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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

Arc Story
After the chuunin exams Miku had learnt a great many things as he returned to the village he did not meet up with his friends straight away, choosing to write a letter to Airi, his mom and family. He did make a brief stop by the Hokage Office just to let them know he was back from the exams before heading out to train for a bit and let loose.

It is unclear what the future will hold, but what he knew right now is that he needed more power. At least that is what he had thought at the time.

Miku Season 2 Opening

Important People in Miku
Mokuzai Senju - A genin who had shown him some interesting movements, while the tactics seemed sound his opponent seemed to lack strength which showed him power was greater then tactics

Airi Senju, Inuzuka Shippo, Family - Most important people to him currently

Chi Rippa - The Hokage and his one true shinobi master

Anon Brier - His Squad Leader

Threads in this arc in chronological order of the miku timeline

The First Mission D-Rank -
The New Training -
Miku just resting -
Miku's overtime -
The New Training 2 -

Akito Miku went back to doing missions to get his mind off things as he focused on his future...
It was a peaceful moment as he learned a few things while helping out.
As time went on he decided to undergo a new method of training as he did over one hundred push ups that left him feeling like he nearly died, while the stretching was easy the difficult of just using his arms seemed far different from his weapon play. Since using weapons you can use weight shifting and balance to make things easier, but doing this exercise he realized he needed to become even stronger. He also attempted one hundred sit ups, but ended up paying a visit to the hospital after reaching seventy four.

After thinking it through some more he decided to take a bit of a rest before trying again, as he later rested peacefully by the hillside he met the apostle of the sun and moon as he began to wonder what strange people lived in their lands.

During a stroll in the village he came across a cat burglar who was actually a cat and being part cat himself he decided to play with this mischievous kitty.

Event Arc

1. Event Mission -

Miku knew about the calamity that had befallen Suna, it was unmistakable how much of a disaster that was as he went to the village of sand to assist where he could. On first arriving there he decided to help with delivering a message from one group to another, while it might seem stupid he was also getting paid so long as the information was hopefully not harmful to his village. Though if he did not do the mission someone else would so he had no other worries on that as he simply did his best.


Miku Season 2 - Will of Fire and the Falling of the Leaf B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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