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It was during one of Di's twenty four hour periods of slumber that he was wakened by a strange tapping noise at one of his windows. Unlike the vast majority of humans Di could happily go six days without having to descend into a state of dream. At the end of this though Di would have to slumber for almost a full day and night cycle. As he got older these periods would increase. Di's father for example would function for centuries without heeding Nocturna's call but then hibernate for several decades to recuperate himself.

This had been a great boon for Di's crime fighting career as it allowed him to both interact with potential clients during the days and also dedicate his nights fully to chasing villains and ne’er-do-wells. Di didn't know how Kirei managed to keep up with his daytime studies though there was a strong possibility that he simply didn't care about those nearly as much as he did his vigilantism.

At first the tapping was hesitant and faint, something which Di's senses could safely ignore. But it became more and more insistent till even as his brain drowsy with soporifics instincts could not ignore it. Opening the window Di had expected a messenger bird to fly in it's leg affixed with a note. Instead it had been a tiny figure perhaps a foot in height that leaped through his window. A diminutive humanoid with glowing green skin and leafy foliage like markings that adorned it's form. If Di wasn't much mistaken this was a Kodama – one of the spirits who inhabited the lands  trees.

Having spent the vast majority of his life underwater Di had never seen one of these tiny yokai before and it was rather a novel experience. Di's interest piqued even further when he saw that the little creature had carried along a handwritten rice-paper note.  It was clear that the Kodama had not been the notes author as it was penned by a much larger hand.

Di quickly read through the message, then going on to read it again. If it's contents were to be believed – and the fact that it was delivered by a kodama certainly lent some merit to this it was a message from a goddess! This did not mean a world-shaking event though. For every Okami there was a million lesser Kami many presiding over little more than a blade of grass or flake of snow.

This message had been sent by a minor goddess who presided over Kiri's rice crops named Mochiko. She had been abducted by a gang of brigands led by the infamous madame Manaka the daughter of the red brewer of Ishido. Manaka had enlisted the service of several disgraced monks from the fire temple in Konohagakure to use their arcane skills to brew an elixir of life from Mochiko's divine blood. Mochiko didn't know exactly where they were holding her but had constructed the rice paper and ink of the message from grains that littered the area around her.  

It took Di several hours to analyse the paper and isolate the particular cultivar of crop that went into it's creation. Having achieved his goal Di made a quick visit to the market and made some inquiries as to where one might fight such produce and what its purpose was. Unsurprisingly it was rice used for sake and with a map of the kiri area he could isolate the areas used to grow the crop.

Passing by Kirei's house come dusk Di informed the young ninja of the situation and what is plans were. There would have to be some kind of structure near the fields to brew the alcohol. This would  be where Mochiko would be being held guarded by Manaka's thugs and renegade monks.

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The constant nighttime excursions, combined with the boy's daily responsibilities to the village, were beginning to take a toll. Kirei lay on his back with eyes transfixed on the ceiling, trying not to move his aching muscles or tug at his cuts and the sutures he'd applied. It was worth it in the end, Kirei was helping the village and training on his own terms while experiencing some pretty incredible things. He'd learned a lot from Di over the weeks they'd been operating together, how to think critically had drastically improved his combat sense. The Uchiha no longer found himself on the unfortunate end of a fight due to mismanaged aggression and zeal. His eyes twitched, body almost jumping out of bed at the sound of tapping against the window to his dormitory.

Crime waits for no man.

A Goddess. The mad brewer had kidnapped an actual Goddess in order to siphon her power. Kirei felt disgusted with the world, that even the divine was wrought down to earth in an effort to create an elixir of everlasting life. What desecration would these people not bring about in order to fulfill their twisted ambitions; the criminal underground of Kirigakure was not for the faint of heart, things were getting more volatile by the day. The Yatagarasu killings targeting criminals across the city had inspired those few who were still willing to commit crimes to come out of the shadows and go after their goals with reckless abandon, lest they be hunted and slain by the winged beast. Against his better judgment, Kirei donned the Hound's mantle, pulling cape and cowl across his body to venture forth with Di into the night.

Approaching an old facility under the cloak of night, Kirei did his best not to show that he was hurting. His whole body ached, he'd been effectively training all day and all night for weeks. He knew he was getting stronger, smarter, honing his skill, but he was ready for a break. After tonight, Kirei would need to speak with his partner about a new mission, one that would slow down their pace, but vastly increase their impact.

He took, then, from his belt, a kunai to hold as they came nearer. The looming brewing facility had been out of commission officially for nearly a decade but from the outside looked perfectly maintained. What other illegal goods were manufactured or distributed here, Kirei didn't know, but he intended to stop them all at once. As usual, the boy would go high while Di would enter through the ground level. Supernatural walking would easily allow Kirei purchase on top of the facility where he would look down through one of several skylights to examine the interior. When scouting began, the Sharingan set to work also. Within the brewing house, much of the usual equipment had been moved aside, rearranged for intricate Fuinjutsu scripture to replace it. Standing in a circle were the priests hired by the mad mixer to perform the ritual. While most sustained the spell, one was responsible for the proper extraction of Mochiko's essence.

Hoping Di would be ready, Kirei slid the window underneath him open and readied a handful of shurikens in his left hand. Opening up, the Uchiha would toss the projectiles forth, trailing strings of wire in their wake, to impact the monks maintaining the seal. The surprise attack rang true, digging deep into the shoulders and arms of several monks, causing them to fall an wail in pain. This would easily disrupt the ritual for now and draw attention to the boy on the roof. Kirei would smirk, all eyes below were on him, and even though they were sure to retaliate, Di would have full reign to many any entrance he wanted.


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Wasting no time Kirei had gotten the drop on the apostate monks. That was for the best as if Mochiko was harmed too greatly by the ritual her life could easily be put in peril and with it one of Kiri's greatest foodsources – the rice that she presided over. If this crime had gone unanswered then there were those in the villages around Kiri who would have staved. Di felt true anger rise up in his chest. Much of what he had faced had been the work of lunatics. But this was a cold and calculated effort with no regard for the lives and well-being of Kiri's community let alone the goddess herself.

Slamming a foot into the side door of the brewery Di came in hard and fast. While his human form was nowhere near as strong as his dragon state Di had speed , precision and a fair amount of training in the martial arts on his side. The first bandit to get in his way received a quck snap punch to the throat and fell to the ground clutching his bruised windpipe. The next miscreant came at Di with an axe , dodging sideways the detective snapped out a kick which sent the man back several steps. Seething with rage the thug made another wild swing , jerking in surprise as Di went low into drop stance (Ironically referred to by many as dragon stance) and then followed it up with an open palm strike smashing into the villains chin.

Di didn't see the cross side punch that took him in the face. He was lifted up off the ground and then sent several feet across the floor of the brewery. Feeing the coppery taste of blood as his vision swum with blurred shapes Di spat a red stream onto the floor. Shaking his head as he raised himself slowly to his feet Di just caught the blur of a foot coming out of the corner of his eye. Again a searing flash of pain and further across the floor he was carried. This time Di was quicker to rise and he saw that the enemy who faced him was not a bandit but one of the monks who had not been caught in Kirei's intial blast.

Bare handed the disgraced holy man clearly needed no weapons to deliver a savage beating upon his foe. As the shaven headed man advanced Di channelled chakra into his hand sending it forth in a concentrated ball of chi. The monk clearly knew well enough what the attack was but his reflexes were not quite up to standard when it came to actually dodging the projectile. Di took a certain amount of pleasure in the fact that the monk was slammed into one of the distillation containers with an audible crunch. Out of the corner of his eye Di spotted Manaka herself fitting what appeared to be ammunition into a hefty firework cannon. Without thinking Di called out a warning to Kirei.

“Kirei – watch out their boss is about to open fire on you”

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Descending, The Hound made short work of vanishing from view. Kirei was playing tonight tactically, body too sore for a full assault he would distract and allow Di to perform the majority of the heavy lifting. The Uchiha's cloaked frame slipped deftly into the shadows between silver tanks lining the walls. Hot on his heels were two of the monks, trained martial artists exiled from the Leaf, enemies Kirei especially was willing to fight. He would focus what chakra he had into his feet, leaping to the wall and then back to the side of the metal drum, waiting there stuck to its side until the first monk ran beneath his watch. He took a wire from his belt, holding it between his hands and dropping.

Reaching out his arms he would loop the ninja-wire around the man's arm, eliciting a confused grunt as the boy landed low and spun through the man's legs with a hefty pull of his cable, pulling the upper body down and sweeping the man's legs from beneath him. The boy strained to topple the monk's weight, usually an easy task these days, Kirei's shoulders almost gave out, but he managed to trip his target and dart forward for the exposed face of the prone defector. A swift strike would meet forehead and render the man unconscious. Without waiting, Kirei would sprint into cover again, entirely unwilling to leave this silver maze and expose himself to even further harm. At this point also maintaining the Sharingan was taking its toll, labored breaths betrayed The Hound's struggle.

However quick he'd been, the ring-leader spotted his hiding place and prepared the only assault that would cover a wide enough area to catch him. He heard Di's voice ring out across the room and dove from the brewing silos, rolling along the floor. Cape left a trail of black in his wake, giving him the appearance of something long and draped in shadow, red eyes glowing from behind that obfuscation. Manaka's cannon roared, hissing projectiles launching towards the far side of the room. Trails of technicolor sparks would juxtapose their onslaught, fiery streams careening overhead and into the alcohol beyond. Kirei trailed them with his eyes, Sharigan quickly identifying their trajectory and he lept between the first two, rolling forward with his brain rushing. As he landed, his left foot buckled beneath him, a day-old sprain flaring up as he let out a yelp and fell to his knees.

At his back, the fireworks met their mark and exploded with abandon, alcohol storage containers igniting and at once expanding with combustion. The steel would rip and tear, unleashing the wave of explosive force across the back half of the warehouse. The fire would illuminate the scene bright as the midday sun, rolling blaze consuming everything in its path, smoke, and ash engulfing Kirei's form followed by a swathe of fire. A rumbling would occur before any would have time to react, structural damage to the building caused by the explosion would wait for no man, and in an instant the darkness returned, flames smothered by wreckage. Beneath the rubble, The Hound was nowhere to be seen. Laughing, the brewer turned to Di.

"Killed your dog! Now it's your turn!" The bellowing cry rang out towards Di as the remaining monks would channel briefly, calling forth a pair of great arms from the ground around Di to clap together in an effort to bind and crush the detective where he stood.


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"KIIIIIIIIIIREEEIIIIIIIIIIII" Di's scream was cut off as two gigantic hands reached up through the floor wrapping around his waist.  Di didn't know if the hands were merely the effect of a spell or if the monks had actually made a pact with an oni and had partially manifested it into the physical world. Either one of these was bad and the bastards had already murdered Kirei. There was no way in hell Di was going to let them get away with that.

Di analysed his surroundings even as the hands clamped down tightly upon his ribs. The explosion while wrecking much of the infrastructure had also revealed Mochiko's location. The goddess was tied and bound within the centre of a large pentagram.  Upon her forehead was a talisman of sealing  bearing the symbol of annulment. Knowing that hesitation would mean death Di called chakra into his arms and fired a blast towards the seal containing the goddess.

Mochiko was not a powerful goddess. Her long white hair was dirty and her kimono was covered in mud and weeds. Dried blood showed where she had been attacked by enchanted weaponry. But she was still beautiful in a way that no human girl could ever quite be. She still had divine blood flowing through her veins and most of all – she was in her place of power. A rice goddess may be near useless throughout most of the land. She was not even a divinity presiding over plant life in general simply one of Kiri's harvets. But unbound by the stifling seal she used what power she possessed to great effect.

Around and beneath building stalks of rice began to grow at an enormous rate. Monks and vagabonds became quickly entangled within the now massive stalks. Manaka trying to leave the building and let her underlings face the brunt of the attack alone fell over a bent stalk and before Di's eyes was engulfed in a sea of sprouts which wound about her, constricting like a malicious cocoon. The hands which bound Di became skewered with rice stalks that shared more in common with the more hardy species of bamboo than any normal grain crop. Losing their hold on the physical plane the great appendages faded to mist letting Di drop to the floor.

Perhaps the greatest change Mochiko had made to the building was that the parts of the ceiling once collapsed in on themselves were now suspended by great pillars comprised of the thick bamboo like rice stalks. Stumbling as he got to his feet Di started to make his way across the now overgrown ground to were he last saw Kirei. Mochiko herself was weeping in the middle of the pentagram her tears falling down as pieces of rice.  

Damn it – it seemed like such a slim chance that a young boy could have survived that kind of fate. But if nothing else Di would have to take his remains for burial. Di didn't know how many surviving family members Kirei had but he would get into contact with them one way or another.

Di Exit

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Everything goes dark; the smoke envelops your senses. Before you can become adjusted, the rushing wind grows hot, and there is brightness all around you. You feel the tails of your cape catch fire, you cover yourself with your arms and cry out, the roar of flame renders your scream silent. The inferno sears your flesh, cutting through the layers of cloth and leather with ease. You want the pain to stop; you want the brightness to go away. And then, you get your wish. Wood and dust collapses, snuffs out the blaze but smashes against your back, splinters slicing the flesh of your arms and shoulders. You feel your shoulder dislocate, arm break, and you feel faint.

"Get up, Kirei."

You struggle against the weight, but its too much, old wounds and new fill you with agony at the twitch of every muscle. This lingering moment is the end for you; your weak existence is over. You keep pushing, one arm shoving at the broken foundation hopelessly. You scream but after a yelp you cough instead, blood fills your mouth.

"Get up, Kirei."

In the quiet after the battle, the smoldering rubble would send its emissaries into the sky; towers of smoke fingers to grasp at the full moon in vain. The quiet field, proliferating under the hands of its goddess, would rip away at the wreckage, assisting Di's frantic search for the boy. Though weak, the rice Kami would be more than enough to levy away the rubble and unbury the boy from his charred tomb. They would find him in a sorry state, though it seemed the wreckage had done more to harm the boy than the blaze. Though burned mostly to ashes, his layers of clothing had protected his body long enough to only suffer some minor burns. The damage from the collapse, however, was much more severe. Apparent dislocations, breaks and a multitude of lacerations left the Uchiha laying mostly in a motionless state, breathing shallow and fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Di..." would be Kirei's only words to his companion, unbroken left arm reaching out to the man whose face spun violently in his fading vision.

By the time he woke up, he didn't remember what happened after. As far as the medical staff told it, Di had hauled him back to the hospital for treatment with desperate speed. Luckily he had not lost too much blood or sustained severe head trauma, and it was only late the following afternoon when medical-ninja were satisfied he could return to his dormitory. To his surprise, they commended his efforts, and his assigned instructor visited him briefly to thank him for dedicated service to the village, assuming the many wounds they'd cataloged across his body were sustained while he had been on missions, and not during unsanctioned nighttime crimefighting. Kirei didn't suppose the distinction mattered, Kiri would otherwise hunt the same people down and pay shinobi for the trouble. Kirei was just doing it for free.

On his way home he would take a detour, stretching himself to the limit during his recovery by walking to Di's apartment where he would leave a letter.

'Dear Di,

They let me out of the hospital this afternoon, they say I will be fine, and they thanked me for my dedication to the Mist. I'm going to receive a commendation, and they've recommended me for higher ranking assignments. Meet me on the administration building tomorrow after dark, I want to talk about our next move.

The Hound.'

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900 trains c-rank technique

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