looked at her and she was as red as a freshly cut tomato. Tatsuya had never chuckled before his partner arrived at the scene as he chuckled very slightly. She was amazed, but what was more amazing that Tatsuya reached his hand towards her head patting the girl's head. "Thank you lady Kongo." He would get up and with a slight smile as he gave the girl his hand in order to help her get up.

Earlier ago she was upset, she showed great passion in her medical jutsu. She was headed back from the university as well. Tatsuya had business there and he remembered that today they were holding special medical jutsu classes. Perhaps she couldn't join due to the class being full. Tatsuya knew some people and could help her attend the class she may have wanted. He would ask her to confirm if she wanted to attend, he could help her out.

The girl was rather interesting, seemed genuine and shy. Tatsuya enjoyed her company. She also brought out a fragment of his memory, remaining by her side for a while longer could help him unlock more memories. He didn't know for sure, but he still wanted to repay the debt. Plus having someone attend that class that actually cares about learning more rather than caring about obtaining extra credits would be, much better.

He spoke "Medical nin, returning from university's direction, and you were upset. Were the classes full? If you want to, I could help you attend that class."
If the young female was indeed unhappy because she was incapable of attending a medical class, then it would be easy to help her get in. Tatsuya was not all brawn and no brains. The blue eyed young man would attempt his best at securing connections all around Iwagakure. The young man felt indebted to her. She saved him from a possible death. There was no knowing whether or not the poison was lethal, and if it was, she just saved his life.

The young man showed great interest in the girl, and it was very rare for Tatsuya to show interest in anyone. The swordsman was known for his calm and cold demeanor in the police force. Accomplishing his duties without faltering, that was Tatsuya's trademark in the police department of Iwagakure. Never getting too close to people, and remaining a lone wolf.

Yet this strange girl with what seems to be a second personality could reawaken these emotions within the swordsman. At first, Tatsuya thought she was a simple shy girl, however, when she realized his life might be in danger; it was as though she transformed into a different person. The girl was fascinating in more way than one. However, what boggled Tatsuya's mind was one simple thing; Why was this girl capable of reawakening Tatsuya's long lost memories? What connection did the girl have with his past?

Tatsuya never stopped chasing his past, he wanted to know his past identity, his true name, his lineage, whether he had any loved ones, and his true home. Tatsuya always felt isolated as though he did not belong tot his place. Regardless of how many times he served Iwagakure and protected its citizens, he still felt like a stranger. Strangely enough, she reminded him of a home he cannot remember, yet he felt like he was truly home.

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Kongo would shyly glance into the older shinobi's eyes as he stared into her's but even though he was staring at her, it looked like he was really staring through her as if to see something in the distance, the shinobi hand unexpectedly moved until it was touching her cheek which only made her blushing worse and Kongo swore that steam could emanate from her ear's at any moment due her embarrassment of how quick;y she jumped at him due to his wound.He would pull his head away as it seemed the object he was reaching for somehow eluded his grasp, his glance refocused on to her face that was more similar to a freshly harvested tomato caused the shinobi who had been rather calm during his treatment to chuckle as he reached his hand towards her head and started patting her head before speaking, "Thank you lady Kongo." As he moved his body upwards to stand while giving a slight smile as he offered to help her up, Kongo took his head and pulled herself up while her eye's were focused on the ground, if only she knew she meant a boy as dashing as he was she would have definitely bothered to bring her mask with her today of all days.

The moment she was fully on her feet the shinobi would pop a question "Medical nin, you were returning from the university's direction, and you were upset. Were the classes full? If you want to, I could help you attend that class." Kongo would gasp before running up to him and taking his hands into her's with a happy grin as her eye's seemed to sparkle in excitement that matched her body as it begun to bounce up and down, "Really?! Can you really do that?! Thank you so much!!" Once again her excitement got the best of her and she would calm down while taking a step backwards to give him his space "I mean, thats really nice of you but you should come too so they can check to see if the wound and poison is completely gone, im not exactly a good medic yet." Kongo's body started to fidget as she looked around as if trying to physically see the words she should use around her, "And maybe...we could go out for a drink or something after..?"

Kongo herself know not what made her ask a question like that to a boy she just meant but it was something about him that made her want to be by his side in a way she couldn't answer for herself, maybe it was the way he talked to her? or perhaps she simply was doing what she loved to do and heal people. She couldn't answer, but one thing was clear to her and that was she and this shinobi had a bond and she wanted to know more about him.


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Really?! Can you really do that?! Thank you so much!!

The young man smiled more as he nodded. She seemed genuinely happy and it made Tatsuya feel good. She held his hand and it was a very warm feeling, as though a torch in a dark room. It made him feel safe. Feel? There she goes again. Tatsuya was diagnosed with a very low emotional quotient, to the point where he could feel no emotions. For Tatsuya it was almost as though he forgot how to feel. However, this strange girl would bring out his emotions so very easily.

The sparkle in her eye, made him feel again, he felt joyous. He would listen to her speak again, and her words were music to his ears. There was something about this girl that made him feel happy. He didn't know he could have these feelings, but it was far better than feeling empty. She spoke about him going with her and he liked that idea and so he spoke; "Well, I have faith in my doctor thank you." he smiled as he looked at her directly in her eyes. He did indeed have faith in her capabilities, however, he wanted to be with her and so he spoke; "But I would like to go with you lady Kongo." She then spoke about how they can go for a drink after and Tatsuya was happy to hear so. He replied "Why not?" He paused then smiled as he spoke "Going with a beautiful lady for drinks sounds like a nice idea to me." He wanted to feel that warm touch, Tatsuya's never been in a relationship before and so he never knew holding hands was weird between two people that are not in a relationship. He offered his hand so he could take her to the university.

He would go with her to the university and the guards would greet him as  'sir Tatsuya.' He worked on a case beforehand in the university. The guards were getting attacked by some Shinobi who turned out to be a student. Tatsuya saved them and stopped the case from becoming a scandal, giving the principle a 'favor.' For him to return. Today he would return that favor. He called the principle and was given special permission to attend the class with the young lady.

Studies of a medical-nin[Tatsuya/Kongo] Mahouk10

Before they entered the class, Tatsuya made sure to get a change of clothing similar to his, it was a silver shirt with a black vest and a pair of black pants and dress shoes. He made sure to always look proper, and it was no obsession but simply how he carried himself. Tatsuya sat beside the beautiful lady, and it was an awkward silence till they sat. Tatsuya's demeanor and the way in which he carried himself was as though he was royalty. Perhaps his job as a consultant for the police gave him an aura of authority, despite him being kind to others but never emotionally invested in them. During the class Tatsuya was focused taking notes. If lady Kongo came without a notebook to write in he'd ask her if she wanted to share notes, Should she want to, he would sit closer and begin writing an lending her his pen whenever she needed it. Tatsuya would later on give her his notebook anyway, he was good at memorization, and those notes would be much more useful with her rather than with him. Tatsuya was no medic, but knowledge in all its forms always piqued Tatsuya's interest. Sitting so close and finally nothing to distract them, if she focused should smell the young man's perfume.

Tatsuya was enjoying his day, and his kind partner didn't want to harm a good day for the young man. She called the office and gave him the rest of the day off. Tatsuya didn't care whether the office called for him or not. The reason behind that was simple, and it was the pink haired, cute, and shy Kongo. He wanted to know her more, and to be with her more, she made him feel joyful emotions and most of all, at ease. He gazed at her and turned his gaze before she could catch him, attempting to hide the fact he was looking at her. As he was gazing at her he decided, he would tell her the truth about his amnesia, he felt as though she was the only one he could ever trust with this information.

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Suggesting that the shinobi follow her into class so he could get checked for any traces of the poison earned her a simple response, "Well, I have faith in my doctor thank you." before cracking a smile at Kongo while looking directly in her eye's that made her heart skip a beat, she prayed to god that the sound of her beating heart was not audible to the boys ears or she could die of embarrassment on the very spot.

The boy would also answer her question about going for a drink which would earn another simple response with another smile "Why not,Going with a beautiful lady for drinks sounds like a nice idea to me." Kongo at that point though for sure she was dieing because the heat in her chest area became so high she felt like she was being cooked alive in her own skin, she wondered if by the time they got to the university if she might need a medic to check on her.  It was then that the shinobi would casually offer his hand for her to hold, Kongo's mind at that point felt overloaded at the gesture as it was so pure but to her it was more then just a simple gesture of kindness. She slowly reached out for his hand's while shaking form the nervousness of it all like a leaf, she could only hope the boy couldn't notice what he was doing to her mentally as they begun to walk to the university.

As they walked back to the university earning some glances from the people walking nearby Kongo body would take one step after another to match the shinobi's her hand was holding onto but mentally she was having a whole conversation with herself, "When i woke up this morning i planned to study alone with like-minded im here holding a boy's hand as he walks me to class as if were a couple...nnnn!!!! When did this day get so out of control!!??" As if to avoid the shinobi from seeing her inner battle Kongo would look down as she walked close to him as to not trip while she was deep in though, when they arrived the guards would welcome the shinobi saying "Sir  Tatsuya"

Kongo would think to herself "So that's his name,Tatsuya..." It was honestly a adorable name to her but she wouldn't say a word but she would now look in front of her instead of at the ground, after getting inside Tatsuya would excuse himself saying he wanted to change and Kongo would nod in response and simply wait outside his changing room as she slowly resigned herself to the fact she was now being escorted around by a good looking boy. A gasp would escape her lips at the realization that she indeed though Tatsuya as a good looking guy, she would even dare say he was downright perfect match for what she liked in a guy which only seemed to make her cheeks start to blush a deep red color.

Now that he was changed Tatsuya and Kongo made their way into the classroom, it was no surprise when he sat himself right next next to her although their was silence between them. As the class started Kongo realized that her notebook she had been carried was gone and she must have dropped it somewhere, Tatsuya noticed and had asked if she  wanted to share notes in which she said yes as the teacher had just started talking about chakra control, for the next hour and a half they would take turns writing down note's based off of the lesson they were learning until a loud bell rung signifying the class was now over. His kindness seemed to know no bounds as he also gave her the same notebook they had been recording the note's in stating that it was much better in her hands then in his, "Thank you so much for today, Tatsuya-kun. You...err showed me a side of me i never really know of and made the class more exciting then usual, I hope you had a good time with me today too...and are you still...up for that drink?" Towards the end of her sentence her voice level had dropped as she begun to put the notebook in front of her face due to her getting shy but at the same time scared of the boy's possible answer of not having fun with her making her scared to look him directly in the eye.

-Exit Thread-


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Class was over and the two headed out, the cute girl would speak to him and ask him. She spoke saying;
"Thank you so much for today, Tatsuya-kun. You...err showed me a side of me i never really know of and made the class more exciting then usual, I hope you had a good time with me today too...and are you still...up for that drink?"

He smiled as she spoke and silently nodded before speaking to her "I enjoyed my time with you, and yes, our next stop is going to be fun, I promise." He would take her to a place he enjoyed going to, they served all kinds of beverages, sake, juice, or even coffee. A wondrous place for chatter and fun, mostly popular with college kids. He took her hand again and as he paced his steps towards their next destination, he would try to guess what drink she may prefer.

As the two were passing a pedestrian crossing, they were overrun with people that pushed the two closer. They were squished together for a second she was pushed close to his chest and while holding hands should she blush he'd worriedly place his hand on her shoulder and ask her "Lady Kongo, are you alright? Do you have a fever?" Before place his forehead against hers and closing his eyes for a second. The young man thought of her dearly. She is someone he definitely wanted to remain close by. He wanted to be by her side, and it was unusual for the young man to want anything more than things he needed or felt he need, or rather, she has become something he needs.

Tatsuya would continue their walk normally towards the shop and at the shop he stopped holding her hand for a second. For what reason? For an even bolder move that he wasn't aware of, he bent his arm slightly and leaned closer as he asked her to lock arms with him as they entered. When the two entered, people kept staring however it did not bother the blue eyed sharp man. He stayed true to his actions and took her to a nice seat, sat her down, and sat in front of her. The menu would be handed to the both of them. Tatsuya spoke gently "I recieved my paycheck recently, so feel free to order anything you like." The place was elegant and modern, however, the prices were slightly high. Tatsuya assured the lady he would be the one to pay, so she should not mind the prices.

Exit thread, to be continued in a second thread.

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725*3= 2175
Cost(in word count): 2175
Speed D------------->D3
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Perception D------->D2
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