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1 Rumble in the fields[Private/Invite Only/NK] on Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:14 pm

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

The sound of distant grinding could be heard, it was a steady slow rhythmatic  beat that bounced off the walled confine's of the room. Kongo was preparing a essential oil blend made up of some flowers and herbs that she had brought from Iwagakure's Bazaar just the other day  to make a special medicine she could use to both help heal and as a combat weapon, however she was missing just one essential ingredient known as the chamomile plant.

She would stop her preparation of the ingredients as she moved to the left to open up the flora book of Iwagakure, she would lick her finger before flipping through the page while scanning  it's contents for the answer. The clock in the room would click with each passing second and before she knew it she had been scanning for hours, irritation would begin to overtake her before she would find her answer and smiled widely as the book entailed that the chamomile plant could be found in what would now be the Fissure Training Grounds.

Kongo who had been in nothing but a t-shirt far too large for her decided she should change, she would walk inside of her room before approaching her closet. she quickly slipped on a standard kunoichi outfit that was black with fishnet hole's around the arms for movement comfort, the outfit would not stop until it covered her entire lower face as it left nothing but a X-mark over it, she decided to leave her faded black heavy fur coat as Iwagakure's weather was much different then Sunagakure's and it caused her to tire out much more quickly then usual with it on. She would quickly grab her gourd containing a special mix of sand before heading out towards the field.

When she arrived there had only been but a few genin practicing their skills but none of which mattered to her as she had came here but one purpose in mind, she begun to look around while desperately trying to locate the chamomile plant that she needed to complete her medicine but she would have no luck. She would look up at the sky and take a deep breath in order to quail her annoyance of the situation, she had been at this task since the moment she woke up and she wondered if that may have been her problem so she attempted to look around the training grounds taking in the sights of a pair of genin lightly exchanging blows with each other and she gave a light snicker as she knew that type of training would never get them stronger at the rate they were going at.

Eventually after watching the duo for twenty minutes they would stop to take a break, she wanted to desperately tell them they had just basically spent their time playing footsies with each other but she was not the type of girl who could boldly say that to someone's face, she paused for a moment as she thought about that word.."bold" it was a concept she knew very well but never really exercised it's use, that was until she meant Tatsuya. She wondered what he was doing now, she also begun to wonder if maybe this whole day wasn't about the medicine at all but perhaps she was trying to avoid her feelings for him after that intense night full of nothing but romantic chemistry they shared because she didn't know how to cope with them yet, with each question she answered another one would pop up in her head to take it's place and she groaned heavily while pulling her legs in and burying her face in between them in a act of self-comfort.

She was truly confused and lost about what she should do with herself.


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"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"



Tatsuya had been slacking off his training regimen. Being overloaded with work, the blue eyed swordsman had barely any chance to train. Tatsuya decided he would train the entire day today. It was his day off and a good day for training. The swordsman's preferred spot for training exists in the fissure training grounds a secret area behind a group of rocks with sky as the ceiling and long humongous rocks as walls. It was his favorite training place an area of 20 diameters. The area was tricky to enter which is why it was always empty.

The swordsman grabbed his Senbons, Kunai, and Katana along with him in order to train his weapon handling. The swordsman would bring water and some home cooked meals with him in order to maintain a healthy training regimen, he needed energy to burn in his training, and training to burn his weakness. The lightning wielding young man would lock his luxury apartment and wear a black uniform for training. A turtle neck long sleeved black shirt and slim black pants, with covered Shinobi sandals.

Tatsuya paced his steps towards the rocky arena as he prepared  himself for a rough training session. Before long, Tatsuya reached the arena and sat down his blade and items. He would take off his shirt and place beside them in a neat manner as he grabbed a small group of rocks wrapped them in a cloth and tied it to his back. He grabbed more and more rocks and attached them to him the same way on his arms and legs and neck. Tatsuya began his training regimen with simple push ups.

The swordsman would begin to sweat as he progressed more and more into his training. As he hit the three hundred mark he began switching hands. He would do five push ups with one hand and then five with the other.. He stopped his push ups after a while and began doing situps, squats, and running in circles and in random direction and manipulating his footwork. He would not rest until he got the result that satisfy him.

The swordsman trained harder and harder and never gave in to rest. Five hours passed by and he would stop for a small quick break. He sipped green tea in one of the plastic cups he bought on his way and began taking sips from it. He grabbed the water bottle and sprayed his body with it washing away some of the sweat on him.

The swordsman knew he had something left to figure out about his lightning. What was that secret hiding inside his Chakra. So far Tatsuya was capable of unlocking two types of lightning. The lightnings he can now form had different colors, one was of normal color, the other cerulean, and the last was white. However, Tatsuya noticed something. His lightnings differed from one another based on color. Cerulean would make his lightning faster and improve its reach, while white nullified lightning's elements and preserved its strengths. Those two variations, however,  come at a price. Each time he used those techniques more of his Chakra would be used. These lightning colors used more Chakra than the average lightning technique. Still, they were a competitive edge that proved useful many times over.

Only time would tell Tatsuya what those different colors of lightning he manipulated meant. Tatsuya would hone his skill and power in order to achieve the power he desires to protect the one he loves. Kongo, he wished he could see her. He missed her. Tatsuya cleared his head as he got up and returned to his training after moving to an area further away from his secret hideout, the area was a barren wasteland empty of any life to be observed. The terrain was slightly unstable as it was a rocky wasteland strangely also empty of any Shinobi that come to the area to train. Many volcanic rocks were spread around and a bunch of larger rocks about three were planted into the ground each one varying in size. one of them was about four meters high and six meters in width, the second one was six meters tall but three meters wide, and the third was five meters in height and width. A small puddle of six meters diameter was ten meters away from Tatsuya to his very left. The six meters high rock was eight meters behind Tatsuya , and the six meters in width one was to his right six meters away. The five meters in height and width rock was in front of him  sixteen meters away from him.

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Kejido had come down to the training grounds simply to let off some steam. He had submitted the paperwork for his rank up review and was simply waiting on a reply. He was almost a shoe in for chunnin but they had their doubts he was sure. His victory in the match against the victor of the chunnin exams was uneventful. He had only dodged a single attack and forced her to surrender by letting her chakra run dry. He hadn't hit her a single time. In the moment he had considered it just good tactics. She was a walking tank after all and had dominated the other genin who tried a direct approach. Still he had his doubts now as per it pertaining to his rank up. Hence why he needed to go somewhere to blow off some steam. Where better than some place to find other genin training? Maybe spar with them while he was out and about. However when it came to his opponents in Iwa he figured he could take them. At least in a one on one he stood at the top. Indomitable against these other kids. He would almost scoff at the thought. The idea of bending knee in defeat.

He would take a deep breath and adjust himself. Straightening his black uniform and his high collar. Red lines stitched into the shoulders and around the neck and cuffs. Making sure each of his bronze buttons were facing forward. His white belt with the bronze buckle were lined up with the center of his uniform as was the ceremonial kunai tucked into his left waist. Sheathed there. Dark slacks were pressed and creased as they were tucked over polished boots. Over his left breast was a single white line with a second line under it showing a white, green and red bar. His headband was stitched into his right shoulder to mark him as a member of Iwagakure's forces. Lastly his white gloves were without stain. The scroll under the sleeve of his right arm was well hidden and connected to his armory chest should he need it. He supposed he would after all. He wasn't so overconfident as to consider himself above using his weapons against others of the same rank. They were ninja after all. Still he would tighten his fist and unclench it repeatedly. If the council thought he couldn't actually take down a target...they were dead wrong.

Kejido would descend into the training grounds. He liked it here. He was a taijutsu specialist and getting close to most opponents was ideal. These rooms were only about ten meters by ten meters so there really wasn't much place to go. If someone tried to fill that space with a jutsu they were likely getting caught in it too. The old thought was that your own chakra couldn't hurt you. That was true on the initial release of a jutsu in most cases. However if you fill a room with fire or lightning you are likely getting burned. So it prevented his opponents from using any large scale jutsu without making a sacrifice themselves. It was as if the arena was designed for him. Had he known about people using aura jutsu he may have thought otherwise but he had never encountered it. Instead he walked almost right passed a couple of kids lightly sparring. Forcing them to shift away from him. Shouting after him in anger as he just smirked and kept looking. Too weak. Moving up the arena toward the next area. Only pausing in one of the more open arena's. Only the walls to the back of it as the rest was a sheer cliff side. If you stepped outside of the ten meters here you either hit a wall or fell.

His silver eyes shifted as he rounded the corner to see an exasperated girl with pink hair seemingly watching the match below. She stuck out here but he only mildly noticed. Instead he would look her up and down as he turned to walk passed her. He couldn't read her ability but if she was just sitting around in the training area he had his doubts. He was preparing to walk right passed her.


Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

Kongo in her confusion wouldn't bother to move from her location as she would simply observe the ninja who came and went to train whilst she sat in utter silence as if she was a still portrait come to life, eventually after watching the thirteenth pair of ninja sparring partner's leave the training grounds she would chuckle at her own predicament as she had spent nearly the entire day questioning the training methods of other ninja while she sat on her ass doing nothing but watching them try and improve themselves to prove their worth as shinobi.

She begun to feel the need to also rise to the occasion and train herself in a act to prove that she was indeed a capable ninja in her own right, but unlike the ninja before her she had not came to this grounds with the idea of training herself so she had made the journey alone. But as luck would have it after a few minutes of discussing to herself mentally on what course of action she should be choosing another figure would arrive and just like her he was alone, but there was a certain air about this certain person that the others seemed to lack as she gazed upon the boy's appearance as he wore a black uniform with a high collar that made him appear more like a soldier then a civilian, on closer inspection she would notice red lines stitched into his uniform's shoulders and around the neck and cuffs with bronze buttons faced forward as her gaze shifted down to a white belt with a bronze buckle. Whoever he was he seemed to be a very well kept man as his cloth's held little to no signs of filth on them with rung true especially for the males white gloves that were absolutely spotless in detail, Kongo begun to wonder if he was a outside traveler that decided he would watch the might of Iwagakure but then she became shocked as her gaze lead her back up to now take in a sight of a Iwagakure headband that had been stitched into the right shoulder of the male's uniform proving that he was indeed not a soldier but uniquely dressed ninja.

Kongo might have been staring at the unique shinobi for far to long as now his gaze was now focused on her, it would seem they both held somewhat of a interest as they simply stared at each other as if they were studying a new subject among the vast many the world held in it's keep. Feeling the urge to speak now and also due to the urge to get up as she had been sitting for hours and her legs long since pass fell asleep making her stand up with a wobbling sense of gravity before standing upright and starting to speak, "Hello, my name is Kongo. Kongo Sabaku, it's a pleasure to meet you but im afraid i never seen your face around here until now. May i ask your name?"


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"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"

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