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1 Adjunt Teacher & Trouble Maker [Raizel,NK] on Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:44 pm

Eito Raizel

Eito Raizel


Mission name: Adjunct Teacher: Academy.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Teach the students in one area of ninja knowledge.
Location: Sunagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 Ryo.

Mission description: One of the normal instructors for the Academy is out on a mission for the day. You just have to teach them what you know best.

Mission details: There are bound to be a few troublemakers. When are there not? Deal with them without critically injuring them, and continue your curriculum.

Mission name: Patrol: Within the Walls.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Scout out criminals inside the village.
Location: Sunagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 Ryo.

Mission description: We didn't think this was actually necessary, but apparently we have to pay you for this. Lately there have been some issues with people stealing, vandalizing buildings, roughing up the villagers, there's no end to what these gangs will do. Genin, do not engage the subject of your suspicion. You are to report to a superior-ranking ninja immediately with your findings.

Mission details: You can take this mission even in the middle of an ongoing thread, should the occasion arise! (You cannot use WC from prior to when you put this mission briefing in your post.)

Raizel was lying on sand for a while, the sand was


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