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Sakata Clan  FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Sakata
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Fuuinjutsu
Elements: N/A

Sakata Clan  HhU72Pp
Clan History: The Sakata Clan started out as a sort of clan of collectives. The original members were poor, kidnapped ninja who’d been experimented on, and survived the experiments, and reproduced, though, this was apart of the plan of the organization in the shadows. Their founders, the organization in the shadows, sought to create a clan kkg that was unstoppable and adapted to obstacles accordingly.

The Sakata are the living testament to their various experiments and torture. They adapted and evolved to survive. The Sakata are aware that their clan is an experiment to create the ultimate war ready kkg. They even play along as to not ride suspicion, and slowly liberate members from the watchful eye of the organization to live a life they can enjoy and have a choice in. See, the Sakata are monitored and if they do not exhibit any genius ability they are captured and effectively terminated. The clan is/has been actively trying to turn against its creator, but it just can’t seem to break through. Much of the history has been lost through the times, and many of the Sakata are widespread, but those who have a parent(s) or anyone who knows the truth often mentor the younger member. Gifts them their mark jutsu(s) and sealing them. Though every member is born with one seal by nature, their Birthright Seal, which is where many of the hidden techniques mechanics come from.

1st Sakata Head Hollow- Sakata, Shinzu
4th Intelligence Hollow- Sakata, Yuri
HonoraryHollow Fallen Battalion - The Sakata 7

Sakata Clan  Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Curse of Evolution
Kekkei Genkai Description: The kkg is a hidden art that utilities Fuuinjutsu on the human body to not only push its limits but also its ability to adapt. The marks vary in name/effect/etc as they each are unique to the clans member. Common D-rank jutsu allow the user to mimic the animal, in terms of instinct and a plus two tier in one stat (ie E1 rank endurance equals-> E3 endurance while the jutsu is active), in which the user has a contract with. At higher ranks such as B and A the users have been able to control a variation of a forbidden curse mark/holy mark jutsu for a short period of time.


* Tampered Genes: Their body is too different from the normal for regular medical ninja to be of any use their jutsu must be a B rank or higher. Any other attempts may be completely ineffective or result in horrible disfigurement, meaning they also receive +1 damage from offensive Medical ninjutsu.
* Genetic Inheritance: The Sakata bloodline technique suffer from various illnesses due to their different sealing tattoo jutsu and their consequences. If they use their KKG too often, they with have dire effects, and this must take Borne III trait.

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