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Syekren Uchiha


Kirigakure was an interesting place, if Syekren was any judge of its character. It wasn't bad, once one got used to the cold and the mist most of the time. Syekren, having spent most of his life in the land of wind among the scorching desert sands, couldn't really ever see himself getting used to the climate he found himself in, not really. He had spent a lot of time in the village hidden in the Mists up to this point and it was all for Izumi and to ensure his young daughter Chou would have enough worldly experience to understand exactly what she wanted out of life. At least, that was the plan, but they had barely left their hotel room together.  They usually went their own ways when it came to going out for errands. Izumi was doing whatever someone who just became a ninja of the mist officially was doing. Chou was being a child and exploring, getting a feel for her surroundings. Probably. That's if she'd woken up from the deep slumber she'd been in since they left the former village hidden in the sands. When Syekren wasn't spending time with ravens, training them to deliver messages or establishing contacts in the mist to make his business ventures easier, he was drinking and generally being complacent around the village. He'd been eating their foods and watching the day to day lives of the shinobi who came and went. He'd peeked in on the training of a few genin and chuunin and was surprised to see some of them actually using ice in jutsu,  or training with swords and putting some experts he'd seen to shame.  It seemed that what knowledge there was of the ninja here and their specialties wasn't fabricated much, if at all. He didn't want to make himself seem suspicious so Syekren didn't watch too closely or too often, the last thing he wanted to do during his time in a foreign land was to draw attention to himself, anymore than he likely already had.

Syekren was dressed in a black tee shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers upon his feet. He had his tanto strapped to the back left of his belt with the trench knives he'd gotten not long ago upon the front of his belt on the hooks made for them. The man with the beard and mismatched eyes, a scar reaching from the middle of his left eyebrow down through the eyelid to the left cheekbone, which cut a bit into his beard was getting dirty looks from passing shinobi or villagers. He guessed it wasn't due to his outfit or weapons, it likely had to do with the fact that he was wearing the hitai-ate of the village hidden in the clouds, Kumogakure no Sato, upon his forehead, holding his scruffy hair back. The black locks with strikes of gray in it wouldn't be able to hide the large symbol of clouds upon it, which seemed to draw so much negative attention his way. He didn't really understand such resentment for a symbol, but he guessed some of them were still sore about the business that happened with a previous Raikage, regardless of whether or not he was a part of it. From Syekren's understanding, there had been a bit of a fit thrown by said Raikage, who proceeded to unjustly jail Kirigakure shinobi who were visiting. He didn't have all the details just  yet, however, and doubted he would get them given how long ago it had happened. That coupled with the new Raikage made finding such information almost impossible.

Still, the Uchiha would not allow himself to be thrown off track by these thoughts. He stood there, in the middle of the market district, looking down at a map he had purchased for and exorbitant price. One hundred ryo for a map was quite high, considering he'd never actually bought one before, but he wanted to be able to find his way independently. Asking for directions in a foreign land never bode well for visiting shinobi, in his experience anyway. The many silently looked down at his map as he walked, looking up to follow paths he'd seen on the paper, trying to find his way to.. Ah! "Now there ye' are. Been wondrin' when I'd stumble upon ye." The Uchiha had made it to his destination: a tavern.  He folded up his map and pushed it into his pocket, opening the door to enter the establishment. Ignoring the gazes he got from the onlookers, he sat a table far away from the others in a corner. The tavern he'd found himself in was active for it being nearly evening, and there were even a few younger shinobi enjoying meals. It seemed to be more of a restaurant than a tavern, in the food respect at least, and Syekren found himself wondering exactly whether he would find what he wanted in such a place. Before long a hostess came over to take his order, looking at him with dull, bored eyes. He cleared his throat silently before he made his order: two bottles of FireBrand Whiskey. When he received his prize the Uchiha handed her a generous pouch of coins and bit into the cork of the first bottle, pulling it out with a loud pop, spitting it onto the table. He looked around, matching gazes that came his way until they looked away, taking a health swig of his drink, sighing at the more watery flavour of it. It seemed the recipe was different in each village. What a disappointment.



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"You have been a great asset to the Mist during your exchange, Uchiha Kirei. I know your stay is drawing to a close, but for the remainder of your visiting term, I have arranged for you provisional authority as a Provisionary Jonin who will assist with management. This is an unusual promotion, but as the city prepares its ongoing efforts toward the Land of Wind, we have issued additional authority to outstanding shinobi. As a Special Jonin, you will no longer report to me; instead, you will choose your missions directly from the assignment bureau. It has been a pleasure working with you, Kirei."

The blonde returned a nod of affirmation, twisting on his heel and exiting into the bustling halls brimming with Mist shinobi busy on assignments. The boy took a breath and started his way through the maze of crowded corridors to find more missions to do. Three days had passed since the Mist administration had informed him they would recommend his promotion to Special Jonin upon his return to the Leaf, but the unexpected reassignment in Kirigakure made him feel even prouder. To be recognized as an excellent part of the Kirigakire military force, even as a guest, was an honor Kirei felt determined to uphold. Filled to the brim with army personnel, Kirei navigated his way to the stacks of paper envelopes, categorized by rank, and reached indiscriminately for a missive to undertake as his first act of real authority. Kirei had turned to leave while still investigating what he would be doing; lately, the tasks themselves were mostly irrelevant, staying busy and growing stronger were the motivators behind this immersion in the village. The young Uchiha's mind already raced with thoughts of the future, the lands he would travel to after returning home and what role he would play for his homeland. The lessons he had learned in the Mist would be long remembered, but Kirei longed for the sensibilities of Leaf ninja and their traditions over the militaristic dictatorship.

As Kirei made his way back onto the streets, he came to learn of the random lottery he had drawn. In the southern district of the Village was a restaurant and bar who had pledged supplies to the relief efforts, additional provisions for the Water Nation troops. The task could quickly have been completed by a Genin, but the blonde was not above such busywork, happy just to be flying across the rooftops in the crisp air enjoying the bright day. Since arriving, Kirei had held on to the lofty goal of one day acclimatizing to the Mist's frigid air but found himself still longing for warmer days, especially since the onset of winter. The boy wondered whether this was a subconscious motivator for immersing himself in preparations for the relief efforts; a trip to Wind Country promised heat and sun unlike any Kirei had known in months. This too could have been the truth behind Kirei's pursuit of battle; any excuse to ignite the Devouring Blaze, his blanket of secure Katon chakra, perfected through his mastery, served as a comforting reminder of clear skies and blistering days. If this were the case, and Kirei sincerely hoped it wasn't, he would consider that a poor excuse for the bloodshed that technique was capable of bringing, especially since his recent perfection of the jutsu's make-up.

Entering the establishment made Kirei's stomach growl, the alluring scent of fried and roasted meat paired with the dull rhythm of live music made Kirei feel the intended combination of relaxed and willing to spend money. Focusing himself, the blonde maneuvered throughout the busy restaurant floor, weaving among the wait staff and tables. Few paid any attention to the short figure, draped shoulder to toe in folds of twisted black shadow which became lost even in the slightest darkness. The boy was inconspicuous, as his training demanded him to be, drawing little attention to himself in the way he moved toward the far side of the bar counter where he could catch the attention of a worker. The boy's outfit, save for the necklace he wore bearing the Uchiha crest, was suitable for a shinobi, with his long blonde mane tied back save for the errant strands which lingered over his left eye, by the Konohagakure Hitai-ate which marked him as a Leaf ninja. Signaling down a tall barman, the boy addressed him as he approached, raising a gloved hand holding the signed administrative directive under which he came.

"I'm Uchiha, Kirei, I'm a Tokubetsu Jōnin for the Mist here to collect pledged supplies to aid the military's relief effort. I'll need ownership to sign papers while I seal everything for transport."

Swift nods and a brief conversation between them and the man was off, leaving Kirei alone to wait with his arms resting on the bar's countertop, much too high for the five-foot-three Uchiha's small frame to comfortably lean on. The position gave Kirei the appearance of a pouty child, arms folded underneath his chin and propped up on the bench with a bored expression staring off into space while given nothing better to do. Lazily panning his gaze across the room, the boy stopped when he met a form in the corner of the room, laying eyes on somebody familiar. Unable to place the exact reason behind the recognizable visage, Kirei was nevertheless confident enough to take leave from his watch and slip through the flow of personage across the floor and into the vicinity of Syekren's table. The other Uchiha would doubtless see the blonde approach if he were paying any attention, as Kirei made no secret of his path toward the corner table.

"This is gonna sound weird, but I know I recognize you."

Kirei would raise his arm behind the back of his head, smiling and feeling understandably awkward introducing himself like this to someone who could well have been a total stranger mistaken for a figure from the past. The boy's cheerful veneer masked his actual motivations for investigating the man who he recognized so vaguely. The recent attacks by stalkers in the night, assassins targeting him and strange illusions and hallucinations had made the young Uchiha begin to grow paranoid. Any figure who seemed out of the ordinary or stuck out in any way to the boy's vision would be thoroughly questioned, but as was Kirei's prerogative, it would be through manipulation and not interrogation that he would get his way.

"Do you happen to be from Fire Country? Have you ever spent time near Konoha's Uchiha Compound?"



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