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Hikō 8Cw6xcz

Hikō FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Nonresistant | 非抗 Hikō

Location: Scattered.

Specialization: None.

Elements: Hikō E4ZIzVw Dōton.

Hikō HhU72Pp
Clan History: What is your clan's history?

Hikō Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Lawless | 法る中無 Fōruchūna
                                   Hikō E4ZIzVw Shift Release | 動遁 Dōton
Kekkei Genkai Description: The clan's main feature exhibited by Fortuna is their lack of innate control over their abilities. That is to say, their chakra's innate strength allows them to become ninja, but its lack of ability to be harnessed and channeled makes it difficult to master.

  • Living Entropy. All Hikō have a chakra signature that changes without effort; indeed, even they can't stop it, and it's never the same even within the same minute. Their chakra seems to also have affected their bodies, causing random minute muscle twitches and purposeless, inconsequential nerve firings, among other phenomena like their chakra calming and fluctuating wildly; they are completely immune to abilities that would predict their movements or any other action they take. Boosts to Perception and/or Reaction Time, regardless of source, as well as any prediction-type abilities, are nullified in relation to a Hikō.

    In addition, a Hikō cannot be interrogated via methods that directly access the mind, or the Time Reversal Technique, even if they would wish otherwise; they must provide the information themselves verbally or by other means, whether they are coerced or not. Their thoughts, when left alone with the subconscious, become completely random, preventing any meaningfully accurate retrieval of information.

  • Shift Release: A Hikō notably has such a volatile chakra signature that they can, at random, produce each of the five basic nature transformations. However, they cannot do so at will, nor create jutsu intended to use a specific one. Hikō create elemental jutsu as shown in the "Dice Rolls" section below.

    They must, nevertheless, train a single elemental slot, Dōton (動遁), as normal for a primary element. It starts at D-rank upon character creation. While Shift Release is technically not a new element in the traditional sense, it is the only relevant way to name such a chakra type.

Dice Rolls:

[i][b]Convulsion of Nature[/b][/i]
[spoiler=Effects By Roll]List how this jutsu changes depending on which element comes up on the die. Any elements whose effects are unlisted are presumed to fizzle, consuming chakra and going on cooldown but not producing an effect.

You might require two damage or other effect values if also utilizing Jutsu Potency as a roll type.[/spoiler]

[u][b]Speed Factor[/b][/u]
1║-2 ranks.
2║-1 rank.
6║+1 rank!

To use Speed Factor, state what speed is at each rank, rather than giving a vague boost.

[u][b]Range Fluctuation[/b][/u]
1║-2 ranks.
2║-1 rank.
6║+1 rank!

To use Range Fluctuation, state what range is at each rank, rather than giving a vague boost.

[u][b]Jutsu Potency[/b][/u]
1║-2 ranks.
2║-1 rank.
6║+1 rank!

Jutsu Potency affects interaction but also change damage as well - this is simple unless the technique also uses Convulsion of Nature, in which case you put alternate values in that section instead.

[u][b]Chakra Cohesion[/b][/u]
1║Jutsu fails!
2║Jutsu fails!
3║Jutsu fails!
4║Jutsu is cast as normal.
5║Jutsu is cast as normal.
6║Jutsu is cast as normal.

Precarious Power:
The Hikō gain static benefits depending on how dynamic they make their jutsu. For any jutsu you create, you gain an amount of Entropy equal to the number of randomizers you applied to the jutsu. Entropy is used like currency; a benefit costs as much Entropy as its Tier number. A single benefit can be used only once, unless stated otherwise in a specific option, and you must choose these options when creating the jutsu.

Tier I

  • Fortune's Favor. This jutsu's rank is degraded by 1 for the purposes of determining what rank of ninja can cast it.

Tier II

  • Burst Luck. The jutsu requires no hand seals.

  • Quantum Lag. The jutsu is delayed for up to 1 post. It can either take effect at the point you occupied when you activated it, or at your current location (your choice when you cast the jutsu). You can 'buy' this option any number of times to extend the maximum delay time, but you can still activate it at any point before the delay ends. The jutsu is already considered activated when the delay starts, and thus can persist even when the user is unable to manipulate chakra. (If it requires a maintenance cost and the user can't use chakra, it only lasts for the first post.)

Tier III

  • Chaos Theory. Those other than the caster lose 1 tier of Reaction Time when reacting to the jutsu's effects. This option can be 'bought' a number of times up to the maximum tiers the Hikō could decrease a stat with a jutsu they are able to use at their rank.

  • Incalculable Efficiency. The technique costs 5 less chakra to cast.

A Hikō can create other jutsu that are based in random chance, such as having effects that vary wildly upon the die result; they can do so at 1 rank higher as normal, though they do not qualify for any other "Precarious Power" benefits if they are not randomized otherwise as above.


  • Fickle Fortune: All of the direct results of a Hikō's channeling of entropy have possible negative implications. While this ability can lend tremendous power to the user, it is also dangerous when a disadvantageous element arises, a jutsu is not as fast or far-reaching as is necessary, or it simply fails to come into being altogether.

  • Master of None: A Hikō, while not possessing any limitations on what base elements they can use in theory, cannot control which they use in practice. They possess only a single element, and cannot unlearn Dōton to learn any other element. They must use the Convulsion of Nature randomizer to use any element through Dōton. They cannot use Dōton techniques above their ninja rank if they only possess one randomizer

  • Formless Foundations:  The instability of one's own chakra leads to difficulty in learning to channel it in a controlled fashion. A Hikō requires 10% more WC to train jutsu, or 20% if the jutsu has no randomizers.

  • Inscrutable, Even to Myself: Due to the imperceptible and incessant changes within their consciousness, Hikō can't use jutsu that affect their own mind, like self-cast genjutsu or medical ninjutsu that would elicit specific behaviors. They lose the ability to meditate, such as for the purposes of Senjutsu (though they can still utilize Sage Arts and Sage Mode).

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