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As with jutsu, weapons, armor... Items each need to be applied for in the appropriate section of the Items forum. The rank and abilities of said object will determine both the cost and effectiveness of the item. Once an item/weapon/armor has gone through the approval process, the item must be paid for (requested in the Administrative Requests Thread) and then must be moved to one’s locker. Like with jutsu in one's Jutsu List, if an item is not in your locker at the start of a thread, you may not use it in that thread.

  • Note:If you're asking for an Item to be modded by staff that has a unique clan component, please also link the clan at the top of your item registry.


Intro: Weapons on saga is defined as: any item(s) whose primary function is to do damage. This, of course, depends on the rank of the weapon and must be specified in the description of the weapon with the weapons' dimensions and any additional effects or properties the weapon has (i.e cutting/piercing depth). Note: Like jutsu, weapons should not have the highest values for cutting, piercing/impact damage, and should prioritize one over the others, or 2 at A rank or higher. Additionally, weapons which deal exclusively piercing damage are able to app their damage as if it were a rank higher.

Projectiles: Ranged weapons are often a staple of Samurai clans, though they are not often used by ninja due to the superiority and superhuman nature that chakra often affords them. But for those who do projectile weapons and weapon platforms such as bows and arrows as a general rule fire at rates and ranges compared to jutsu of a rank higher than the weapons themselves. While throwing weapons such as kunai and shuriken often rely on the user's stats when thrown, ranging within the ranges of jutsu speeds equal to the ninjas ranks in their Reaction Time stat, where a higher tier within that stat, will afford you a higher speed within the jutsu range (Ie. An A rank ninja with A-2 Reaction Time, would throw a kunai at near, but not quite at max speed for an A rank jutsu). However heavy weapons, such as Fuma Shuriken, require strength equal to the item in order to throw efficiently, or else they lose a rank in speed for each rank below them the user's strength is.

Weapon damage per rank:

E-Rank: Very light bruises and scrapes and 3/4-inch cuts/piercing.
D-Rank:  Moderate bruises or scrapes, 1-inch cuts or piercing.
C-Rank: Deep bruises, 1.5-inch cuts or piercing.
B-Rank: Can fracture bone or break with repeated impact, 2.5-inch cuts or piercing.
A-Rank: Broken bones, moderate internal bleeding, 3.5-inch cuts or piercing, but not through bone. Can cut partially through bone or with a perfect hit to a joint, sever a limb.
S-Rank: Shattered bones, heavy damage to organ structures / internal bleeding, straight-through cuts or piercing through multiple opponents; blades at this rank can cut through bone and limbs can be severed or ripped off with ease.
SS-Rank: Bones crushed to a coarse powder, internal structures could be pounded to a paste, severe internal bleeding. Able to totally bisect or pass through multiple individuals unless they are protected by armour or jutsu.


Intro: Armour, akin to weapons is defined as on saga as any item primarily made to defend the user. Some armours may have integrated weapons, but these weapons must be secondary to the effects of the armour. There are two types of body armor: Heavy Armor, and Light Armor. Both can come in various forms, and both serve the purpose of protecting the wearer from physical attacks. These armors do not protect against jutsu unless they have a special ability that does so; in this case, the effectiveness of the armor against physical attacks would usually be reduced, or the ability would cost chakra. When attacked, if the armour is not broken, the damage is dealt as impact damage of the now reduced amount across the surface of where the armour protects.

Armour Types:
Heavy Armor: is only accessible to those with the Bukijutsu or Taijutsu specializations (you do not need a sub-specialization for armor). It is heavier but more effective than Light Armor. It consists of plate armor and other sturdy substances. You must have a Strength stat of equal rank (any tier) to the armor to be able to wear it. You cannot apply for full-body Heavy Armor; the most you can get is upper or lower-body armor.

Even then, however, your speed is decreased by 1 tier per piece of heavy armor while you wear it, 2 tiers for Taijutsu users due to them not being as familiar with such equipment (unless the user also has bukijutsu).

For each rank above the armor your Strength stat is, you reduce your total speed deduction by 1 tier; the more ranks of Strength you have, the easier it is to move with Heavy Armor.

Heavy armor can block all basic attacks (kunai, swords, punches) and make them negligible if they are 2 ranks lower than the armor; that is, provided the area the attack hit was protected by the armor. Basic attacks of equal rank or below do 2 ranks less in damage, and such strikes of 1 rank higher do 1 rank less in damage. Any strikes of 2 ranks higher than the armor deal the same rank of damage through the armor and damage the armor as normal.

Light Armor: comprises of things like flak jackets and leathers. These are easy to move in and have no adverse effects. They are accessible to any ninja. Because of their light-weighted nature, however, they are less effective than Heavy Armors. Like Heavy Armors, they cannot be full-body.

Light armor can block all basic attacks (kunai, swords, punches) and make them negligible if they are 3 ranks lower than the armor. Basic attacks of equal rank or below do 1 rank less in damage, and basic strikes of 1 rank higher do normal damage through the armor but do not damage the armor itself. Any strikes of 2 ranks higher than the armor deal the same rank of damage through the armor and damage the armor. Unlike heavy armor, however, Light armor does little to protect against the solid impacts of concussive weapons like hammers or clubs, unless taken as an ability they do not protect against the impact damage from bukijutsu weapons.


Aside from all other types of equipment, there are items which have a purpose or function that can only be described as auxiliary; neither directly offensive nor defensive. Flash and smoke bombs tend to fall under these categories as well as items that supplement others. They are able to perform a myriad of feats, and unlike weapons and armour can have mechanical features beginning at C rank and chakra based special abilities starting at B-rank. Such items normally come in two flavors: Pre-inscribed, standard seal-based items like Flash Bombs and Explosive Tags, or items that simply help by their very nature like tripwire or a grappling hook. Items of B-rank and higher are usually enchanted to bestow a certain effect. Under no circumstance can an item or its effects be used to buff anything to SS Rank.

Catalysts: Items which are a component to specific jutsu(s), these items can often be of any rank, but, if broken, often render the jutsu useless or unusable. The higher rank of the catalyst, the more useful it may be outside of its normal role, if its a weapon, and the harder it is to destroy. A jutsu requiring an item catalyst is often considered a drawback for the jutsu.

Body Seals: Body seals may be apped as items applied by Fuuinjutsu users that leave a permanent seal on their person to either bestow an effect to the user, such as a statistic increase or function, or to act as a catalyst for a specific jutsu in their jutsu list that can be activated via the body seal, negating some set-up time. Body seals require Fuuinjutsu trained to the same rank as the item to apply and can be apped at a Fuuinjutsu user's ninja rank or lower as items. Fuinjutsu seals as catalysts to cast specific jutsu from can be made at any rank, but will suffer the drawback of being easier to break as a non combat item. Body Seals begin at A-rank and cannot be apped below this rank.

Chakra Reduction: Items which reduce the chakra cost of specific abilities are available at S rank. However, unless their effects are minor or incredibly specific (Ie reduce the cost of 1 spec / element) they must carry some potent drawbacks. It should also be noted that no passive chakra reduction effects ie, from clans/items etc stack with one another, as well as activation costs of jutsu cannot be 0, and have a minimum chakra cost of E rank. Chakra reduction items 'always' cost the maximum amount of ryo for their rank.

Item Abilities:

Weapons, armor and items and items can have many varying abilities, however, some of their more versatile and powerful functions are limited by the rank of the item itself.

Ability Breakdown:

B-Rank: These are finely-crafted items in terms of weaponry and armor. Any item can have an elemental alignment at this rank, giving it advantages/disadvantages against other elementally-aligned items, jutsu or abilities. Items at this rank may also have a single mechanical quality such as moving or switching parts.
A-Rank: Unique often chakra enhanced or enchanted weapons. Weapons and armor, at this rank, are capable of possessing a unique passive chakra based ability/quality, such as and/or special abilities not requiring chakra costs but are always active. These abilities interact as basic strikes and cannot be activated or triggered by the user, they may, however, have effects that interact with certain scenarios which link to a mechanical trigger of some kind. (The Kiba swords' ability to produce lightning on their own without chakra, due to their being imbued with lightning, would be this rank of item's ability.). Depending on the item, they can even grant boosts to stats (but not jutsu).
S-Rank: Powerful items capable of having unique active Chakraflow-based abilities of their own, but require chakra flow in order to activate. Any weapon/armor/item which has a chakra based ability that imposes a chakra cost to activate, utilize, alter or influence its ability falls under S-Rank. (The Raijin Sword, in contrast to Kiba, needed chakra to use, but was regarded as more powerful.) Active chakra abilities act as jutsu equal to the amount of chakra they require 'once' per activation, and, should they have an element, can only be used by a ninja who have that elemental affinity. Active chakra abilities cannot have effects exceeding the rank of the item. (An A rank non-combat item could not have an effect which has S rank jutsu speed.) S Rank items without an active ability are able to have an extra passive.
SS-Rank: Plot equipment and/or items with numerous or quite potent effects. These items cannot be bought, and can only be obtained either by an event or by upgrading an already-existing item. SS rank items may have an additional ability of any time. These cannot be used in a thread unless it is tagged as [Plot] in the title, is part of a plot event, or all parties in the thread agree to their use.
Legendary: This is a title for weapons, items, and armor that were used by canon characters in the Naruto series or have special significance to Saga's IC world; it is not restricted to any rank, but is usually seen at the ranks of A and above. These cannot be bought or attained except as an event prize and are often known by ninja who see them IC.

  • Note: Non-combat items such as clothing, artifacts etc may possess abilities as if they were a rank higher than weapons / armor. Additionally, Items of each rank at maximum capacity can only have 1 of each kind of ability that they would be able to have at their rank. Ie. An S rank weapon may have both a passive and active chakra ability as well as a mechanical function and element, but would most definitely cost the maximum amount of Ryo. In addition, an item may sacrifice an ability to acquire another of another type, such as an S rank weapon could forgo having an active chakra ability in order to attain an extra passive chakra ability. It is worth noting that in order to use active abilities, you must possess Chakra Flow as a specialization.

Item Destruction:

Items are able to be broken, like anything. It takes the equivalent of 1 jutsu of equal rank (2 of a rank lower etc) or two hits from a basic attack of 2 ranks higher to damage the weapon. Any further damage (any jutsu, or a direct basic strike of 1 rank below the weapon) will break it beyond reasonable usage. This effect persists until the end of the thread or when a character would be able to repair it ICly. Additionally, all E-rank items like kunai/shuriken/senbon, certain auxiliary items like flash bombs and wire /  consumable items like explosive tags are restocked for free when you enter a new thread. Weapon destruction can be mitigated by flowing techniques through an item, bukijutsu techniques enhancing a weapon when it comes into contact with another technique will interact with one another as if they're a jutsu, effectively nullifying the force and leaving the blade unharmed unless the jutsu flowing through the weapon would be overpowered based on rank differences in power or specific effects.

Item Prices:

The prices of items are determined by rank, and then where the item falls within the price range is determined by the overall abilities of the item (such as cutting power, or blocking power). When an item is approved, the moderator will give you a set price for the item.

Item Prices:

E-Rank: 20 - 100 ryo
D-Rank: 120 - 250 ryo
C-Rank: 300 - 700 ryo
B-Rank: 800 - 2000 ryo
A-Rank: 2000 - 3500 ryo
S-Rank: 3500 - 9000 ryo

Selling / Gifting Items

A player can sell your items just as you can buy them. You can go to the Resell Shop in the Items forum, and post where your item got approved along with the item itself. You will always get awarded half the ryo you paid for your item or have it appraised by a mod at full value then have it paid out at 1/2 of that appraisal.

If you want to sell / gift your item to another player's character, the price is negotiated between the two of you. However, you must always meet IC to hand over the item and list the traded / sold items in your exit post. Note: You cannot gift or sell items from characters that are not among your 4 active characters, once they have become active, they must remain active for 1 month in order to do so.

Reforging / Enchantment:

Reforging is the act of breaking down an item in order to strengthen it and its abilities to a higher rank. Compared to Enchantment, which is the act of bestowing an item of its rank with an additional ability if it has none. For both reforging and enchanting, the equipment has to be of B-Rank or higher for it to be capable of being enchanted or reforged. When applying to enchant or reforge a piece of equipment, make sure you post both the versions of the item, (before and after you enchant it) this helps the Mod decide how much to charge you for the item.

Enchanting Prices:

Enchanting an item costs between 500-1500 ryo depending on the item and the ability you are adding to it. An item can only be Enchanted if it does not already possess a quality that an item/weapon/armour of its rank should be able to. Ie. a B Rank weapon without an elemental affinity could be enchanted to have one.  

Reforging Prices:

Unlike Enchantment The prices for reforging vary depending upon the original rank of the equipment and the rank after the enchantment process, along with (for A-rank and higher enchants) what differences there are in the ability of the item. The prices are as follows:

  • B Rank -> A Rank: 1000 - 1500
  • B Rank -> S Rank: 3500 - 4500
  • B Rank -> SS Rank: 7000+
  • A Rank -> S Rank: 2500 - 4000
  • A Rank -> SS Rank: 5500+
  • S Rank -> SS Rank: 4500+

As you can see, the only way to obtain an SS-rank item outside of an event is to enchant an existing item. However, before this, the weapon itself should have had a history of its own before this. (Admins personally check SS-rank applications and decide whether they are worthy of having the rank.)

Finally, we're giving you a nice gift: a starter pack of items. You can add these items from the Catalogs in the Item Section directly to your locker.

Hitai-Ate (Forehead Protector) x1
Kunai x3
Shuriken x5 OR Senbon x10


Item/Weapon/Armor Template:
All of the following are also posted in their respective Self-Creation Shops.

Weapon Template:

[b]Type Of Weapon:[/b]
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b]
Armor Template:

[b]Type of Armor:[/b]
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b]
Item Template:

[b]Type of Item:[/b]
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b]


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