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It was a day like no other... An epilogue of a gruesome massacre - men, women, and children alike were killed and all for the sake of a few selfish souls. Sunagakure was nothing more than a field of glass and the inhabitants were forced to flee or forced to stay... enclosed in the field of glass - their voices; silenced forever.

Shallow breathes hovered gently across Malik's parched lips - a harsh and burning sensation stung his throat with each panting exhale. He was beyond dehydrated, a soft red hue stained his eyes and there were a few cuts on his lips. He was a lone figure, scaling the expanse of the desert - it had been days since he took on this journey and he had been without water for at least a day, and unfortunately it would be hours until the sun descended across the horizon. Sweat soaked his entire body - his clothes stuck disgustingly against his flesh. He had only wished he had a piece a cloth to cover his face as the rough wind and sand left his skin feeling extremely raw.

Under normal circumstances he wouldn't dare venture out in the desert in such harsh conditions, though due to the unforeseen attack to his village... he was forced to leave with the very few items he had on him. IT only consisted of the clothes on his back and his father's lute that he found on chance alone.

"Death to all Sabaku..."

An eerie voice plagued his mind almost as fresh as the moment they were spoken to him... A chilling sensation drew down his spine as he recollected the thoughts, complimented by a stinging at his cheek. Malik had been cut fairly deep on the cheek, but was overall thankful that he was still breathing after the attack. Needless to say - the thought brought no reassurance to him at all. Why the hell were those guys there? Why did all Sabaku have to die? How am I still alive...? Am I going to die out here...? The last thought caused him to halt and for a moment he simply observed the the area around him. Dunes and an endless ocean of sand filled his line of sight.

"I'm going to die out here..."

He uttered weakly to himself - his voice sounded so foreign to him. It was hoarse and rough, which was obviously due to the extreme heat and how parched he was. Dropping to his knees he allowed his body to slink to the floor. His head drooped slightly and a level of defeat filled his entire body. The only thing keeping him from crying was the fact that he lacked all the necessary liquids to do so. The lacing around his lute loosened and fell down his arm, causing the lute to hit the floor beside him. Brown eyes shifted to meet his father's instrument.

"So that's it? You're just going to give up?"

The voice of Malik's father rung on, complimented by the very image of his father standing before him. Malik raised his head to meet his father's gaze. A look of exhaustion filled his dry eyes - there was a tight frown shaping his lips. Malik shook his head from side to side.

"But father... What are you doing here? Where's mother? Where is the rest of the troupe? "

Malik's father shook his head from side to side - "You're strong. You'll continue to fight... with each breath that you take - you're not allowed to give up until you're dead... Do you understand? The ones that killed us.. they're still out there, if you die now who will remember us?"

The last words plucked a string in Malik's mind and he felt a new wave of energy filled his body... hate...anger. No... he wouldn't allow the murderers of his troupe walk freely, not after what they did to his family. With that thought fresh in mind Malik stood up with a new found vigor and thrusted his fist into the sky. The sand at his feet erupted into the sky in a wild spray, followed by a horse, yet animalistic roar that would carry across the entire planet. After the quick movement Malik felt the world his body failed and collided into the ground beneath him.... (Fainted)

Encompassed in a complete abyss - Malik felt himself being lured away further into the darkness. He felt light and the aching sensation had all but vanished. A solemn look of pure discontent shaped his profile - all he could see was the silhouette of people luring him to what he instantly assumed was the afterlife. "No, I'm not ready to go. Not yet, there is so much that I have to do." He pleaded... yet his mouth didn't move and words had came as nothing more than mere thoughts. "Listen to me you assholes - I said I'm not ready to go-" The sound of gurgling escaped his lips, followed by a chilling and cool liquid. The abyss dispersed and he found himself being submerged in a massive body of water... However, his eyes shot open - vision distorted - more liquid gracing his lips and seeming to flow through his system. He blinked several times only to find himself being catered to by a middle age woman who seemed to be pouring a canteen of water in his mouth. The familiar sense of pain immediately surged through his body again as he came to; however, it didn't stop him from reaching out to grab the canteen of water and forcing it further down his throat at a quick succession. He was immediately stopped by a gentle hand against his chest.

"Now now son, don't drink too fast -- you'll only go into shock if you do that." She told him softly - a soft smile shaping her nimble lips.

Malik's chest pounded heavily though he managed to calm down after a while as he stared up at her. His muscles loosened and he took in his surroundings. It was night at this time and the stars were bright and full effect. From the look of things he was in a carriage of some sort -- the earth beneath him sounded solid as the wooden wheels rolled over the rocky terrain.

"Hey Jon, it looks like the boy has awakened." The young woman called out the coachman, the sound of horse shoes pounding the pavement echoed across the night's sky with each step they took. "It's about time - I was starting to think that boy kicked the bucket - and after all that commotion he made before he splat across the ground. That was some show you put on kid." The woman met Malik's gaze again and a frown shaped her lips as she examined him, knowing how confused the boy must be to wake up amongst strangers.

"We travelling merchants and while on our way to Iwagakure we saw you at the top of the hill... There was this weird eruption of sand around you and then you collapsed... We were originally headed to Sunagakure but there was an attack - and from the sound of things there was a massic--" Before she could finish her statement Malik turned away from her. "I see..." She concluded, taking the hint that the boy had been effected by it. Malik felt a hot stream of tears fall along the side of his face, followed by a familiar sense of rage that complimented his feeling. "I will make them pay..." Malik whispered softly -- so softly that the woman couldn't hear. "What was that?" She inquired as she leaned in -- Malik turned to face her and repeated: "Those people who attacked Sunagakure... they will fall by my hands." She was taken back by her comment - and more so taken back by the hatred that filled his eyes. She bowed her head softly and poured more of the elixer called water down his throat. Although the cool water filled his system - a high level of vengeance and hate kept him hot... Now his new journey would begin in Iwagakure and there he would need to train his body with the intention of crushing those who crushed his past.

Travel Word Count - 600/ 1359 (759)
Endurance E > E1 - 75 / 759 ( 684)
Endurance E1 > E2 - 150 / 684(534)
Endurance E2 > E3 - 225 / 534 ( 309 )
Endurance E3 > D - 300 / 309 (9)


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