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A lair of renegades, the dimly lit clearing stretched out around Kirei's swift form, darting back and forth through arranged trees as he fought off the group of vicious thugs. Murderous Mimes, a pack of silent slaughterers stalking suspiciously down slender streets had led Kirei to corner them here, a cat-faced beacon of justice born anew to watch over the city came to judge them. A foot came high, barely missing his cheek as he dropped low, small frame allowing him to roll away from the oncoming pair with ease. He rose, clenched fists meeting air and feet hopping, switching back and forth rapidly before he charged. Reaching the first head-on, his forearm would deflect the first blow while on his right foot, the axis of his turn would allow him to swing a quick strike into the kidney of his foe, eliciting a sudden- damn, the mimes didn't even scream.

Tight fist thumped mightily into the next man's gut, Uchiha's blonde form spinning behind the falling foe to carry that momentum, lashing out with a kick toward the thigh of another encroaching mime. In a flash, the exposed leg was replaced with a stiff forearm, ninja's armor blocking the strike with precision. The scene changed, Kiri's wild forests surrounded him now, Izumi, his tutor, moved in fluid sequence, spinning her hands to unleash a flurry of senbon for the boy's face and neck. Kirei launched upwards, using the red-haired woman as leverage to fly over her and gain distance along the muddy floor, hands weaving seals while he inhaled deeply. In sequence, the air expelled from the boy's lungs would ignite along with the leaves and twigs which surrounded his position. Either side of Izumi, twin flames would burst into being, threatening to swallow her whole with the combined assault. The two's training sessions were all out, no room for weakness existed between the pair, and if they weren't prepared to fight hard, there was no point in training at all.

Slipping forward, Izumi would ignite, wholly engulfed by the roaring attack and vanish into white smoke. With the clone gone, Kirei's eyes searched for his sparring partner, frantically attempting to locate her in the dark wilderness. When he heard the rhythmic chirping ignite in the silence, the boy whipped to the direction of the noise, Chidori bursting into the night and closing in with deadly ambition. In a flash, Kirei lept away and found purchase on the wall of a warehouse, environment shifting again to the maze of shipping boxes filled with chaotic brawling. In the corner of his eye, Di's draconic form flailed and threw a group of thieves clear twenty-feet across the expanse while Kirei's own volley of shuriken met the arms and legs of his targets, mercilessly disarming them and sending them to the floor. The Uchiha came forward from the wall, jumping down to meet oncoming foes with deft parries, forearms darting back and forward to deflect initial strikes before he counterattacked, two blows raining onto the man's gut and jaw.

Dragon chi bellowed in the distance, a signal of Di's prowess. Kirei took this as a challenge, eyes spinning to life with powerful Uchiha chakra to carry on his onslaught. He jumped, kicking into his victim's jaw and moving his body to snap the other foot into the oncoming strike of another, shattering the man's fingers. Landing, he was back in the park, and rising with an uppercut into the mouth of his silent quarry. Sharingan twisted to focus on Izumi, who was now back in his perception having sliced his cloak, along with walls of earth, into pieces with her vicious jutsu; Kirei let out a cry and swung a handful of kunai toward his sensei and charged. Dark knives met flesh hard, and Kirei's foot followed up, thief's body flying across the warehouse as he turned to look at Di, who reverted to his human state and shot a grin back at the boy.

Black clothes tumble away and Kirei is somewhere new again, but this is no memory. Close to twenty-minutes Kirei had trailed this thief in black across the rooftops of Kirigakure. A figure cloaked head to toe in black, a mantle reminiscent of the Uchiha's own shadowy garb, slipped from the window of the city's administration building in view of Kirei's patrol. Not responding to verbal communication, the boy branded this shadow a thief, and engaged in a chase; though he had not been gaining ground, he could not close the gap either, each movement matched in kind by the infiltrator. Mirrored springs took the two from street-level, ascending the walls of an alley to a third story rooftop where they ran in kind. Kirei pushed hard, sprinting as fast as his legs would carry to close the gap but found distance lessened.

Reaching beneath his cloak, the mysterious figure would drop a handful of shuriken into his hands and whirl his body, releasing the projectiles toward Kirei with deadly intent. In the same motion, the figure fell from the building's edge to obscure himself from view. Kirei jumped, twisting over the volley with barely an inch to spare and stumbled on landing, losing precious speed but gathering his stride to pursue the assailant. Red eyes focused quickly, catching the flurry of black cape vanishing around a distant corner on the ground. Rather than descend, Kirei opted for the high road, Sharingan tracking a faint blue light through the buildings, struggling but managing to distinguish his target's path barely amidst the myriad signatures dotted throughout the nearby premises.

When it was time for the boy to drop down, it would be in front of the cloaked ninja who he chased, causing them to stop suddenly and leap away, running vertically onto a nearby overpass. With a frustrated growl, Kirei jumped suit and was right back on the heels of this unknown shinobi. The pair weaved through tight streets in winding patterns, through the deserted central streets until the telltale signs of gang warfare and dilapidation started to creep into Kirei's peripherals. The slums surrounding the city were as old as the wars which plagued this lost land of murder, Kirei knew them well, even better than the safe walls where a ninja of his age was expected to dwell. With Di, he called these forgotten streets home, the pair had wrought an era of justice down upon these alleys. Kirei grinned beneath his cat's mask, which mimicked the smile pained on the white face which covered his own.

As far as the young Uchiha was concerned, this foe was trapped within his domain, unable to navigate anywhere that Kirei himself did not know better. The fence they scaled, leaping over one behind the other, and the yard contained beyond; the blonde knew them intimately, having traversed these free-running pathways for weeks upon weeks. Expertly though, his target used a kunai to break through a window at a range before disappearing into the ground floor of the abandoned apartment tower. The boy jumped in after and his eyes flared, catching the last moments of a fist ready to ambush him, slamming hard into his jaw to send him stumbling back. His pupils focused, analytic eyes able to quickly see the cloaked ninja now that he knew what direction to look. Gathering his wits, Kirei's left arm rotated to parry the follow-up strike and then right able to counter with a jab for the top of his foe's chest. In similar fashion, Kirei's blow was met with a swift parry, the figure moving on its back foot to whirl around the boy and lash out with the back of his hand with the momentum adding to his power.

Swinging his weight away from the shrouded criminal, Kirei brought both of his arms up to guard him against the blow and left his feet, sliding on his shoulders along the narrow hall. When he parted his arms, he thrust his body forward and hopped back to his feet to continue the chase. Upwards the boy climbed, hurling his body over the edge of staircases to save as many seconds as he could. When finally he reached the final landing of this stairwell, he turned the corner into an incomplete hall which served currently as a balcony, with no windows installed and outer walls left without structure. The icy winds carried a reminder of the Mist's winter chill, unyielding as was the work of a ninja who carries out the duty of this village.

Standing several meters from the exit would be the boy's foe, having given up the idea of running, the cloaked figure stood with fists held high, ready to charge the young Uchiha. Ready this time, Kirei held firm, and the first attack met hurriedly with an outside-in rotation, left wrist coiling and fingers gripping at the figure's slender arm as the boy rolled with it, bringing his free elbow around and into the side of his opponent's jaw. Stumbling away, the shadow would give Kirei time to watch what unfolded next; staring up from beneath the baggy hood, Kirei could see a familiar pattern, nestled in a pool of crimson iris, stained bloodlit by the Uchiha curse, there spun two tomoe around the axis of his pupil.

"A Sharingan?"

With little time to process the event, the assailant charged toward Kirei and the boy returned in kind. Pulling his right elbow back, Kirei tucked it under his ribs, ready to throw his weight into a strike aimed for the man's upper chest while his free hand worked to weave the chakra necessary for a follow-up. As they neared striking distance, the boy dropped his back foot and altered his height, noting an adjustment from the cloaked foe. Eyes focused on the immediate reaction, Kirei failed to notice the hand shoot forth from beneath the folds of shadow and meet his own which was not prepared to strike, matching two halves of the Tiger hand seal in an impressive display of martial prowess. Reflexively, the blonde struck out with his ready arm, colliding with something hard beneath the shrouded interior and felt, at the same time, a mirrored blow to his own mask. The two bodies twisted and spun around one another, momentum carrying each ninja into a chaotic roll before they both righted and peered at one another while igniting the fire within their gullet.

From a distance, the blaze was a great display of Katon prowess, inferno coiling out in wicked shapes against the mist and moonlight. Thick towers of smoke and embers rose upwards, dragon's breath wafting heavenward from the catching fire beneath which rose on the scaffolding, using the exposed framework as a highway to engulf the building. The explosion rang out high above the desolate slums, causing those few who lay sleeping within them to gaze upward at the tower which burned feverishly in the night. Amidst the inferno, the two Uchiha still fought, having resumed their quarry the instant their chakra burst into being. Kirei's left fist met with the exposed neck of his opponent, who reeled and rolled along the floor, fire lapping at his cloak and causing it to catch alight. With no choice but to reveal himself, the figure tossed the garment in the direction of Kirei and took off. Prepared for such a gambit, Kirei spat a mouthful of flame at the robe and lunged forward to grab the trailing wrist of his fleeing opponent. When the figure turned his body around and their eyes met, Kirei's mouth opened wide in disbelief.

Staring back into his eyes was a replica of himself so perfect he could not have told the difference himself; save for the extra tomoe which hung reverently in the eyes of the doppelganger. Kirei wanted to splutter questions in response, to ask this person who they were, why they had his golden hair and cheeky grin, why they shared his heritage but advanced his eyes before even he had been able to achieve it. There was no time, the building around them threatened to collapse, giving way beneath their feet to the structural damage wrought by their untimely blaze. Pushing off, the imposter darted back and sent out a kick which hit Kirei's midsection hard, then came a full arching punch which squared up quickly on the boy's jaw. He managed to block the third strike but was too slow for a fourth, errant knee finding purchase against his thigh, causing him to fall. The fire surrounding the pair showed no signs of stopping and from his kneeling position Kirei felt his body raised up by the hands of his opponent, blurry in his fading vision.

The crack could be heard for city blocks, significant supports giving way within the tower's skeleton caused it to tumble in spectacular fashion. The sudden jolt shook Kirei's brain awake, and the ensuing fall would be a problem for him and the false Kirei with whom he fought. Running forward along the slanted floor, Kirei tackled the other boy backward, pulling back a punch and throwing it into the face of his foe. With a second crack, the floor gave out, and the two collapsed down in earnest. When the first piece of rubble connected with Kirei's shoulder, the pain caused him to cry out. Surrounded by flame and debris, the boy lost track of everything but himself. With a violent smack, Kirei's body landed hard several floors below where he'd fallen. He stood, rolling away immediately to avoid falling wood and ash. At the door, a familiar face greeted the boy and charged him with a blow Kirei anticipated, but turned out to be a feint. Spinning, the other blonde pushed a hard palm into Kirei's kidney, throwing him back into the wall.

With a loud cry, Kirei turned his body back, hands gripping a kunai tightly he would slash for the assassin's position. Seized by a counterattack, the two would grapple and roll out against the wall. With his leg, Kirei hooked the other boy's knee and pulled him down, wrestling the kunai free and plunging it into the shoulder of his foe who would swing an elbow back into the side of Kirei's own knee, causing it to buckle and crack. With the Uchiha laid prone, his doppelganger was able to roll over and tear the blade from his shoulder, thrusting it for Kirei's eye. With desperate fury, Kirei rose his hands and met the blow by catching fist between fingers, kunai slicing at his skin as he came upwards. Fighting for his life, Kirei struggled hard against the weight of death and pushed to the right, rolling over and freeing one hand when gravity gave him the advantage over his foe's blade. With shuriken slung between his fist, Kirei let out a loud scream and struck down, blades slicing gruesomely into the other boy's cheek and neck. Without stopping, the Uchiha unleashed a second, third and fourth blow, after which the body lay still.

Heaving in the darkness, Kirei didn't notice the flames fade without leaving a mark, nor did he notice the walls repairing in the wake of his battle. When his vision focused, he saw the absence of anything beneath him; a dusty corridor with cobwebs only slightly disturbed by Kirei's lonesome thrashing. Lastly, he would not notice the ancient power he'd absorbed, brain tricked into awakening such sacred prowess. Far across the country, a black figure would come out of his trance, Genjutsu prowess fading from his work on the unknowing protege.

"The Uchiha clan will once again be strong, meow~"



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