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A medium-sized building stood steady at a halfway point between the market district and the part of konohagakure that was currently under construction. It was an area that, while it received a bit less traffic than the epicenter of the booming market, did well for itself. That particular building was purchased at a reduced cost by a family of successful restauranteurs, in hopes of expanding a traditionally Iwagakure exclusive delicacy to all of the major villages. Perhaps it would become a unifying force. At the moment it was very clean. It had been dusted and it didn’t seem at all like the abandoned piece of real estate it had been before. Despite its upkeep, the building had no signs or indicators, and as far as anyone was aware, it was still nothing at all but an empty building. Within it’s wood and brick walls stirred a tattoo’d man with long dark hair. Komorebi of the Kanetsu clan was the member of the Kanetsu Pizzeria chain who was meant to be in charge of establishing the Konohagakure location. The assorted arrangement of punching bags, weight lifting benches, and stacks of books all neatly organized around a small sleeping matt would speak a different story.

Alive with a stone will and the invigorating essence of youth, Komorebi had taken quite the detour from his given task. In just a few months, the young man had transformed himself into a qualified shinobi. He taught himself everything necessary to pass a privately held genin exam and had passed with decent scores. He was sticking to a rigorous training guideline and had toned himself into an unrecognizably muscular and fit man, compared to the eighteen year old he had been when he left Iwagakure. It was as he exercised that a knocking came to his door, which upon answering revealed to him a letter from home delivered by the postman. Komorebi expresses his gratitude and gently pressed the door closed after the delivery man turned his back. A mixture of excitement and nervousness rattled within him. He ripped the lining and pulled loose the neatly handwritten letter.

A Letter From Home:

Hey there son! We haven’t heard anything from you in around a month so we wanted to get a status report on the new shop. How is she hanging in? Is business booming the way we had expected? I sure hope you aren’t slacking on us! Your brother and sister have run into some minor troubles but I think as of our last letter they were both ready to open! Your father and I are beyond proud of each of you and we hope to hear from you soon.

-Love Mom (and Dad)

P.S. Your father implicitly wanted me to tell you not to teach those leaf villagers about your “sinful pineapple on pizza blasphemy”

Komorebi gave a chuckle that quickly faded into a frown. He felt more than ever that he was letting them down. Enough so that he stood up and walked over to the handcrafted sign, still covered in protective sheets. It was a heavy piece of signage that he was meant to get a crew together to assemble, but in some weird way he felt ashamed and foolishly determined to put that sign up and paint it today, all on his own. He grabbed a ladder and a toolbox and started setting up a spot on the roofing where he could work, and then, singlehandedly began to hoist the massive sign up the ladder with one hand. It would be an unnatural sight to any onlookers. Komorebi’s physical strength was extremely toned, but this was even much for him. He barely accomplished it, gently laying the sign down flat on the roofing of the building. The roof to the main building was triangular, but it had a sort of patio-flat top hanging over the entryway. That was where the sign was to stand up, proud and secure. Kanetsu Pizzeria!

Pizza was a weird concept to many villagers. Especially this sort of made from scratch, oven oven baked delight. Komorebi wasn’t one to brag about things but he did admit that his family made a delicious meal. It was then that he would sit upon the roof top, sifting through tools and banging in nails with his hammer for quite a while in the warm sun.

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