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1 New Mission Type Proposition on Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:16 pm



An application for an OOC-type mission that players can take on. It fulfills all prerequisites for normal rewards, as if any other mission.

Mission name: C...can I really be the bad guy!?

Mission rank: All.

Objective: Play the antagonist NPCs in another player's mission.

Location: Dependent on, the subject mission.

Reward: Equal to the subject mission's Ryo reward. The player(s) that took the subject mission receive extra Ryo for letting someone make their life more difficult (if they take Ryo as a reward).

The extra values are as follows:

  • D-rank: 100 Ryo
  • C-rank: 200 Ryo
  • B-rank: 500 Ryo
  • A-rank:700 Ryo
  • S-rank: 1000 Ryo

Alternatively, you can redeem your WC from the mission thread for any training as if you were writing as your character.

Mission description: Varies upon, but is always in opposition to, the subject mission's description.

Mission details: This mission must be agreed to by another player taking a different mission (the 'subject').

Play the NPCs that normally are at the whim of each player, and make the Player Character's life hell to the highest extent of your power - make the mission as hard as it should be for the number and rank of enemies present. Due to it being more than a slight inconvenience both IC and OOC to have a live person using one or multiple NPCs to block your objective, the mission pays out more for the person who agreed to this torture.

If you do not make your post in the turn order within 48 hours of the previous poster, you fail this mission. If you are judged to have 'gone easy' on the taker(s) of the subject mission (to the point that it is not easier than doing it solo), you fail this mission and the subject mission does not yield extra Ryo.


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