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Mission, Missing Cats:
Mission name: Missing Cats
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find and capture the missing cats
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: A few cats belonging to an old lady have run away, she requested help on getting them back. Your job is to find the five missing cats and bring them home. These cats are quick and sneaky so expect to be put through hell when trying to track & catch them. You will need a minimum of 500 words to complete this mission. All cats must be brought back alive and well or you fail

Verdandi got up in the morning, she was going to do her usual training routine. Not without taking on a warm sweet bath to make her relax and feel comfortable. She was supposed to do her duty on a newbie mission. Verd had sworn to herself to not bother too long with tasks like that. She never expected to be much of an errands girl like the other academy students and lower ranked genins. After all she was princess to the snow people. Tarnishing her fingers with the work of the common folk was not something she would enjoy.

She giggled to herself within these thoughts. She wasn’t as arrogant as this. One common task before she could graduate on to the next rank in her shinobi history wasn’t that bad. Verd would make her way to quickly reach the mission briefing centre. The Jounin that had instructed her many times before would give her one of the most cliché tasks one could get.

“Seriously? Cats? Why do they keep losing them anyway?” she wondered only to reap the laughter of her senior. Verdandi felt like they were putting cats on the loose for the single point of letting the young shinobi chase after them. Verd was given a complete description on all of them. But she wouldn’t bother long enough to search them one by one. Forming the necessary seals required she moved to the huge well at the town square. Raising four water clone bodies out of the liquid below. Each of them knew what to do. It would be a competition to see who would catch a cat first and probably also…. Who would be last.

The clones would make their way over the city. If it wasn’t for the pleasure of searching cats it would at least be for the sake of appreciating the beauty of Kirigakure. Verdandi searched through the beautiful roads, past into the gardens, over the residence area towards the worker and ninja apartments. The ugly ones. The ones Verdandi never had to face cause her family had paid for an accommodation that could technically house three people. Yeah, she was a spoiled brat at that.

Verdandi’s real body was the first one to spot one of the cats matching the lists description and picture. She’d quickly chase after it. Having the speed of a common student or Genin would have probably proven to be difficult but as she was doing this task at a quite advanced stage she could basically just push some chakra into her legs and snatch the little beast before it would run off any further. Holding her properly by the neck she would make her way back to the well at the town square. “First… hell yeah!” she whispered to herself. Looking at the furry little monster that yet seemed to have some sort of trouble coming to terms with all of this.

Before she couldn’t really celebrate her victory three of the clones returned with their respective cat. The fourth one brought a dog and the fifth one was carrying an old woman. The dog failure set aside the remaining Verdandi’s were staring at the woman, with some obvious cat-like features yes but…. What the heck? Verd would eventually grab on to the three found and sent her 4 clones back out once again. To bring back the old woman first at that…

On the second try the probably ‘smarter’ clones had found the remaining two cats but the other two clones had also found a cat eatch. Verdandi was confused and started to compare the felines with the chart and pictures in her hand. At last she was certain those fluffy furballs were just being clones somewhere in the city to be used as matter for the mission.

Being correct with that assumption or not. Verdandi made her way to the appointed dropping point. Cat-lady mansion. The place was swarming with felines to the point Verd was getting another theory. Maybe the old cat lady was just placing random missing-cats requests and was just hoarding all the felines that the ninjas would bring to her. The sight of probably a hundred of them was frightening. Not to mention that Verdandi could clearly see that the cat-lady was no one else but the old woman one of her clones had fetched by accident earlier.

Verdandi wondered if it really was an accident. The clones bid their farewell and disappeared back into puddles of water, feeding the thirsty cats within the garden as well. Verd would make her way home. It was an odd day but a simple one. She would yet wonder if she could come up with more conspiracy ideas concerning the cat problem. As she was pretty sure that she could see some student around town already fetching other cats…. What the heck?

Total wc: 820

Mission stat use:
Required: 500
Extra pay: 300
Total: 800


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