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1 Sonico vs Marico (Shinobi Rap Battle) on Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:31 pm

Akito Miku

Akito Miku

I came here today, to settle the score
No one wants to see your round face anymore
I jump through rings, you jump up your own ass
I run on the track, you in the grass

Faster than the speed of sound
Like a shinobi spinning round and round
Beat you in your face, beat you in a race
Beat you like an ace, leaving you without a trace

I am the blue avatar of doom
So go back home and eat another mushroom
Jump your fat ass you mad little rascal
Cause I think your brain is in another castle

munch on a mushroom, that is what i do
better flip a coin, and hope that tails comes for you
i jump so high, my style so fly
its a me, marico, so don't cry

you challenge me, you living pinball machine
you so weak, i will drop the red and give you the green
Lugico here, no need for my brother
I will send you home crying to your spiky mother

you roll like a ball, i roll with my bro
his the real deal, when you all show
you got your ass carried by a two tailed demon fox
then get seven precious emeralds and become super saiyan goldilocks

MUSIC CUTS - Part 1 Over
Stay Tuned until next time on Shinobi Rap Battles Sonico vs Marico
Coming this season also Super Shinobi Brothers Yo...


No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

2 Re: Sonico vs Marico (Shinobi Rap Battle) on Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:32 pm

Las Crowly

Las Crowly

/me subscribes



"Harken the flap of my wings and hear my cry...
The ash crow will herald the arrival of Yomi under the World's bleak sky,
but when the dead shall walk the World and the Serpent will swallow the sun,
neither you nor I will be crying when all is said and done."

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