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1 Onsen Obscenity [B Rank Case Di & Mokuzai] on Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:07 pm



6 AM – A small onsen outside of Kirigakure

Yumi wasn't having a good morning. That old hag Asuka had chewed her out about staying up late and getting into the sake again. What did that old bitch know about anything? Yumi would have place cleaned before all the patrons got up and she didn't need some old onibaba to scream and rant at her about her drinking habits. Whats more Kiyoko who Yumi knew had been slyly smoking opium on her shift got away with nary a peep from the old witch.

Now Yumi was forced to clean all of the unwanted detritus out of the onsen's hot-spring. It was not only the patrons who enjoyed taking a dip in the thermal pools but also the local macaque population. The monkeys would come down from the mountains looking for a nice hot bath but unfortunately they would true to their simian nature would leave leftover food and a not inconsiderable amount of shit in the pools. This needed to be scooped out with a long net so that some unsuspecting patron didn't find a bobbing lump of monkey faeces interrupting their otherwise idyllic soak. So Yumi fished around with her net cursing both Asuka and Kiyoko as he net struck something below.

The wretched thing had become stuck fast. Possibly one of the monkeys had slipped down into the pool and drowned. It happened from time to time and the thought of having to go down and pull out a bloated monkey corpse made Yumi want to vomit. Peering over she strained to see through the murky water. Wait – that didn't look like the corpse of any monkey. It was far too big and was that clothing it was wearing?

“Oh Kannon oh Kannon no this can't be happening...”

Yumi named the Boddisatva of mercy twice as she felt bile rising up within her throat. It couldn't be real there couldn't be a human body in the pool. What if this was Yatagarasu's doing? What if the infamous serial killer was here right at this second and was watching everything she had done. But the government said that Yatagarasu only killed criminals and Yumi wasn't a criminal was she. Sure she had stolen some money from the inn's till every now and then and got into the sake without permission. That wasn't enough to bring down the killers wrath upon her was it?

Unable to restrain the sheer terror that was coursing through her veins Yumi ran screaming back into the onsen raising all the patrons from their slumber as she went.

Later that day.

The old lady introduced herself to Di as Asuka Tachibana. She had run this particular onsen since the death of her husband nine years ago. Di suspected that she might be in her mid seventies but still had a watchful gaze and a succinct manner of speech. Earlier this morning one the maids from the inn had been cleaning the onsen pool when she stumbled across what was now known to be the scene of a crime. The police had been called but as there had been multiple incidents involving a growing religious movement that was getting out of hand they couldn't spare too much manpower for the case.

So it was that the owner wishing for a swift resolution to this particular issue had hired herself a private detective. In this case – Di.  Accepting all the work he could find , DI had been eager to take on the case and chase down whomever had perpetrated this heinous act. Things did have a habit of getting out of hand when it came to this and so Di had sent his messenger hawk off to find Mokuzai Senju. The lad had a good head on his shoulders and while he might be a tad reckless when it came to picking fights in bars he wasn't afraid to stand his ground.  Whatever culprit was behind this could easily strike again and thus it was better to have backup in case things turned violent.

Mokuzai's talents for botanic manipulation may also prove useful. Di had not personally witnessed a Senju's plant based skills but they intrigued him to say the least.

“We thought there was only one body at first.”

Asuka said to Di – her voice not shaking in the least.

“That poor bastard over there.”

She pointed to a body lying on the tiles singled out by a small area of chalk. Di could see that the back of the skull had been caved in as if with a hammer or heavy object.

“But then we went and removed the first corpse and what do you know? Theres another one lying right underneath him.”

The second body had it's own chalk circle and from the dagger sticking out of it's chest Di was pretty sure he could deduce the method in which the second man had perished.

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Mikumi Senju


The sound of colliding fist's could be heard through the area, it was a day filled with the shining radiance of the sun beating down over the land of Kirigakure, a prospect that was rare for a land known for it's almost constant stormy weather. The light reflected off the water in a way that only made it's beauty more potent to the human eye and gave the area a feeling of inner peace to all those who enjoyed it's magnificence, however to those of the shinobi world it was still a pretty sight but far from peaceful as the area was also known to be the village's training grounds that was active at the very moment.

Mokuzai Senju could be seen at a distance with his blue bandanna over his head that kept his hair from getting into the way of his eye's while concealing his original Konohagakure ninja headband, his bare chest being assaulted by the ray of the sun's that only seemed to invigorate him to no end as he stood in a combat ready stance with his right leg straightly forward and left leg to the back slightly bent ready for a kick at any moment while his right hands fingers were slightly bent into a open palm eager to catch any attack that would befall him as his left hand was curled completely into a fist ready to attack the very instant he defended himself, perhaps to one trained specifically in the art of physical combat via taijutsu this was a basic stance but for one such as the young Senju whose main focus was on the prowess of the blade this was the best he could muster with his limited knowledge.

For that very reason he decided to train against a duo of Kirigakure's skill genin in order to further himself, as one who had never struck out his fist in defense and offense could hold little weight against it as was the same ideal for those wishing to train themselves against  the art of the blade or thats at least how the young Senju wanted to perceive it. With the sound of footsteps quickly approaching Mokuzai snapped himself back into focus as one genin was hastily approaching eager to prove himself no doubt, through eyesight alone he could see the genins fist slowly clenching as his torso slightly twisted as if to add more power to the attack and it was quite clear to tell the genin was going for a straight forward punch, just a little ways behind him  the second genin who's legs were slightly bent eager to respond to his partner's attack for a quick follow up attack waited ever so painterly and he would smirk at the good plan but unfortunately it would pale lightly  if they had wished to completely subdue him.

Just as the genin neared Mokuzai swiftly swung his right hand right into their attempted straightforward punch causing it to completely miss their mark while throwing their body off course, the other genin seeing a chance of opportunity decided to rush in from behind but the young Senju had planned this and immediately proceeded to rotate his body just enough to use his left leg to strongly  push the first genin into the another with his left leg hard enough to cause him to get thrown back one meter(D-3 Strength) without barely moving three inch's from the position he had been in before while the genin were now to and a half meters away, "Is that all you got? Dome at me harder!"

With a pained expression the first genin held the area in which Mokuzai hit him in before looking back with a smirk, "That felt like a love tap, were show you the results of our training." In response he would simply smirk at the new found determination the genin displayed, it was always a heart-warming sight to see younger and older shinobi alike rise to the challenge when faced with even the slightest wall of a obstacle. The genin now stood side by side but he would notice that the one who had been behind him earlier now had his body slightly tilted towards the other and was curious as to what they were planning, they would now both weave the exact same hand signs but yet they were  unfamiliar to him but then a single ball would form in their hand with wind swirling around it making him believe it was fuuton nature jutsu, while in his though they both throw the balls and although he may have been able to read the speed and the movement with his eye's he was far to close to dodge and simply put up his arms as the jutsu's collided against him causing a cloud of dust to form  from where he stood.  

As the smoke cleared Mokuzai could be seen standing there with three fourth inch's cuts on his arms and some light bruising yet with a wide and powerful smile on his face, "That was close! Had i been any weaker i might have been a goner, good work you two!!" Just as he put his arms down from a distance he heard the sound of a hawk in the sky and looked up to see exactly that as it was coming towards him, he casually lifted up his arm's knowing that the only person that bothered with this type of mailing system was Di and he would quickly take the note the bird had on it's legs and open it to read the contents within.

It wasn't hard to decipher, the letter contained the request of his friend asking for assistance in another case, but this time unlike the others involved murder. Although he didn't want to leave the genin who had just taken a step up in their combat skills as a fellow shinobi he could not ignore this request nor as a friend to Di, "Im afraid our little spar must be post-pone for another date as im being summoned for a rather important matter, continue your training and i have no doubt next time your be even stronger then your are now."

Mokuzai would walk over to a tree and grab his shirt that had been hanging from one of the low branch's before placing it back on, now fully clothed once more he quickly dashed towards his home at full speed grabbing his blade and then quickly rushed towards the location that Di was waiting in with haste. The area was active with civilian activity curious on what the matter was but the young Senju would pay them no mind as he walked through, upon seeing Di investigating a body he would call out to his friend, "Another murder in Kirigakure, crime never sleeps."



"My blade's flow with the blood of my enemies, will yours be next Guest?"

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Di flashed a rueful smile.

"You are right on the mark there Moku. Even with Kiri's notoriously harsh punishments some people just can't seem to stay on the straight and narrow."

Motioning to the two corpses Di began to relay his conclusions regarding the situation.

“As you can see there there are two victims meaning that there have been two crimes committed. While it might be more simple to treat the entire scenario as if it were one whole I think that that we might be missing something here if we do.”

Pointing to the cadaver with the knife sticking in his chest Di went on.

“While he was the second to be dragged out of the pool his position made it obvious that he was the first to take the plunge into the hot spring. The wound received with the knife shows that his killer had some degree of proficiency with bladed weapons as the stab was precise and designed to end the mans life quickly. We can also deduce that the victim was not expecting the attack as there was no signs of a struggle such as lacerations on the hands or bruising on other parts of the body. This also suggests against an argument as that would have put the victim in a much more guarded state at the time of death”

Di took a breath before continuing his explanation.  

“In my estimation this murder was a premeditated affair. The hotsprings would remove any signs of prints on the corpse and weaponry allowing for plausible deniability. I have also heard that certain thermal energies can influence the flow of chakra interfering with things such as tracking and scrying jutsu – a true blow to any Anbu on the case. The killer would then flee Kirigakure looking to be away to another land before the authorities got there. However I don't think they managed to get the chance to do that.”

Di pointed to the second corpse who had died via a crushed skull.

“If my assumptions prove true this was the man who killed our first victim. Judging by the angle he fell in relative to the knife it would not be a stretch of the imagination to assume that he was the one who committed the first murder.”

With barley a pause Di went onto the second part of his explanation.

“Which means that there was a third party present for the murder. Either the now departed first killer was unaware of the presence of the second murderer or was betrayed by someone he trusted. I would say betrayal. Someone with the skills to pull off a murder so efficiently would not be easily caught by surprise.”

Di didn't know what the second murder weapon was. This didn't really matter though as it was likely something that could be easily disposed or cleaned in the hot pools. In all probability it wasn't even something designed as a weapon. A piece of kitchenware could just as easily be used as a makeshift bludgeon as a bokken or kanabo especially when placed in the hands of a trained killer. And Di was sure that whomever the as of yet unknown third culprit was they were quite learned in the arts of murder.

“So I direct my questioning to you Madame Asuka. Were these victims part of a party of guests and if there were any other travelers with them could you please describe them to us in detail.”

The old woman was silent for a few seconds as she contemplated the question. One could almost see her grasping at the threads of a faint memory.

“Yes – yes actually I remember that they were part of a group. Two men and woman. Probablly about thirty I would say. Black hair and a pale complexion. She had a good physique on her – possibly a bit too muscled to attract a good husband but the men these days go for all kinds of bizarre things. Do you think that it was her that did the second one in?”

Di nodded his assent.

“I would say that is the most likely occurrence. The woman and the second man likely planned to murder the first but for some reason the woman betrayed her partner. Money would be the logical factor for such a betray as splitting profits in half is no where near as enticing as gaining the full amount. Plus if the woman was already all-right with the murder of one man it would hardly be surprising if she was willing to kill another for temporal gain.”

Di once again turned to Mokuzai.

“I think we are dealing with a Kunoichi here. Ninja are exceptionally good at covering their tracks but would it be possible for you to employ your own ninja training in helping track her down before she manages to flee the country? Oh and subduing her we can't expect her to just turn herself in quietly”

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Mikumi Senju


Upon arrival Di would flash a smile combined with that of sadness of the situation no doubt, and express that even with the harsh punishments of Kirigakure No Sato crime was still at large, introductions aside  Di would now explain the information he gathered thus far from being on the scene. He would now pull Mokuzai's attention to two corpses and the young Senju would give a small mental prayer to their departed souls before focusing on Di's investigation report, “As you can see there there are two victims meaning that there have been two crimes committed. While it might be more simple to treat the entire scenario as if it were one whole I think that that we might be missing something here if we do.” Mokuzai held no argument with that, it was better to account for even little unknown factors then it was to overlook them and easily write them off.

Flowing his report naturally Di would point to one of the corpse's that had a knife sticking out form his chest, he would explain that he was the second victim to be pulled from the hot spring pool but he was actually the first victim to fall to it's depths and went on to say that from how the blade was precisely aimed as to make the man's death quick and painless, Mokuzai would investigate this as he checked the blade mark and found that his wound reached a depth of two inches and a quarter deep which meant the blade much like his was meant for a special jonin yet it was left still imbued into a dead man, The young Senju could only deduce that  whoever killed him had a even more dangerous weapon at their disposal. Di also stated that he had only that one wound itched into his body and deduced that the victim had not been expecting any attack meaning it was a act of utter betrayer.

He gave a passable explanation on why the criminal would choose this particular location saying that the heat of the hot springs would remove any signs of prints on the corpse and weaponry allowing for a harder investigation on the possible cause of death, he stated some research he had done once before about thermal energies can influence the flow of chakra which would distort the reliability of tracking jutsu, now he would say that the  killer possibly fled Kirigakure which was a assumption they can easily both agree on and he could also agree with Di saying the killer would still be within Kirigakure's border's.

Now going onto the second victim guy would explain his observation, “If my assumptions prove true this was the man who killed our first victim. Judging by the angle he fell in relative to the knife it would not be a stretch of the imagination to assume that he was the one who committed the first murder. Which means that there was a third party present for the murder. Either the now departed first killer was unaware of the presence of the second murderer or was betrayed by someone he trusted. I would say betrayal. Someone with the skills to pull off a murder so efficiently would not be easily caught by surprise.”  It seemed they were both on the same page, it made sense that if the killer wished to betray her companions she would make sure both of them moved on to the next life to keep their lips from possibly spilling any secrets that could point her as the perpetrator.

Now that they knew how both of them died the only question left unsatisfied was just how strong the killer was, in order to find that out Mokuzai would look for the weapon that had killed the first victim, if he could find it he would be able to deduce how strong the accomplish was compared to the actual killer. The young Senju would ask his friend if he had any leads and Di would express he did not and appeared to care little about that fact, but Mokuzai was not about to engage a enemy in which they both would be utterly helpless against so he needed to know, while Di talked to the Inn owner he would look around the hot springs for any thing that seemed out of place and several seconds would pass as he walked around the hot spring and found nothing, he would walk back to Di feeling somewhat defeated until he took a step and felt a stone piece that lightly shook when his foot was on it.

Taking a step back Mokuzai would then bend down and knock on the piece to find it was actually quite hollow, using his blade he would pierce through it with the sharp side before lifting it up to reveal a mangled brush scrubber, he immediately picked it up and walked over to the first victim and turned them around so only the wound show and placed the scrubber exactly on the wound, it was a perfect match. Breaking down his logic if the first victim was killed with this weapon, and then the murderer was killed by another one, that meant that the one left alive had to be a high class special jonin if not a full blown one.

Walking to Di's side he would wait for their talk to come to it's natural conclusion as he asked if the inn owner had seen the two victims along with anyone else, taking a second to reflect she would say she did remember another face of a women, she went on to say that she had black hair and a pale complexion with a rather good physique on her but stating possibly a bit too muscled to attract a good partner as if trying to make light of the situation. Mokuzai would sketch out the description while Di turned to face him after explaining the possible reason for all this could have something to do with money,“I think we are dealing with a Kunoichi here. Ninja are exceptionally good at covering their tracks but would it be possible for you to employ your own ninja training in helping track her down before she manages to flee the country? Oh and subduing her we can't expect her to just turn herself in quietly

Mokuzai himself would now speak, "Not just any Kunoichi, by the looks of all this mess she is above us in terms of power being possibly a full blown jonin judging by how she left such a strong weapon as a murder prop like it was nothing. I have some contacts in the station that i will send a letter to that could help us identify for certain the nature of the crime in which caused the kunoichi to flee as well as provide her name so that they may put her on the wanted list, in any case we our pressed for time. Ill be meeting you on the edge of the village so that we may head out immediately to find the killer, make preparations as if you were fighting a jonin would be best."


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Di nodded his assent to Mokuzai's words. The Detective had never had the chance to lock horns with someone considered jonin rank. Telling apart fiction from truth was hard when it came to the more powerful members of ninja society. Something that was no doubt fostered by these very individuals - it was a much easier thing to fight an enemy that had no idea of your true potential than one with an in depth knowledge of your fighting prowess. Di trusted Mokuzai though – the boy was tough enough in his own right and together he and Di would likely be able to put up at least enough resistance to hold out for the Kirigakure authorities.

Di didn't bother going to his office. There was honestly nothing there that would help him against a foe such as this. Di fought best with his fists forsaking the way of the sword. He did make a note however to possibly search for some brass knuckles to augment his punching skills. Instead he made straight for the town gates. This decision proved timely as even as he arrived he caught the glimpse of a black haired women in shinobi garb about to leave through Kiri's western gate. Kiri was something of a hotbed for kunoichi but it wouldn't hurt to be careful. Better to check this now than wait and be sorry.

“Stop Her”

Di yelled to the three guards on duty. He didn't have any actual authority here but the sudden outburst was enough to drag the guards into action. The first of the guards reached out to the woman ready to spin her around by the shoulder. For his troubles he ended up getting a kunai in the eye. Slumping to the floor the guards life fled even as all doubts about the woman's identity left Di's mind.

The other two guards leveled their halberds and began to advance on the kunoichi. It was unlikley that they alone could take a foe of this level so reaching into his well of chakra Di crafted two simulacra of water which he sent forward to aid the soldiers. The first swipe of a halberd was parried by one of the twin katana that the murderess had just now drawn from her hips. Before she could follow up with a counter attack Di's first water clone had already launched into a flying kick.

The woman took it to the chest staggering back a few feet from the impact. Such a blow wasn't enough to truly faze her however and quick as a cobra she lashed out with a katana severing the clones head from it's neck. The second halberd wielding guard managed to land a stab into the flesh of her thigh thanks to the distraction. Now visibly angry the woman took a breath letting out what Di knew to be the jutsu known colloquially as 'great fireball'. Screaming the two guards fell to the earth rolling as their skin began to blacken and char. Not a pleasant way to go. Di could smell the sickly sweet scent of smouldering hair. His water clone had jumped back avoiding the attack but if the shinobi focused all her attention on Di things could go bad very fast.

Di needed Mokuzai to arrive on the scene. Only a team effort could take down a foe such as this. Even better if the Senju managed to get the drop on the murderer –  this wasn't an honorable duel. Di and Mokuzai were stopping a rabid beast!

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Mikumi Senju


The young Senju would now write a quick letter to his associate in the administration building for more information regarding possible missing or rogue jonins before looking around the area to see if there was a messenger bird nearby, it wouldn't take long before he spotted one that seemed to be cleansing themselves and looked free of work, Mokuzai to attract its attention made a loud whistle while looking directly at it and the bird would stop to look at him a little confused,once more he whistled while locking eyes with the bird and this time it got the memo and he would throw up his arm as the bird flow onto it as he spoke, "Deliver this message to the administration building, and look for man with a Mohawk please."

With that simple instruction he would fling up his arm to give the bird a flying start as he took flight into the air to do his task, now that he had done all he could do he would go meet Di at the village's gate's just as they had planned and begun running lightly with swift movement. As he approached the entrance to the village something alarmed him, he could smell within the air the sickening scent of burning flesh and a small whiff of blood that closely resembled how metallic items smelt, now fully alarmed since the only time's Mokuzai witnessed such sensations was on a battlefield he quickly begun to run at nearly full speed towards the gate's full of worry.

Upon getting close to the entrance enough to clearly see what was going on his worries were confirmed, he would see the scattered remains of guards as there corpse's still emanating that sickening smell to the point of nausea and the slightly bleeding figure of a woman closer to them, Di seemed to look onward in distress and it was clear to Mokuzai this was indeed the murder suspect they had been looking for, now much closer he could see that that the women was turning towards Di and was about to ignore his clone and go straight for him and the young Senju mind switched completely to battle mode as he was not going to let his friend be cut down like the guards.

Using the momentum of his running, Mokuzai burst forward moving at a speed of sixteen meters per second before suddenly sliding down onto the ground as he made it right in front of the kunoichi's body and throw up his left leg kicking her directly in the left knee with full strength and speed, although the bruise looked light the real damage had been taken internally as he broke the bone cartilage surrounding her knee using momentum force and physical force in combination, as soon as he kicked her knee with his left leg he would use his right hand to lift his body up slightly off the ground as he kicked her just below the jaw with his right causing her to lift off the ground somewhat as she had not been prepared for his sudden assault.

In a attempt to cause some distance between them Mokuzai quickly got back on his feet and attempted a straight forward punch to her gut, however the jonin was no rookie as she had recovered quickly from his assault and as his punch flew forward she would block it with her two blade's crossing into a x-formation blocking the punch, due to the force of his attack and her being off the ground the punch although with no damage taken still managed to knock her one meter away before landing on the ground skidding backwards with a limp to her left leg, he would pull out his katana in turn to prepare for battle as he said with a serious focus gazed on the target in front of him, "Get ready Di, were about to risk our live's in combat."


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Di was immensely relieved that Mokuzai had made it in time. The Senju had immediately sprung into action and even dealt a crippling blow to the kunoichi's kneecap. Di appreciated the strategic thinking behind such a maneuver. Limiting the murderers ability to travel meant that she would have far less of a chance to break away from the city walls and into the misty countryside. Di did however wince when the woman managed to block Mokuzai's second strike with her two blades - punching steel like that was surely painful.

Now that he had his companion here Di decided it was time for him to close the gap. Picking up speed he dashed forward , raincoat flapping in the wind generated from his passing. As he did this Di didn't notice that one of the guards situated in  tower atop the gatepost had notched an arrow and was ready to fire it upon the kunoichi. Letting the taught bowstring go the feathered shaft flew through the air. Unlike Di the Jonin was fully aware of the air-bone missile and with a parry from her left blade deflected the shaft which lodged itself firmly into the earth.

Hurling her sword with strength born of madness and desperation the Kunoichi lodged her blade into the mans throat and with a bloody gurgle of surprise he fell from the tower. The impact of his body striking the pavement was sickening but lost in the fury of battle. This distraction costly as it may have been in life did give the detective a chance that he may well have not had were he up against a Jonin level foe normally. Pooling chakra into his fist Di preformed the martial arts maneuver known as the crash of the raging oceans - a strike intended to disarm an opponent. Were she not already somewhat reeling from Mokuzai's assault and that of the town guards it would have likely failed but the exertion had begun to take its toll.

The remaining katana fell from the woman's hand but even as it happened Di could feel a gash that had opened up across his forearm. Jumping back to get as much space as he could Di called out to Mokuzai.

"One final push and then we have her. I don't think we will get a better chance than this."

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Mikumi Senju


Mokuzai and Di now together begun their intense battle against the jonin while Di went first poised to close the gap by dashing forward, It was at that moment the young Senju heard the sound of a bowstring drawing back and looked up towards the source of the noise and saw a archer on top of one of the guard towers, Mokuzai was about to yell for the guard not too do it but the words did not escape his lips fast enough as the guardsmen let go and the arrow soared through the air downwards on route to the jonin's skull, he knew that the guard had just sentenced himself to death but he could not stop it even if he wanted too as the jonin easily parried the arrow with a flick of one of her blades and with herculean strength she launched one of her blade's straight at the man before it lodged itself into their throat, he would die a slow and painful death as he chocked on his own blood.

As the guard fell from his tower which would only quicken his death Mokuzai begun to think about if the man had a family with a wife and child, a innocent men slain just doing his job by a ninja from the same village as he was, the young Senju was  more determined to take her  down as she had already killed two guilty shinobi that were there comrades now a innocent.

Once his mind switched back to the fight upon hearing the corpse of the guard falling hard onto the pavement he would now be witness as Di unleashed a raging wave of water that rushed forward, the strike although it did no damage had succeeded in disarming the female kunoichi but Di instantly moved back once more as the blade made it's descent to the ground while  telling Mokuzai "One final push and then we have her. I don't think we will get a better chance than this." Upon those words the young Senju immediately sprung into action, he flung a chakra swing over to the kunochi's blade with his free left hand pulling it towards him and sheathing it in his original blade's sheath and saying simply to Di  the words,Leave it to me."

Before Mokuzai even moved the kunoichi also used chakra strings and flung them forward towards the guardsmen corpse with the blade still in his throat and pulled the blade towards her before rushing forward at her max speed with the blade in her left hand and the young Senju in turn also rushed at her at his max speed causing them to collide their blades together ringing a loud metallic sound in the area, now locking gazes at each other they both held their ground as their blade's shook from the force of them trying to push each other with sheer force before backing up one feet, the kunoichi made the first move as she went for a horizontal slash swinging from her left to her right and in response Mokuzai flung his blade up on it's dull side to block it before spinning his body for a sweep kick with his right leg, the kunochi did a hasty back flip  into the air just enough to avoid it  but then the Senju quickly switched to the sharp side as he swung upwards with the tip threatening to cut her upwards in the middle of her body, the kunoichi then gripped her blade tightly as she flung it downwards to counter his attempted strike as she landed onto the ground and immediately Mokuzai throw the extra blade in it's sheath in a rotation at her in close range and with no room for a counter strike the kunoichi did a quick parry that  caused the blade to fly into the air and then she stepped in and tried to slash downwards but Mokuzai had jumped into the air to catch the blade with a tight grip and used his whole body weight to swing downwards and once again the kunoichi would dodge by jumping back four feet.

Even with the kunoichi's injured knee and the damage she had endured beforehand it was difficult for the young Senju to land a decent strike on her even at full capacity, his one advantage was that while he had little to no damage taken she had already endured attacks and was no suffering from physical exhaustion as she now had to try extra hard to stay up on her feet, if he had any chance he would have to aim for her weak spot and expose any others.

just as Mokuzai was thinking the kunoichi had done something unexpected and jumped straight into the air going in the direction of the village exit, the young Senju didn't think she would try to escape but yet again the kunoichi must have feared for her life, Mokuzai with a stomp of his feet sent a wave of chakra underneath the ground then proceeded to sheathe his original blade in it's sheath as he outstretched his now  free hand before his arm turned into ten different  tree branch's, all ten branch's now rushed forward at a speed of thirty meters a second towards the jonin, she tried to turn around and throw a kunai but that ended miserably as the two branch's wrapped around each of her limbs and another two around her neck holding her in the air,Mokuzai made sure to tightly twist the branch around her injured knee to cause even more pain before the branch's begun to bring her closer to the ground completely immobile for now then turned back to Di, "She can't move it be best to land one more hit before i decide to finish her off!"

Chakra: 160/200

Jutsu Used:

Name: Water Style: Erosive lake  or Suiton: Fuhai no mizūmi (腐敗の湖)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water (Suiton)
Range: 12 m Radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post prep, Indefinite activation
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: The user sends a wave of their chakra into the ground that breaks up the earth and soil for going 7 meters deep allowing trapped ground water to rise to the surface while softening it with the only indication showing as the ground getting moist, after the prep post the user can weave the boar hand-seal in order to collapse the ground underneath the target's feet at a speed of 30m/s   causing them to fall while the water dense earth falls on top of the target  stunning them for one post  before there able to get back onto the surface due to the heavy soil becoming nothing but mush. This jutsu is avoidable through A rank Speed or Reaction time as well as a jutsu that can re-solidify the ground or create a temporary footing.

Name: Wood Release: Smothering Binding Technique {木遁・黙殺縛りの術 ~ Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu}
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Element: 木遁 {Wood Release}
Range: 10 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: By transforming their arm into a tree, the user can then create multiple branches which will rapidly grow around the target at 30 m/s, immobilizing them. The maximum amount of branches is 10. The technique can be interrupted with B-rank jutsus, destroying them with equivalent rank in Bukijutsu or Taijutsu or D-rank fire techniques and up.
D rank fire to burn through for three posts.
C rank fire to burn through for two posts.
B rank fire to burn through for one post.
At least five branches is required to stun the target.


Total WC:4,067



It was time to wrap things up good and proper.  Surging forward with all his speed Di leaped towards the bound jonin arms outstretched in an open palm strike. Slamming into the solar plexus one of the bodies centres of chakra Di hoped to distort her ability to channel jutsu through martial means. He was no Hyuga of course so it would be entirely up in the air as to whether or not the strike fulfilled it's desired purpose.

This was not the end of Di's plan however and as the strike hit home he channelled his own chakra into a damaging blast at point blank range. The jonin was clearly very tough but with her worn down state and mounting wounds such an attack from a close angle would be enough to deal quite a significant blow to the woman's core.

Leaping back to allow Mokuzai some distance for his follow up Di knodded to the senju indicating that it was time for the coup de grace.  

(170 Words 2804 Total)

2500/2500 B rank Mission Completed

Exit Thread

10 Re: Onsen Obscenity [B Rank Case Di & Mokuzai] on Mon May 14, 2018 12:32 pm

Mikumi Senju


With the jounin bound by Mokuzai's hands turned to wooden branch's that wrapped tightly around each limb, the kunoichi found herself helpless after being wore down and lacking the energy she usually would have had to break free, The young Senju offered his friend the opportunity too deliver one more final strike of his own for good measure and the technique he used was not familiar to Mokuzai. Di after the young Senju gave him the signal rushed straight towards the jounin kunoichi before leaping up and slamming a open palm strike into their solar plexus, it was a well hidden fact by most ninja that the solar plexus was the center that gathers and flows chakra through the body, Mokuzai had never personally sparred with Di so he knew not of the effects of the ability but what happened next surprised him a bit more.

Suddenly the strike let out a blast at point blank range, Mokuzai had no doubt that the blast they had just endured, usually the jonin may have flown back from the impact but with the Senju holding her down her body took on the full impact and the blow back into her body causing them to choke up blood as there insides just took a direct hit, Di now leaped back and now gave Mokuzai the look that meant it was time to end this.

It was for the best Di attack was rather simple because if he took even five minutes more the vine like branch's restricting the jounin kunoichi's movements would have gave way, the young Senju jumped back landing on the wall of the village's gate's keeping himself there using supernatural walking technique and as he done so his arm would turn back to normal and the branch's that restricted the jonin would now drop her onto the floor, but as soon as his arm returned to normal Mokuzai made the boar hand seal and the floor begun to crack like a egg until a twelve radius meter hole was created that store down into the earth seven meters deep.

Had the jonin been at full power she would have probably been able to escape, but with no such means added on to her physical exhaustion and the damage she had received she  had no such luck, once the kunoichi fully fell into the the whole she tried to get back up but the water dense earth kept her their with only her head and a quarter of her torso showing as the rest of her body was below the soil now. Mokuzai got off the wall and walked to the edge of the hole he had just created within the earth and looked down towards the jonin in his clutches, "By order of Kirigakure No Sato, i hereby sentence you to death, since you had the gull to stab your victims and leave their bodies within a pool meant for healing, i shall give you a live burial where you will slowly lose the breath in your lungs until you pass on to the next world, This is the end for you." Mokuzai opening the palm of his hand knelled down and slammed it across the ground, the earth in front of him in a twenty-five meter range begun to shift and turn as the earth tectonic plates moved around, this shift of earth caused the twelve meter hole to change as well as it begun to become smaller and smaller as the sounds of the jounin screaming out of the pain of the very earth moving her and the fear of death begun to kick in like a animal nearing it's death, within minutes the hole was now close with only small cracks left in it's wake and if the jonin had survived she would surely parish with no air to breath and no way to release herself from her tomb, this was by all means a victory for Mokuzai and his friend Di.

-Exit Thread-

Chakra: 140/200

Jutsu used:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater

Name: Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm {土遁・裂土転掌 ~ Doton: Retsudo Tenshō}
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Doton
Range: 25 meters | 4 meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: With this technique, the user will slam his/her fist into the ground, creating a tremor triggered by a force of chakra through the users hand. The ground around the user will split and branch out to a location up to twenty-five meters from the user, causing a four meter area of earth below the target to crack and slide beneath one another, like tectonic plates moving. If any opponent is unable to exit the radius of this technique, it will cause them to lose balance and become trapped, beneath the colliding rocks which will then require C-1 or higher strength to dig oneself out of and burying or crushing them for moderate bruising to all affected areas. In addition when Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm is used in a mountainous terrain or inside a cavern, the surrounding area will be easier to break up and will cause an increased amount of destruction, causing the additional effect  up to four falling/sliding projectiles which deal moderate bruising on impact, as well as any number of environmental rockslides and cave-ins which can have damage values specified by the victims.


Total WC:4,745

B-rank crime mission completion for 500 Ryo(+250 For crime): 3,125/3,125 (1,620 Words Left)

25 Ryo per 100 extra words(600): 150 Ryo

(Saving 1,000 Words and wasting 20 Words)


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