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1Perverts among us[Solo D-rank Mission] Empty Perverts among us[Solo D-rank Mission] on Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:27 am

Discover the Pervert:

Mission name: Discover the Pervert
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go undercover as a cashier in store and find out why so many employees have been quitting their jobs after a few days.
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: A store owner has requested help in finding out why - in only one of his three stores - newly hired employees are quitting within a couple days. Go undercover as a new employee, find and report the problem.
Mission details: The source of the problem is the store manager, who is in charge when the store owner is busy tending to his other two stores. He is a major pervert, and will do little actions like grope new employees and make 'subtle' suggestive comments. By abusing his authority, he threatens new employees into silence by saying that he will blacklist them and make sure they don't get another job if they tell anyone about his actions. Upon discovering that he is the problem, you may deal with him how you wish without seriously injuring him, then report back to the store owner.

Name: Juroku
Age: 35
General Appearance: Up to you.
Personality: Perverted, openly bisexual. When in front of customers and his boss, he is polite to the point where it is greasy and overdone. Behind the scenes, he will make inappropriate advances towards the other employees - but will never do more than groping and making inappropriate comments. Is also somewhat of a coward.
Motivations: Sex, alcohol, and money.
Fears: Being fired from his job.
Other: He is a regular civilian with no particular skills or abilities, and will not put up much of a fight if physically attacked.

Mokuzai had once again decided to receive a mission from the administration board but the only one available made him feel  apprehensive about the detail’s that were described for it, the mission entails that he will be  tasked with going undercover as a cashier in a convenience store in order to investigate why new employee's e were quitting within a few days of being hired. The job itself was easy enough for him but the pay was low, he would only do it for the sole reason of serving the village.

As Mokuzai positioned himself near an alley near the shop he decided to use the transformation technique to turn herself into a  older looking village girl with the breast size of C-cups with long black hair that was short on the left and long to the right that had the look of a very shy girl wearing a light purple shirt and black skirt, if someone was targeting new employee's his new appearance with the less than dominant demeanor was sure to attract their attention and make them brave enough to approach him which was just what he wanted while avoiding the risk of  any customer who saw him in his normal appearance ruining the mission.

Transformation Appearance:

Perverts among us[Solo D-rank Mission] Oc_des10

It had been a couple of minutes into his “shift” but so far there was nothing wrong with the place he could find other than the fact that there seemed to be a surplus of customer’s floating in due to the morning rush making his task of  spotting out any suspicious activity much more tedious then usual, As the young Senju in disguise handed   a customer change left over from their item checkout he gave a pleasantly happy smile while trying to send non-verbal mental thoughts to the customer saying  “Hurry up and clear out already!!!

Seeing that he would be stuck for a little awhile serving customer’s he begun to  take in the condition of the shop for any clue’s which ended up in utter failure as he could not scan out  any particular reason someone would want to quit as  the air conditioning worked great, the food was delicious, and the store wasn’t small giving the feeling of confinement as it   allowed for movement space and even the customers seemed friendly, It was clear to Mokuzai that his simple mission was more like a difficult puzzle  that needed time and effort to solve.

Mokuzai now started  humming a low soft tone to himself as he continued his  observations of his  surroundings before suddenly being  brought out of his day dreaming when the tone of the small bell at the front door of the store chimed to announce a new customer, the young Senju slightly glanced up catching sight of the  manager in charge of the store. He gave Mokuzai a strange glance followed by a long whistle as the man begun to make his way towards him, at this point his senses were beginning to kick in as he felt very suspicious around the man and decided to lure him in to see where the situation would go, he would greet the manager with a heartfelt smile  as he had stopped when he reached the cashier checkout table and proceeded to start playing hard to get as he returned to doing regular business by organizing the register. He would write down a list of all the transaction’s that happened on his shift in a notebook that sat in a drawer underneath the checkout desk, he might not have had to do it but considering the details of the mission it was best to play the role as best he could r to make sure he left nothing to chance.

The manager made his way towards the door that lead to the area he was working in, the man was clearly checking his current form out as he noticed the very brief eye-contact he was doing as Mokuzai  maintained his focus not to say something. The manager then continued to move behind the aisles and keeping away from the customers as he slowly moved towards the young Senju's backside, he would vaguely catch him out the corner of his eyes and noticed his name tag read Mr. Juroku but continued to pay the manager no mind. Mr. Juroku was certainly a character as he was a man was of no significant stature, He stood about 3 feet taller than Mokuzai as he was short  even with him in disguise, though he was portly and not in a good way an  boasted a second chin, a large bulbous nose, and a greasy beard to cover the fat of his neck. The man seemed perpetually sweaty, having a greasiness about his hair. Not that he had that much to begin with, Mr.Juroku was balding and wore his graying black hair in an ill-suited comb over. If Mokuzai had to bet all her cards on the table, there was no doubt this man was a utter creep and was most likely the reason for the increasing rate of employee’s quitting had something to do with this man.

As the man moved closer towards Mokuzai he was starting to get a chill that crawled up his spine, she was more than enough to handle the manager but the feeling and lust in the manager's eyes were starting to affect him in a bad way as he couldn't shake the feeling off. He could hear the man   breathing heavily even though they were a aisle apart from each other and he would compare it's tone to a sound of a dog who was panting from going into their heat cycle, It made the situation even more unsettling but his job was not done yet as he needed to find out exactly how he needed proof of how he got new employee's to leave.

The manager continued to move closer until he was standing right behind Mokuzai, he then made a daring but sneaky move  as his hands moved carefully to feel up his bottom and gave it a light squeeze. He would take in a small breath of air  and turn towards the manager  half-way while containing deep seeded anger inside to look him directly in the eye's while giving him a happy smile and spoke with a fake softened voice "Manager i think your grabbing the wrong item?" and gently try to push him back giving light resistance.

The manger would give a deep crusty chuckle before grasping Mokuzai's transformed bottom again as he said,“Mmm.... no,im sure this is the right item. but i think we should discuss the confidentiality issue's of the purchase. I would hate to see such a rare find have her life ruined by a little white lie,hmm?"

He had found his answer and had all he needed, Mokuzai would quickly grab the mans hand and gripped it tightly as if trying to break his arm making the manager yelp in pain as mokuzai would use his left leg and kick the man's knee with a back-kick causing him to lose balance before throwing him over his shoulder onto the counter as his transformation disappeared revealing his true appearance as he begun to spoke, "Mr Juroku you are hereby under arrest and will be handed to proper authorities,however any further resistance will result in extra force." The manger demeanor has all but changed as his lustful creepy earlier face was not twisted with pain and traces of tears starting to form as he looked rather fearful, apparently the dose of action Mokuzai gave him had all but destroyed the mans confidence as he gave up easily. This was a mission success.


D-rank mission 750/750 (606 words left)

25+ ryo for every 100 extra words

150 Extra ryo (6 words wasted)

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