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1The Beginning. Empty The Beginning. on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:31 pm

Sasuke Edo

Sasuke was sitting down eating his ramen. Thinking about how he would go with training today l. "Maybe' I should go more lighting today." He muttered to himself.

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Tamago sometimes ventured towards town. She had pretty much everything that she could ever need at her mansion, but it was still good to get out every once in a while. The weather was lovely outside, as it had a tendency to be in Konoha. The sun shone brightly overhead, flooding the streets with its light. People went about their business among the shops and stalls. The young heiress didn't bother to examine their wares. Everything she bought was shipped in from the capital, most of them made by Yasuda Industries - the conglomerate owned by her family. If she ever went shopping, it was for more frivolous things like clothing and jewelry. This may not be the city, but they still had some designer stores and specialized craftsmen.

At the moment, Tamago felt like getting food. Ichiraku Ramen was always a classic restaurant in Konoha and she had yet to visit it since her arrival in the village. She wasn't sure if the place was still owned by the original family that first set up the small food stall. She remembered hearing that it had been sold to a larger chain of restaurants, but she could have been remembering incorrectly. The only reason why that mattered was because she was considering buying the restaurant herself. It was a good investment, considering its popularity. It had potential to open up locales all over the continent. But that was a matter for another moment. For now, she wanted to try the food instead.

The young girl walked into the store. It was a crowded afternoon, to say the least. Waiters bustled to and fro, making their way around the restaurant with large plates of ramen in hand. The silent girl let the hostess seat her and nodded in thanks when she was handed the menu. The woman seemed confused that Tamago didn't utter a word, but that didn't matter much to her at all. She calmly looked at the menu in front of her, distracted by the options the place provided.

It was at that moment that an unfortunate waiter took a misstep. Tamago was unable to see what, exactly, caused the man to trip, but the consequences were the same regardless. While catching his balance, the tray toppled over, crashing at Tamago's feet. Some of the noodles and soup splashed over her lap. Had she been able to, she would have yelped in both pain and surprised as the hot liquid hit her skin. Before the man could even apologize, Tamago bolted from her chair. Large bold letters appeared floating in front of the young girl.

"What do you think you're doing?! You good for nothing boor!" The letters read. Anyone happening upon such a scene would certainly be surprised, if not confused. Why was this girl not talking? Why were colored letters floating above her?


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Sasuke Edo

Sasuke looked over his shoulder spotting the girl with the letters her head "She seems mad...HMPH not my problem." Id mutter. Now looking around at my surrounding the ramen shop was so beautiful all the flowers and such really bringed out the lighting.

I never really went out due to losing my best friend a couple of weeks ago. I would usually just stay and bed and cry. But now I've decided to move on with my life. Before i came here to the ramen shop i was training so my body is weak and my hands are bruised up.

I sat their eating my ramen still observing the girl "yelling" at the man. "I wonder if i should help..." Id say. Id now get up heading over to the scene. "Whats going on id ask a man sitting close by. Man: The guy spilt ramen all over the young lady there. I believe it was an accident. "Hmm..." Id think to myself. Id now head over to the girl and the waiter.

"What's going on?" Id say to the lady. Why does she have letters above her head!

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The last thing Tamago wanted was for someone else to get involved. Realizing her outburst, she felt embarrassed. Almost all eyes in the restaurant were on the young heiress and the letters floating above. Such a position was unbecoming of her. Even so, all that did was make her angrier. In such a case, she did what she did best and redirected her anger to a new target: the dark haired boy in front of her. Surely, it was his fault that the situation was escalating.

With a wave from her hand, the letters in the air shifted and changed. "Unless you work here, this is none of your concern," they read, now directed at the boy who had come to inspect the scene. Expressive as her face was, it was clear that the young girl was furious.

The reason she had gotten mad was pathetic enough. As soon as the hot liquid hit her skin, her throat contorted and her face recoiled. Had she been able to, she would have yelped or something of the sort. Instead, a soft wheezing sound escaped her throat - a reminder that try as she might, she would never be able to speak. It was humiliating.

Her face had gone red both from anger and embarrassment. "I would recommend you leave here if you know what's best for you," the words would change once again with another wave of her hand. By this point it was clear that the young girl meant every word. At least she could hold back her rage enough that she could move somewhere else if they started a fight.


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