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1 Moral Ambivalence {Mission|Private;Fuyuko} on Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:07 pm



A light rain had trickled over the Land of Water, dampening the crisp morning that hosted a low-hanging haze. Cool air crept through any crevice that would have it, urging a quiet and sleepy groan from Takao’s throat as his arm slipped around the sleeping form beside him. As his arm curled and brought their bodies closer, his eyes opened and were met with Fuyuko’s slumbering visage.

A small smile worked its way onto his face as his head tilted forward and his forehead rested gently upon her’s. He had quickly grown accustomed to waking up beside her, no longer feeling the brief sensation of anxiety that came with awakening in an unfamiliar setting. Each second that past brought forth more of the realization of what the day would hold for the two, and made him that much more unwilling to move. Only by sheer chance had they been assigned to the same mission together alongside three others when Takao had merely thrown his name in the proverbial mission assignment hat, as a means to occupy his spare time prior to meeting Fuyuko. It took great amounts of willpower (Strong Willed SC) to pull his limbs from their entangled state with Fuyuko’s own and slowly rise from the bed, his careful movements an earnest attempt at not disturbing her slumber. Powerful as his mental fortitude was, he couldn’t quite muster the will to wake her just yet.

With one last glance to hold him over, Takao stole away for a quick shower. He emerged from the bathroom within minutes, dressed in a fresh pair of shinobi slacks wrapped at the ankles, and moved down the hall toward the kitchen. Sitting atop the dining room table was the dossier for their mission, delivered the evening prior, that gave them all of the information relevant to their task. They were assigned with three Chūnin of varying skill and talent, all native to Kirigakure, which left him as the odd one out. Takao lifted the shallow stack of papers from the table, and briefly skimmed the contents as he moved to prepare breakfast for the two of them. The next chunk of his time was spent reading over their assignment with the sizzle of bacon and eggs to accompany him, amidst other over the top breakfast foods.

“An entire week.” Takao mumbled aloud to himself, or perhaps the falcon perched nearby.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Fuyuko and I, but… with these three…”

As Takao shuffled through the papers, he quickly glossed over the introductory files of the three that would accompany their week-long border patrol. He huffed and tossed the papers down on the counter, opting to focus on breakfast instead and worry about the mission later. He finished what remained on the stove and ferried it to the table. It was much easier to worry about enjoying the last bit of real alone time they would have for the next week than it was to worry about what the week held in store for them.

Takao left the kitchen and proceeded back down the hallway, quietly opening the door again. He moved over to the bed and sat at the edge closest to Fuyuko, leaning over and lowering himself down to softly peck her cheek to urge her from her slumber.

“Time to wake up, Beautiful. I made breakfast.” He said quickly, his face lingering relatively close to her’s.

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Mission Details:
Mission name: Invasion Warning
Mission rank: A
Objective: Stop the Possible Invasion
Location: Kirigakure Border
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: You must take a squad of three chuunin and go patrol the border for a week, ward off any danger, dangerous ninja have been sighted near the border.
Mission details: On the Border you find an army forming, they wear the headband of Kemurigakure, the land of Smoke, whom is a small ninja village south of the land of Mist, there is 100 D rank Ninja at the camp with all D-0 Rank stats, as well the leader of the group is a Spec jounin ninja named Siaso, if the group doesnt stop the army here and now they will invade and raid the Village.
Your Ninja have C-0 stats.

Name: Siaso Somaso
Age: 30
General Appearance: Long grey ponytail. 5ft9. Wears grey glax jacket.
Personality: Brutal,Hard, Strict
Motivations: Money and land
Fears: Losing
Abilities: Stats are B-0 and Uses Smoke Based Katon jutsu up to A rank and Bukijutsu and wields a Katana that can cut through flesh easily and bone, (A rank)

2 Re: Moral Ambivalence {Mission|Private;Fuyuko} on Wed May 16, 2018 11:27 am



Bliss and peace

The world was moving outside of her slumbering mind. Unbeknownst to the sleeping Fuyuko her partner had already started their waking up routine. While subconsciously she was aware that things were going on, she had no clue what those things were exactly. The bed was warm, her head comfortably resting on her feather soft pillow. The slight movements that were made by Takao were noticed but physically ignored. Fuyuko had no intention of lifting her head from her pillow or even opening her eyes for that matter. The comfort she found herself in in this fleeting moment was just too great to give up. As if she was put under hypnosis, the soft sound that was made as the door to her room closed again, put her right back to sleep again. Drifting off again into the world of fluffy clouds.

Time flew by slowly or quickly, it was all a matter of perspective after all. But eventually a warm feeling was felt again against her skin. Followed up by the soft spoken words from the person she had been sharing the bed with. He uttered words however that she would rather not hear and so decided to pretend not to hear him. Hoping that he would go away and let her rest for a bit more. If he were to continue, which he likely was, she'd start off with a bunch of grumbling noises of annoyance. How dare he wake her from her joyful sleep. Eventually she'd squeeze her eyelids tighter together, move her hands above her head and make squealing stretching noises before finally opening her eyes and looking over at Takao. With the softest sleepy voice she could probably make she spoke "Morning Takao". They'd probably exchange a couple of more sentences before she'd eventually tell him to get out of the room if he didn't leave himself. They might have been going out together for a while now, but Fuyuko was definitely not yet at the point where she could just change while he was in the room with her.

Eventually she'd come out of her room and meet Takao again in the living/dining room where a breakfast was made ready for her. She walked over to her chair and got herself seated. "This look delicious Takao, thank you." she said with her usual gentle smile. She slowly gobbled on her food as the grogginess had not yet subsided. In everything she did it was quite evident she was still somewhat absent minded and slow on the uptake. This included things like moving the food to her mouth, the way she turned her head slowly, or the slow pace at which she was speaking. Besides that she was still capable of noticing a pile of papers that was laid out on the table in a rather disorganized pile. It took a little bit for the gears in her head to get to 'full' working capacity but when they did she finally managed to get her question out. "What are those papers about?" she asked while pointing at them with her fork.

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Takao’s persistence in waking Fuyuko from her slumber was incessant and unwavering, even as she feigned ignorance and tried to cling to the last strands of the sweet embrace of sleep. His stubbornness proved stronger than her want for sleep, even with her grumbling in protest, and eventually, she was pulled into consciousness. In the moments that followed her stretch and squeal, they exchanged their typical morning greetings, until he was urged from the bedroom for her to change. He did so with minor resistance, stealing a quick kiss before he departed from the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

While she changed, Takao moved back to the dining room and offered strips of raw meat to the bird that was perched near the table. The task ahead of them was daunting and long-winded, so he wished for every participant in his self-imposed charge was prepared for what awaited, even if that preparation was as simple as a good meal. Fuyuko joined the pair before long and they sat to eat.

Her gaze would eventually settle on the papers strewn about one side of the table, and her inquiry was first met with an exhale through his nostrils.

“It’s the mission dossier. It was dropped off the other evening, I was just going over it while I was cooking.” Takao said, idly collecting the papers and stacking them into a neat pile.

“I thought we might’ve been doing it alone, but the village assigned three other Chūnin with us.” A sigh left his lungs as his head came to be supported by his hand, whose elbow rested on the table next to his plate. Their company for the mission were all Kirigakure shinobi, like Fuyuko, which left Takao as the only foreigner to participate.

“Now I really feel like the odd one out… But it’ll be nice to fight alongside some Mist shinobi again. I haven’t done that since my Chūnin Exams, so I guess it isn’t all bad.”

Takao finished his food quickly even with the idle breakfast conversation that would ensue, and he waited patiently for her to finish before collecting their dishes and moving them to the sink to be washed. As Takao tended to the post-breakfast chores, he continued their conversation.

“So, it’s a little off topic, but… I’m not going to be able to stay in Kiri forever, right? I wasn’t even planning on being here for as long as I have been, but meeting you gave me a reason to stick around.” Takao began, his hands moving under the soapy water as he spoke.

“Anyway… I was wondering if you might be interested in coming back to the Leaf with me. For a little while, I mean. I could show you all my favourite spots back home, and we could even make it back in time for the Quarrel Festival. It’d be a great way to introduce you to the village.”

As Takao finished with the dishes, he dried his hands and turned back to her. “I can’t just expect you to leave whenever you want either, though… So, if you can’t, I completely understand. But it’d be reaaaaally fun if you could!” He added, his words accompanied by a hopeful smile.

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Oh yeah… the mission… she thought to herself as Takao was explaining the content of the papers. She had completely forgotten that they had signed up for a mission together. Oh well it didn’t matter too much, Takao was there to pick up her slack. Normally such a thing wouldn’t happen but Fuyuko hasn’t been feeling the greatest ever since death camp. In fact, she blamed herself so much for her poor performance in the opening ‘act’ of the camp that she resigned pretty much from the rest of it. She had to figure out how to coop with the feelings she had inside first before she could present herself again in front of Nozomi.

Her somewhat somber trail of though got interrupted as Takao said something interesting. Just like herself he participated in the Chuunin exams. It made her wonder how he faired in his exams. “Chuunin exams? How did you fare in the Chuunin exams?” she asked as she looked eagerly at Takao for his answer. If he would inquire on how her exams went she’d reply with the following. “My exams went overall pretty good, however if I’m too happy with my performance, I’m still unsure. The initial tests went off pretty well and I could complete them without any real hardships. However when it came to the last stage it… I guess it was something else…” she said with a small smile trying to hide the feelings that still felt sore. “My first match was pretty aggravating. My opponent started out acting cocky and then when push came to shove nothing happened. I was just overpowering them and then they surrendered sounding like they just held back. It infuriated me, I was livid.” Fuyuko’s voice became more agitated and raised the more she told about her first fight but calmed down after that. “The second match was hard fought and I honestly felt like I had lost the match, but it turned out I just barely won by having dealt more damage to my opponent. It was a hard fought match and definitely one I enjoyed and lets not talk about the last match…” she stated as she somewhat awkwardly laughed and scratched behind her head.

Idle conversation ensued before they both finished their plates and Takao moved the dishes to the kitchen and started to clean them before he spoke up again. Fuyuko was slightly surprised by the question and had honestly forgotten that he was just her on vacation in the first place. “I…” she hesitated a little bit with her answer. “I’d love to join you of course! But I’m not sure if I’ll have all my businesses concluded here before that time arrives. However if I got all my tasks completed before you leave, I will gladly accompany you to your village.” She said with joy and hesitation in her voice. “But we can talk about this when we get home from the mission, alright? We should focus on that first for now.” She followed up with a smile.

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In a brief, passing glance, Takao noticed something cross Fuyuko’s expression. Subtle realization perhaps, in response to his mentioning the mission if he were to theoretically deduce the cause, but ultimately he decided it wasn’t significant enough to justify pursuing. It wasn’t exactly what he would consider an exciting prospect for him either.

His eyebrows lifted slightly with her inquiry toward his participation in the Chūnin Exams when he was younger. Faded memories flared if only for a second, and the events that had transpired nearly a decade ago replayed in his head as vague clips.

“Uh… Well… I didn’t do that bad, I guess.” Takao admitted as he neared the table and lifted the chair, turning it backward before he sat. His forearms came to rest over the back, and he continued.

“I took the exams when I was maybe… thirteen? I was paired up against a shinobi from the Hidden Mist for my first fight, actually.” A light laugh followed the realization.

“His name was Hirigana-- he was a Hoshigaki, I think. One of those… shark-looking guys. All things considered, I didn’t do that bad against him. He had the perfect counters to my elements and so much more chakra than I did, but I held my own for a while. That’s actually…” Takao stopped mid-sentence to lift part of his shirt and pick out one of the many scars across his body, pointing to one on the lower portion of his ribcage on the right side.

“That’s where I got this. He used some water dragon thing, if... I’m remembering right. It broke apart the building we were having our match on and I fell onto a piece of broken wood. Went right in there. He dislocated my shoulder too, but I got a few good hits on him before I had to forfeit. Just didn’t have the chakra to keep going.” His hand rose and scratched at his cheek, recalling minor details of the fight that he found entertaining. A small smile grew on his face as he remembered their parting words to one another.

“They moved me on to the second part even though I lost, and we were supposed to fight some Jōnin from the Hidden Cloud. That’s the round I fought alongside the mist shinobi. I think his name was… Sero..? Never really got the chance to do much though, Hao showed up right after we started and attacked part of the village. They ended the exams prematurely after that, and the Hokage had me promoted to special Jōnin.”

It was a decision that seemed amazing at the time, as though he had trumped his fellow shinobi with such a stride that his sheer skill left them in his shadow, yet it was laughably far from reality. To be thrown into the meat of the shinobi world with no experience was a blunder he wouldn’t wish on any child. The shortcomings that he was left with afterward lingered well into adulthood, many remaining to plague him in the present.

“So... not that bad, yeah. What about you?” He returned the gesture of asking and leaned his weight onto the back of the chair as she began to speak. Genuine interest left his attention glued to her, and a warm smile lingered on his face.

“It sounds like you had more fun with yours. Mine were a bit of a shitshow, comparitively.” With their conversation on the exams more or less coming to a close and the focus returning to the mission, Takao stood and moved to retrieve his nearby vest. He slipped his arms in and left the front open, adjusting the heavy shinobi ornament until it sat comfortable on his shoulders.

“You’re right, let’s knock this out. The others should be waiting at the gates soon, so we should head out too.”

With that said, Takao would wait for Fuyuko to prepare herself in whatever way she deemed necessary, and the pair would leave when ready. The pair would journey along the streets of Kirigakure, staving off dreaded silence with jovial small-talk, until the eastern gates of the Hidden Mist sprawled into view. There, waiting at the check-in point, were three shinobi dressed in Kirigakure Chūnin garb. Two of the trio were not so receptive of their accompaniment being from the Hidden Leaf, but the third was friendly enough. They would exchange pleasantries, however pleasant they might have been, and agreed to embark on the mission at hand. Together, the cavalcade of shinobi started east, heading toward the distant islands.


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Fuyuko did her usual mission prep before the two of them would head out to meet the accompanying group. Fuyuko was left with a slightly unpleasant taste in her mouth as the greetings happened. She was very displeased with how two of the three were treating Takao. Luckily one of them was nice, obviously it was a girl like her that knew how to behave. Boys were always just… immature and never grew up. She would almost bet that they would still laugh about poop and piss jokes. She could feel her blood pressure starting to rise, but did her utmost best to keep it hidden from Takao. She would just pull the two of them to the side when they would make their way over to their destination and have a short chat with them. Making sure they were going to treat him with the respect he deserved. She’d just be a little bit persuasive, making sure not to harm them in anyway however. Just take enough action to make them understand what would happen if they didn’t show some respect.

Eventually they would reach their destination and set up their camping site for the rest of their stay. The lot of them bonded a bit around the campfire before they would sleep the first night at the lands borders. It would appear that her tactics hadn’t gone completely wasted. The two who showed such little respect at least managed to keep it to themselves now, or at the very least not be so obvious about it. They did however still keep talking with Takao to a minimal, but that was at least better than the behavior they showed when they initially met up. When the sun had set below the horizon the lot of them would head into their beds and sleep the rest of the night away.

Morning came and it was time to make groups for patrolling the area. It was a vast area and it was decided it was better to split up so that they could cover a larger area quicker. They drew straws, the shortest three would team up and whatever remained would form the other group. After drawing straws the two teams were formed. Fuyuko was paired with one of the rude dudes, while Takao was paired with the other two chuunins from the group. Fuyuko was a little disheartened by it, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She gave him a quick hug before they departed. She would be heading east along the coast while the other group would head west.

Patrolling with the other dude was rather boring, perhaps it was due to the fact how she had threatened him before, but Fuyuko didn’t really feel the need to change it either. She was just there to do her job. And so she walked and walked as the sun slowly rose high into the sky. Nothing happened, there were just the vast empty beach accompanied by the salty ocean breeze. Until they would eventually stumble upon something in the distance. The slowly closed the distance between what initially was just a big vague blob. Eventually it would turn out to be a big group of people. “We got to run and get Takao and the others. There’s no way we can do this by ourselves!” She said in an ordering fashion. They might be of the same rank but there was no way that she was going to get back talk from her companion at this point. She grabbed him by the neck and dragged him along until he would start to run himself.

Having opened up a gap between the group and themselves Fuyuko ordered him to keep running till he would reach Takao’s group and get them to come over here. In the mean time she would shadow the group from the forest not far from the beach. Make sure that she would not lose sight of the group so that they couldn’t do anything fishy while they were out of sight. Seeing as she could see the group, the group surely could see her as well. They would probably advance their own agenda now that they had been spotted.

She dashed into the woods and tried to move as silently possible back in the direction of where she had spotted the big group. Eventually she would spot them again from the tree line. They hadn’t moved yet but they sure seemed in a hurry to finish preparations for things. Minutes went by and she could only wonder how long it would be before the rest of the group showed up. Eventually the group of possible enemies would start to move, there was no time left to wait on back-up she would need to stall right here, right now.

So Fuyuko jumped out of the shadows and confronted them. A bit of dialogue followed between herself and someone that would appear to be the leader. From the conversation it became clear they were planning an attack against the nation, so there was nothing she could do but stop them right here. She tried dragging out the conversation as long as possible. Buy as much time as possible so that Takao could show up. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible as the enemy group advanced on her location. A big group of people came running towards her with their battle cries out. She weaved the bird, horse, rat and snake signs. Holding on the last sign and channeling a whole bunch of chakra as she did so. Letting them all close the gap drastically until they got really close to her. When they were within the desired range she would place her hand on the ground and the seal would instantly unfold itself at detecting foreign chakra natures.

Like flies all the assailants dropped to the ground and the immediate threat had stopped for now. The technique had left her panting a little bit however, spending almost a third of her chakra pool in a singular move was not something that the body enjoyed very much. It would just have to keep up with it for now as she was about to split it into half. There was a bigger chance of her surviving the oncoming onslaught if there were two of her. With a single seal a poof of smoke appeared besides her and a clone of herself came out of it. Now there was two of herself, thirty flies on the ground and a group at least twice that size still left to be dealt with. Please be here fast Takao, is all she could think at this moment.

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Who are you to decide the fate of others?
No single person should be able to decide that fate.

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The disdain Takao withstood from his Hidden Mist companions didn’t seem to have nearly as much of an effect on him as it did Fuyuko. He had largely ignored their contempt in the form of snide comments or lack of acknowledgment in favour of watching her do her best at hiding it. He found it difficult to not comment on the endearing nature of her protectiveness, though somehow he managed to suppress the desire. He couldn’t help but slip in a few subtle touches on her arm or light brushing against one another as they walked, as a wordless attempt to convey that he wasn’t bothered by them.

Their trek would come to an end after hours of walking, and a minimalistic campsite was erected for their expectedly brief stay on the border. Tents were put up to protect them from whatever rain the Water Country had in store for them, and a pit for the fire was dug and surrounded by a small wall of stones to lower the visibility of the light when darkness overtook the countryside. That night, Takao was pleasantly surprised to be granted a more civil interaction with the more standoffish of the trio, even if it did feel vaguely superficial. Their conversations were primarily between one another, which Takao didn’t mind. They seemed to know each other in some capacity, which left him more than content to spend that time talking to Fuyuko. As the night grew old, they opted to douse the flames and rest for the night, leaving guard duty to switch every two hours. When morning came, the idea to split into two teams was proposed, and straws were drawn. Fate had separated Takao from Fuyuko, although he was very briefly sated by the quick hug that she initiated. Wishing for more yet understanding that the mission needed to get on with, they parted ways, and Takao began the grueling task of patrolling with a pair of foreign shinobi.

Although uneventful, Takao had managed to bond with one of the two that had previously acted withdrawn from him. Their manner of bonding was crude, much to the chagrin of the pair’s female companion. Crude jokes turned to bad puns, and before long, the silent of the forest was filled with wheezing laughter. Perhaps the closeness of the two previously standoffish Hidden Mist shinobi was a product of their interaction with one another, and when separated, it became possible to relate to them on a more personal level. As they scoured the countryside, they were unable to find anything substantial. A few odd tracks here and there that suggested that somebody might have come through at some point, but a quick glance with Aibāningu revealed only themselves and the land’s natural fauna. Despite the jovial nature of their scouting, it ended up terribly boring and uneventful; a whole lot of trudging through damp, insect-ridden flora with precious little to show for it.

Hours would pass, and at noon they opted to return to the campsite. The other two still being out worried Takao, yet he forced himself to stay at the most accessible location should something happen. Every once in a while, his eyes would shine a fiery orange and he would look out into the forest, but couldn’t find what he was looking for. In a shallow attempt to preoccupy himself and keep his worry from growing unmanageable, Takao began to cook a meal before the other two returned. His work was short lived as the sound of rustling brush caught his attention, and one of the two that made up Fuyuko’s side of the scouting party burst through in a panic. Breathlessly, he explained the situation and pointed in a vague direction. Plumes of flame began to build at Takao’s back as he tore across the forested landscape, quickly building speed to his maximum. When he couldn’t run any faster, jets of flame manifested at his back and propelled him forward at speeds that he would otherwise be incapable of reaching. His ability to maneuver the technique was still slightly lacking, leading him to trip over branches, roots, and other obstacles in his path while he shot himself forward. Frustrated with his lack of fine-tuned control and the legions of obstacles ahead, Takao took to the canopy and propelled himself along the branches instead. The serenity of the forest was pierced by the periodic explosive popping and continuous shrill hum of Burning Ambition.

Aibāningu lead Takao’s advance, eventually revealing Fuyuko’s location as well as the presence of a horde of others closing in. His teeth grit and his muscles tensed, forcing himself to go faster in an attempt to reach her on time.

Takao overestimated the distance between himself and his destination, as well as the speed required to arrive in time. With one last burst of the strategically placed jets, Takao burst from the foliage above Fuyuko and her would-be assailants moving at full speed. He used a secondary jet to aim himself earthward to keep him from sailing well above and past the skirmish, and landed a few meters away from Fuyuko. The soles of his boots kicked up dirt and grass as he slid to a stop, now standing between her and the mobilized force. As his slide slowed to a full stop, a sharp inhale filled his lungs to capacity. Chakra flooded the organs effortlessly and turned air into a raging flame within his body. His hand rose and his breath was exhaled in a steady stream, spewing the flames like burning napalm from his agape maw. The fire hit the ground in front of him and spread along the grass, forming a half-ring approximately twenty-five meters or so in diameter around himself and Fuyuko. The presence of the white-hot flames brought the advancing force to a halt, hesitant to approach as the flames began to burn nearby foliage.

Takao’s exhale ended and the back of his hand rose to wipe the white-hot, glowing saliva from his mouth. He turned to Fuyuko and her clone and darted over.

“Fuyuko!” He called out, stopping when he stood in front of the pair.

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” He asked, his eyes still alight with Aibāningu as he glanced down at one of the two indistinguishable copies. One of his hands rose to the cheek of the Fuyuko he stood in front of and touched her lightly.

“I came as fast as I could. I, uh… also… don’t know which one of you is the real one.” He admitted.


CHAKRA: 395/450

Techniques Used:
Name: Fire Release: Burning Ambition (Katon: Atsuho Hōfu ~ 火遁・熱歩抱負)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary-Offensive
Element: Fire Release
Range: User
Specialty: Ninjutsu-Taijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration
Description: Fire Release: Burning Ambition is a fire release technique that heavily augments the user's mobility using high-speed ejection of high pressure fire akin to jet propulsion, allowing them to move at speeds up to an additional +30m/s of their maximum burst speed. These jets can manifest anywhere on the user, allowing them to quickly dodge attacks or rapidly maneuver themselves within a 3d space as opposed to 2d. When used to climb vertically, the user is only capable of reaching heights of 30 meters above the ground before the propulsion becomes unstable and too difficult to control. This is not sustained flight, however, as it only occurs in bursts. It can also be used to quickly increase the speed of a strike depending on where the jets are manifested. Although not the intended purpose of the technique, the plumes of flames produced by the jets can inflict moderate first degree burns and set fabric alight on contact. Each post that this technique is used reduces the user's speed by 1 tier (up to -2 tiers after 2 posts) for 2 posts after the technique is ended.
Name: Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb (火遁・火龍炎弾 ~ Katon: Karyū Endan)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: Stream can travel 30 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts, -10 chakra per extra post.
Cooldown: 8 posts, +1 per extra post.
Description: A radically enhanced version of the Dragon-Fire Jutsu. After making the needed hand seals (Ram → Horse → Snake → Dragon → Rat → Ox → Tiger), the user inhales, filling their throat with chakra, noticeably expanding their chest. They then exhale it at a rate of 35m/s in a continuous stream of white-hot, pressurized flames; it expands in a cone-shape, up to 2m in diameter. They can manipulate its movement to a small degree; they can either move themselves or their head, or cause the stream to split and expand up to 5m wide to surround and envelop a target. On contact, the stream will cause major third-degree degree burns on whoever it manages to devour. If contact of more than 1 post occurs, it will begin to incinerate the outer layers of the victim's body, gradually rendering a victim that doesn't try to escape the area of impact, nothing but a pile of ash after 3 posts.



Fuyuko had jumped back a little bit from where she had originally placed the seal, standing with her clone close to the tree line. Making it harder for her to get surrounded and an easier way to breakaway if it was required. Further it would give herself a better time preparing for the oncoming charge of the rest of the gang.

She got startled from the rustles that came from behind. Had someone already managed to get behind her and corner her? She got quite worried at the thought and so turned around to see what was coming. But before she could fully turn around a black shadow jumped over head and landed between herself and the small army. It moved far too fast for her to instantly recognize who or what it was until it slowed down and stood still on the ground. Followed up by a gigantic wall of fire that came out of his mouth, separating the two of them and the army for the time being. A small had already appeared on both of Fuyuko’s faces before Takao had even managed to turn around. Her knight in shining armor had already appeared or was it a knight from darkness? It didn’t really matter. Her savior was here and was worried about her in his typical fashion.

Both of the clone and the real Fuyuko chuckled a little bit at the mans usual goofiness. Even in a situation like this he managed to lighten up her day as if he was a beacon of light. “Yes I’m okay, just a little out of breath at expending so much chakra quickly.” The clone replied as she put her hand on his gentle caring hand. The real Fuyuko walked over to the other two whilst talking herself. “You silly goose, that’s not the real me, although I’ll experience it still as such when she disappears.” Having closed the gap she tip-toed and reached for his cheek, giving a gentle peck on it as a token of appreciation for coming to her aid. However it was time for the two or three of them to focus on the task at hand. As much as she wanted the somewhat weirdly romantic scene to keep going, there was still a small army only a couple of meters away from them. An army that would most likely not wait on them to finish whatever they were doing.  “Shall we get to it?” she suggested with a small sigh.

The crackling fire combined with her sealing technique had kept the army at bay while Takao made sure she was okay. He was such a caring person that even in the midst of battle he cared more about her wellbeing than the imminent threat. She couldn’t help but feel grateful and lucky for having found such a man and to be able to call him hers. However the butterfly feelings would have to be pushed to the back of her mind for now. There was a battle about to begin, or rather resume, and having such thoughts would only be a distraction.

And so without waiting any longer herself and her clone started to run towards the right edge of the flame to make their way around it and start to beat up a ‘couple’ of the opposition. Just as she made it around the corner she was met with more than a handful of militias that seemed eager to teach her a lesson. The two of them prepared themselves and hand to hand combat would ensue. Fuyuko had initially expected that fighting a large amount would be difficult, however once the actual fighting had started it turned out to be a lot easier than expected. Their punches and kicks were slow and without strength. Her own physical capabilities weren’t all that impressive, at least not in her eyes, but the strength of these guys was… lackluster. She couldn’t help but wonder how could these guys possibly think the could invade a country like this? How were they ever going to defeat the power of the Kirigakure military if just herself and a clone were able to occupy so many of them. It wasn’t in her nature, but the thought was almost laughable.

She let one of the brutes gently hit her on the face so that he could ‘slap’ the distracting thoughts out of her mind. There was no time to have herself be distracted. While he capabilities might be eclipsing that of the opposition, it didn’t mean that they weren’t capable of hurting her at all. With her mind cleared again she fully focused on the task at hand again. The battle moved around quite a lot all to ensure that she wouldn’t end up being completely surrounded. It was one thing for her to fight outnumbered with everyone in front of her, it was another thing to have to do that while she was surrounded. The chances for injuries would exponentially sky rocket and it wasn’t really something she was looking forward to either. Besides she want to become better, not have to rely as much on others and further she might be able to impress Takao if she was able to handle so many opponents without his help. Grunts and moans accompanied by the sound of clashing metal was what filling the battlefield. There were next to non jutsu’s being used as well, which was probably to her own advantage seeing as there were only two of herself and over 50 of the opposition. She probably couldn’t defend from all the techniques they potentially could throw at her. Then again, they would probably end up hitting each other. They might have been a big group, but they seemed far from an organized group.

Slowly but surely Fuyuko was capable of forcing them to the ground decreasing the numbers of their aggressors. There was no time however to finish them off, that would require too much commitment to a single a person and would probably result in her receiving an injury from another person. But just having them on the ground and out for the count wasn’t in particular a bad thing either. They couldn’t case any more harm while they’re laying there nor were they any threat to herself any more. Slowly but surely their numbers dwindled and an end seemed to come insight. Some bruises and scrapes started to build up, it was the first fight that she participated in where she was kept busy for so long. Just fighting, no breaks. So it was inevitable that she would slip up sometimes and end up with some injuries, luckily due to their own lack of strength and skill they were all minor at best.

Eventually after a couple of minutes of intense battling, trading blows and clashing metal it came to an end. Panting she and her clone stood victories. Bodies lying on the floor left and right suffering from their own injuries and fatigue. What was she to do now? The mission was to patrol the border and keep the land safe. It didn’t say anything in particular about having to kill anyone that would trespass. While the village would most likely order such a thing if they knew about it, they didn’t at the moment. So did they have to do it? Couldn’t they just let them go back to where they came from and just let them be?

She made her way over to Takao if he hadn’t already made his way over to her. With sweat dripping down her forehead and a heavy breath she posed the question that had been plaguing her mind. “So… what do we do now?” she asked as her eyes scanned over the battlefield. She was sure she didn’t have to elaborate more on the question. It was pretty obvious, at least it was to her. The sound that mused through the air was just that of groaning and grunting man and woman. They were victorious in their battle, but now they were left with a dilemma. One that she really wished she didn’t have to face. Why did the village have to obliterate all of the jails? They could’ve perfectly all be going in there and pay their ‘debt’ there, now there was only death or life, nothing in between.

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「”Oh,” Takao said in response as the glowing embers of his eyes cooled back into their coalesque tones. His cheeks had become flushed, both from the embarassment at his inability to tell the pair apart as well as the imagery his eyes afforded him, in which her clothing did little to prevent him from seeing through to the heat of her skin. He had seen it once before, when they first met, and endured such an image being burned into his memory as a result. Now it was renewed twice over, and his focus was thoroughly shaken.

“Well, in that case…” Urged on by such feelings, Takao leaned in with his hand still on the clone’s cheek and captured her lips in a lengthy, passionate kiss. The threat of battle was momentarily washed away from his conscious thought, and lingered as his lips parted from her’s.

“You’ll get that later then.” He said, the corner of his mouth pulled upward to display his usual lopsided grin.

His attention shifted to the real Fuyuko as she mentioned the remainin forces, and his gaze wandered sidelong to the flames that burned in the background. They had been temporarily routed, if only for a short moment, yet the threat of their presence remained and needed to be dealt with. There was an easily solution to their problem resting within his lungs, waiting to be released in an instant, but that wouldn’t do. Fuyuko’s mindset had bled into his own and he second-guessed what would have been a second nature decision to him. Instead, his hand slid from the clone’s cheek and he turned, facing the flames. The invading army would be dealt with using nonlethal force, he had decided, just as Fuyuko had decided at the same time.

He took the lead and he followed closely behind. Every step she took, he was nearby, ensuring that none of the forces encroached upon her in ways that she wouldn’t be able to deal with. Even with his presence lingering over her shoulder, she did just fine on her own, and hardly required his interjection if at all, leading him to take care of stragglers that she left behind. They appeared to be nothing more than what equated to a villager in terms of skill, which left him wondering if they were mere conscripts forced into a war they didn’t want. The thought furrowed his brows as the one-sided battle raged on.

Their fight came to a close just as quickly as it began. A field of groaning bodies lay at their feet, beaten into submission mostly by Fuyuko and her clone, with whatever remnants that had fallen behind taken care of by Takao, just in time for the other Kirigakure shinobi that accompanied them to appear.

“You guys are late to the party.” Takao called out to their new company, seemingly unfazed by the amount of physical activity exerted. Scoffs, narrowed eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and scrutinizing looks of disapproval were his response.

“It looks like you let her do all the work.” One of the trio commented, earning a shrug from Takao.

“She took the lead and I followed.” He said, turning to look at her over his shoulder. “She would’ve been able to handle them by herself if I wasn’t here. She’s strong, after all.” He said, perhaps displaying a bit of bias when it came ot singing her praise even though he thought so honestly.

“You three should check for stragglers. We were focused on the main force and some others might have gotten away.” Takao said as he turned back to Fuyuko and walked closer. Skeptical but unwilling to allow survivors, the three departed after briefly conversing with one another. Takao’s hand moved to Fuyuko’s shoulder and rested on it.

“I don’t like the idea of killing conscripted soldiers for doing what they were told,” He explained, averting his gaze to the unconscious bodies that surrounded them.

“I’ll make clones and transport them to Konoha. They’ll be processed and imprisoned there for the time being, okay?” Takao asked. It was underhanded and certainly went against Kirigakure’s policy of taking no prisoners, but Takao hardly cared for nor did he respect Kirigakure or its policies. If his statement went uncontested, Takao would go through with the plan and conjur four copies of himself. The soldiers were rounded up, marched off, and Takao turned away from Fuyuko for just a moment. He inhaled a lungful of breath and exhaled a massive plume of fire, eclipsing both of them by dozens of times, and left the emptied battlefield a sea of ash and soot.

“There. The attackers were dealt with.” He said, flashing her a faint, lopsided, closed-eyed smile before he took her hand.

“Let’s go home.”」



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