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In the dead of night, something stirs in the Osada Manor.

Feet twisted firmly, pushing hard against the wooden doorframe and spinning the Uchiha upside down. Digits slipped between the folds of dark cloak around his body and produced twin squares of bright paper, each folded and strung together with a length of vibrant red ribbon. In his suspended state, mid-maneuver, Kirei's body would spin and toss the two packages either side of his body, slipping them deftly beneath the doors of rooms either side of his position. Without breaking momentum, the boy's body tucked tightly, and he bounded off the opposite wall down the hallway. Left leg sliding forward, the Uchiha buckled his right knee and fell low, producing two more of the same messages and throwing one beneath a door as he glided silently by. With the now free hand, he would spin into a handstand, bending his elbow before propelling himself toward the nearby staircase while releasing the other paper square into the room at the end of the hall.

Feet met stairs already running, hands gripping the banister tightly and swinging Kirei's body to climb it faster. Time was of the essence, this mission would not wait, and he had so much more to prepare. His eyes met with the final runway and a closed window at the end, his exit. Sprinting as fast as his legs would take him, ebon folds masking even the slightest sound of his infiltration, Kirei spun his body around as he threw package after package into the waiting rooms of their recipients. Approaching the window, the boy took three of the four remaining items in his right hand and slid up the window with the other, folding his body and falling backward while delivering his final messages and leaving without a trace. The messages read thus -

"You're invited to attend a Birthday Party tomorrow morning in the mansion's foyer. There will be drinks, food, and fun provided on our day off. The training is hard, and we all deserve a break, and the best gift of all would be if everyone has a great time and nobody blew up.


When Kirei woke, he peered through blurry strands of golden hair at the ceiling above his head. It was still dark out; Kirei yawned loudly, rubbing the back of his hand against his weary eyes to liberate the dust from them. World coming into focus, the morning didn't feel any different than it had yesterday, somehow it managed to feel even more the same. Special occasions often become less special when finally they arrive, the date of Kirei's birth was today, but he didn't feel any older. Long months spent struggling against the crime in the Mist Village already took the sting out of his increasing age, he felt more mature but the birthday had nothing to do with it.

He hadn't suddenly sprouted into an impressive figure, body the same meager condition it had been when he'd went to sleep. He wondered, staring at the mirror, whether it was time to cut away that vast, gold mane and embark on a new aesthetic. Predictably, Kirei opted for stability and instead went about the morning routine he always had before his daily run to the Osada Manor. There was nothing scheduled for the participants of Death Camp today, a serendipitous incident which brought about the boy's freedom to execute his plans. As much as he dedicated himself to training in anticipation of his upcoming test, he was still a boy at heart and wanted to have a day of play.

A trip to the docks was next, shipments of supplies sent toward the land of Mist, commissioned by Kirei for this task alone. In several boxes, the boy's deliveries were placed upon the long desk, clerks and ship workers drooling greedily over their contents. The delights he had ordered from home would not be for them, however; reserved only for those who he hoped were his friends, if not already then surely after today. With payload secured, Kirei made his way to the manor, still through the twilight of dawn.

As a participant of the camp, the Uchiha boy was permitted to come and leave at his own wish, and so arriving through the doors of the mansion was met with no resistance. Long before any reasonable human would awake, Kirei had the luxury of setting up decadent streamers and bright red and blue decorations. On a fold-out table produced from seemingly nowhere, the boy laid out his bevy of imported deserts, around a singular two-story birthday cake was an assortment of muffins, ice cream, candy and sugary drinks. The boy sent calls to all his friends in Konoha and had them each send something to remind him of home, so in truth, these were a collection of Kirei's favorite foods which he intended to share with his new companions here in Kiri.

With a fistful of much-too-colorful party hats, one of which was a crown atop his own head, Kirei waited while nervously wondering whether anybody would show up. If nothing else, he'd always have the spiders.


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