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1 What Lies Beneath Announcement! on Mon May 07, 2018 6:30 am



Welcome to ‘What Lies Beneath: The Suna Reclamation’

What Lies Beneath is the title marking the beginning of NarutoSaga’s running plotline, a dynamic world changing story that will flow arc by arc leading to small events involving significant story events as the IC world continues to change, grow and develop. What Lies Beneath is completely interactive, largely being supervised by the new Storyline Development Team and site Administration, allowing members to engage with, alter and perhaps totally change or enforce the plot as it continues as we hope to build a world!

I’d like to start by welcoming members of NarutoSaga’s new storyline team, Kirei and Sero will be joining the team and will be helping to approve Quest missions as well as aid in the maintenance of the IC world and events!

Dropping with this event will be a couple of new additions to the site, including:

Quest Missions + Updates: A new type of mission that’s overseen by the Storyline team, enabling players to interact with the core storyline or the world as a whole. Quest missions are considered canon and will have some interesting interactions and rewards! More information on Quest missions and the new changes to how missions are applied for / completed can be found Here.

A preliminary quest mission for What Lies Beneath for each country can be found in that countries storyline mission board in the mission section found here!

Nation Writeups!: With What Lies Beneath as a catalyst we hope to bring in Saga as a better-defined world with more than just ninja. Culture, politics, intrigue for those who desire to pursue them giving writers no shortage of prompts for creative missions and plotlines within the world, whether they want to fix the flaws of their nation and rise up as a hero, or burn the ninja world to the ground!

More Revamps: New rules and quality of life changes to outdated guides are on the horizon. Looking to alter pets, missions, special characteristics and more in the near future!

More information will be dropping about the event and things to come in the following days, but, to get things started, a quest mission has been added to the storyline mission boards of each country, marking the beginning of what is to come...

Timeline Updates: Check out the progression of the overarching timeline / plot of the site, to be found here


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