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An Evening in the Manor [Meiyo]

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1An Evening in the Manor [Meiyo]  Empty An Evening in the Manor [Meiyo] on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:32 am



A silver coin rested atop a wooden table, its glimmer enhanced by the bulb of a table lamp shone directly at the object. Halfway opened books were scattered beside the coin, yet kept at a distance leaving the object emphasized at the table’s center. The redhead responsible for the specific arrangement looked to the study room’s numerous bookshelves. He searched for scrolls and books on the land of fire's capital and its families. Particularly, he searched for families with relations to his family. Noblemen. The Litter Bug gang were anything but of nobility. Under normal circumstances, there was no way they would be in possession of even one of the Daimyo’s coins. The coins were, after all, personally handed out by the Daimyo when one earned his favor. Often they were used as a way to bypass common laws in certain areas. The Hibana doubted that Konohagakure was one of these areas, so it provided a question. If someone did indeed pay the Litter Bugs to commit the crimes which they were known for, why give them the coin? It served no purpose… unless of course it was to gain his attention. No, he shook his head. While he did possessed his family's pride, he wasn't egotistical enough to believe that someone had put in so much effort simply for his attention… or at least he didn't fully believe in it yet. It was certainly a possibility, the only one as of now. He was, after all, the only capital noble currently in Konohagakure no Sato. Or at least from his knowledge. He opened a drawer, checking the contents of a small strong box. He had a few of the coins, himself, brought along with him though they were more for show than anything else. He counted them, checking to see if any had gone missing. It ruled out the thought of someone thieving one of his coins and somehow making its way to the gang. It was to no avail, this coin was truly of another family's. He sat on a leather chair, leaning towards one of the armrests with a hand placed on his chin. He thought of noble families likely to have instigated the event, and one name came up more than any.

The sound of knocking snapped the redhead from his moment of concentration. The door opened slowly to reveal Riza. She held a wooden tray in her hands and walked to the young Hibana. “Any luck?” She asked casually. He nodded in response. It was brief, but he had an idea who it could have been. And an idea was enough. “You should rest then, here.” From the tray she set down a cup of steaming hot tea in the table. She was careful not to disrupt the scene he had set. “Drink some tea, Akashi-sama.” He nodded, taking the cup in one hand. “Thank you.” The redhead took a small sip of tea, it was hot and soothing. He tried to resist, but he couldn't prevent himself from yawning. “Don't burn yourself out.” The blonde woman said. “You've been doing a lot to receive fame. I know your anxious to be given a title you believe worthy of your abilities, but everyone needs a break from time to time...” She paused looking down for a brief moment. “Don't forget, you still have a guest coming over.” He nodded once more taking in everything the woman had said. At times she was more akin to actual family than his own. “Thank you again, Riza. I'll take your advice and work on this tomorrow.” With a faint smile, the blonde lady would make her exit leaving him alone once more in the study.

He looked at the coin once more, drinking the cup of tea until there was nothing left. I shall save you for tomorrow. He'd think to himself. Leaving the books where they were for when he would eventually return, the Hibana shut the lamp and took the silver coin in his pocket. He exited, locking the door behind him as he left. Along the way to his room, he passed a few servants which he instructed to await the arrival of his guest, they would take her into the dining room upon her arrival. The aroma of food filled the Manor, he could smell it all the way from his room. He shut the windows and closed the curtains, walking to his closet to change into something more comfortable while his guest had yet to arrive.



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The little kunoichi was racing across the village quickly. She'd intended to have dinner with a friend at his place. Or rather, clan manor. The place deserved the title, she'd just recently seen it before their mission this evening and it was huge. Definitely bigger than her little rabbit hole in the hill. Grander with servants and guards and all. Pretty too, it had cherry blossoms, a beautiful tree. She loved using the petals, they created the most beautiful aromas. Of which she had chosen to spritz herself with when she had stopped by home after the mission in the market street. That was all she had allowed herself to do - only thinking of being sure not to offend her host too much after the dealing with those brutes. Well, that and grabbing her old and well-worn backpack - overstuffed with jars of paint and many brushes. This evening wasn't just a dine and dash, she had another opportunity to paint her friend to a canvas. A piece of joy that lightened her spirit even more so than a good run down in training - a hard to beat practice.

However, though her goals were light and friendly, her mind was twisted in unomfortable distractions. Though, for the sake of luck, not of those nasty nightmares. No, the mission in the market place had her bothered and she couldn't shake the awful feeling. She had replayed the scene in her head over and over. But something was funky. Why were the guards more focused on the smaller bits of destruction? Why was Akashi, a noble more or less, bending in the dirt? Course he could have dropped something? That would be a rational explanation. But it just didn't seem to fit the entire situation. What was happening that she had missed? What didn't she know?

As of late, there was nothing less of unanswered questions. She glanced at her leather wristband with the ten colored stones and the note that hid within. She had her birth mother in question. She had the man with the blue scarf to figure out and his gang of thugs one day. And now this strangeness in her village. It all itched her the wrong way.

She shook her head, her bun didn't hold as tight as she had hoped. Strands fell about her face lightly with small curls at their ends in many different dipped colors. At least despite all the strangeness, she had a light-hearted evening ahead of her.

She dropped from a roof to the street that led up to the gates of the Hibana Manor. She approached slowly, a friendly smile creeping across her face. She was greeted by a guard or servant, she really didn't know the difference. A couple servants led her through the yard to the main building in which eventually led to a dining room. The breathtaking aroma of food stole her senses away for a moment. She dwelled in it peacefully as she seated and awaited her friend. She slipped her backpack off her shoulders, it's raggity appearance didn't quite fit in a place as grand as this. It was a mess of a patchwork from a multitude of fabrics and stained from paints and dirt over the last couple of years. It was old and torn, but it was always a friendly reminder of her many adventures through the village. She settled it to her side, even against the look of disgust of one servant. Meiyo simply winked back with a coy grin.

As she waited briefly she straightened her black dress and unclipped her tall shuriken to settle next to her bag as well. She didn't want to seem rudely armed. Though she half expected her host to show up with his katana on his hip. He seemed well attached to it, like a third arm. Within herself, as the moment of wait ticked. Those pesturing thoughts couldn't be swayed. They itched once again. With a sigh she managed to agree within herself she'd ask the man, if only it'd satisfy the itch. Though, she'd still greet her friend with her usual bright and shiny smile as always.

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