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Syekren had been in Kirigakure with Izumi and Chou for a little while now, long enough that he'd started to become complacent and stagnant. He hated sitting around doing nothing, contributing nothing, and having nothing to look forward to.  He had business to attend in Konoha, and then he would have to return to Kumogakure so he could continue his service to the Raikage. But here he was, on a bright yet slightly misty Tuesday, in the market district of the village hidden in the Mist. His buttocks was upon a nice sofa in an upscale hotel, the two bedrooms having their doors closed. Izumi had left earlier that day, off to do whatever she had planned for whatever reasons. Chou was likely still asleep in her bed. The man sat there quietly, resting his head upon his left hand, which had the elbow placed onto the knee.  He was looking down with his mismatched blue hues, at the multitude of bottles upon the ground, remnants from his late night drinking. He'd been taking to the bottle rather hard since the burning of his old home and it was beginning to wear on him. He felt older, and more sluggish. His mind was never in a place it was healthy to be, and he started to become too dependent on the drink. The taste, the feeling, he knew it was good for a moment but would inevitably take a spiral down into an abyss of regret and shame, possibly anger. What kind of a man was he making himself out to be? What kind of example was he setting for the young Akimichi that was within his care? Syekren stood and sighed, shaking as head a bit as he looked around. He wouldn't quit drinking completely, not yet, but he would learn to slow down at least a little bit. The Uchiha silently grabbed a trash bag and set about clearing the empty bottles and any other debris from the floor. He would keep at this for a good twenty or so minutes, cleaning up any trace of his escapades so that he could throw them away and begin anew on this day. When he was finished, he deposited the bag in a corner with clinking, and went to the bathroom to get changed.

The man came out in blue jeans with a black tee shirt that had sleeves barely reaching the middle of his biceps. He wore his hitai-ate upon his head, the symbol of the village hidden in the clouds displayed proudly upon it. On the back left of his belt was his tanto, and in the front hooks were his trench knives. He brought them with him everywhere, in case they would be needed. He pocketed his pouch of coin, a great clinking being heard as he did so, signifying the wealth he still had, despite the humble surroundings. When he was finished with the small tasks, he set to putting on his socks and tennis shoes, looking towards Chou's room. He'd think for a moment, before calling out to her. "Darling I'm going out to do some shopping. Would you like to come with? It's a nice enough day, I figured we could go out to eat and spend some time together. We won't be in Kirigakure forever and I'm sure you're eager to explore." He'd wait silently for a few moments before standing, waiting for any reply from the young girl, if she would reply at all. Syekren looked about the place, hoping for a chance to take his daughter out into the world so she didn't feel cooped up all the time. Young ones needed to strengthen their immune systems by going outside, or so he'd heard.



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