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A light rain had trickled over the Land of Water, dampening the crisp morning that hosted a low-hanging haze. Cool air crept through any crevice that would have it, urging a quiet and sleepy groan from Takao’s throat as his arm slipped around the sleeping form beside him. As his arm curled and brought their bodies closer, his eyes opened and were met with Fuyuko’s slumbering visage.

A small smile worked its way onto his face as his head tilted forward and his forehead rested gently upon her’s. He had quickly grown accustomed to waking up beside her, no longer feeling the brief sensation of anxiety that came with awakening in an unfamiliar setting. Each second that past brought forth more of the realization of what the day would hold for the two, and made him that much more unwilling to move. Only by sheer chance had they been assigned to the same mission together alongside three others when Takao had merely thrown his name in the proverbial mission assignment hat, as a means to occupy his spare time prior to meeting Fuyuko. It took great amounts of willpower (Strong Willed SC) to pull his limbs from their entangled state with Fuyuko’s own and slowly rise from the bed, his careful movements an earnest attempt at not disturbing her slumber. Powerful as his mental fortitude was, he couldn’t quite muster the will to wake her just yet.

With one last glance to hold him over, Takao stole away for a quick shower. He emerged from the bathroom within minutes, dressed in a fresh pair of shinobi slacks wrapped at the ankles, and moved down the hall toward the kitchen. Sitting atop the dining room table was the dossier for their mission, delivered the evening prior, that gave them all of the information relevant to their task. They were assigned with three Chūnin of varying skill and talent, all native to Kirigakure, which left him as the odd one out. Takao lifted the shallow stack of papers from the table, and briefly skimmed the contents as he moved to prepare breakfast for the two of them. The next chunk of his time was spent reading over their assignment with the sizzle of bacon and eggs to accompany him, amidst other over the top breakfast foods.

“An entire week.” Takao mumbled aloud to himself, or perhaps the falcon perched nearby.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just Fuyuko and I, but… with these three…”

As Takao shuffled through the papers, he quickly glossed over the introductory files of the three that would accompany their week-long border patrol. He huffed and tossed the papers down on the counter, opting to focus on breakfast instead and worry about the mission later. He finished what remained on the stove and ferried it to the table. It was much easier to worry about enjoying the last bit of real alone time they would have for the next week than it was to worry about what the week held in store for them.

Takao left the kitchen and proceeded back down the hallway, quietly opening the door again. He moved over to the bed and sat at the edge closest to Fuyuko, leaning over and lowering himself down to softly peck her cheek to urge her from her slumber.

“Time to wake up, Beautiful. I made breakfast.” He said quickly, his face lingering relatively close to her’s.

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Mission Details:
Mission name: Invasion Warning
Mission rank: A
Objective: Stop the Possible Invasion
Location: Kirigakure Border
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: You must take a squad of three chuunin and go patrol the border for a week, ward off any danger, dangerous ninja have been sighted near the border.
Mission details: On the Border you find an army forming, they wear the headband of Kemurigakure, the land of Smoke, whom is a small ninja village south of the land of Mist, there is 100 D rank Ninja at the camp with all D-0 Rank stats, as well the leader of the group is a Spec jounin ninja named Siaso, if the group doesnt stop the army here and now they will invade and raid the Village.
Your Ninja have C-0 stats.

Name: Siaso Somaso
Age: 30
General Appearance: Long grey ponytail. 5ft9. Wears grey glax jacket.
Personality: Brutal,Hard, Strict
Motivations: Money and land
Fears: Losing
Abilities: Stats are B-0 and Uses Smoke Based Katon jutsu up to A rank and Bukijutsu and wields a Katana that can cut through flesh easily and bone, (A rank)


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Bliss and peace

The world was moving outside of her slumbering mind. Unbeknownst to the sleeping Fuyuko her partner had already started their waking up routine. While subconsciously she was aware that things were going on, she had no clue what those things were exactly. The bed was warm, her head comfortably resting on her feather soft pillow. The slight movements that were made by Takao were noticed but physically ignored. Fuyuko had no intention of lifting her head from her pillow or even opening her eyes for that matter. The comfort she found herself in in this fleeting moment was just too great to give up. As if she was put under hypnosis, the soft sound that was made as the door to her room closed again, put her right back to sleep again. Drifting off again into the world of fluffy clouds.

Time flew by slowly or quickly, it was all a matter of perspective after all. But eventually a warm feeling was felt again against her skin. Followed up by the soft spoken words from the person she had been sharing the bed with. He uttered words however that she would rather not hear and so decided to pretend not to hear him. Hoping that he would go away and let her rest for a bit more. If he were to continue, which he likely was, she'd start off with a bunch of grumbling noises of annoyance. How dare he wake her from her joyful sleep. Eventually she'd squeeze her eyelids tighter together, move her hands above her head and make squealing stretching noises before finally opening her eyes and looking over at Takao. With the softest sleepy voice she could probably make she spoke "Morning Takao". They'd probably exchange a couple of more sentences before she'd eventually tell him to get out of the room if he didn't leave himself. They might have been going out together for a while now, but Fuyuko was definitely not yet at the point where she could just change while he was in the room with her.

Eventually she'd come out of her room and meet Takao again in the living/dining room where a breakfast was made ready for her. She walked over to her chair and got herself seated. "This look delicious Takao, thank you." she said with her usual gentle smile. She slowly gobbled on her food as the grogginess had not yet subsided. In everything she did it was quite evident she was still somewhat absent minded and slow on the uptake. This included things like moving the food to her mouth, the way she turned her head slowly, or the slow pace at which she was speaking. Besides that she was still capable of noticing a pile of papers that was laid out on the table in a rather disorganized pile. It took a little bit for the gears in her head to get to 'full' working capacity but when they did she finally managed to get her question out. "What are those papers about?" she asked while pointing at them with her fork.

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