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Unlike ANBU that act as a black ops police force that guards Konohagakure's national security without a face or without a name, ROOT is secretive even amongst the most selective black ops groups. For years, ROOT has been working in the shadows of Konohagakure, while their power has often fluctuated over the years, they have never ceased to exist in one form or another... the unseen ones who support the great tree of Konoha from the depths of the earth." ROOT has a history of despicable actions, from the genocide of the Uchiha clan at the word of their commander at the time (Danzo) to political assassinations and eliminations of even their nations own ninja whom they deemed to be a threat to the country. Proving them to be far more secretive and radical than almost any other force in the ninja world.

ROOT agents are a group of ninja that are trained from a young age, usually Genin-Chunin to operate in total secret and under the skin of society, blending in with common ninja or ANBU and executing missions unknown to even Jounin of the village of such a sensitive or inflammatory nature that they could happily place Konoha at risk internationally and/or internally. Simply put, ROOT performs tasks in the shadow of Konoha's way of fire, operating outside the law with impunity and largely without oversight to do what needs to be done, no matter how dirty, no matter how dangerous and no matter how criminal to ensure the sustained future of the land of fire.

Typically, ROOT specialize in complete objective silence, few of them ever meeting one another unless they're placed in a squad from their commander. Masters of stealth and subterfuge even among other ninja ROOT agents are expert infiltrators, spies, and assassins.


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Name: Konoha ROOT Member
Age: 16-35
General Appearance: ROOT agents look similar to Konohagakure ANBU though are known to wear thick black cloaks over themselves to conceal against the night. Their masks still often bearing the images of fierce animals in ravenous poses unlike ANBU have varied colored markings across them rather than the uniform triangular symbol. Under their Cloaks, they wear standard B rank light armor as well as the ANBU flack jacket as well as black leggings and boots.
Personality: Usually crafty and unfeeling, ROOT are trained from a young age to put their personal desires aside and live only for the good of Konoha, some of them even at risk of putting their families in danger with their missions. ROOT agents are often serious, though sometimes playful bordering on the psychotic.
Motivations: ROOT agents who become known as ROOT are almost instantly discarded as criminals and have their hands washed of by the nation, usually to be killed by other ROOT agents to prevent them from talking, proving to be an effective method of keeping ROOT in line. However, they also bear a strong will to defend Konohagakure from all threats, inside or out.
Fears: Fear is something trained out of these ninjas from an early age, focusing their core fear as having their identities revealed or failing a mission.
Abilities: Konohagakure's Root Agents are hand chosen from strong clans, each has B-2 rank stats as well as A-rank Katon and B rank of 1 other element. They are able to use all Ninjutsu library techniques as well as library techniques of those elements, ANBU techniques, academy techniques and clan techniques of their respective clans (including clan libraries). Konohagakure ROOT Agents also have classical training in Ninjutsu of up to A rank, and B rank of one other spec.
Other: Konohagakure ROOT Agents are all equipped with a basic ANBU armour and Hunter Ninja Mask as printed in the ANBU sections, as well as a full set of 10 Kunai, 30 Senbon, 1 Fuma Shuriken, 10 Bomb Seals, a wireless radio, 2 C rank tiger claws, 20m of wire, a B rank Tanto and a single A rank / 2 B rank Weapons (If they have bukijutsu). All of these weapons have the base power of weapons of their rank.

All variables must be specified when using hunter ninja upon their introduction to a thread. (Clan / Elements Etc.)

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Apparel & Equipment:

ROOT, in order to operate in secret have been tailored a uniform that looks subtly separate from the normal ANBU of the village for when they're operating in an official capacity within the ROOT training centers or on a mission with other ROOT. However, this uniform is similar to the traditional garbs of the ANBU in order to keep questions to a minimum of their identity should they happen to be seen. Commonly wearing uniforms that wear a black hooded cloak over their unique masks which, while they bear the animal faces similar to normal ANBU, they all bear aggressive expressions upon them such as snarling wolves or roaring lions. Additionally, ROOT agents seldom wear colors other than black unless they're assimilating into crowds or daily life simply for the camouflage aspect of blending into the shadows of the night.

As an interesting ritual, root members, once they swear allegiance to ROOT upon entrance, are each given a chakra laced tattoo on their tongues. Usually invisible to the naked eye, should the user flow their unique chakra into it, it reveals itself as a form of identification.

Members of Root receive the following Equipment per rank:

  • Genin:
    -ROOT Mask.
  • Chuunin:
    -ROOT Mask (If new)
    -ROOT Cloak
    -ANBU Flack Jacket
  • Sp.Jonin:
    -Free B rank ANBU weapon
  • Jonin:
    -Free A rank ANBU weapon / upgrade.

ROOT Equipment:

[b]Name:[/b] ROOT Mask
[b]Type of Armor:[/b]
[b]Rank:[/b] C
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b] N/A
[b]Protection:[/b] Protects the user’s face from weapons and strikes of C rank and below.
[b]Ability/Function:[/b] This mask is primarily intended to hide the user’s identity. It changes the user’s voice at will to mimic any voice they've heard. The user can fully control the pitch, accent and tone of the modified voice so long as the ninja has heard it before ICly.
[b]Appearance:[/b] A porcelain animal face mask bearing a fierce and aggressive expression, each with unique colored designs on it that suits the user in some way.
[b]History:[/b] This is the standard mask of the ROOT agent that has been used for hundreds of years in the lands of Konohagakure. While it has been upgraded slightly from other masks, it does so to hide the user's identity as well as aide in infiltration missions should it be needed.

[b]Name:[/b] ROOT Cloak
[b]Type of Item:[/b] Hooded Cloak & Mantle
[b]Rank:[/b] B
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b] Fuuton
[b]Ability/Function:[/b] The cloak of ROOT is made in such a manner that the chakra within it deafens the sound of the user's nonaggressive movements when moving lower than burst speed. Additionally, should it be worn at night, it conceals the user from the vision of others by blending them in with the surrounding darkness, requiring B-0 Perception to see their shadowy outline and A-0 perception to see them clearly.
[b]Appearance:[/b] A shadowy black cloak with a hooded mantle that obscures the user's face, falling down to just above the user's knees with holes for their arms.
[b]History:[/b]A traditional cloak for the secretive operations of ROOT agents from Konoha, developed by ROOT members themselves as part of their training before entering the field.

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Admission, Perks & Training:

ROOT is an incredibly exclusive group that trains only those it believes to be a powerful asset to the cause, picking from fine clans and prodigies across konoha. To become a member of ROOT, a ninja has to start their training early. At either Genin or Chunin the ninja must have trained their clans KKG skill if applicable (ie Sharingan) to its highest possible stage for their ninja rank and have their stats to their current maximum, as well as trained/apped 5 jutsu/items of a rank higher than their ninja rank. Additionally to prove their worth and skill to ROOT for recruitment they must have completed 5 missions of their ninja rank (Or pay 2500 ryo). Once this is completed, the ninja is able to apply for a position in root from an Admin or the Hokage / ROOTs Leader in the corresponding request thread(s) where they'll be offered an initiation thread from an A rank member already belonging to ROOT. Once that thread is completed, post its completion and upon Admin Request you'll be bestowed with your title as a ROOT agent!

Ranking up as a member of ROOT is far more simple, in addition to normal rank up requirements the member requires to have completed 2 additional missions of their ninja rank or higher, 3 stats trained to the maximum amount for your rank and have 5 jutsu/items of 1 rank higher than their ninja rank.

When it comes to invasions, due to the sheer secrecy and lower numbers of ROOT members spread out across the nation, ROOT members are not able to simply automatically invade the threads of others, meaning they must roll to invade in their country as per normal. However, due to their almost rogue nature and the dubious legality of their missions; Missions ROOT members create can be labeled with [ROOT], these missions are always off the books, and considered criminal by standard ninja in Konohagakure. As such, these missions use the criminal payout in place of the payout for standard missions.

Finally, when it comes to the training and techniques of the members of ROOT, they put a much larger emphasis on stealth jutsu and the acquiring of information by any means. ROOT are known to be able to infiltrate even the heaviest security, complete their missions undetected by the enemy and escape without complication. Signifying this, ROOT agents aren't often trained to aid others in combat, but rather to focus on themselves and the mission at hand. ROOT, as such do not receive either the 'Peaceful Stasis Palm Technique' or the 'ANBU Barrier Technique.' Instead, they gain the 'Hiding in Shadow' technique at D rank, and 'Hiding with Camoflague' when they reach A rank.  

Hiding in Shadow:
Name: Hiding in Shadow Technique (影操りの術 - Kageayatsuri no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: ROOT
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 2x Maintained Duration
Description: The user, flowing chakra into a shadow they come into contact with, is capable of using the basic tenants of the transformation technique, is capable of sinking their body physically into a shadow they make contact with that's the size of their torso or larger at 1/2 a meter per second. While 'submerged' the user is able to move at their base movement speed as normal through connecting shadow and can mimic the movements and motions of any shadow they are within, allowing them to hide in the moving shadows of others without revealing themselves. This jutsu can be seen through by a ninja with a perception of B-2 or higher as well as sudden impact with bright lights to the user, like those from raiton techniques within range or flash bombs cause this jutsu to end and commence its cooldown.

Hiding with Camoflague:
Name: Hiding with Camouflage Technique (迷彩隠れの術 - Meisaigakure no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B-A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: ROOT
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 2x Maintained Duration
Description: The user flows chakra around themselves creating a skin-tight area of influence that bends light around them, isolating them from the natural world in order to hide them from the eyes of others. This technique when activated hides the user from natural sight, as well as conceals their scent due to the flow of chakra. However, it can be seen through with a doujutsu or sensory technique of equal rank or higher.

  • A Rank: If activated at A rank, the jutsu also bends the flow of chakra around them also, allowing them to be undetected by techniques or doujutsu of A rank or lower that would sense the user's chakra.


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