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1 Unload the Cargo [Konoha - D rank] on Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:31 pm



Sukari walked along the docks, looking for the ship in question. It was a merchant ship, presumably needing help in unloading heavy cargo. Not exactly the mission she would enjoy doing, but she had to start somewhere. That goal of becoming a Jounin won’t achieve itself, and doing as many missions as she could would definitely help reach it. And that included doing annoying grunt work.

Finally the ship that was described appeared in her vision, and she made a beeline for it. As she approached she surveyed it. Large. Wooden. It obviously would have giant sails, if they weren’t currently rolled up. A single gangplank led up to the deck from the dock and it made Sukari cringe. She had to unload cargo down a single, narrow gangplank. That did not sound enjoyable. Up on the deck, giving orders to crew members, was a large middle aged man who Sukari assumed to be the captain. He certainly resembled the description of the ship’s captain. As she walked up the gangplank, he turned and she saw the final detail that secured her knowledge of him being the captain: A scar across his right cheek.

”You the shinobi that’s going to help me with this?” He asked, gesturing to the cargo on the deck. Sukari nodded, holding out her hand to shake his. ”Yes, my name’s Sukari.” She replied. He nodded, shaking her hand. ”Alright… cargo’s over there. I’ll be watching. Try to make sure you don’t break anything.” Sukari fought back a frown and nodded instead. The way he said that made her feel like he expected her to be incompetent. The captain walked to the side of the deck, crossing his arms and watching her closely. Sukari rolled her eyes and headed over to the first bit of cargo.

The cargo consisted mainly of large crates. Not only were they heavy, but also very awkward to carry. She decided to move those later and start with the smaller, easier things. She bent down and picked up a small crate, carefully stepping over and around coils of rope and taking it off the gangplank. Thankfully, she kept her balance throughout the transfer, and then headed back up to move more of the stuff. Within 5 minutes she’d cleared out the small crates, and then motioned for a crew member to come over.

”I need your help with these crates.” She said, pointing to the large boxes. The crew member nodded and moved around to the other side. ”Okay just… hook your hands under the crate and lift.” She said. The crew member nodded again, and lifted the crate as she did. Together they walked it down the gangplank and set it down amongst the other cargo, and then walked back to the ship. Things were going better then Sukari thought, she had to admit. Despite this she remained alert as they were moving the last crates down, keeping her muscles coiled and ready to catch something if she had to.

Despite these worries, they managed to take the rest of the cargo down without a problem. She headed back up the gangplank after the last crate was taken down, and walked up to the captain. ”The cargo’s been taken down.” She pointed at where it was, which was in the roped off area that the captain had specified. The captain surveyed it, and Sukari stood motionless next to him. Finally he nodded. ”Looks good.” He gave Sukari his thanks, and the genin gave a shallow bow. ”It was no problem.” She said, before returning down the gangplank. Now that the mission was finished, the next step was to return to the Administration Building and inform the Kage of its success.

[Sukari exit]

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