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Kisei really didn’t want to deal with this right now. He had just been kicked out of his home by his own brother. It was a bad shock for him to say the least. Even know he was trying to figure out how he let the drop hit him so easily. Now he had to deal with a damn order that came in months ago from another client. They had briefly met on the streets of the Kumogakure during the exams however he explained that he hadn't brought them with him. Stupid of him, they would've been a great help in his battles. Anyways, apparently they had come across one of his old advertisements from before the burning of the Sunagakure. Not that he cared to explain that, nope. Kisei sighed heavily as he sorted through Alpha's latest shipments of his creations.

That had been a week ago? Shouto had returned this morning, complaining that it wasn’t easy smuggling high-tech weapons into the country. I gave him a raspberry. Despite being a former Sunagakure jounin he didn't seem to mind the disrespect from a kid like Kisei.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” They had asked him. He politely nodded this time.

Truthfully, he wasn’t sure. Before he had no qualms selling his weapons away. He had created them for the use of others anyway, as well as the thrill of creating something useful. Though now, it almost seemed wrong. He couldn’t explain it. But in a way they survived the same hell he had. A boy getting attached to a machine. What a laughable sentiment. Laugh at him though, his feelings weren’t unjustified. Though he did have to make a decision, sooner rather than later.

Right now he was sitting around one of the barren secluded parts of the forest with an inconspicuous looking partner holding a suitcase holding their latest weapon delivery. A relatively open clearing with trees surrounding us from all sides. About, lets say, thirty meter radius if they were standing in the middle? "Perhaps the other refugees forgot to point my client in this direction?" Kisei pondered. If there were smart they would remember that I came from the Sunagakure and check in with the refugee camps. While I had informed them to send anyone looking for me today to this spot they probably had more important matters to see and forgot about me.

I nodded, deciding that was the case. Shifting the wrappings securing the pinwheel on my back, wheel up to the sun. While I had my umbrella open, the fins and shade obscuring the top half of my face. "If they don't turn up in fifteen minutes we'll head back to the camps." Shouto stated. I agreed with him. The despite the shade the sun was beginning to remind him of desert heat.


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