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C-Rank mission:
Mission name: Settle the dispute.
Mission rank: C
Objective: Two families have been arguing about their property line. Go there with the blue prints and settle it.
Location: The Living Quarters
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: The Uchaka and Rudaku Families have been disputing over their property lines. Bring the provided blue prints to them so it can be settled.
Mission details: While in transit a member of the Rudaku family will try and steal the blue prints. He is a young academy student but all of his stats are E-3. Careful not to harm him too badly or it will be reported back to the higher ups and you will fail the mission for harming a child.

Name: Duru Rudaka
Age: 10
General Appearance: Just a Yellow T shirt and black shorts with shinobi sandals. Buzz cut black hair and brown eyes. Short even for his age.
Personality: Eager to prove himself and tries to make others proud.
Motivations: To do right by his father and his family and prove he is worthy of his family name.
Fears: Failing the academy and his family falling into poverty.
Abilities: All E-3 stats, No jutsu or weapons.
Other: He will try and run down narrow alley ways to get away but in the direction of his family.

It was another sunny day in Iwagakure, Tatsuya had just awoken. Opening the window he would hear the birds chirping as a new morning had just begun. Tatsuya would wash his body and get ready for a day full of work. Today he will be assisting in Ninja missions. Particularly. The mission of someone he cares about. The only one he cares about. Tatsuya had a mission with Sabaku Kongo. A young lady he met, the two hit it off quiet nicely, The chemistry between the two was amazing and it was amusing to see Tatsuya feel like a human being for once. However after five days of not seeing her. Tatsuya is back to being his emotionless robotic self.

However, Tatsuya had no idea who he'd be assisting in this mission and its been bothering him how lady Kongo has been ignoring him and attempting her best to avoid him. Tatsuya would put a lid on those feelings and after a slight bit of debate Tatsuya came to a sad conclusion that saddened him. Lady Kaguya perhaps stopped liking him. He would think she stopped loving him which troubled him, however, he was never someone to confront whatever feelings he had. The amnesia did not erase that habit. Tatsuya would run from his emotions of sadness and unhappiness by distracting himself with work taking on job after job.

Tatsuya's was asked to undertake a mission with a Ninja, the two would attempt to apparently resolve the dispute between two families and deliver blue prints. Tatsuya was warned that their may be an attempt at stealing the blue prints and he may act accordingly to protect the blue prints, however, the suspect whomever they may be shall not be harmed under any circumstances. This all meant Tatsuya had to use minimum force to restrain a potential thief effectively.

The emotionless blue eyed swordsman would reach the waiting spot and await his partner, he had no idea who they are as his partner at the police department refused to disclose such intel. Tatsuya waited patiently as he was informed that the person will find him without a doubt and will identify  him. His partner also claimed that this partner is someone Tatsuya knows. Could it have been Tsutomu? Was it Tenjin? Or was it the fight-loving Maikeru? Lady Kongo doesn't want to see Tatsuya because she lost her feelings to him so it won't be her, or so Tatsuya thought. Little did he know that the girl that made him feel would be there to see him. He knew nothing as of why she was ignoring him. If it was her he would love to know the answer.

Tatsuya waited patiently as he kept looking at his clock over and over awaiting his partner. Thinking about lady Kongo, he missed her, he wanted to embrace her again. He was determined to go see her after mission and find out what happened. Tatsuya cared for her too much to let her simply go.

Word count: 506
Mission Requirement: 1500

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Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

It was another sunny day in Iwagakure, however Kongo would not be able to experience it just yet. She had woken up hours before to make it to the early class held at the university so she could get that extra medical practice in while assuring that she had time for missions and regular training throughout the day but those were all just reasons she told herself as there was a secret intention on why she was doing all this, to avoid Tatsuya. After she had woken up the following morning following their night out in the village she has been desperately been avoiding being seen by him, the flashes of her memories from the night and the sensations of being loved and giving love was all too much for her to bare and she begun unknowingly trying to block those feelings out by guttering her schedule.

However it seemed that today was the day she would now have to confront both her feelings and Tatsuya due to the simple mistake of taking on any mission that came her way she hadn't realized she accidentally took a mission with Tatsuya assigned as her partner, furthermore when she tried to get it canceled she was told that there was no other genin around to take the mission meaning there was no way for her to avoid this outcome. A faint whisper would invade Kongo's hearing before a loud book slammed in front of her bringing her out of her thinking process as the medical ninja who taught the class was now standing in front of her, "Ms.Sabaku, glad you could make it. Would you like to explain to the class what to do when a patient has been poisoned?" Kongo would look at the teacher blankly to see his smirking smile, it seemed he asked that question because she was not paying attention and wanted to make a fool of her but little did he know Kongo had just encountered the exact situation only days prior so she gave him a graceful smile while answering his question "If a patient was just poisoned you should remove the area of skin that was inflicted before using a basic medical jutsu to replace and cure the skin of any toxicities that still exist, if the patient has been suffering for a unknown amount of time a deeper and more precise surgery is necessary or it just may mean the patients life, sir."

Just as she answered his question the bell rung signifying the end of the class and Kongo quickly stood up and made her way out leaving the instructor looking profoundly stupid looking, it was now time to meet Tatsuya at the living quarters to start their mission and to face the muse. As she made her way towards the living quarters her heart begun pounding with each step while her mind became clouded in a hazy fog, the moment she turned the corner she would see him just standing their looking so perfect as if he was some god who had fallen into mortality and her heart that had already been disorientated was now just beating uncontrollably as she stood there gazing at him for a few moments until she cried out his name in a whisper, "Tatsuya..."

She then slowly made her way to him feeling her beating heart now grip at her body as if it was about to jump right out of her, she decided that no matter what that she had to avoid being held or loved by him at all costs during the mission or she doubt she would be able to fight her feelings for him any longer then she already had.



"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"



His cold and silent self was broken as he saw her standing over there walking towards him. The love of his life and the only one for him stood few meters apart and was walking towards him. He wanted to run and embrace her, but he respected her image and was wary of her not liking it. He held it in but in his mind he ran to her and hugged her close a thousand times, as though a goddess of beauty descended before him. As she was coming closer. He moved to her smiling happily. When she was around, that was when he felt happiness. However, she ignored his smiles and gestures. Tatsuya was surprised as he spoke "Let us begin the mission...."

He spoke as they walked, her body language from what Tatsuya studied revealed multiple things. She was avoiding him, did she not like him or was he a simple one fun night. Tatsuya's emotions were combating one another which was troublesome as he never dealt with such grief. He grabbed his shirt around his chest area as he felt a deep pain in his heart area along with a strange feeling around his throat as though he was being choked. Tatsuya wondered, was this..... Sadness? It felt similar to the feeling he'd have when he would get these memory flashbacks that hurt him so painfully.

Tatsuya handed the young lady Kongo the blue prints that he went ahead and grabbed ahead of time as he informed her of his plan of her holding them and him covering her. His tone was cold, his gaze was colder, and his touch was even colder. Tatsuya would walk with the young lady who wasn't even walking by his side. She would walk slightly behind him, was it on purpose or was it simply a strategic idea of hers.

Tatsuya wanted to know, if he made her angry or if he hurt her in any way, shape, or form. He asked "Did I hurt you? If not, then why are you ignoring me." Tatsuya would ask so coldly not facing the young girl, because if he did face her, her wouldn't be able to stand being so close yet so far from her. He would listen to her response fully before forming his response. He felt fear. It pissed him off. Tatsuya could fight, kill, and threaten the most dangerous people he'd ever meet. Yet this girl beautiful as she was, scared him to no extent. It pissed Tatsuya off. However, nothing would amount to how much he loved her...

Tatsuya would prepare himself for any assault or attempt at harming Kongo, she was more his priority than the blueprints. They were warned that an attempt at stealing the blueprints may occur. The young blue eyed would focus in every direction possible to scan for any oncoming enemies. The orders were clear, the thief may very well be possibly  child less than fifteen years old. If the thief would turn out to be a young person, orders were to retrain without inflicting harm.

Words: 518
Total Words: 1024
Mission Requirement: 1500

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

As Kongo approached Tatsuya he smiled  happily at her which made her feel a little faint after not seeing his heart-melting smile in a few days, but she promised she wouldn't break down her walls in front of him and she would resist his advance's so she would not reciprocate his smile and he would look shocked before saying "Let us begin the mission.... They begun walking and it was absolutely a awkward stroll as Kongo could feel his eye's studying her movements which only added to the sensation as she now felt like butterflies were flying around near her abdomen, not to long after she started to watch him out of the corner of her eye she  watched as Tatsuya gripped his shirt tightly over his heart while giving off a pained expression on his face and her heart for only just a moment felt like it had frozen over.

Tatsuya handed her  the blue prints and begun informing her of his plan in which she would keep them safe while he provided cover, but what she became focused on was his tone. Last time they meant he had spoke to her so sweetly but now his tone was cold and his gaze was even colder then that while the brief moment there hands had touched felt like the area was freezing over solid, at this point the buffer lies in her stomach were now felt like a bottomless pit that was gnawing at her flesh in which she would begin rubbing  her right arm with her left in order to soothe herself of the terrible feeling coursing through her body and walked slower behind so he wouldn't see what he was doing to her.

Suddenly he would stop walking and she would look down onto the ground while holding her right arm with her left, she knew what was about to come and it only hurt her more inside. "Did I hurt you? If not, then why are you ignoring me."  His voice cut like razor blade's to her skin as she now gripped her right arm tight enough until her nails cut through her own flesh slightly, he didn't bother to turn around but she was grateful for that part as one look at her and he would know instantly he had her in the palms of his hands as she summoned up the words to say, "T....T" a tear begun to form in her eyes making it hard for her to see as she tried to stop their advancement from falling, "That's right!!...i hate you, im only here for the mission." She had said those words so he would not pursue her any longer but they cut deeper then any weapon she had been harmed with on the battlefield, the tears she had been halting now dropped silently from her face silently drowned out by the few steps of civilians around them.


Total WC:1,138


"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"



Tatsuya would feel as though he was impaled through the chest. She said few words that caused him a great deal of pain. His heart felt as though it was shattering. The girl he loved with all his heart, had told him she hated him. He turned his head towards her slightly only to see her crying. He would wipe her tears with his thumb.

Her words hurt him, but her tears almost broke him. Tatsuya would smile clearly holding his tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry I made you hate me. I do realize I may be lacking... Talking to you was difficult... You are my first love... I love you, even if you hate me." Tatsuya would then notice a kid running off with the blueprints as the two were distracted. The boy was already far away being twenty nine meters away. Tatsuya patted the young girl ever so gently and as he turned around facing the direction of the boy a tear could be seen as it flowed down his cheek.

Lightning erupted around Tatsuya as he burst off towards the young boy covering the distance of thirty meters at a god like speed of thirty meters per second through the utilization of Cerulean Lightning. Avoiding the boy and stopping in front of him as he rushed at the boy and restrained him. A child attempting to prove his worth as he muttered his apologies for failing his family.

Tatsuya patted the young boy and whispered "Follow the correct path, and you can become a great Shinobi one day." Tatsuya cuffed the young boy and retrieved the blue prints and handed them to Kongo who would be the better handler out of the two. Tatsuya never showed emotions or cried around people, but now he could no longer hold it in. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, he had no idea what those were. He spoke to Kongo "I need your help... My eyes were poisoned.." He then showed her his face."They won't stop and it hurts over here." He grabbed his shirt around his chest as he spoke "It's also hard to breath... My head hurts... What is this poison....?"

He was crying, not because of poison, but her words that pierced his heart impaling him. He would speak "I love you." As he kissed her and hugged her close. He didn't know why she lied, but she did. Why would she cry from telling him she hated him? He didn't know what weighed on her heart he was angry for not seeing her for a while but now he did he then spoke again  saying "Never leave me again..."

She meant the world to him, he never wanted to lose her or be separated from her, why she was hiding her feelings he didn't know. He knew she loved him, but she was hiding her emotions. Blocking emotions out was what Tatsuya did. He knew how painful it was.  He was still worried if she hated him truly for something he hurt her with. He didn't know what to think he knew one thing; that he loves her crazily.

They would walk more and more, Tatsuya had the boy's hands cuffed and the boy walking in front of him. They walked patiently and as they got closer to their destination. Tatsuya began noticing something chasing them...

Words: 570
Total Words: 1594
Mission Requirement: 1500

Jutsu used:
Chakra 130/150:

Name: Raiton: Kaminari
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 20 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4
Description: The user discharges a huge amount of lightning momentarily coating their body. The lightning deals minor first degree electrical burns to any targets that come into contact with the user, specifically, the body part that touched the user during the Jutsu will be deal minor 1st degree electrical burns. This Jutsu can burst someone through 20 meters with a speed of 25m/s. The Jutsu can only push the user in a straight line.

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

As tears flowed down from Kongo's cheek's Tatsuya turned around unexpectedly before making his ya towards her,  she wanted to run and hide and disappear but she was frozen on the spot as she felt like a large stone sinking deeper into the ocean and closed her eye's in fear when he was right in front of her before suddenly feeling a thumb brush along her check wiping her tears away.  Once brushing her tears gone Tatsuya gave a smile but she could tell he was on the verge of tears too before he spoke, "I'm sorry I made you hate me. I do realize I may be lacking... Talking to you was difficult... You are my first love... I love you, even if you hate me."

 Kongo heart that had been sinking in a bottomless pit now felt like it was burning with a heat that made her body feel on fire as her face turned red mixed in with her teary eye's  as she made slight sobbing sounds, before she could even get a word in Tatsuya turned around and begun looking at a kid running off and she noticed the young boy had the blue prints in his hands and snatched it while they were distracted. Kongo was disappointed in herself, she not only broke down in front of him but let her personal emotions distract her from the mission which allowed a measly thief get the best of her right under her nose while Tatsuya gave her a small pat before racing off to deal with the boy.

Kongo would stand there as she watched lightning erupt around Tatsuya as he burst off towards the young boy, even with her good eyesight he moved with such a speed that she could barely keep up herself before he stopped in front of the young male as he rushed at the boy before easily restraining  him. Kongo could hear the faint whisper of the boy as he muttered to himself about how he failed his family, it was a relatable feeling as she too wanted to make her family proud,even though they had already passed.

Tatsuya would say a few words to him before walking off after cuffing him and taking the blueprints and made his way back to Kongo while handing her the blueprints, but before she could say a word she would watch as tears rolled down his cheeks before he said while sobbing, "I need your help... My eyes were poisoned.." He then showed her his face."They won't stop and it hurts over here." while grabbing his shirt around his chest as he spoke "It's also hard to breath... My head hurts... What is this poison....?"

Tatsuya's emotional display was the last hit needed to destroy Kongo's walls as she broke down and started crying freely from his words as they were genuine and choked with emotions similar to her own,"I love you." Would all he would say before she felt his lips press against hers as she was pulled into a hug, the sensation of his lips felt as wonderful as the first time and she felt like she was melting as tears trickled down from her eye's but this time it wasn't sadness but the happiness of knowing someone loved you and you loved them back. She didn't bother to try and resist anymore as he held her close and if he said something else she would probably be to distracted to notice.


Total WC:1,745


"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"



"Heh now let's finish this soap opera with your deaths!" The words he uttered were cold and sharp. Not a trace of hesitation, his posture was well formed, and his sword was held in a strategic fashion. The man was a trained thug. The muscles all over his body which was enough to identify him as a physical fighter. Tatsuya drew his blade as he armed himself in a combat stance watching his won footing and his opponent's footing closely.

Tatsuya would prepare his blade to strike his enemy. The thug would pull out a bunch of kunai and launch them at the child of ten years old Tatsuya would leave guarding the boy to Kongo as this was merely a distraction. He rushed at Tatsuya who was prepared to fight the man began clashing blades with the bastard. Tatsuya would continue his clash with the man their swords darting away from one another as sounds of clashing steel filled the area.

The thug would aim a downward slash that Tatsuya sidestepped, however, the thug was not done as he twisted his blade and swung horizontally. Tatsuya in reaction to the man's swing let himself fall on the ground however, before hitting the ground his other hand would grab the floor and keep him balanced in a weird position that he used to his advantage as he wrapped his two legs around the man's arm holding the sword only to pull him in and land a solid stab to the shoulder, flip him over in a somersault, and kick him away. Tatsuya quickly regained his stance as his opponent did. He'd throw a small smoke bomb at Tatsuya which did indeed keep him distracted till the man  rushed at Kongo throwing kunai that she could easily dodge only to rush at her aiming a downward slash.

Tatsuya followed the sound of his footsteps and  as was out of the smoke he burst off at max speed towards Kongo rushing in front of her taking the blades strike at full strength. Tatsuya's wound was a deep two inch cut from the shoulder all the way to his chest and stomach. Tatsuya smiled his eyes grew colder, he whispered "" ever not a slight sound of pain or a sound signaling he was in pain. Tatsuya managed to grab the thief's two hands as he glared at him with unmatched rage his gaze would pierce whatever stood in front of him as though a thousand blades were shot in every direction. His head felt like it was exploding his eyes would glow in rage. This was the first time he felt true rage. His eyes burned with killing intent so much it terrified the thug.

Tatsuya raging as he locked the man's two hands in his grip would begin the man's execution. He charged his blade with lightning as he swung the blade on the man rapidly with his left hand. Being ambidextrous helped Tatsuya swing his blade with whatever hand he perferred, and this trait now helped him as he tore the man to pieces dealing two and a half inch cuts all over him. Tatsuya would finish his barrage with final swing of his blade across the man's neck in order kill him. However, the man was motionless and Tatsuya stopped with the blade at the man's neck. He was unconscious, however, should whatever anger he had left surface, he would kill the man while unconscious.

The criminal scum attempted at the life of his beloved, the one and only person he feels emotion for, the one he loves the most and more than any other being. It was that which enticed the anger of losing his entire life  in Suna and Suna itself allowing that anger to fuse with the thought of losing Kongo, Tatsuya turned for a second into a monster.

Words: 653
Total Words: 2247
Mission Requirement: 1500

Chakra: [115/150]:

Name: Raiton: Fukushu

Canon/Custom: Custom

Rank: C

Type: Supplementary

Element: Raiton

Range: Self/10 meters

Specialty: Bukijutsu/Ninjutsu

Duration: Maintainable

Cooldown: 2+ Posts Maintained

Description: The user can use this technique in different ways. They can either enhance their weapon's blade increasing is cutting and piercing power by 1½ inches. The user can either enhance their weapon or create one weapon  (requires maintaining) from lightning which can pierce 1 inch and cut 1½ inches deep. The weapon can be thrown at an enemy however if the weapon is 10 meters away from the user (enhanced or created) the lightning will fade away. Requires 5 Chakra per post to maintain activity. The user may choose one effect either creating a blade or coating a blade. Once the user loses connection(weapon is away further than 10 meters) or stops supplying the technique with chakra the technique is put on cooldown.

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Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

Moments after their touching moment the sound of a male's voice would pierce both of their ears with a of utter seriousness, "Heh now let's finish this soap opera with your deaths!" His words held no hesitation and just by first glance both Kongo and Tatsuya could tell he was a trained thief or mercenary by the way he held his blade and the muscle's that made up the exterior appearance of his body was nothing a petty human could hope to accomplish with no prior training, it was obvious from his weapon that he was a blade combatant like Tatsuya as they both took arms and watched each other closely before engaging in physical combat.

Just as Tatsuya was pressing to move in the thug quickly pulled out a bundle of at least five to six kunai and throw them towards her direction, using her good eyesight Kongo quickly discovered that they weren't aimed for her but at the small child who had attempted to steal the blueprints just before the rude arrival of the man. While Tatsuya engaged the thief in close combat Kongo would quickly activate her sand jutsu causing it to pour out at a rate of 10m/s as her sand immediately rushed in front of the boy and provided a defensive wall that caught the kunai before they even got close, Kongo would switch her attention to Tatsuya as he engaged in what seemed like a fierce battle with the thief and she couldn't help but feel useless in this type of situation as she had to make sure the little boy was safe.

She rushed over to the little boy's side and gave him a simple order, "Go home, your only get hurt if you stay here! I'll personally pardon you for this mishap!"" Kongo hoped that she made the right decision as the mission did not detail the capture of a possible criminal and certainly not one of such a young age that had his whole life ahead of him, he had shown courage in trying to steal the blueprint all for the sake of his family and Kongo had respected that about him and did not wish to see him harmed in this struggle for a piece of paper.

She had made a mistake, Kongo had forgotten the most basic rule of battle "Never take your eyes off the opponent". Unbeknownst to her while she had guided the little boy away from the scene a sudden smoke bomb had went off catching her attention before a sudden kunai was once again coming at her but this time directly, she easily used her sand to catch it but it seemed that it had only been a momentary distraction as the man spinned on the ball of his foot in front of her as he charged up his strength for a powerful downward slash and the male was way too close in order for her sand to fully stop it's arrival in time but she had to try but then...the unexpected happened..

It all happened so fast that Kongo had fallen into disbelief  as a blur appeared in front of her almost like a white knight to reveal Tatsuya, but that image quickly faded and her disbelief was now filled with shock as as the exact moment she heard the sound of thin metal she saw red hot blood splattering across Tatsuya from his shoulder all the way to his stomach area and he would let out a pained sound which shook her to the core as more tears started to fall and the blood coming from him paralyzed her. Kongo was no stranger to blood in her field of expertise but this wasn't just anyone's blood being splattered, it was the man she loved dearly and she would realize that all this time she spent wasting trying to avoid him was all for nothing if only to shield her own heart from possible heartbreak but as his blood dripped to the floor so did her urge to deny herself the right to love him.

Just as she  was snapping out of it she moved to heal Tatsuya immediately but something was wrong, he grabbed the blade with both hands and the look in his eye was one she never saw run across his face before and it spelled of utter rage so much that the petty thug had been frozen in his own fear. Without hesitation and without mercy Tatsuya begun to wrap his blade with raiton enabled chakra and started savagely slashing away at the thug to the point that Kongo begun to fear and feel pity for their life as Tatsuya left almost the entirety of their body a complete bloody mess that she deduced not even a trained medic could heal in one day, the thug had long since passed lost consciousness and Tatsuya seemed to recognize that and stepped on his throat with his eye's still full of utter rage and she knew he was  going to kill him.

Kongo stood on her feet with utter haste and ran straight into Tatsuya hugging him from behind, "Please stop! Dont kill him just for my sake, dont give in to your anger. Im okay there's no need to go any further, I love you Tatsuya im so sorry i please stop!" Kongo left hand would slowly reach for the blade in Tatsuya hand as her other hand weaved over his excessively large wound as she begun to heal the first inch of skin to ease his pain.

Chakra: 130/150

Jutsu Used:

Name: Hovering Hands (ホバリング手 ~ Hobaringu-te)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Contact
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Up to 4 posts (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The user envelopes their hands in medicinal chakra, and holds it an inch or two over a wound. It will regenerate one sq. inch of skin per post, and heal cuts up to 3/4 inches deep, minor bruises, and first degree burns within this area. Muscle tissue and second degree burns will take 2 posts to heal instead of one, and this technique can only be used for up to 4 posts.

Name: Sand Control Jutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: Sand
Range: up to 40m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: None
Description: This technique allows the user to freely manipulate sand within a certain radius around themselves, simply by willing it to happen. The range and amount of sand the user can manipulate varies depending on the level of the jutsu used. Regardless of the rank used, however, the sand speed stays constant, at 10 metres a second.

This technique has no offensive properties [For example the sand cannot be used to form sharp edges that would hurt on contact, nor to crush someone] and exists solely to allow the user to reposition their sand.

Amount manipulatable, range and Chakra cost:

  • D-Rank: 5 m3 of loose sand within 5 metres of the user. Costs 5 chakra.
  • C-Rank: 10 m3 of loose sand within 10 metres of the user. Costs 5 chakra.
  • B-Rank: 15 m3 of loose sand within 15 metres of the user. Costs 10 chakra.
  • A-Rank: 20 m3 of loose sand within 25 metres of the user. Costs 10 chakra.
  • S-Rank: 25 m3 of loose sand within 40 metres of the user. Costs 15 chakra.

Note: this can be changed each post. For example If the user is controlling 15 metres of sand it costs 10 chakra, but if they relinquish 5 meters in the next round, it will only cost 5 chakra.


Total WC:2,700


"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"



He was unconscious himself and was prepared to kill the man for the sake of the one he loves. The mercenary attempted to harm her. Tatsuya wanted to eradicate the one who tried to harm her. His instincts took over his actions as he was unconscious. As the blue eyed swordsman was prepared to deal the final blow, he felt a warm touch that almost woke him back into consciousness. Her touch was ever so warm and gentle. It was the touch of the one he loved so dearly. Her warmth would allow words she said to heal his mind.

"Please stop! Don't kill him just for my sake, dont give in to your anger. Im okay there's no need to go any further, I love you Tatsuya im so sorry i please stop!"

Her words would comfort the unconscious you swordsman as he spoke to himself within as if he was watching from within. As he spoke to himself his semi-conscious self would speak out loud as well barely capable of forming a sentence he spoke as his sword dangled from his hand barely holding it overwhelmed by her embrace and words.

She's okay... Thank god, I was afraid I'd lose her, if anything happens to her...

"Pro.. Tect"

I'm still weak... this sense of regret was what made me train but now I have to train harder... For her.


I'll become stronger and protect her...

"I... Will... Protect...."

She's everything I have...

"Will... Protect... You...."

As he uttered his words he fell into her embrace no longer are his instincts commanding him to kill the criminal, she was safe, and when his ears heard her confess her love a great deal of comfort washed over him as he fell asleep in her arms for a moment only to wake up as his wound was healed. He looked up at her half-awake, and reached his hand all the way to her face as he wiped her tears and placed his hand on her cheek. "Why are you crying angel?" He referred to her as an angel for she truly was his angel. The one who saved him from his emotionless self. He may still have difficulty comprehending emotions and feeling them, however, with her around he could feel plenty enough.

Tatsuya rested a bit before getting up and leaving with Kongo. The swordsman called for his partner at the police department to pick up the criminal. The two lovers walked to the delivery site and before long they reached the place of delivery. He would leave Kongo to hand the family the blueprints and return side by side with her as he offered to hold her hand with a smile on his face.

As they walked he spoke "I love you" He spoke happy to have finally resolved the problems they had. Now he can rest assured and not worry his head over her not loving him.

Exit thread

Words: 501
Total Words: 2748
Mission Requirement: 1500
Mission Complete~
Words remaining: 1248
Per 100 words extra 25 ryo
12*25=300 Extra ryo

Sabaku, Kongo

Sabaku, Kongo

As Kongo took a injured Tatsuya into her arms in a act of love too soothe his rage his movements had stopped as the once tight grip on his blade became loose as it dangled from his hand, while she kept on healing his wound he spoke in broken sentence's until he finally said the full sentence. "I... Will... Protect... you."

Those words meant more than he would ever know, Kongo had never been the one who wanted to be protected but rather wanted to protect others but she found herself desperately clinging onto his words frantically. She had been alone for so long that she had fooled herself into believing that would always reign true, but today that would all end as she kept her arms around Tatsuya feeling his warmth mix with her's as if they were just one being that was split long before their arrival to this plane of existence. Suddenly his hand gently caressed her face before he wiped the tears away with as he asked, "Why are you crying angel?" And she would truly laugh from the bottom of her heart from his cheesy line  as she put her free hand that wasn't healing him over his as she nuzzled her cheek against his hand.

They stayed there until Kongo had fully recovered his wound in which they both rose before Tatsuya called his partner at the police station to pick up the thug, now with no distractions they quickly made there way to the delivery site and Kongo hastily gave the proper papers to the families so they may settle their long dispute over the properties. With their mission now complete they walked side by side and Tatsuya would offer his hand in which she gladly accepted before he said, "I love  you" and she wasted no time in answering him back as she pulled him down to say "I love you too~!" as she wrapped her arms around his neck  to give him a deep kiss to show she meant it with all her heart.

-Exit Thread-


Total WC:3,055

C-rank Mission Completion:1500/1500 (1,555 Words Left)


D-2 to D-3: 450 Words and 75 Ryo (1,105 Words Left)


D to D-1: 325 words and 25 Ryo. (780 Words Left)
D-1 to D-2: 400 words and 50 Ryo. (380 Words Left)

25 ryo per 100 words:

3 * 25 = 75 Ryo (80 Words Wasted)


"Beware for the very sand underneath our feet and the sand particle's in the air are at my disposal"

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