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News of home

Verdandi strolled through the streets of Kirigakure. She seemed slightly disturbed. Her head was in clouds of thoughts. Wondering what she would make of it… her trusty messenger crow gawked as it persistently followed her. That black little demon had brought message from home, an invitation of sorts and he didn’t seem to be willing to leave without a clear answer from Verdandi.

The news of Verd having received her introductory training from the Mizukage, as well as her continued mastery of the ice element, had long since reached the curious and ever so noisy ears of the high council in Heidel. What remained of the once proud nation in the north, was but a mere collection of little fishing villages, mostly formed by old men that, which after the destruction of Yukigakure refused to move into Kiri territory, or just returned after the evacuation. The council of five had no specific power anymore. Their connection to the former Daimyō was severed and their power was all but of symbolic nature now. The last kage died at the hands of the brutal murderer, Hao. He burned down the ninja village and all surrounding areas. Most of the people fled the country long ago.

But recently, as the ashes of the villages were by now buried under deep layers of snow and ice. Trade had picked up once more. Most of the gruesome display that war had brought upon the land was by now forgotten. The land of snow made its use of the fact that, without shinobi village none of the competing countries in the south seemed to be even remotely interested in Yuki. But with the traders, many new folks returned to the southern borders of the snow. Seeking their luck on forgotten shores and in promise to find treasures that were frozen by time and abandoned by war.

In Verdandi’s palm lingered a message that was both sad and yet of high interest. The Daimyō of Heidel was dead. Died of sickness. His relative used to rule Yuki, but he had lost all his power during the war against Hao. The original royal family had been slaughtered. None of it remained. The Lord of Heidel was but a mere shadow of his uncle’s power. But still, all these years he was kept in high regard by the remaining people of the snow. Verdandi’s mother was the last of his kin, a great grandniece? Verd wasn’t even sure. But what the people at home used to say, in means of gentle joy and jokes, would yet at last become true. If mother would be crowned the next leader of Heidel, then Verdandi would at last become its princess.

For a long time, she contemplated what she should feel about this. Despite being raised within royal standards, she would have never guessed that the play would eventually become more then… a play. But the land of snow was small. The people that would call her a princess were few, the villages to govern by her mother were scarce and barely existent at all, it would not require much more than some dedication and love. Verdandi’s father, being the brother of the Mizukage, would also imply a fair connection between the city of snow and its current protector. Kiri’s leaders would have no interest in meddling with a broken country like Yuki no Kuni. It lacked any riches of importance to them. Nothing anyone would deem worthy to hassle about it.


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The begin of a journey

The queen of the snow folk. A simple and beautiful title, certainly befitting the character of Verd’s mom. What would yet come of all this was yet to be seen. No one could really see into the future, the community in the north was still unsteady and weak. Not much would be required to crumble what is left of the once proud nation.

Verdandi wrote her answer onto the paper and slid it onto the crow’s ankle. Letting the cawing, beast finally go on with its task. Feeling she had tested its patience long enough. Traveling back home would mean a myriad of things. She’d be able to see mom and dad as well as her sisters. But she’d be forced to attend a series of seriously annoying traditions and ceremonies. But it would be a big day for mom so she couldn’t really ditch it the way she ditched most of her annoying chores and responsibilities. It also meant she’d have to get her butt back on a boat towards Yuki, such a troublesome prospect. But it couldn’t be avoided any more now, could it? Dandi made her way back to her kiri apartment, she advised her maid to prepare for her journey, packing all the language together as necessary.

Making sure to pack her blade and the scrolls of training instructions she had received of late. Passing by the various places of her interest, where she’d bid her fare wells to those few she cares for. Informing aunt Aya about the ceremony, pretty sure she had already heard about it too.

Once packed and ready, Verd slid into her most comfortable shoes and bid her thanks and goodbyes to her loyal maid. The young maid was hired by her family but of Kiri, having no business with the snow folk hence there was no need to take her along. Verd would be surrounded by noisy servants soon enough. She didn’t need to drown in them specifically.

Pacing slowly along the border of Kiri until she’d reach the harbour. The mist would cling as usual to the land, keeping the mood as melancholic as possible, not that she didn’t already feel heavy enough, burdened by the many thoughts and worries of the future. But she could sooth herself within the promise, that it was mom who’d have to carry the biggest burden, not herself. With a wide grin towards that prospect she boarded onto the ship that would be headed straight for Aisu Bay. The ship was large, the cargo on it filled with food and gifts, pretty sure they needed loads of that for the feast to come. The ceremony would probably carry a few hundred guests. Not much compared to other royal feasts in other countries but still quite a bunch.

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Setting sail, coming home

Getting in on the deck she’d bid her salutations to the captain and pay the fare as usual. It wasn’t that much. Not many seemed to have a deep urge to sail off towards a country of cold and snow. If only the people could grasp its beauty… Ver was sure, someday she’d be able to invite her friends to her home. But for now, family business came first. Verd enjoyed the small-talk with the captain. An old man who still spoke in the ancient language of Hyougaan. Verd had not conversed in her mother-tongue in ages. It was a bit hard but quite refreshing. Making her smile and remember she’d probably have to recite some phrases within one of the rituals in Hyougaan tongue. The boat had its cargo loaded, the crew and the passengers boarded. Some officials from Kiri were there as well. Not really anyone of utter importance… but it probably was the local Daimyō’s way of showing his…. respect to the snow folk.

Verdandi would linger next to the captain. The old man seemed to cherish the presence of the princess. Starting to tell her about old scary pirate stories. Of monsters in the glaciers and frozen treasures beneath the mountain lakes. Verdandi giggled along like a kid. The coal oven which powered the ships very basic turbine drive, gave off a subtle warmth that would make both of them feel comfy during their ride past the waves. The travel to the land of snow would be uneventful. They kept close to the borders of the lightning country, not really in need of resupply or anything. Their travel would lead them through frost country. A small but scary place. Rumours had it, that they were but descendants of the snow many aeons ago. Most of them had fled to Konoha during the great ninja war many many years ago. Not much was left to support any ruling systems it seemed. Still, as they passed through the river towards the northern ocean, here and there fishers could be seen and little villages along the way. No matter where they went, it seemed like humans would always find a reason to settle somewhere and endure their hardships.

It was yet another windy night, filled with stories of home when Verdandi fell asleep in the captain’s cabin. He wrapped her up in a warm cosy blanket. It wouldn’t take much longer to see the snowy coast. The frozen islands. Many of them were adorned with watchtowers. Most of these towers seemed empty and abandoned. Some of them broken and burned to ashes. But the one closest to the frost country, had lit its beacon. If not just for the event of the crowning, then certainly as a signal that the country of snow had revived itself from the dead, just for this day and hopefully more to come.

As he did not wish for the princess to miss out on the view. Captain Bardock woke the little snow lady and made sure she’d get a good spot by allowing her to climb the big, central mast. It took her a few jumps and quick motions to climb all the way up into the outlook. Her eyes staring into the horizon. The light of the watchtower occasionally graced past her pupils, it’s light shining onto the surrounding mist. But it wasn’t just mist. It was snow. The first sign of being truly back home.

The Watchtower:
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Welcome to Heidel

Most of the scattered villages were far up in the mountains. Yukigakure was technically the place to go for actual trade. With Yuki destroyed, the former fisher’s village of Heidel had become the largest town and technically the only one with a large, functioning harbour for ships to properly linger without being constantly frozen in the quick ice. A hot spring beneath the villages border, brooding from once volcanic activity, poured hot temperatures into the waters above, melting the ice platforms that basically formed everywhere in this ocean. Many facilities of Heidel made use of the hot water sources below them. Spas and bathhouses everywhere. Giving the village in the snow an unusual warm touch. Heidel was built around it’s castle. It was never intended to be home for a Daimyō or his children. It was a simple outpost of sorts. The interiors weren’t beautiful and the halls lacked in aesthetic appeal. It had been massively torn down during the wreckage of Hao, but as it was not covered within the black flames of his wrath, most of the important walls and structures had survived. Making this the very main reason why the people around Heidel had chosen to rebuilt this place first before anything else at all.

The safe walls surrounding the village kept it secured from wild wolves and other creatures of the north that would find themselves attracted by the heat and the various smells of food. The walls were manned with simple soldiers and archers. Only few people would live here that had the talents of a ninja and those who had them didn’t intend to show them usually. They were supposed to do their bidding in Kirigakure now. But it wasn’t uncommon that with the fall of Yukigakure, some ninja had taken their chance to vanish. Their names unknown. Their talents hidden. Their abilities put to use to hide themselves from curious eyes. This place was utter seclusion. Barely anyone dared to come here. The quick ice alone made it impossible to find a proper harbour other than Heidel. Aside that all others were probably burned to ashes. The watchtowers would yet give away a fierce posture. They weren’t that old compared to the rest. Additions made to the walls, carved into the stone that was already there. Renewed many times over again until they fit to keep the lone village of Heidel finally secure.

The village didn’t hold much more than 300 people usually. But with the ceremonies at hand. Dozens of isolated villagers from the north had made their way into Heidel. The few bars that offered lodging were filled to the brim. Many houses carried two to three times their capacity, families came back together, similar to how Verdandi was drawn back home. She could even see some Yuki family members. Distant relatives of Deacon and Ayakashi. Verdandi would wonder if any of them too had the gift of their bloodline pulsing in their veins. Then again, if they did, they would have been sent to Kiri as it was law.

City of Heidel:
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A castle in the sky

Snow would linger from the mountains behind the city. The coast was steep. The only way to passage from below into the city would go through the harbours watchtower. The docks were made but partly of wood. Most was carved stone, to remain resistant and resilient against the mixture of ice from above and volcanic warmth from below. It had been temporarily extended by some floating wooden platform in order to allow multiple ships proper boarding. Usually there weren’t more than three ships if any at all docking to the harbour. The royal carriage of the Dao family included. Yet it seemed her family’s signature boat was not here just yet.

Verdandi’s ship would anchor itself between a multitude of other large ships at the harbour. It would have to wait it’s turn at the docks to unload the cargo below. Verdandi was yet not patient enough to wait that long. She bid her fare well to captain Bardock and gave the old man a hug in thinks for telling her all the fun stories of the north. Securing her backpack firmly with her hands, she’d jump her way past various cargo and fishing boats. Sometimes earning a little less enthusiastic comment for doing so, but she didn’t mind the old fishing geezers. As she could step on the docks, the amount of people around here amazed her. The last few times she had been here she would find herself lucky to see a fisher at all. But the boats arriving for the celebration had brought business. Young folks were running around, carrying heavy boxes filled with food and gifts. Verd would linger at the docks but only for a while, stepping slowly towards the large stairway up towards the towns entrance.

The soldiers, unlike most of the people, quickly recognized Verdandi as for who she was. “My lady Dao, you should really be wearing your family crest today. It is an important time for your mother. You shouldn’t get mixed up with the common folk.” Nothing Verd wasn’t aware of, or heard a dozen times before, but she didn’t care. A title that would set her family above another 50 or 60 families wasn’t that much of importance to her. It seemed yet, to be of utmost importance to the guard. Verdandi promised she’d dress appropriately as she passed the gate into the city, she didn’t want to appear mean and he probably just meant well. On the streets she would finally see familiar faces. The few families she really knew since young age were all near the town square. Verdandi’s house was being emptied by a multitude of servants. She could see them go in and grab on various furniture or even just piled up little items. Watching them, it was clear to her that they were moving the stuff from their simple yet already luxurious home into the castle.

The former Daimyō enjoyed it to seclude himself in the large empty halls of the cold building, all on his own set aside his many servants. As the castle would now belong to Verd’s family, things would change at last. Anyone in need of shelter was welcome as long they behaved and as long as there was room to spare. Most families would yet prefer their own, wooden houses over the cold grey interiors of the castle. Verdandi’s mother had already put her finger of aesthetic need onto the matter at hand. The walls were glistening in tapestry. Various colours would shine onto one’s face when gazing at the usually boring stones of the castles walls. The cloudy weather would sometimes come down and cover the top part of the castle, she loved this as a child. Roaming the highest towers many times even when she wasn’t even supposed to be inside the castle back then. Knowing the view of it was unique. As if one would find themselves away from earth, clouded within the misty snow of Yuki no Kuni. In a castle in the sky.

Sky Tower view:
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Friend or Subject

Strolling down the streets of her former home to say hello to the most familiar faces. Many of the kids she used to play with had grown as well. But what intimidated her the most, was certainly the weird amount of politeness she was facing basically everywhere. People were talking about her as if she was some sort of goddess. Friends bowed to her, parents of high standing showing their deep respect to the princess. Verd didn’t like it. This was too formal for her.  Fun in the first few dozen times but the more faces she saw eyeing her like this, the more she grew tired of it.

She knew she was supposed to go to the castle, but she couldn’t find the motivation to do so yet. Feeling awkward she strolled into her old home. The rooms empty. One of mother’s friends would soon move in here. Verd slid her fingers over the wood and tapestry. She could hear the voices of her youth in these walls. The giggles of her and her sisters. They had spent most of their days here. Aside from the few after the war, where they were hiding in the mountains like everyone else. Secluded. Ignoring the battles of men. Unwilling to expose their people to the blood thirsty battles of shinobi and feudal lords. Maybe this was the right thing to do. To finally eradicate the practices of the past and the greed of the former Lords and replace them with something new. Something not tied to the wars of shinobi and their masters.

While she was sitting in her own room, one of her childhood friends strolled in. Verd moved on and wanted to hug him. But he backed away. Finding himself now unworthy of such behaviour. Wishing for Verdandi to experience all the best, as princess of the snow. Leaving Verd behind. Distanced, excluded, bypassed or however one could call this. She didn’t enjoy this at all. She’d have to punch some sense into him later.

For a little longer she enjoyed the melancholy of her old room. But with the absence of a fireplace and the dawn coming near, the cold breeze would eventually force Dandi to leave the empty house behind her. The servants had by now extracted everything that belonged to the Dao family. So, it was certainly time for Verdandi as well, to follow the path of her belongings into the castle. Sighing to herself a little as she was sure these coming weeks or days would prove to be a hassle. She carefully closed the door behind her and made her way up to the castle’s entrance. It was a beautiful thing to see how it’s gates were wide open. The old Daimyō had kept them closed at almost all times. This place used to be his own prison of shame. A shame that would finally be eradicated and put into history at last. Hopefully to replaced with the heroic tales the Dao’s would produce in their linage.

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Family matters

Once Verdandi had set foot past the gates of the castle, the soldiers and watchmen bowed in recognition to her standing. She’d make her way into the big hall and squeak like a little child as she would spot her sisters by the fireplace. Screams of joy and loud yelps of need for hugs were exchanged and soon followed by the promised exchange of warmth. At last someone who was willing to give an actual physical interaction without feeling the need to act all weird around Dandi. The sisters snuggled themselves into a pile, covered in blankets while eagerly exchanging their gossip with each other. Skuld, had been working as coordinator to the guards even since before the Daimyō died. She had certainly worked herself into an important position. Urd on the other hand managed to help her master get the library of Heidel back together. She mentioned being busy collecting scrolls and ancient tomes that once belonged to the great library of Yukigakure. Verd happily shared her stories of battles, missions, training and sparing while her big sisters listened in awe.

This was the first time in ages Verd really felt at home and it wouldn’t take too long that a woman, coated in very formal robes, would make her way from the throne room down into the living hall of the castle. Verdandi’s mother, Motoko Dao, soon to be a Queen in the lands of snow, certainly Queen the of Heidel. She tossed any part of her more ceremonial clothing parts aside and quickly made her way to Verd so she could squeeze and snug her little princess not unlike her sisters already did so before. Dandi couldn’t express the joy in her belly. She felt warmth rising in her core.

Dad was still on duties in the hospital. As husband to the heir of snow, he had been offered to be appointed part of the council. But no one was really surprised that he turned down the offer. He would still be considered Lord of Heidel. Knowing him well he preferred to stay away from anything that would actually involve more responsibilities. Being content with doing his work as a doctor. As former medical ninja at that. His experience and skills had a great influence on Heidel’s medical care. As he finally came home and was obviously worn out from a hard day. He already found his wife and all three daughters curled up on the large couch next to the fireplace. Leaving them to sleep, he yet couldn’t help put place a kiss on Verd’s forehead and whisper “Welcome home princess” before he’d cover them in another blanket and make his way to bed.

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The sisters of Dao

Life quickly became attuned in the Yuki and or Dao’s family home. After a few days it felt like Verdandi had never left for Kirigakure. The officials roaming the halls of the castle. The servants turning the ugly grey halls into a beautiful display of colour and taste. The council members kept prodding by to lecture the ‘young people’ about how the traditions were correctly executed. Verd would spend hours watching after her sister’s duties. Observing Skuld being an excellent leader to the guards, not afraid to go on duty herself. Dandi tagged along of course, enjoying it to glare at the city Heidel, how it had changed since she left, roaming the walls and watchtowers. Archers taking care of the wolves that dared to come too close to the walls. Impressed by the accuracy they were showing. Sometimes forgetting that non-ninjas too could become very very skilled with weapons. Sometimes probably even more than Verdandi herself, as she had to admit.

She listened to the stories of wildlings and bandits trying to sneak into the city and steal their food. About exiled wanderers in the mountains. Polar bears in the north reclaiming their territory after the humans had left and the many nasty frost storms that covered so many of the old villages in glaciers of ice. Verdandi was certain that she’d have to go out and see it all for herself, of what had become of the land of snow. But she was content that the situation of the ‘Yuki island’ had certainly recovered a bit if not even prospered over these last few years. It seemed, to finally come back to live from its ashes. But no one on the mainland seemed to care…. Maybe it was for the better like this? Not giving anyone a reason to bully the men of snow once more. There was nothing else left here anyone could want. Anyone else, other than the people of the snow themselves.

Verdandi made her way from the walls down to the library. What once was a small house had been moved into the castle. Motoko made sure the rooms that were wasted by the secluded Daimyō would finally be put to good use. Which of course was a dream come true for Urd. The scrolls were yet unsorted, the books were in piles basically everywhere. The staff was short on people and Skuld’s guards only would do as much as to transport the books into the library. It wasn’t up to them to sort things out. Being in a spirit of helper mood, Verdandi would make sure that she’d understand the basic concept of where each book had to go. Using her latest achievement of training, Verdandi split her chakra to as many water clones she could produce without feeling like fainting. About 7 were enough. Coordinating under the instructions from Urd, they all made use of their ninja speed to sort the books and scrolls accordingly to the library masters desires. Verd would earn herself a big smooch to the cheek from Urd. So, she made her way back home to finally unpack her stuff in what seemed to be her new private room. Right next to the ones of her sisters. The masters bedroom on the opposite side of the hallway where their parents would rest, all of it directly connected to the large hall making up the living room. Putting the throne room aside, their royal home wasn’t that large compared to what other lords and ladies were probably used to. Then again, the castle extended into many corridors. Some of which Verd still had to explore someday. With rooms that would yet be in need to be put to good use.

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Preparation for the coronation

While Verdandi spent her days chasing after her sisters and either helping them or annoying them in their cause, she had to face how busy mom had become. The coronation would finally happen tomorrow. All the state officials that were somehow interested or related to the country of snow had arrived by now. The crowd of the surrounding villages had gathered itself and would find rest in the obviously overfilled houses and bars. On Skuld’s notice the guards were on extra shift until the coronation was over. Lucky for them, the barely thousand people in the village were a small matter compared to ceremonies in the larger countries. Verdandi would make herself as useful as anyhow possible. Helping mom with her speech, prepping with Dad to finally pick an official kimono for the ceremony. He hates wearing kimono. Of course, she would also spend time with her sisters and the maids as they too had to find a fitting outfit for each of the girls. From all the parts that royalty annoyed her. The clothing and dress-up part was Verd’s favourite. She loved it. Nothing was as exciting as getting into a beautiful outfit that’d make the masses drop their jaws. Even if it was just for a day, or a moment at that. It was still super fun.

The day would come to its end. The pressure on the people doing their last-minute tasks would fade into the night and everyone would rest. The next day the whole city would go all out on what they had been preparing for. The borders closed down. The guards tripled their duty. The whole crowd of the city, as anyhow possible, marched towards the castle. On the speech platform in front of the entry the crier would announce the state’s condolences towards the tragic demise of the former Daimyō. It was custom to hold a minute of silence in respect to their former lord and leader. But due to his lack of contact with his people, no one felt the need to really linger longer than required in thought of him. As soon as the necessities were over, the crier would announce that, in relation to the traditions of their people and according the bloodline of the Dao, Verdandi’s mother Motoko would inherit the position as guardian and queen over the men of the snow and the people of Heidel.

Verdandi’s memory about the actual coronation was a bit faded. Blurred. Hours of rites and ceremonies passed. She did remember how the crowd reacted towards seeing Motoko, to her receiving the crystal crown of the last ice princess as a makeshift symbol of rulership. To be at last, appointed as the new hope for the people in the snow. Binding those together whom called themselves the survivors of Yuki no Kuni. Verd would stand next to her sisters on the podium, behind her mother and father. Watching each of them with an uneasy feel. As much as she was looking forward to be seen in her pretty green dress, as much she disliked it to be stared at by this many people. But they, for whatever reason that escaped Verd’s mind, seemed happy. Content that something positive was happening in the snow once again aaaand of course almost everyone was looking forward to celebrate and get as drunk as anyhow possible.

Crown of Snow:
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Queen to the people

Once the crown had found it’s place on Motoko’s head, she’d make her way inside to the throne room. The people of the village would bow and bend their knee in honour to their new ruler. Hoping that she’d bring brighter days to the village now that they could finally shed from their sad and secluded past. Verd would follow her sisters, the officials and the council inside while the crier took over and gave his final blessings before announcing that the feast would finally begin. Verdandi giggled to herself, enjoying the fact that the strict part was most likely over now. Hearing the music, as it was starting to play all over the city and the people moving to either the bars or the town square for their celebrations. Some of the visitors had brought fireworks with them and would proceed to fire some of the minor ones for a proper start-in to the celebrations. Of course, soon followed by the big guns, painting flying dragons to the sky. Verdandi would stand by the throne and watch her mum receiving both the blessings of the council as well as being lectured over her responsibilities to the people of Heidel. Verd couldn’t help but imagine sitting on that throne herself someday. Crunching her teeth together in hope she wouldn’t have to. Sure, that either of her elder sisters Urd or Skuld would follow suit and release her from this kind of potential future.

As the council finished their rituals, they would leave at last, allowing the feast to move from the town square into the castle. Not everyone would follow. Many had already found their way into bars and would fatten themselves on the food and beer that had been shipped in just for this occasion. Motoko seemed pretty confident. Verd was wondering how long her mum had been aware of her fate. She never acted on it. The whole princess thing was but a humorous joke. At least she thought so. But the longer she was thinking about it, the clearer it became to her that this woman had been preparing herself for this duty since the day Yukigakure had fallen. Knowing that her relative had been a failure as leader, the burden to bear the future of Heidel would be hers. This was giving the days she used to be called ‘princess’ kind of a different flavour. Making her wonder if her mother’s motives were always as simple and pure as she made them look. She couldn’t deny that Motoko certainly acted like she deserved and wanted this position. But Verd knew, plot or not, her mother was a kind-hearted spirit. If anyone was to take care of the legacy of the snow country, it was surely not in the wrong hands with her.

Motoko Dao:
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Legacy of the snow

Verdandi had spent many days just being lazy. The celebrations were long over. The people of the snow returned back to their respective villages. Some might even stay now that the city had opened its gates once more to its people. The old rules were gone. The visitors from Kiri had long since boarded captain Bardock’s ship but Verd didn’t join them. She had some time to mingle for a little… a personal vacation of sorts. But she’d soon come to terms with the fact that this wasn’t entirely unintentional or unplanned.

Deacon invited Verd into his new study in the castle. He was an oddball just like her aunt. But he had a warm heart and well, let’s say his own kind of humour. After the exchange of the usual chit chatter Deacon asked if Verd had learned what she set out for when going to Kiri. Dandi nodded softly, considering the last few months to be some sort of success actually. Seeing how she has turned stronger, much stronger than she was before. But this wasn’t about the normal kind of training. Verdandi still, up to this day, had a very rare gift. The powers of ice and snow were on the verge of extinction. Even within the Yuki clan not more than a dozen people were left that could actually interact with the snow. There were hundreds of them years ago.

Verd had a legacy to uphold, a responsibility of her own. Maybe not necessarily to the whole bloodline or city but to her own family. Deacon would speak of the ancient art of frost techniques. Mastering the ice to obey its owner. Aya had her own style. She had a wild kind of natural frost inside her. But Verd’s chakra was different. Pure, refined, controlled. Potentially less powerful then Aya’s but deadly in its own way. Verd wondered what Deacon was trying to say. But in the end, he only slid a map onto his desk. Pointing at the highest mountain north, at the polar centre of the world.

On the map was a list of Aisu temples that were built in ancient times by the snow folk. It even marked the few that were built in Kiri. But most of the temples were crossed out. Destroyed. They didn’t survive the times of war and had turned to ruins. Their beautiful scattered remains a mere shadow or a sad reminder of what they once had been. But there was one left. At the top of an isolated frozen mountain. Deacon claimed he had no idea if it had survived Hao’s wrath or the times after him. But it was the last centre of power for their clan. The one point where Verdandi would eventually find something or someone to enlighten her on her own path with the frost. They kept talking for a while. About how Verdandi used to accidentally freeze her friends as kid. Scaring their parents. Luckily no one got really hurt over it. Or she might have been forced to go on a weird quest to see some stone people and discover that only true love could heal those wounds. But all had been fine and the path for Verd had been set out. It was indeed, time to go on an adventure.

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Enter the wasteland

Having snuggled her mom and family. Spent all her good wishes on them, contemplated with Skuld how she wants to send some of the guards to look after Verd, the snow princess was finally ready to take her leave. To soothe Skuld she even let the guards guide her to the closest little fishing village. She’d spend the night at the Mammoth-inn and stock up on food and fresh water. Grab a good night of sleep next to a warm fire. She had a compass in her pocket that would guide her straight to the pole beneath the mountain. Well rested, fully fed and filled with warmth, Verd ultimately made her way onto the path that’d go into the wasteland. The men at the inn mentioned that some of the more secluded wanderers passed through the wasteland sometimes. They had their own huts far up in the mountain pass. Scattered all over the land of snow. Most of them in exile to whatever cruelty they were condemned for. The guards bid their fare well in order to return on their path home to Heidel.

Verd would be wandering for quite a few hours ahead. So far, the snow wolves kept their distance from her. But she was ready and well equipped with tools and of course also her Katana. Still, their eyes would rest continuously on Verd’s every step. The few that got impatient and attacked her would find a rather quick end against her blade. Most of the way she couldn’t see much more then snow and ice. Sometimes a hint of rubble or ruin would give reason to think that there once used to be another village of sort, an outpost, an inn or maybe even something larger. Her path wouldn’t take her to the frozen lake that now probably covered the remains of former Yukigakure. She had no specific relation to that place herself. Still, it made her wonder why things like this happened in the world. Why would someone get so drunk on his own power to go forth and kill without remorse? She couldn’t help but shrug it off. It bothered her but this wasn’t her war to fight, nor was it her past. She was a new generation. Untouched by the tainted hands of this broken past. Her family was far far away from Yukigakure when this happened. Hiding in their shelter in the mountains. Protecting their lives from the darkness that consumed these lands.

And now there was the town of Heidel. Maybe giving the whole prospect a little new hope. And who knows, what other places might still be somewhere out there in the snow. Who would potentially set eye on the land of snow to revive it once more? It was a beautiful country…. Even in its destruction. The large mountains of ice were majestic. Their beauty shining in the sunlight. The snowflakes seemed thin but ever presently to fall. The wind was fair but not too harsh today either. It allowed Verdandi to wander on for many more hours. Until at last, night was about to approach, her legs hurt and her belly ached in need of food. Scouting the remains of what looked like some broken trees beneath the snow was enough for her to try and set up camp nearby.

Mammoth Inn:
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Unusual visitors

Dandi managed to find some sort of thick stone plate near the entrance of what seemed like a larger cave system. It’d serve as platform for her camp. She had cut the wood that she found earlier into transportable pieces. With the use of suiton control she extracted the water and frost that had lingered itself into the wood over the years. Allowing it to become dry and well and serve as fire wood. Verdandi would take her time to make use of both water and ice elements to form some sort of igloo around the stone platform. She was slow and clumsy in her task. It wasn’t big, basically just enough to encase her. She made a little sideway shaped crack into the roof with another protective layer above the hole so snow and wind couldn’t pass inside easily while still allowing the smoke that’d build up inside the igloo to get out. The ‘door’ would have to be improvised with ice and water and closed shut once Verd would sit inside. Freezing her into her own little cozy hut of protection. Using the firestone in her pocket to set the wood she prepared ablaze.

Verd would grill the meat she bought at the inn, it’s quality wasn’t as good as the reserves from Heidel. It’d spoil soon even in the freezing cold. She even produced a slice of bread and some cheese forth and called it a meal. It was tasty. But the smell had attracted what seemed like to be a pack of wolves once more. Verd was calm. The igloo’s shell was thick. She was warmed by the fire and aside from making some barking or howling noises outside they didn’t seem to dare and try to attack the makeshift ice hut. Content with the density of her defences, Verd would wrap herself in her blankets near the fire and doze off. It wasn’t very easy to fall asleep but as the smell of meat faded, the wolves would eventually back off a little and shut their annoying noises until the darkness of dreams would finally claim Verdandi’s tired mind.

It was still early morning when the sound of wolves got loud once more. Dandi woke to the sudden noise and wondered what it was this time. Crawling up to the roof of her igloo she used her palms to widen the airhole open enough for her to slip her head out. What Verd could see was something very unusual. A pack of large polar bears had made its way from beyond the polar cap down to this tundra of a wasteland. There was almost a dozen of them. Verd wasn’t afraid of wolves but bears were a different matter. In a moment of pure…. respect, she saw how one of the large ones reached his paw for the closest wolf and basically ripped into the hound’s skin forcing the rest of the wolf pack to immediately flee the scene. Thankful to the ‘free meal’ that was offered to them. The bears would gather around the dead wolf and start to feast on its meat. Verd knew it was her cue to leave now. While they were busy she slipped out on the other end of the igloo and packed her things. Quickly vanishing into the snowy mist to get as much distance between herself and the predatory creatures of the north. Pathing through the shapes of the tundra. Eyes on the compass that’d lead her to her destination.

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Glacier of the dead

Behind the wasteland tundra would soon reveal itself a yet far worse plane to behold. Verdandi had stepped into the mountain area. The large pillars of stone raked into the sky not far from here. She pulled hence forth her compass as always, only to realize that she wasn’t at her destination just yet but certainly close. Anything from this point on wasn’t stone, earth or rumble beneath her feet. The frost and snow that had been thrown to the mountainside was piling up here since ages. As Verd stepped foot onto the glacier she realized, this would be a long walk on potentially instable grounds. Under the use of the water walking technique she carefully stepped forth, trying to find a way as close as anyhow possible towards the mountain side. If the ice would break beneath her feet she’d at least be able to jump herself to safety.

But of course. The compass had to aim in a direction where Verd had to decide. Either she’s going along the mountains and loose a few days for the extra curve she has to take. Or she’s going straight forward. If she did, she could probably reach the high mountains edge behind the glacier by nightfall. It took just a few seconds for her to decide. On through the glacier it is…. The first few hours went uneventful. She realized that most of the frost here had been growing so thick that she could run over it even. But sooner or later it had to happen. She knew it was eventually going to. She was sure she could avoid it to be fatal for her. Being a ninja and all. But Verd didn’t expect on how it was going to happen.

She could feel the earthquake beneath her feet. The whole island was shaking. It was just a slight movement. Just a little eruption. Nothing she had not felt before. Probably some volcanic reaction near Heidel even. Nothing drastic. Verd would stare at the frozen ground below her feet. Nothing budged. Nothing moved or cracked. But then she’d hear it. In the distance. Far away from her. Coming straight from the mountain. Snow had broken loose somewhere far up the rocky pillars. A landslide, a snowslide? It would appear to be harmless from afar at first. But Verd could see how the snow would fall lower. Every stage of the hill it’d take more and more mass with it down beneath. Until it became clear to her. This was bad. Very very bad. What was forming on the horizon was an avalanche of the size that could bury the whole valley she had been traveling through. And it would. Verdandi panicked. She had left the mountain side hours ago. There was no quick return to them. All around her was ice. Surrounded by the glacier, she was facing a force even her best frost skills wouldn’t be able to shield her from. She had to decide. Quickly. Every minute would count now. A true moment that’d decide between life and death.

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Panic set aside. Verdandi had not many options. She couldn’t go up, left, right, back or forth without facing the avalanche. There was only one way that could eventually save her. Down. Ultimately, she started to jump and kick at the frost below her feet. Trying to cause what she hoped earlier wouldn’t happen on her travels. Breaking the ice beneath her feet to eventually… hopefully find shelter beneath the glacier itself. Of course, now that she wanted it to. She couldn’t even deal a crack to the surface below. As if the ice was making fun of her. Taking its pleasure in the irony at hand. The earth rumbled. Avalanche had met with the bottom of the mountain. It was raising its huge waves of snow onto the glacier. Approaching Verdandi’s position like a hungry dragon.

The ever frost didn’t budge, showing Verdandi that even the forces of the avalanche couldn’t break through the ice. How would she be able to do it? Falling to her knees she’d stare at the snow storm in front of her. Burying everything. Even aunt Aya would have troubles standing against this force. Falling forth, her palms meeting the frost beneath. She whispered. In the ancient tongue of the snow. She whispered in Hyougaan. “Please frost let me in, please shelter me, please protect me, please save me from the wrath of the mountain.” She begged. Her palms against the ice. As the frost slowly began to melt. Verdandi didn’t know if she was causing it. Or if the ever-frost had heard her prayer. But the ice that was as thick as a thousand-year-old tree. And yet it would slowly let the princess slide into its surface. Dissolve beneath her hands into fluid. Allowing her to sink into the ice as if she was going to swim in it. Behind Verdandi, the ice would turn solid once more. Thick and fierce just as it was before.

She would be able to feel the rumble and quakes of the avalanche that passed by above her. As if the dragon was complaining about missing its prey. But Verd was still inside the frost. Unable to see where she was going, somehow able to breath. Feeling as if she was swimming through water, but motionless. It was cold, even for her. But she was alive. The minutes inside the ice felt like an eternity to her. Many emotions filled her mind. What was it that kept her alive like this? She didn’t know. But it saved her. Soon she’d see that the whiny white frost was at its end. Seeing as below here was just darkness. Verdandi panicked once more. Did she just glide through the frost to end up falling into an endless deep pit and find herself dead in its bottomless stomach? But the eye was mistaken. The ground wasn’t so far away from her point of exit. She fell and screamed loud but would hit said ground after a mere 10 meters. It still hurt. A lot. She was lucky that none of her limbs would break on impact. But the surface below wasn’t solid ground. It was something else.

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Echoes within ashes

The ice princess had fallen into an uneasy and sort of unrequested sleep. The impact of her body had knocked her out. She must have expected that this was her end. That she died. That this had been the final end of her journey. But it was not. By far. Verdandi’s palm rushed through the ground as she woke. Her hand turned black around. The avalanche above her had long since passed. The sun was far up in the sky and already melted most of the lingering remains of the storm. Directly shining through the ice. Bringing an uneasy flooding light into the cave beneath the frost. She’d stand up to her feet and what she’d see would both confuse her as well as scare her. A village. A whole town. Buildings everywhere. Houses. Farms. It was all in front of her. But not a single soul. Not one human or animal. Not one sound. Nothing within. Complete silence.

Verdandi studied the black dirt in her palm. It would cling to her clothes as well. It was smut, grime, coal and ashes. Slowly she’d move forth, entering the town very carefully. Starting to realize that they weren’t naturally standing. They were covered in a thick layer of frost. Verdandi broke through some of the ice blocks nearby and the very moment she did, the ashen buildings below would fall to dust. She started to realize where she could probably be. It was one of the villages that fell victim to the fires of Hao. But she wondered. How did the structures become frozen like this? How did it come that the village was… preserved in such an odd and yet sad way? As if someone was taking a picture of its destruction and freeze time. Verd stepped through the village. It was creepy. The whole dome beneath the ice was so shut off from outside that barely any wind passed through. But the few that did would occasionally create the howling noises that would make one shiver.

Dandi was honestly scared. Everything around her was dead and yet… it was not. As if someone had the cruelty to keep this in showcase as a reminder of the brutality of war. But something else bothered her. If the frost had covered this plane right after the impact of fire. Where were the corpses. Did all the bones of the dead already perish to ashes? That wouldn’t make sense. Some of the huts even seemed to have not been burned at all yet. Verdandi stepped closer and closer to the centre of the village, until behind the ridge of the northern wall it would finally be revealed to her. The display of something so gruesome yet beautiful that it would make her loose her composure, slowly bend to her knees, fall down and feel how the tears would creep up her eyes and make her cry. The picture before her would take a while to grasp and understand. But the emotions within it were clear.

Burned village:
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Sacrifices to the black flame

Within the crater, there was a huge ice pillar, covered in a multitude of breath taking elements. Rocks covered the ice partly. Some bent wood even. Within the ice one could see the frozen outlines of wind chakra. Dirt was clinging to the ground. Marks of thunder covered the rocks and ice. Shinobi elements. All of them seemingly combined, but by far most of the cage was frost. Ever-frost. But within the cage was something incredible. A black flame. Burning still within its cage. It was visible that it had melted and destroyed anything it came in contact with. But it was put into its confinement. It was Amaterasu.

Verdandi wondered how the flame had survived, then again, she wondered how the people had managed to contain it. But by the looks of it. They all had paid a heavy price in doing so. Their bodies completely frozen like statues. Some of them still in the position they had been in when they casted their final techniques to try and embrace the flame. The ninja who eventually froze all of this must have been of almost incomparable power among the rest. Verd would wonder who he or she was. But then again. She would wonder if they could accomplish what they sacrificed themselves for. Could they avoid the wrath of the flames onto the civilians? Could they save the villagers? Or had it all been for naught?

Seeing this all had overwhelmed her. She needed a break from this. But there was nowhere else to go for now. A few hours would pass in silence. Verdandi had wandered through the village back and forth finding little details within the frozen houses. Signs of family and children. Signs of a happy farmer-life not far from Yukigakure. Signs of trade and activity. Signs of shinobi, aspiring and skilled ones, calling this place their home. And yet all of it was but a frozen memory within the ice. If the frost would ever thaw here. Most of these buildings would fall to ashes in an instant and the rest would probably crumble away as well.

Verdandi would sit down next to the flames cage, within the crater. Despite its abominable view, the flame had a certain dark but destructive beauty to itself. It was warm, even now, after such a long time. Having melted away anything that touched it within the frozen cage. Compressed into its glassy display. Verd grabbed into her backpack to try and draw some of the things she was seeing. The village, the flame and the frozen shinobi, all turned to statues now. Dead bodies locked within the ever frost. Until she would eventually come to the peak of the crater. To find the shell of another statue. But an empty one. There was a hole in the back of this ever-frost’s outline. But the ice gave a very clear picture of how the man must have looked like. Verdandi was intrigued. She would quickly draw up this figures body and facial structure as much as she could gather from the view. But she also had to notice, that the man’s staff was still stuck in there. Trying her best to use her palm once more to melted the ice, more on instinct then skill though, she could slowly turn the statue into water, reclaiming the certainly unique weapon all but for herself.

Frozen, burned shinobi:
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Under the dome

Verdandi had spent about a day in this place. She’d grab the map that her father gave her, to try and estimate the locations position and mark it on her map. Someday someone of greater knowledge about Amaterasu would have to find and study this place. In case it was still here by then. During her studies around the village, Verd had also found a path that was leading towards the mountain. Yet the closer she came to it, the narrower the ice dome would become. It would take a few hours until she finally reached the mountains edge and had to move a bit awkwardly as the dome didn’t allow her to stand straight anymore. At the end of the burned road she could see a stairway actually leading up into the mountain. Frost used to cover this edge of the dome. But something melted the entrance, just large enough for a human to pass through and move on to the stairway. Verdandi shrugged it off. It was an odd thing to come across what she just had seen. But the path ahead was clear.

Dandi pulled forth her compass and it would point directly forward, even a bit down. She was here. The place she was supposed to seek out was here. All that was left, was to climb the stairway to heaven. Literally. But this was easier said than done. She started at the very foot of the mountain, even beneath the glacier she saw before. The top of this thing was far away. Verdandi sighed and came to terms with what had to be done. Slowly she would take step by step. Placing one foot at a time. The stairway was oddly well preserved too. But as soon as she passed the glacier’s height. Wind, snow and cold weather would greet her.

Verdandi decided to set up camp for the night just a bit below the glaciers frost dome. Hoping for a better tomorrow in terms of weather. From her point of view, she could see the outlines of the burned and frozen village. The black flame shedding its weird light onto the icy death surrounding it. But from where she was now, it was already small, too far away to see the details anymore and as night dawned, the black nature of the ashen village would make it disappear to the eye. It was scary. Scary how history had forgotten about this place. Making her wonder what else could be found buried beneath the ice of Yuki no Kuni. But it wasn’t for her to find out. Her job was done here. She marked the spot on her map and made as much drawings as possible. Her notes would go into the hands of someone else, someone smart like Urd. Verd made a campfire with the little wood she had left. As the dome protected her here she had no need for an igloo. Sleeping next to the fire under her blanket would suffice for the night. This place was dead. No animal or creature would attack her here. She was, completely alone and looking very much forward to leave this place at last.

Frost dome:
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Stairway to heaven

Verdandi slept well, despite the scary surroundings that she was in. She fed on the remaining meat from the inn and would count her reserves to make sure her food would last for a trip back home. Today she would make it to her targets destination. A normal human would probably need around 3 days to climb this beast. But Verdandi was well nourished and well rested. She bound the staff she had found to her backpack and went into her knees. Collecting her energy at the soles. Concentrating it on her legs and with a loud gasp she exploded her chakra at her feet and sped off. Jumping the stairway up towards her final destination.

Hours would pass as the mountain didn’t seem to end. She felt like she didn’t make it any further at all. Looking down onto the glacier she yet knew that impression was wrong. Every time she turned around to look down, the glacier would go further away and the clouds above her would come closer. The wind wasn’t too strong but the clouds began to thicken and snowflakes would drop onto Verdandi. If the wind would pick up again, she wouldn’t be able to make her goal in time. Being forced to rest out here would prove to be difficult. She was hungry. Feeling exhausted. But she had to move on now. Better now than later. Using her remaining strength to pass into the upper parts of the mountain, the stairway was covered in snow and ice from here on. Forcing Verd to use the supernatural walking technique again. Draining her chakra even further over time.

Another few hours passed and she finally made it to the clouds. Looking back down would prove her unable to see the glacier anymore. A misty view of white snow would surround her. Reminding her how she used to celebrate the view from the castle’s tower, this was definitely much higher than anything like she had ever seen before. The wind was picking up. A storm was about to engulf her. Breathable air would become more and more of a luxury. Not rarely did Verd have to use her own wind chakra to gather some sort of oxygen helmet around her head. But the way she had to climb this thing made her breath hard and a lot. Forcing her to use up the scarce reserves quickly.

It would prove to make her feel very light headed. And every time she needed to bend the wind chakra, her pool depleted further. But in time and with perseverance, she made it. Crawling on her last strength past the clouds. Above the clouds no storm would try to kill her. She could actually feel the warm sun shining down on her body. Sending energy into her worn out shell. With the storm gone, the wind would be bearable enough even to collect oxygen with further ease. She would climb. The final hour. On hands and feet. Worn out to the bone. Crawling at the end. Until she reached the top. As she fell over the last step that the stairway had to offer, she could see a shadow approaching her, just as the world began to fade around her. She needed sleep. She needed air. She needed rest.

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A long forgotten past

Verdandi would wake the next day inside a building. The walls were purely made of stone. The sun was shining outside. Her stuff was all placed in the corner of her ‘room’ which was basically empty except for a stone table that was used as her makeshift bed. She knew these kinds of beds. Monks used them. It had always escaped her why they were unable to sleep in comfy beds like everyone else wished it for. Her back was stiff from resting here. But otherwise then that she felt certainly good. Verdandi noticed that, from her belonging, the staff she had was missing. She grabbed her stuff and stepped out from her room. Staring into a scenery that she had never seen before.

Verd could gaze into the vast sea of clouds. Only few mountain ridges were still above her. Making it look like the mountain platform she was on was sort of floating in the sky whenever the clouds below grew thick and heavy. As they started to disperse towards the afternoon, Verdandi could see sometimes past the white layer below into the long long distance down towards the glacier. As she grabbed for her compass…. It was twirling around in circles. She had reached her destination. One of the last Aisu temple in Yuki no Kuni.

Being honest with herself, she had expected it to be more….. magical or shiny of sorts. But as she climbed down the few stairs below, she could see it was nothing else then a simple temple, built for the monks of the Aisu clan a long time ago. The way it seemed untouched by nature was a curiosity for itself. The snow couldn’t reach the buildings up here too much. But Verd would spend an hour or two to pass through the various corners of the monastery. But she had to face that no one else was here.

At last she would feel a presence in what must be some sort of temple in the midst of the whole structure. Slowly she’d made her way up there. Whoever had picked her up and made her rest in that room had obviously no ill intent. Still she was curious as to whom that might be. Then again, she got reminded of her missing staff in her belongings. Could it be? No that was highly unlikely. Verd thought about it for a while. Staring at the stones that completed this huge structure. Piled up one by one. Dust and grass clinging to it. The original caretakers of the temple were long gone. Leaving nothing but a huge shadow behind. Verdandi made her way to the large temple. Entering the halls as she could see the old man that was meditating in its midst. Slowly approaching him with soft, silent steps.

Aisu Temple:
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Traditions and patience

As she stepped up behind the strange man, she would yet have a minimal understanding to how monks and their rites worked. His skin was grey and his body was looking frail. He had long white hair as it was common within her own clan, but well elderly people of his age had this too… so Verd couldn’t say yet if he was of her kin or not. She sat down not far behind him. Onto her feet, straight position. Placing her palms in sideway C shape against each other. Closing her eyes. Controlling her breath. Her stuff placed next to her on the floor.

It would take a while until the old man moved. He was very aware of her presence. He was yet also aware of her presence when she was climbing up the mountain, when she was passing out, even while she was wandering around the temple. So, for him, it was not much of difference to sense her behind him or elsewhere. It was certainly no reason for him to get up and break his meditation. But he smiled. He expected a child as herself to barge in and start asking loud questions. Barking at him like a dog. Just like the last visitor who made his way up here years ago. Verdandi actually showing the respect as it was tradition in Aisu history. Would please him greatly. To the point that he felt so comfortable he decided to remain meditating for another while.

Verdandi tried her best, but as good as her manners were and as much as she had learned about meditation, she was also still very tired. This nasty bed might have let her mind rest but certainly not her worn out body. Sooner or later she’d doze off and, well as nature gives it and takes it, she’d snore slightly away into the hall. Of course, this wasn’t as perfectly acceptable as her earlier behaviour. But she had shown such remarkable patience for her age. He couldn’t really feel angry at her.

So, as she was dozing, he slowly stood up. Lifting from the ground with ease like someone who had the ability of levitation. Which he did not, but other secrets alike for sure. He stepped closer to her and stomped a few times on the floor with his staff. Waking the sleepy princess and allowing her to slowly glare up at the old man towering in front of her. She couldn’t hide a suddenly facial expression showing her distress, embarrassment and confusion. But she’d quickly get back into position and lower her head.

“Master, I’ve come here from distant shores far away. To find knowledge about my family. My heritage. My blood and my kin. To find knowledge about the secrets of the snow… and ice. As it is all part of me. But I’m yet not part of the snow as I should. Tell me. Did I come to the right place or was it all for naught?”

The Sage:
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Last of the Frost

The old man bowed to the ways of Verdandi’s speech. For a moment she would ogle at his staff with her eyes. Reminding her of where she had taken it from. Reminding her of the statue she had drawn. Of the men in front of the black flame. Of the man that…. But her thoughts were interrupted. As he began to speak. Not in common tongue. But once again in the old language. The ancient tongue of Hyougaan.

“Fear not child. If your goal was to search for the frost, then you have found it. Yet what remains of me is but a broken shell that won’t last much longer. I have worn out all my strength in the battle that is but behind us. I have lost all I dared to protect and my attempts to free my people were mostly futile. But if it is knowledge about the frost itself that you seek. Then I can teach you. Ask what you must know of me youngling.”

He stared down at her. She must have been the first human in what feels like centuries that came across this place. It must have been the first time in ages he had to use his voice. His Hyougaan was rough. To the point it was somewhat hard to understand for her. Verdandi scratched the back of her head as she eased herself up a little. She would raise to her feet and yet keep a somewhat lowered posture to retain the motion of respect to her elder and superior.

“What happened in the village below?” she asked, a simple question yet it would obviously send grief to the face of the elder. He spoke of people he couldn’t protect. Verdandi had seen the devastating disease of the flame. But she had to know.

“It is of no importance as to what caused it dear child. The flames of men always come to devour the innocent, sooner or later. It is our duty to keep them save from these flames. But this time. We failed. Our blood grew thin and weak over the years. Even with all the frost in the world we couldn’t fight the black flames of the demon Hao. He devoured our country and killed so many. I was in that town the night he came. Not too many years ago. Myself and my students were able to contain the flame long enough for most of the people to escape this village…. But my students and even myself. We could not contain the flame. It’s burns crushed through its cage and claimed the lives of all whom did their best to cage it. What is left behind is but a frozen reminder of how I failed my students and my country. Many of your kin died that day. Little snow princess. Yes, I know who you are. It is in your blood young one. But you shall know. All the dead you have seen in this village, were once your brothers and sisters in blood. All of them were just like you.”

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Heed me, as for I am snow

A few hours later. The Master had explained his way throughout the destruction of the village. Sitting next to a fire inside the temple halls, Verd was cooking up some of the well preserved Heidel meat. Offering her bread to the Master as he seemed intrigued by it. As much as he could diet he certainly enjoyed the taste of good food. In this, slightly more casual environment. He explained how Hao’s wrath had not just taken this village. But claimed basically every last one of them in the vicinity of Yukigakure. The few people who could survive it were those who had fled into the far-out mountains. Just like Verdandi’s family once did. He seemed pained by this past. He was probably one of the few if not the only one who had stood in Hao’s wrath and survived it to tell the tale. How he did so was yet still distant to Verdandi.

She didn’t dare to ask for his name yet. But in time she would explain herself. Her past. Tell stories of her family from Heidel. Hearing that a village had returned back to life in this wasteland brought but a smile upon his face. Some of the people he had rescued here might be still alive then. She would even go so far as to tell childhood stories of her and her sisters. Allowing the old man to laugh at the sweet and heart-warming anecdotes of Verdandi’s past. Eventually, dawn would creep back upon the world and she would feel tired. The Master sent her back to her uncomfortable stone table of a bed and told her to be ready for tomorrow.

With the next day and it’s sunrise. Verd would head for the temple. But the Master was already waiting outside. He didn’t speak. He wasn’t a man of that many words. Just like Verdandi herself. She enjoyed it to rather feel into, what the person next to her was thinking and he was certainly ready to show her what she came here for. What her father had sent her here for even. As without much pause. He went into a very unusual stance. His fists forming next to his waist. Holding the staff in front of him. Verdandi could feel how a tremendous amount of chakra was flowing into his belly. His feet firmly on the ground. Moving into his knees.

With a powerful motion he stuffed his staff so hard to the floor it crushed a piece of stone to remain stuck within it. His fingers rushed together. Many different seals would quickly flow after each other. Dragon. Hare. Monkey…. followed by some she had never seen before. The chakra filled in his belly and he exhaled a loud echo in Hyougaan tongue towards the sky. Verdandi stared up into the air where barely any clouds were left. They suddenly formed and bent together. Turning dark and making loud noises of rumbling motion. Instantly snow began to fall over the whole area. Not just any snow. Thick. To the point where one could barely see through. Piling up on the temple grounds.

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Student to the ever frost

Some days had passed. Verdandi had seen only parts of what her Master was capable of. She had spent many days in his stance. Learning the hand signs. Trying to meld the chakra in her belly just as he did. Spitting the command of water and wind into the clouds until she managed to form one on her own. It was by far not comparable to what he had shown to be capable of but it was, for certain, a beginning of sorts. During his display of the technique, Verdandi would come to see how he was able to manipulate the wind within. Creating an avalanche of snow alike the one that forced her to hide beneath the glacier.

After a few more days, Verdandi could naturally infuse the clouds above her anytime. They were usually small and it’d certainly look sort of odd if not funny when she was being followed by a tiny little cloud clinging to her like a second shadow and raining little sad snowflakes onto her head. But for Verdandi it was clear how it worked. Along these guidelines she would be ready for the next step. Going back into position she’d try to mimic the moves of her Master right next to him. The same unusual hand signs again. Symbols of crosses and snowflakes. Eventually she could see him lift his palm as he started to attract all the snow in the air into a motionable mass. Frost bending. The lost art of the Aisu clan. The power of their very ability used to it’s very natural core. Forcing the frozen element to bend at the will of Its Master.

He’d be patient with her. Showing her the motions possible within the floating ice. While Verdandi repeated the hand signs over and over again. Until she finally melds the chakra in the right way to force a few snowflakes together. It was a moment of revelation. A moment she had been waiting for all her life. Ever since the very days she used to accidentally freeze her friends. The moment she would understand her own power. The moment she would, at least, not feel slave to her nature, but master to its seemingly endless power. The emotion was so strong that Verdandi’s adrenaline quickly pumped through her whole body. She couldn’t control it. Snow would keep gathering quickly. It would amass itself between her palms as it grew bigger and bigger. It would raise into thick and heavy fluid layers of ice and the Master knew if she didn’t learn it now, she’d eventually freeze herself and him as well together.

Within a loud breath of determination. In a sigh of regret and within a slightly annoyed mix of emotion she was getting angry at herself. This was her gift. Her talent. Her very existence would concentrate itself around her ability to bend this element to her will and yet it was about to swallow her whole. Just like it did when she was a child. But she was not. Not anymore. Not like this. A loud scream would roar through the mountain once more. An insane amount of chakra would pour from Verdandi into her palms as she dared to enslave the frost within them. Using up the very last drop of her energy to become complete at last.

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Aoki of the Frost

A few days later Verdandi would return to her training spot. She still remembered the day of her decisive victory. In a battle of herself against the frost she, even if just barely so, managed to bend the element to its knees. Her control over the unique mass that could be all, flowing, liquid and solid allowed her to feel a confidence she had never felt before. Her training sessions became quicker and more intense. She started to form bigger clouds and conjured more and more ice to be slave to her will. Splatting it against the stones and freezing them at her will. Unfreezing them as well. An important part to the technique as…. Things sometimes may go wrong. Ultimately reminding her that she had done this before. Unintentionally. As she melted the ice in the glacier to escape certain death before the avalanche or to remove the Masters staff from its statue.

Content with how her training was coming along. Verd knew yet, that there was still something else to this technique, something more than just throwing it at people to freeze them. And she was not mistaken. During long sessions of mending and bending, the Master would show Verd how to slowly motion the fluid ice to linger itself against the body. Turning solid. Becoming armour.

Verdandi was instantly amazed by this layout. But would soon be put at bay considering the many hours she would spent freezing herself…. Of course, followed by unfreezing herself and eventually doing it all over again. It would take her many days to master the art of leaving a fluid surface on her skin while making the layer outside solid. A control and mastery over ice that required her to train to the extent she felt like she was going to die on this lonely mountain.

Within the days of training she’d grew closer to the sage. Eventually, even if not intentionally learning his name. Aoki Aisu. Even after the many hours he spent talking about the bloodline and how each Aisu or Yuki was related to the next one…. She still had no idea of how she tied in or how her aunt would fit into that ancestry picture. But mostly because he had probably count down about 200 different names. Reminding Verdandi that her clan used to be much larger and more influential in the past ages. But even before the days of Hao, the bloodline had thinned down. His wrecking of the country had only caused the already bad situation to turn even worse. It wasn’t naturally Hao’s fault that the bloodline had diminished. The family had done this to itself and would pay for it accordingly.

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