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1 A night to remember[Tatsuya/Kongo] on Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:09 am

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

Studies of a medical-nin part 2

Tatsuya seemed to be a male of very little emotion and words yet the emotions and words he did say seem to express his feelings in volume's that made Kongo's heart skip a beat or two,the shinobi had accepted her offer for a drink and now they were walking through the streets of Iwagakure with her hands grasping onto his as they made their way to a drinking spot the shinobi himself chose, the walk was silent though and Kongo would wonder what the male was thinking.

On the way to their location they had to now cross a pedestrian area that seemed to be at it's busiest time as she took in the sight of a large influx of citizens walking about, Holding Tatsuya hand was now a good idea and a bad one as they made their way through the crowd their hands kept them from losing each other but at the same time because they were so close she was pushed right into him  close to his chest and she would now realize now that she was closer that he had a nice smell emanating from him that reminded her of something she could not seem to  grasp out of her memory and she would close her eye's to try and focus on the answer she was looking for. His voice would pull her out of focus as they were now out of the pedestrian crossing, "Lady Kongo, are you alright? Do you have a fever?" He would suddenly  place his forehead against hers to check her temperature, the sudden lack of distance and how close he was to her face caused a hue of red on her cheeks like no other as she imagined at that moment a jet stream of steam was coming out of her ear's from embarrassment as she bit her lip praying to god he couldn't notice how much she hopped he would just get it over with and kiss her. But he would simply check before starting to walk again and she would just follow behind catching her breath that had gone out of control in the extremely close moment.

They had finally arrived at the entrance to the shop and Tatsuya would let go of her hand before slightly bending his arms and leaning in closely as he whispered a question in her ear's, "Please lock arms with me as we enter" Kongo's voice would come out as mumbled words unable to be understood to anyone as she felt like a teapot that had been left on the stove for too long and steam was now rising up from her head, at this point she was way to emotionally invested to say no to him so she did as he asked and wrapped her arm around his as they entered. As soon as they got inside people would stare at them and she would wonder if people though of them as a couple, she couldn't even deny it to herself that she desperately wanted it to be so but at the moment they were just friends having a drink and she would repeat those words in her head as if to make it true to give herself a reason to not do anything crazy, Tatsuya had lead her to a nice table and sat her down before taking a seat right in front of her as a waiter  handed both of them a menu.

Tatsuya spoke gently,"I recieved my paycheck recently, so feel free to order anything you like."  She would give a nervous giggle but then it would hit her, she was eating with a good looking guy she was attracted too in a nice place surrounded by people. Kongo had never been the one to worry about eating in front of other's as long as she had her mask but right now she did not have her mask and she was with someone she wanted to like her, she would look at the menu and the words would become scrambled  in her mind as she burrowed her head closer too it to avoid him seeing the inner struggle before putting it back down and saying simply, "I'll just take whatever he is having."

Now that they were alone together in such a place she couldn't help become curious about him so she would  make conversation, "So, "sir Tatsuya" won't you tell me about yourself?" She would place her left hand on the table to grab her freshly poured glass of water the waiter had just gave to her as she took a sip in hope's it would calm her nerve's.



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2 Re: A night to remember[Tatsuya/Kongo] on Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:50 pm



Tatsuya smiled at the young woman as he sat. he ordered a grilled steak served with roasted cherry tomatoes, well seasoned, alongside a mushroom sauce to enjoy the steak with. A small white rice dish is served along with each plate. Tatsuya would order the restraunt's specialty drink, an amazing drink Tatsuya adores. She spoke to the young man referring to him which made him chuckle slightly before speaking; "I have not told anyone what I am about to tell you. I do not trust anyone." Up to the part where he said this she may have misunderstood it as also including her, however as he continued; "Except you. I do not know what it is about you. I can't feel emotions. Except around you. I begin to feel alive. It is almost.... Addicting. It made me want to be with you more. The reason I cannot feel emotions normally is because... I forgot how to. I have amnesia, all the doctors could say is they found me under the rubble embracing a sword. I recently only remembered my real name. Or I think it is my real name, Tatsuya.... I cannot share this with anyone, otherwise anyone could attempt to manipulate me. I still.... I'm still waiting for... Never mind" He chuckled slightly aiming to wave off the depressing mood, but he was praying that a loved one would find him. He would tell her this, and remain silent for a while. As the food arrived he nodded to the young lady and said "Enjoy."

Tatsuya would eat and finish his food only to glance at the television screen to watch whatever is on. It was a romantic kissing scene. Tatsuya was no fool, he was clueless when it came to love and emotions, but he noticed something. Whenever he'd come close to her her face would grow red, Tatsuya witnessed the same thing happening to the girl as she was being kissed.  She was a shy girl, and it may be rude but he enjoyed seeing her blush. He wanted to make her blush more.

After she finished her meal and rested for a bit he would ask he r for a small quick dance as a dancing session was being held. He reached his hand out, his goal from all this was to tease her and make her blush. He had a plan in mind. Should she accept he would take her to the stage and dance along with the other couples. He would wrap his arm around her waist elegantly pulling her close to him as he held her other hand.

He would dance normally with her and whisper in her ear as his breath would hit her ear "I hope you're enjoying your time lady Kongo." The man could barely resist her beauty, he leaned in  his breath tickling her neck as he moved vigorously dancing with the beautiful lady that charmed him beyond belief. His cold confident glare gazing into her eyes with his blue eyes.

After a bit of dancing he would escort her back to their seats as he'd smile and ask her if she enjoyed her time. Tatsuya was completely not his cold calm and silent self with her. She changed his very core, whether for better or worse he didn't know. He liked being with her, to him she already is someone precious. All this time he was focused on finding at least a single loved one, he never imagined he would love someone. But it was as simple as that, Tatsuya was worried, but lying to himself would be illogical, he liked lady kongo on a romantic level. Even he couldn't deny that. He would sit with her until she decides she needed to go if she did need to, if not, he loved the idea of spending more time with her. In the restaurant or outside walking and relaxing under night's veil.

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Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

Kongo would be relatively surprised by Tatsuya's appetite as he  ordered a well done grilled steak served with roasted cherry tomatoes  alongside a mushroom sauce, With a small white rice dish served along with each plate and she doubt she could eat all her food at one time so she would definitely have to take some home later. Now that she poped the question Tatsuya would start to speak, "I have not told anyone what I am about to tell you. I do not trust anyone...." The pause made Kongo anxious and she felt her heart grip in pain slightly before he continued, "Except you. I do not know what it is about you. I can't feel emotions. Except around you. I begin to feel alive. It is almost.... Addicting. It made me want to be with you more. The reason I cannot feel emotions normally is because... I forgot how to. I have amnesia, all the doctors could say is they found me under the rubble embracing a sword. I recently only remembered my real name. Or I think it is my real name, Tatsuya.... I cannot share this with anyone, otherwise anyone could attempt to manipulate me. I still.... I'm still waiting for... Never mind" This was a great deal of information, as he seemed to try and wave off the mood currently going on Kongo would find herself looking at him differently as she felt sad for him, She had all her memories of her family,friends, where she was born but Tatsuya had none of that nor could he even remember how to express his own emotion's.  They would remain silent for awhile before the food arrived and he would say "Enjoy."

They would sit in silence while eating but Tatsuya would finish first and begin watching the t.v the establishment provided and while he was distracted she would study his movements, from a medical point he was super interesting and she wanted to know more about his amnesia  but from a personal stand point she felt sad that he had no connects to a life that was little more than a distant memory to him now and the words he expressed about how she made him feel left her heart a gooey mess. Now that half of her food was gone she would stop eating and ask a waiter for a container to put the rest in, after sitting in more silence Tatsuya finally asked another question while reaching his hand out to her as music started playing and people were gathering, "Would you like to dance??" Kongo was caught off guard by the offer earning Tatsuya the reward of her nervous giggling  before she reached out her hand and grabbed his while giving him a silent nod while smiling as they both lifted themselves up from their seats, Tatsuya lead them to the dancing floor before wrapping his arm around her waist while pulling her in and grabbing her other hand as well, she was completely intertwined with him which made her feel bubbly inside before once again  he would lean in and whisper in her ear "I hope you're enjoying your time lady Kongo." His breath tickled her neck which made her mentally shriek inside her mind as she gripped him tighter refusing to let him go as they danced locking gazes with each other, his cold blue eye's pierced her more sharply then even the finest blade's   but she couldn't let his earlier confession just go unanswered with such a prime moment to tell him how she felt.

So she decided to grow some confidence and took a deep breath in before speaking while slightly stuttering her words due to her nervousness of what she was about to say, "B...B...Being around you...also make's me  feel alive. You shouldn't...have told me your secret now i may just be manipulate you myself.." She would close her eye's as she finished her sentence as it was hard to get out and she even found a little extra confidence just to flirt with him, she wondered what her parent's would think of her if they could see her now if they weren't already watching her from the afterlife.

The song would finish and Tatsuya escorted her back to their seats as he asked her if she had a good time while smiling, in which she responded with a vigorous nod of the head while blushing slightly urgently trying to relay her response without actual verbal communication. She fidgeted like she had done hours ago as she visual imagined her confidence building up before  looking him dead in the eye, "I do have one more request...there's a spot in the village called Sightseeing Cliff, i heard it has a beautiful view of the village..." She was stuttering so hard at this point but it was do or die, want to go with me?"


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While they were dancing she spoke simple words, those words burned his body alive with desire. A desire for her, he never felt something like this for anyone. He smiled gently as he continued his dance and later on sat with her. She would then speak suggesting a place; "I do have one more request...there's a spot in the village called Sightseeing Cliff, i heard it has a beautiful view of the village... want to go with me?"  He smiled his small smile as he closed his eyes raising his credit card held between two fingers as the waiter took the card he opened his eyes as he stood up lending his hand to her, he'd speak to her as he held her hand crossing fingers with her, he would lean in and whisper in her ear tickling it with his breath as he spoke in reply to her statement about her manipulating him "Play me like a violin." As they left the waiter handed him his credit card on their way out. He would walk with her towards the sightseeing cliff.

As they were walking headed to their destination. His boss from work would appear from nowhere, Tatsuya skipped job to remain with a girl he liked. His boss wouldn't like hearing that. He pulled the girl quickly without notice into a tight alley as they hid so close to each other his whole body glued to hers. He attempted to move slightly but his leg was stuck between her legs, he attempted to move his body but moving his knee almost touched he inappropriately. He whispered being so close to her informing her of what was happening.

It was not an easy wait, his boss would stop moving for a bit, and during that time their breaths collided. His body pressed against hers aroused millions of emotions within him, emphasis on aroused. Their lips were barely half a centimeter apart, he could feel his body heating up as he barely was capable of holding back. He took hold of her left thigh raising it to his waist as he put himself closer. His other hand pinned her hand to the wall behind her as he moved in for a kiss his eyes sinking into hers as he closed them kissing her deeply with his tongue intertwined with hers.

His boss after a while left, and as he left the two escaped their imprisonment. Tatsuya was a sight to see, he was enjoying teasing her but tables flipped and he was for the first time blushing a lot. A lot was an understatement. As they walked Tatsuya spoke , whispering to himself; "All this time I've been waiting for a loved one from my past to find me.... I never expected to find someone that I'd love." He didn't know if she heard his whispers but as he finished his sentence he looked at her and smiled. Before long the young ones would reach the cliff. Tatsuya would enjoy the sights he would witness alongside someone he adores.

He then stood in front of her closely and asked her as he placed his hand on her cheek "Why'd you let me kiss you? Is this a part of your plan to manipulate me.... To make me fall for you...?" He spoke no more but simply leaned as he held her closely one hand wrapped around her waist the other pulling her close as he held her below her waist. He'd hold her close he never wanted to let her go. Tatsuya had experience in kissing, it was useful for the many sting operations he's done. But now he doesn't think he'll be able to do some of those sting operations, his lips are locked along with everything he is. Locked away with her. He'd do his best to melt her with his kiss and how he held her close to him.

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Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

The moment she rose the question Tatsuya would give her a smile while raising his credit card to the waiter to pay for their meal, he then lending his hand to her while crossing their  fingers together before leaning in to whisper in her ear,  "Play me like a violin." those words were enough to make a mental steam explosion happen in her head as her cheeks looked like a red hot oven that had been left on for far too long.

Now heading to the place she had suggested they made their way through the street's of Iwagakure as they held hand's, at this point it was all to natural for her to be grasping his hand as it was warm and made her feel at ease now. Suddenly without warning Tatsuya moved quickly as he  pulled her  into a tight alley-way that was so narrow and tight that his body was practically glued to her's and she could feel her heart  racing so fast that she begun to hope with every ounce of her  being he could not hear it's sound, he tried to move slightly away but it seemed only to make it worst as his leg was now in between Kongo's and he would try again only to make it even worst as his knee lightly slide between her leg's and her whole body felt like it was hotter then the deserts in Sunagakure and Tatsuya would explain that they were hiding from his boss who would certainly yell at him.

However Kongo wasn't listening as it didn't matter, nothing mattered. In this moment all she was seeing was him and him alone, her heart beat was more like a war drum that was beating constantly as they stayed  pressed together and she could no longer tell who's heat she was feeling as he turned to look her into her eye's. Tatsuya would grab hold of her left thigh and his touch alone caused a very low gasping sound to escape her lips only audible to him and she knew what was about to happen as he raised her thigh to his waist as he got even closer and he pinned her hand against the wall, she knew it...but she couldn't stop it as at this point any resistant she had about how she felt melted away with her heart giving way to her desire to feel his touch as her eye's closed on their own and happened. She could now feel his lips upon her's and it was a feeling like no other, it was like a thousand fireworks going off in her mind in which she could do nothing about but enjoy the feeling.

The kiss felt like it was a lifetime but as soon as she felt his lips separate from her's it felt like it wasn't long enough giving her a feeling of conflict,  it would seem that his boss was now gone but the only thing she could see clearly was  Tatsuya blushing face which made her giggle as she was completely incapable of forming words right now as it would seem he literally took the breath out of her. As they now continued their walk to the cliff Kongo would grasp his hand tightly letting him lead as her world now consisted of light's and distant sounds now that  she was  completely in a daze from the kiss they shared, before she even noticed they were now at the cliff and she could she the whole entire village of Iwagakure.

They shared a moment of silence standing alongside each other before he took a step in front of her with the face of someone who was desperate to know a answer, "Why'd you let me kiss you? Is this a part of your plan to manipulate me.... To make me fall for you...?" She would look around as if trying to find the answer in her head among the billion of other things she was thinking about before speaking while she started  tip-toeing on her feet while gently caressing his cheeks with a very soft tone of voice , "Maybe...or maybe were both falling for each other..."  With a smile Tatsuya  leaned in holding Kongo closely with one hand wrapping around her waist while the other pulled her closer until he held her tightly,Kongo just let it happen as she felt like a ice cube being melted away by the heat of the sun but instead of painful it was a feeling of utter bliss she would remember possibly for the rest of her life.


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She was melting in his embrace, he enjoyed every minute of it. He wanted to tease her for eternity her reactions were addicting to say the least. As they finished their kiss, he would lower himself and aim for her neck leaving a hickey on her neck that he took his time with to tease her more. He enjoyed being with her. He felt happy. Kissing her would take him to cloud nine but even if he kissed her for hours he would never have enough. They stayed for a while longer gazing at the beautiful sceneries enjoying their time together.

He fell for her, simple as that. He wanted to stay with her for even longer. he wanted to be with her forever. However, it was becoming late. Tatsuya would hide a slightly sulky face, but then he'd see her and smile, he couldn't help it. She made him feel, she made him feel happy. He held her hand and asked her if she'd allow him to escort her back to her home as he would worry about her being alone at night.

As they began walking he wanted to tease her yet again. He would never get enough of it. He would put his foot in front of hers so she would trip, as she's trip he'd move in and hold her. He would then carry her princess-style as he chuckled a bit "What will I do with you Kongo, I guess I have to carry you." He smiled as he carried her close to him before setting her down as she told him they're getting closer to their house.

Before long they reached her house and he spoke few words "Can I see you tomorrow?" He wanted to be with her more. He may be asking too much of her as she probably was busy. He was busy, however, it seems that for her, Tatsuya is willing to start taking that break he gets everyday rather than work in it. As they said their goodbyes Tatsuya wanted to kiss, however, he hesitated. He didn't want to annoy her or melt her more, but if he could he'd keep his lips locked to hers.

As she entered her house Tatsuya would check the time and start heading home. He had to wake up early tomorrow, his partner would surely work him to the floor for missing a whole day of work. He has no regrets, and if asked, his response would be "Worth." Tatsuya walked into the night as soon as minute passed he would regain his cold aura, cold gaze, and emotionless self. One emotion existed, love, for a certain pink hair shy amazing medic. Without her he was a machine, hollow and clear of emotions.

The young man had a wonderful day, he hoped to see the young lady once again soon. If his partner knew, she would totally tease him about it. Tatsuya had now gained a reason to grow stronger, a reason beside an unknown regret. That reason is the beautiful medic that captivated the blue eyed swordsman.

Tatsuya knew what he was getting into, love is a weakness, emotion is a weakness. However, he accepted that weakness, and he knew one day he will surpass his weakness just because she is at his side. She would become his new strength... And his joy. He loved her and he knew for certain, he wanted to make her happy and be with her.

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7 Re: A night to remember[Tatsuya/Kongo] on Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:15 am

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

After embracing each other warmly Tatsuya would offer to walk her home as it was late, a offer she accepted gladly even thought she could handle herself against any night-time creep. Not far on their way to her home Kongo suddenly tripped on something and was prepared to catch herself but before she did Tatsuya caught her first before tucking one arm underneath her legs while his other hand was placed on her back and she would recognize this way of holding someone was princess style, her cheeks flushed at the realization but also because she was embarrassed that she almost took a tumble to the ground in front of him. She could hear him chuckle and say something but she would just blow air into her cheeks and start pouting although she wasn't mad in the least.

Upon arrival at her door Tatsuya displayed a sad face that almost caused her to invite him inside for the night but she couldn't risk the though of what might happen once the door closed so she would withhold her speech as he asked if he could see her tomorrow and she would pause while thinking and looking around before answering, "Maybe...I think i would like that. I....will see you later then" she would then open her door and start to slowly close it before saying one last thing, "Goodnight Tatsuya" The moment the door was closed she would slump down all the way to her knees while releasing a heavy sigh  now that she was alone again the events of the day came back in full force and she felt so embarrassed she let out a shriek which caused the neighbor to bang the wall to her left to keep her quiet, she stupidly even gave a half-hearted yet to meet him tomorrow and she wasn't prepared for all this yet, but even with her current though she couldn't deny that every moment with him was enjoyable.

Emotionally and physically frazzled Kongo walked to her bed and fell face down on it letting sleep overtake her as she no longer wanted to think about anything anymore for the rest of the night.

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