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Punishing Students [Mission/Solo]

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Mission Details:

Mission name: Punishing Students
Mission rank: D
Objective: Punish unruly academy students through labor or other means.
Location: Konoha (General)
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The academy has had a recent influx in students whom either don't pay attention or are constantly disrupting the class. The senseis of the academy can not take time to deal with the insubordinates, and have asked that you deal with them. Ensure that the student will be attentive and well-behaved in class through physical labor or other means; note that you may not physically or mentally damage the child above what is normal at the academy (the maximum level of harm acceptable being a knockout). As there are more than one of the insubordinates, this mission may be taken more than once.
Mission details: The students in question will not listen to you at first, so you will have to either intimidate them or teach them the importance of paying attention in class through some scenarios.

It was my first mission in the Konohagakure, and it was already going horribly wrong. His current assignment was to discipline some rowdy kids at the academy. Now, the academia wasn't all that hard to find, a few directions from a (oddly) touchy couple had me well on my well, but the academy itself... Oh dear. It was as just as complex as the village lay out. Apparently I had entered from the opposite side of the meeting place and it took a little while to find my way through with pretty much no guidance. Sure, while there were people there I pretty much looked like one of the students, despite being at least five years older than them.... so they left me alone for the most part. Heaving a sigh, I threw my umbrella over my shoulder and got to work searching. Hopefully this wouldn’t take too long.

After about another ten minutes of looking around the meeting spot at the field had been located. Strangely though there was no one to be seen. It was pretty clear, no possible places to hide, judging by the circular traces in the dirt and the wooden dummies they used this place for taijutsu training and physical regiments. It all seemed rather surreal. This functioned more like a military academy, for… children? I didn’t really know what to think.

With a flick of my umbrella I produced some shade for me. The sun tumbled through the sky a little more than half way on its journey into night. No children in sight though. Until-

“Oh teacher!” Hm?

A voice cheerily called to him from the dummies. I turned to see what it was only to be greeted by the sight of a young red haired lady bathed in smoke, nude. My eyes narrowed. He wasn’t a stranger to the effects of the transformation technique and the fact that they were wasting his time like this was quickly sending him to one hundred percent pissed. Sending a glare their way I snapped my umbrella closed with a flick and started walking towards them, my violent aura intimidating them out of the transformation. A confused expression painted their face, no doubt questioning why that hadn't worked on this teacher.

“Good, we have one person here. Now, where are the other two?” I smiled, an obvious threat of intense harm underneath the easy going words. Not a second later he was answered with the squeaky voices of two academy preteens behind him. “Eat this.”

I turned around to scold them only for them to fire two shuriken straight at me. They were incredibly slow, it was almost pitiful to be honest. With a sigh I brandished my umbrella quickly swiping the first one to the side while catching the two between my teeth. Hm. The aim wasn’t too bad I admitted to myself. A little too obvious though. I noted, spitting the chunk of metal to the side. “Now kids, class is in session. Single file, and do hurry, I’m in no mood to play today.”


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Kisei hastily aimed his umbrella at the not-quite-yet-genin charging towards him. Screaming out, “Eat ionized plasma ya brats!”

So, you’re probably wondering how things came out this way out of a simple mission to discipline some unruly students. Well the answer is actually much more simple than you’d think. Let’s take it back to where we left off, though, with a change in narrative perspective shall we?

“Now kids, class is in session. Single file, and do hurry, I’m in no mood to play today.”

To my gratitude they followed the order quickly enough, not answering back or anything like that. I sighed gratefully, easing my stance to something more relaxed, swinging my umbrella over my shoulder as I observed each of my temporary pupils. Two boys, one girl. Surprising, he was expecting an all boys class, the girls usually didn’t give much trouble for the most part. All three of them were short and all of them looking like they wanted to kick him in the-

“Now I’m not exactly sure what it is you guys are here for-”

“Get out then!” They all taunted.

“At least let me finish!” I could swear one of my nerves popped, and I was this close to pulling out my pinwheel and vivisecting all of them. But before I could follow up on the sinfully delicious temptation a laugh behind me drew my attention. It was familiar like a ghost of a memory. He willed it away and tried to focus on his pupils. I leaned closer, glaring threats of painful and brutal deaths if they decided to speak up this time. “Alright, listen here you punks. You guys should be punished for whatever you did, however, the academy in all its wisdom decided to bring along a teacher more suited for children like you. One more awesome than all of the ones here.”

“You mean a genin who got burnt out in the first round of the chuunin exams?”
“Ooh!” “Burns, ha.” They snickered. The laughter behind him grew bolder. These brats were just begging for some surgery. He breathed in slowly, the anger inside of his starting to settle down, melting into something more sinister. “You say something kid?” I snapped. Immediately they all shut up. “Good. But you know, instead of taking it easy like I planned to do, I have an exercise I think you’ll appreciate much better.” Basically he lead them through a free for all against him, where the first one to take his umbrella can go home early, and the other two would have to stay for extreme punishment. With the threat of extra training splitting them apart Kisei was able to easily dodge all their moves, delivering a swift, but weak, strike to their backs in the process. In all honesty even if all three of them were to come at him he simply outclassed them too much. Their movements were much to predictable even with his missing eye, and they were too slow to keep up with him.

In the end they all were collapsed on the ground, exhausted and breathless.

“Not too bad for a “genin who got burnt out in the first round of the chuunin exams?”
Huh?” He teased, even though he himself was somewhat out of breath. Leaning over their young forms he sighed. “Look kids, you should listen  to your instructors more often, because the world out there is going to be a hundred times harder than what you faced today, and your teachers are just trying to prepare you for it. You see this eye?” He gestured to his right purple pupil. “I lost it because I was too careless, it looks pretty fine but I can’t see a blink through it even if I tried.”

Kisei jumped to his feet. “Anyway, you guys did good work today, you actually made me try, not a bad start for you Konohagakure academy kids. I sense you’ll make fine ninja if you put your minds to it. Class dismissed.” He smiled to them before walking away. My job here is done.

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