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Mission Details:

Mission name: Paint The Walls
Mission rank: D
Objective: The walls of the Administration Building need a fresh coat of paint. It will be your job to finish applying the new paint before nightfall.
Location: Konoha Administration Building
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Just a simple painting job. The most dangerous aspect is using the ladders to reach the undersides of the balconies.
Mission details: Just make sure nothing gets into the wet paint before it dries and all will be fine.

This was grunt work. There was no other way to put it. Needless to say, Tamago stared silently at the walls of the administrative building of Konohagakure. They did need a fresh coat of paint. Such a place was a symbol of the village itself, its seat of power which she would one day occupy. Having it anything less than pristine was an insult to the Land of Fire itself, a show of weakness. However, Tamago didn't see why she was the one who had to paint it. She was a kunoichi - a fact that she was proud of - not some manual laborer. This didn't suit her at all.

She looked at the butler next to her, holding a parasol over her head to keep her from the blazing sun. "Dreadful, madam, absolutely dreadful," he agreed with her. This was one of the things she loved about Shiro. The man had worked for her so long that he knew her visual cues by heart. There was no need to sign or write for him to understand what Tamago wanted to say. She nodded in agreement. This wasn't what she had in mind when she volunteered for an assignment. She knew that her abilities were currently quite basic, but surely she could get a simple security job.

The young heiress looked back at the old man and frowned, eyes soft and lips slightly pursed. Her face was very expressive. It helped her communicate silently. She could have an entire conversation where all of her responses were nothing but facial expressions. Someone who knew her as well as Shiro did could tell exactly what she was trying to say. In this case, "You are dismissed, leave the parasol."

The man nodded obediently and handed her the bright source of shade. "I will expect you for supper, madam," he said before leaving. Once again, Tamago nodded.

She looked at the building once again and then at the painting supplies that had already been set out for her and someone else who was supposed to join. Might as well wait under her nice shade while her temporary partner came. She set a small blanket on the ground and sat there in the meantime. The young girl pulled out a small scroll and an ink pen - a gift from her dear father - and began to draw. It was best to spend her leisure time productively. She could store these later for more challenging fights or missions. Having her jutsu at the ready was much better than having to draw them in a fight, after all.


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