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Special Jounin

Mission Taken - A Call for Help (C-Rank):

Mission name: A Call for help (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: help the smaller village
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A raven arrived early in the morning from a small village within our boarders requesting some help with a group of bandits raiding their village, you are charged with finding these bandits and dealing with them however you see fit.
Mission details: The Village is located near to the border of the country and is raided almost every other day by a group of 5 bandits all are low level to where a genin can handle them in a fight and only wield a kunai. mission is repeatable due to multiple bandit groups being able to raid the small village and the small village can be different. when confronted the leader will send in the first to fight when he loses he will send in the second, after which the last two will jump in and the leader will try to escape while you're distracted, do not let him get away for he will go get another group of bandits and come back resulting in a failure. if he is captured the leader will attempt to cut you in on a deal, whether they are all caught or all killed mission will be complete, if one gets away mission failure.

  • Name: Bandits
    Age: N/A
    General Appearance: they all wear tan colored clothing with a bandana wrapped around their face hiding what they look like, the leader's bandana is red as opposed to the black the others wear
    Personality: self interested
    Motivations: gold and all things shiny
    Fears: not having shinies
    Abilities: basic Taijutsu D-Rank Boxing, and 2 kunai each. The four bandits all have D-Rank Stats while the leader of the bandits have C-Rank stats
    Other: only the leader of the bandits actually talks all the others only make noises like whooping and hollering.

Well, I certainly can’t make money just sitting around. Time to get to work.

Things had thankfully been quiet the past few days, the rich boy seeming to have caught a hint. Nothing had come about in regards to his threat against Kensaku and for that Niala was thankful. While her brother had expressed that nothing the boy could have done would have bothered him Niala herself would have had trouble dealing with that on her conscious: her brother’s career or reputation tarnished even slightly all because she wouldn’t date some stuck up brat who had a thing for her. Luckily for her it hadn’t happened, though she had no way of knowing if that was because between her puppet and her brothers they had scared the piss - quite literally - out of the kid or if because her brother’s words moments before that had made him realize that try as he might his attempt would have been unsuccessful, or maybe even something else altogether. Either way, she wasn’t going to concern herself with it for long, she had more important matters to deal with: such as funding her puppet, or rather puppets, that she had already begun to sketch out the designs for.

This funding issue wasn’t a surprise of course, it was knowledge that their father had instilled upon both of them early on when they had shown an interest in being puppeteers. He had warned both of them about how time consuming and costly creating and maintaining puppets could be. Neither one of them took the information lightly, either. They knew well the overtime their father had put in while they were younger to fund some of his newer creations, and they had certainly heard enough stories from their mother about some of the antics Genki used to get up to in order to make money for a last minute part or piece that he needed. While there were what most would consider the ‘easy’ way to make money, such as gambling or betting, Niala preferred to do it in a more honest manner: missions. In a way it was a method that would kill two birds with one stone: it would line her pockets with the ryo needed for her purchases, while at the same time putting not only herself but also her twin in good standing with the village, something which she knew would come in handy later on when they had risen a bit through the ranks.

If Niala was being honest with herself she would have preferred a mission that was a bit more tamer - perhaps moving some boxes around, or helping an elderly woman with her shopping, or even general repairs on one of the administration complexes buildings. But, while those things did provide a paycheck the pay was small and miniscule compared to something of the C-rank variety. It would take her twice as long, if not longer, to come up with the vast amount of ryo she was going to need for what she had planned - so a C-rank was definitely preferred. That of course meant dealing with actual danger which was exactly why she had waited until now to take one: because her puppet was finally finished and fully useful.

Is it morning already? Feels like I just closed my eyes to sleep.

Thus it was no surprise at all when her alarm began to beep at exactly seven o’clock in the morning: filling the otherwise silent air with its annoying and grainy sound until she reached a hand out and upon slapping the top button knocked it into silence once more. A soft yawn pierced the air followed by a grown as the small female stretched beneath the thick warm comforter that kept her toasty warm even on the coldest of nights. Upon opening her eyes the sight that greeted her was both expected and comforting at the same time. Her room was something out of a librarian’s wet dreams: each and every wall was nothing more than a floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with volumes upon volumes of books of a variety of different topics - though the medical volumes dominated all of the rest, with those based on puppetry following second. There were only two blank spaces on the walls, one of which housed her built in desk that was cluttered with the sketches she had been working on the night before, and the other her headboard of her bed. An end table and comfortable chair sat somewhere near the center of the room over top of a thick warm rug that coated most of the wooden floor. There were two doors, both shut at the moment: one which led to the rest of the house and the other which led to her walk in closet in which her clothing was kept, as well as her private bathroom and shower.

It was towards the second door she moved after climbing - begrudgingly - out of her nice and warm bed. She grabbed the outfit she had picked out for today, an outfit much different than what she normally wore, and headed into the bathroom. After a quick but thorough shower and wash she exited the shower and promptly dried off. After getting dressed she took a moment to stare at herself in the mirror, realizing just how different she looked: her usual colorfulness had been replaced with straight black: everything from her long sleeve shirt, to her black pants, to her open toed sandals was as dark a black as she could manage to get her hands on - which was pretty dark. The only thing that really looked her at the moment was the long pink tinted white hair that she ran a quick but thorough brush through before pulling up into a ponytail so that it would be out of her way. Her Iwagakure headband was added next being left to hang loosely around her neck, and finally her weapons pouch was strapped around her right thigh, easily within reach should she require something from it. Even as prepared as she was she found herself pausing to stare at her reflection even longer: she didn’t like what she saw, she looked like a hardened killer, not a medic who was easy to make laugh and who loved to smile.

Shaking the thoughts from her head she finally turned, heading back into her room and making quick work of straightening up her bed - she preferred things neat and tidy, minus her desk of course. Grabbing up her puppet which was in its normal panda backpack form she strapped it to her back and then headed out of the room and down the steps, the thought crossing her mind that at least her panda looked cute, and made her feel a bit more like herself.

I don’t look like myself. Even you have to look twice.

Following the smell of good cooking she headed into the kitchen once downstairs, her stomach growling as she entered, announcing her arrival as well as anything could. Taking a seat on one of the stools at the lip of the counter she yawned softly, grabbing Hanae’s attention who had to do a double take, blinking at her daughter. “You look… serious.”, Hanae commented, the worried look crossing her face once more as she pursed her lips to hold herself back from saying anything further.

Niala groaned, laying her head down on the cold counter top. “I look like a serial killer…”, she whined softly.

A chuckle behind her caused her to lift her head, turning it to look at her father who had his usual proud smile in place. “No, Niala. You look like a Genin ready to take on some very serious business, as you’ll be doing today. Don’t think too hard on it, dear, just because you don’t look like yourself doesn’t mean you’re any different than who you were when you woke up.” The words comforted her, and caused her to smile, which was apparently what her father had been hoping for. After a moment he tacked on, “Where’s Kensaku? Isn’t he going with you today?”

Word Count: 1,375


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I'll show you what a real monster looks like, Guest.



The events which transpired a few days ago had thankfully diffused into nothing. Hibiki, the boy who which wanted to date Niala, had not been seen around lately. Even when Kensaku and Niala ventured to their normal hangout spot, the library, there was no sighting of the man. Conversation with the librarian informed them Hibiki had not been seen since the last confrontation that occurred within the library,  nearly two weeks ago, and before the incident which happened at home. Out of curiosity, Kensaku discreetly asked around on the rich’s boy whereabouts with many saying the same thing - Hibiki had not been seen for some time now.  Even his parents, merchants of one of the local stores, and generally nice people, not had been heard from in a few days. The place where they erected their business seemingly empty of all of their presence. The workers had confirmed they had not heard anything from them, but it was normal for such a thing to occur, they already knew what was expected of them. With all that said and done, it would seem the teenager had simply vanished into thin air.

Kensaku did not let Niala know what he was doing. There is no need to cause his twin to potentially worry. While he did not say anything to Niala, he did confide in his parents, telling them he was looking for Hibiki’s whereabouts, making sure the boy would leave Niala alone. Though happy he was taking the incentive in making sure his sister is safe like any brother should, they warned him to be careful. While there is not anything Hibiki could personally do to jeopardize neither child’s career,  caution was still needed. With the family being wealthy, and Hibiki seemingly having access to the wealth, many would have no problem in causing trouble for the twins, if the price was right. Money is the root of all evil in the world. It is one thing every person is a slave to, especially a shinobi who’s economy is determined by payout from missions. And with just as many people who would kill Hibiki and his family for their wealth, there are just as many who would happily help them if it means getting a good slice of money

The idea of Hibiki hiring others to harm, hurt, or potentially kidnap members of his family to get to Niala, never crossed Kensaku’s mind. He realized how foolish he had been during his first through excursions to various places, looking for information on Hibiki. During the moments he did little to hide who he was. Not even bothering to deny that he was looking for Hibiki or anything. Heck, he did not even use a henge when he talked to some of the civilians, allowing people to get a good identification of who he was. He screwed up during those few times. Though, after having the conversation with his parents, both agreeing to keep what he was doing away from Niala, he revised his tactics and went about them as a shinobi should. Each time he ventured outside to looking for information, a different henge was used, and a name was given to those who he talked to. This way, even if someone managed to get back to Hibiki and his family about someone looking for them, it would not be one person but several.

After days pass with no indication of where Hibiki and his family had gone, Kensaku called it quits on actively searching for them. He will still keep an ear open for any relevant information regarding them, but otherwise, his attention was going to be shifted elsewhere. As to what held his attention? Ninjutsu and Chakra theories of course. The young teenager was spending a lot of time pouring over theoretical works written by master ninjutsu users and chakra theorists alike. More than his love for puppetry, there an unquenchable thirst to unravel the mystery of chakra, to unlock all the secrets it has. He was doing this not because of some grandiose dreams of revolutionizing the Elemental Nations, but out of his curiosity. There being nothing grand about it, he wants to see and experience what these theorists and ninjutsu master saw. The world was filled with many shinobi who preferred taijutsu and bukijutsu specialty, and while many took ninjutsu, none, in Kensaku’s eyes, uses it to the fullest potential. It is experiencing the true potential of ninjutsu and chakra as a whole which caused him to spend exceedingly long hours looking over various books, cross-checking their information with others, compelling his notes on what was read, etc. He was doing all of this only because he was curious.

The sounds of his alarm clock went off at exactly six o’clock in the morning, resounding loudly in the otherwise quiet room with its annoying beeping that would have continued if Kensaku did not shut off the contraption, plunging the room into silence once more. Yawning followed by a groan could be heard as Kensaku peeled the book, titled ‘Chakra applications’, from his face, it has been resting there when he decided to read it while in bed, and tossed it to the other side of the bed. He groans once more, body stretching, getting out all of the kinks and popping his joints, underneath the warm blanket was thrown over him. Rubbing eye crust away, he opened his eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the light from the sun being filtered through the dark maroon blinds.

Sitting up, Kensaku tosses the covers to the side, shivering from the sudden coldness of his room, and when his feet touched the wooden floor. “Maybe I should have turned off the central air system last night.”, He spoke to himself, remembering that he had turned his air system own before succumbing the Morpheus. Because of what he did last night, his room was much colder than other parts of the house, but, that was fine by him. With his body having gotten over the shock of going from warmth to coldness, Kensaku turned to his bed and began to make it. There being no point in leaving his bed messy at all.

Once completely, Kensaku moved towards a wooden desk located to the left side of his door. Books, diagrams, pieces of papers, and sticky notes were thrown about on top of it in a disorganized manner - at least to anyone who was not Kensaku. Not missing a beat, he went about of compiling the material into neat piles, sorting them in a way that only made sense to him. Placing the last book a top of the others, Kensaku took a glance at the calendar, noticing that he were supposed to undertake a mission with his twin.

Missions, this would be their first one since arriving in Iwagakure no Sato. They did not have a chance to do missions within Sunagakure no Sato before the village was destroyed. When they arrived at Iwagakure no Sato, they were placed on probation, and not allowed to take missions until cleared, as security dictate. The twins were both in desperate need to start doing missions. They could not lean on their parents for financial support any longer. If they want to continue with their endeavors than they must earn the funds to support them, both parents having briefly told them of way, some being shady, that they made money to continue with their hobbies. While Kensaku had no problem in doing some of the ways that their parents did, he knew they, nor his twin, would approve. Hence the reason why he was going to support his interests the fairway, by doing missions. Also, there was no way in hell he would allow his twin to go on a mission by herself.

A combination of needing to earn money in a fair and honest way, and also want to keep a close eye on Niala, being the reason why Kensaku was now going through the clothes in his closet, having just got out of the shower. He slipped on a sleeveless grey mesh shirt which clung to his upper chest, showing off his somewhat muscular body. What the shirt showed off would not matter with a looser dark maroon shirt, with the long sleeves which openings were larger than normal, was slipped on their afterward. After putting on a pair of boxers, black cargo pants, with many pockets for scrolls and tools, were slipped on followed by match open toe sandals. Stuffing the scroll, holding his puppet, into his pocket, Kensaku tied the shiny headband around his forehead, having already put his hair into a low hanging ponytail. Taking a quick look at his reflection in the mirror, Kensaku was pleased with how he looked.

Having done everything which was needed, Kensaku opened his bedroom door, the delicious smell of breakfast being prepared calling him to the kitchen. “Yeah, I am going with her.”, Kensaku spoke, having heard the question regarding his whereabouts. The sound of his voice causing both parents to take a look at their other child. “Not going all black?”, Hanae asked her son, obviously referring to how Niala went with the color. “No, wanted to do more Iwa oriented colors that I have seen some Iwa nins wear.”, He spoke, giving insight into his clothing choices as he took a seat beside his twin, the answering having satisfied Hanae’s question. “You look like a Genin ready for what is ahead of them.”, Genki spoke. Kensaku was feeling happy from his father’s praise. Turning his attention to Niala, Kensaku spoke softly, “You ready for this mission?”, Wanting to see where his twin mindset was before they even began the mission if she was not up for it than they would put it off until later.




Special Jounin

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. This is something I have to do. I won’t let myself back down.

Niala knew full well that if she wanted to back down, if she wanted to forfeit this mission, no one in her family would judge her for it. Hurting others, let alone taking a life, was not her style. She was first and foremost a healer, and secondly a puppeteer. She was a kind and sweet person with a big compassionate heart who cared far too much. The idea of causing pain and suffering in others didn’t run through her veins like it did other shinobi, no matter what training she had gone through during her time in Sunagakure’s Academy. But, she wasn’t going to back down, she wasn’t going to turn this chance down to make some money, as well as make a name for herself in Iwagakure. She knew it was going to be tough going but she wouldn’t allow herself to back down. She was as ready as she was going to get, and as prepared as she could be for this.

Focusing her attention onto her twin she glanced at the coloration scheme he had gone with, listening to him answer Genki’s question. A small smile formed on her face, “Maybe I’d look less like a serial killer had I gone with the Iwa scheme too. Ah well.”, she said with a small giggle. At her brother’s inquiry as to if she was ready or not she didn’t skip a beat in nodding her head yes in response: just because she didn’t like the task set before her didn’t mean she wasn’t going to do it. “I’m ready, Kensaku.” The words were truthful of course, and she stood up from the table without hesitation, leading the way towards the front door, knowing full well he would follow her. As she walked she heard her mother call out a “Be safe you two!” and was fairly certain she was sharing a worried look with her husband behind Niala’s back: another reason she wanted to do this mission and get it done well, she wanted to prove herself to her parents. She knew they worried about her, she knew she was weaker than her twin, far more frail than him, and she felt the need to prove herself.

How easily I switch from my normal persona into something entirely different.

Niala wasn’t sure when it happened or how, but from the moment she had stood up from her chair, till when she walked over the threshold of their house and outside onto their porch it was as if her usual self had been locked away tightly and a more serious and mature Niala had emerged. As if her ‘game face’ had been put on in a manner of speaking. Her face became nearly emotionless with nothing remaining but determination and a seriousness about her that made her seem older than what she was. She would pause to wait for her twin to join her, the door closing behind them, before offering up a briefing on the mission, “To my understanding a message was sent to the village about bandits raiding one of our minor villages along the border. It’s been happening a lot and they expect another attack today from the pattern that has emerged. We’ve been tasked to stop it - and we’ve been given permission to handle it by any means we deem necessary.” Niala would pause then, allowing her brother to respond, to say whatever he had to say, before continuing on. “I’m ready if you are.” She would wait for the confirmation from her twin before leaving, heading down the porch and then down the road, picking up speed as she went.

She wouldn’t stick to the road for long of course, in typical shinobi style she headed to the rooftops, traveling along them and towards the edge of the village. When there was nothing left to run on she made her way down to the ground once more, continuing onward on a southwardly path towards the village that was being raided quite often. She didn’t bother slowing as she went, but rather moved at a pace she knew her twin could keep up with, as well as ensuring it was a pace that would allow them to be able to watch their backs as they went - avoiding any surprise attacks should they come.

Thankfully for them the trip would go down without incident, allowing the pair to arrive safely and in a timely manner - just in time to witness exactly what the villagers had been reporting: a bandit attack.

Looks like we won’t have to wait around for things to happen, then.

From the looks of things as Niala skidded to a stop the bandits had only just arrived. Their target was a mother with a young child - the little girl looking on older than six years old. The woman was trying to back away with her daughter clutched to her chest but the bandits had circled her, preventing her escape. Several more people were arriving on the scene but they all looked too frightened to do anything about it. Not missing a beat, and definitely stepping out of what was the norm for Niala, she found herself immediately calling out to them to draw their attention off of the woman and child, “Oi, why don’t you guys pick on someone who actually wants to fight back! Or are you a bunch of sniveling cowards who pick on children and women?”, while at the same time she removed her backpack, allowing it to transform via growth mode into the large panda size - attaching chakra strings to the beastly looking puppet in preparation. Oh she knew her words would cause anger, and sure enough the leader’s face screwed up in anger as he stormed over, pushing the woman and child out of his way as he did so, his posee of bandits following behind him, allowing the woman and child to begin their escape.

The leader of the bandits looked her up and down before scoffing. “You sure as a short little thing to have such a big mouth. You there, shut that girl’s trap and put her in her place.”, the leader spoke to one of his goons who immediately advanced on her, cracking his knuckles, though he threw glances at the giant panda which was not yet moving. “Come here little girl….”

Instead of looking scared Niala spoke softly to her twin, “Let me handle this.”, while not taking her eyes off of the bandit. Should her twin listen she’d simply smile to the bandit, throwing him off guard, while speaking “Well, since you asked…”, before directing her puppet straight towards the man, the thing roaring viciously. With small twitches of her fingers and hands she directed the puppet straight towards him, the thing running at full speed and easily crossing the distance as it began to rain down swipe after swipe with his claws, tearing at flesh and rendering it to nothing more than streaks of blood and chunks of flesh.

You shouldn’t anger my brother, you won’t like what happens.

No sooner had the bandit fallen did the leader shove another towards them, “Handle that!”, he called out, directing the second bandit towards them who avoided the puppet and headed towards Niala, counting her as unarmed with her puppet so far away. Niala of course was unconcerned, knowing full well her twin would handle the second of the two, allowing her to direct her puppet close to her once more.

You won’t be escaping, I can promise you that.

No sooner had the second bandit fall did the leader shove the remaining two of his men towards them before turning to flee. “If you can handle those two I’ll get him! We can’t let him escape.”, she’d call out to her twin, and should he give the okay she’d do exactly that - but not before jumping into the panda, fully hidden and protected by the panda itself. Still able to easily direct the puppet she did just that, the beast easily catching up to the bandit as she ran on four legs instead of just two. Directing the puppet still she tackled the bandit leader to the ground, claws making quick work of him and his lack of defenses. As if in another world she watched herself take the life from the bandit leader, his struggles eventually coming to an end as he became deathly still.

No sooner would she return to her brother’s side, and upon leaving her puppet and ensuring he was okay, she would head back to Iwagakure with him to report in - as well as to get a clean up crew for the mess left behind. Though, chances were this would not be the last time this village required help of this kind.
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Word Count: 1,520 | 2,895
1,500 (mission) + 1,200 (double ryo) = 2,700 / 2,895
Ryo Owed: 600


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I'll show you what a real monster looks like, Guest.



Being the older sibling, only by a few seconds, Kensaku felt like it was his duty to watch after his twin, making sure nothing happens to her. Though, on another level, he knew even if she was the oldest one, he would still feel like it was his duty to watch after her; it is brotherly instinct to protect their sister from whoever might potentially cause them harm. The fact being more prevalent with the occupations they had chosen, death being an ever-present neighbor of theirs. Kensaku cared about a lot of things, loved many, but would only lay down his life for a few, those being his parents and Niala, his twin. They are the only people who he would willingly throw away his life to ensure their survival; the only people who matter the most to him. It is because of the love he has for his sister that he was adamant in knowing if she was ready to handle the mission waiting for them.

He should have expected it, the shake of Niala’s head and her response telling him she was ready to handy the mission assigned to them. He knew she would not back down from this mission, the mindset being shared with him. There is too much at stake with the success of this mission. It having nothing to do with the village, but with their parents. If they could handle the mission, completing it without trouble, it would show their parents that they were ready for the occupation which set forth for them. This mission being an indicator, a testament, of their hard work. The number of hours they placed in their training each and every day. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears lost as they were taught by their parents. It would show their parents that the training, and everything they have done for them, had not been for naught.

With Niala being ready, Kensaku tossed a glance towards his parents, a silence message being conveyed between the three; a promise to watch after her, and to also take care of himself. The eye contact no breaking until a subtle nod from both parents were given. Turning back to Niala, he followed her towards the front door, “We will be careful. That’s a promise.”, He spoke, wanting to reassure his parents, especially his mother, once more. It is understandable for any parent to be worry about the safety of their children, for they(children) are their legacy and hope for a better future. There would be something wrong if a parent did not show some kind of worried for their children who were going off to kill others.

Immediately stepping outside, onto their porch, Kensaku noticed a shift within his twin. The shy, meek, and timid girl from earlier had disappeared, allowing this other persona to reign control for the time being. He having saw a glimpse of this side doing the Hibiki’s incident, but could not truly appreciate it then. Now though, without having to deal with a nuisance, Kensaku had the chance to take in this persona. Cold and harden, the two words seem to fit the personality currently control of Niala. Nothing regarding the timid side of her remain. She being a totally different person with this person at the helm. If he did not know any better, he would have assumed the timid personality was an act, with this cold and harden one being true to who she was; however, he did know better, and also understood what had just happened. His father having explained it as a mental switch some shinobi developed while as a genin. A different persona to handle the stress and burden that comes from this occupation. It is something both he and Hanae had, and no doubt they, Kensaku and Niala, would develop in time. And, from what Kensaku could see, Niala had developed hers.

Kensaku took care to listen to the mission briefing, committing everything told to memory. “Bandits are some of the worse.”, He spoke, having a general dislike for the scumbag of the world. He did not allow himself to get too worked over the fact. Instead, he focused on the details, and the fact they could very well end up killing these bandits. It would not phrase him in the slightest with the academy making it mandatory for all genins hopefuls to be ‘bloodied’, killing another person, usually an inmate scheduled for execution, before graduation and with a certified Jounin in attendance, in case a mishaps happens. Therefore, both of them were ready for what they might have to do.

“I am ready.”He spoke, following Niala off the porch and down the road. Walking down the street did not last long with Kensaku taking to the rooftops, like any shinobi would, following his sister. Making it to the edge of the village, Kensaku dropped down, cushioning his fall with chakra, and followed Niala to the mission destination. The pace sought not being a slow one, but moderate in nature with them arriving fairly quickly, mainly due to the lack of incidents along the way.

Kensaku’s eyes narrowed as he watches what was occurring a front of him. A couple of bandits, and their apparent leader, circling around a woman and her young child as if they were prey. There were other people around, but, from what he could see, they were too scared to do anything. Disgusting. Before he could draw the attention of the bandits away from the woman and child, Niala did. With her distracting them, it allowed Kensaku to remove a scroll from his person. Unsealing his puppet, that used Niala’s own as cover, and attached chakra strings to it.

It took some control not to move in front of Niala to deal with the bandits who threaten her, but nevertheless, Kensaku listened to his twin words and allowed her to handle it. Gasps could be held from the crowd, and he could not tell if it was because of his puppet or the fact Niala turned a bandit into fine strips of meat . . . it was probably the latter. Hearing the bandit leader order the other bandit to attack Niala, Kensaku stepped in. Fuhyō crackling madly, jaws open and snapping shut as it moved in front of its master’s twin, “Come. Come.”, The demented puppet spoke, startling the bandits, and some of the civilian, who was not expecting that. Though startled, the bandit took control of his fear and charged at the puppet, yelling profanities along the way. “Ohhh shiny.”, Fuhyō spoke, right hand coming down to stop the downward strike of the kunai. “Mine!”, The demented puppet shrieked, yanking the kunai out of the bandit’s grip with its opposite hand while still tightly holding on his wrist with the other. “Yours!”, It shriek, twirling the kunai in hand and driving it into the man’s left eye socket, getting a bloody scream from the said man that only intensified as the knife-like weapon was savagely ripped out along with his eyeball. “Eww, slimy.”, Fuhyō spoke, looking at the eyeball for a split second before flinging it onto the ground, and stomping on it, a small ‘pop’ being audible.

“Please have mercy.”, The bandit spoke, looking at the monster which was holding him in place. Fuhyō tilted it’s head to the side as if thinking about what the man said, “Mercy? Sure.”, there was a flicker of hope within the bandit’s eyes that soon diminished with what was said next, “If I was human that is.” With those words Fuhyō’s swiped across the man’s neck, opening it up like a watermelon, and letting every see what the inside of a neck looks like. “Bye. Bye.”, The monster taunted, it’s grinning visual being the last thing the bandit saw as he died.

Still holding the bandit by the arm, Fuhyō turned it’s attention to master’s twin, “I got those to meat sacks. You, master’s twin, be careful, kay?”, The monster spoke, knowing how worried Kensaku would be if anything happened to his twin. Turning it’s attention to the two bandits that were looking at the monster with hesitation, having seen what happened to their comrade, Fuhyō spoke, “Come now. Make this quick.”. With that said, the monster charged towards the bandit, running similar to a gorilla while cackling madly. “And the world goes around!”, the beast song as it pounced on the shoulders of the first bandit, and twisted the man’s head 360 degrees; the cracking of bones sounding loud. Looking at the other bandit, who was trying to escape, Fuhyō jumped on his back, causing him to fall onto his stomach. “You know.”, The beast spoke in the bandit’s ear, the man clearly shaking, “Momma always told me to try new food.”,before the meaning behind the words could fully be comprehended, Fuhyō bit down on the bandit’s neck, savagely ripping chunk after chunk out of him .. .at least till he had died. “Eww, that is nasty,” Fuhyō spoke as if it could taste the human flesh that he had spit out after every bite. “Anyway, lets check on master’s twin.”, the puppet spoke, walking over to make sure Niala was safe. Having confirmed she was, Fuhyō walked over to Kensaku, the strings connecting the puppet disconnected, but not before it could get one final word in, “Wash me!”, as it was placed back into the sealing scroll.

With the mission completed, Kensaku followed his twin home, the incident that occurs being placed behind him.

-Thread Exit-

Word Count: 1612 |3260
1,500 (mission) + 1,200 (double ryo) = 2,700 / 3260
Ryo Owed: 600

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